Review for Gift


(#) browser18 2009-05-01

Awwww. What else can I say? That was absolute sweetness. For some reason, this was my favorite part: 'I’m married…I wish Bob was here…almonds…Guitar Hero…I’m sweating…breastfeeding…school…comicbooks…Lindsey…there’s grass under my feet…son or daughter…the sun is shining…' I don't know why. It just stuck with me in the most beautiful way. I like that very much. It's real and poignant. Well done, Sir!! Well done!! xoxo Harley

Author's response

harley, your reviews are held in the highest for me. i value your opinion greatly. a very good friend of mine has passed it on to one of those involved with mcr, so i'm assuming gerard and lindsey themselves may have a chance to read it.

as for you, ma'am, please stay tuned. i love having your input for my stories. and you're helping wake myself up and start writing everything that comes to my mind.

i'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story. this is one of my best works EVER thus far, and i'm very proud of it.

it was very emotionally draining to write, but i finally finished it.

thank you so much, harley. i'm one of your biggest fans. ^_^

~mr gayestgoth.