Review for Three Days

Three Days

(#) nadialexandra 2009-05-04

Okay, so I just caught up with this.

That was ... sickeningly sweet. I've just about fallen in love with Frank as much as Gerard has. It'd be heartbreaking to have him die again.

I liked that you added Frank's thoughts, too. It made him seem more real and perfect... if that made any sense.

Update soon, please!


Author's response

lol, yeah, I can understand it being sickeningly sweet...there's probably going to be quite a bit of fluff in this one, mostly to screw with Gerard's head even more(and probably influenced by the fact that I've spent the past couple of months writing Dark Knight fanfiction and need a break from psychotic darkness, lol)

Glad I made you fall in love with Frank though! :)

Thank you! ^^