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(#) canustakemyheart 2009-05-01

I told myself I wasn't going to read this ... especially tonight cause I'm already in kind of a strange mood. I've got less than 6 months before I'm standing in a delivery room. So I think you captured some emotions here that are very true to life. I can't say for sure about the delivery part yet, but "feeling nothing" is definitely a fear of mine. It's really weird. I can't quite imagine it just yet. To even think about it is scary but amazing and a whole bunch of other things too. I dunno. I guess I'll find out huh?

Well anyway, good job.

Author's response

thank you, canustakemyheart!!! if you've read any of my other stories, you'll notice they revolve around children and/or birth. i've been reading parenting literature since age five. i want to write stories about the boys that could happen, you know? the frerard and frerardkey are okay, but it becomes unrealistic after awhile. this idea literally popped into my head one morning after i opened my eyes. i sat down to work on it, did nine pages, then stopped for another two weeks almost. i finished ot yesterday, and i've been online since 2:30pm yesterday central time. it is now may first, 6:34am.

as for the idea of "feeling nothing" i've read about this in a story a few weeks ago. when i find it, i'll send you name of the magazine. it's not uncommon for fathers, or even mothers, to feel this way. and that's whey i had officer scott tell gerard there was "absolutely nothing" wrong with him.

congratulations on your little one!!! i wish you all the best, and you have my blessings. you're going to very good with your child if you have good faith in the lord and good faith in yourself.

i have faith in you.

and i'm glad this story is helping you prepare. please put me on your alerts. nearly all or my stories are going to be something like this.

i'm going to re-send this like to mikey himself. (the real mikey way.)

if you need reassurance, lwt me know. i post videos on youtube for people just like you at i'l post one just for you. check out my videos, and subscribe!

they aren't just for young people. they're for the MCRmy and anyone else who needs them.

i'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

god bless.

~mr gayestgoth