Review for Gift


(#) RippedIntoPieces 2009-05-02

Oh my god, I want to cry!
And incredibly sweet, especially how Gee reacted to Lindsey in labour.
Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful fanfics I have ever read, you completely put yourself in the mindframe of Gerard.
I am officially speechless, whatever I say, it won't be able to compare to what you've written.
I hope it goes well on the actual day.

Author's response

RippedIntoPieces, thank you ever so very much!!! you have no idea how i'm feeling jst reading your short review! you make me feel so GOOD about my writing! i had to put myself there, in the mindframe of gerard, to make it that believeable! and look at what i got! i'm so proud of this story! it's the best i've ever written up to this point, and i'm writing in pure bliss to see that people are enjoying it, especially you! thank yo uso much for the review! please add me to your alerts and to your favorites! i'm going to be writing more stories that are similar to this, and i' love it more people would read my work.

thank you so much, RippedIntoPieces! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

you just don't know what your kind words have done to me!!!

love always,
~mr gayestgoth.

and on the actual day, i know for a fact that God's warm and loving prescence is going to be wherever Gerard and Lindsey decide to give birth to their child. everyone, please send your blessings to lindsey and the baby, but gerard as well because there is NO WAY lindsey could've made the child alone, and gerard's role in this is JUST as important as lindsey's.

congratulations to the way family.