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chapter 3

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Getting picked up off the Jersey streets by Ray

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Wow, the response to this has been just awesome, and it definitely makes me want to write quicker(even though I’m about to fall asleep, lol). :D Thank you guys sooo so much for all the ratings and reviews! I can’t believe the first chapter is already almost green! You guys are amazing. ^^


Frank shoved his hands deeper in his pockets, trying his best not to look too obviously cold. They hadn’t even gotten very far and the wind was fucking brutal, somehow even colder than it had been in Boston. Still, he definitely didn’t want to go back to the hotel now when they hadn’t even really gone anywhere yet. He hunched his shoulders just a little, hoping the movement wasn’t enough to be obvious.

Before he knew it, Gerard was draping his leather jacket over his shoulders. “Here. Put it on.”

Frank shook his head, lifting one hand to hand it back. “No, Gee, I’m-“

“You’re shivering. Make me feel useful and put it on, ok?” He bit his lip then nodded once, shrugging into the jacket. It was wonderfully warm from Gerard’s body heat, and he could catch his scent on the collar. Frank couldn’t help but smile, tugging it closer around him. He had always loved wearing Gerard’s clothes.

He looked over at his lover, realizing again just how fucking cold he was gonna be without his jacket. Frowning, he moved to take it off again. “Gee, really you-“

Gerard’s hands caught his arms, re-shifted the jacket back up on his shoulders. “I’m fine, now keep it on. Please.” He reached over, pulling Frank’s hand into his and to his lips to kiss it. “So…anywhere in particular we’re walking?”

Frank grinned, shrugging. “I dunno. Maybe somewhere for dinner. Or that music store.” There was a good one not too far, at least, there had been before. He gone there countless times as a kid and kept coming back as a teenager, drooling over the guitars. He had eventually had the money for a beat up old knock off Stratocaster, and though he loved it and had played his heart on it in the handful of unsuccessful bands he’d been in, he’d always wanted something different. A real Fender Strat at the least, although the Gibson’s were the ones that really caught his eye, the SG and especially the Les Paul. Still, there hadn’t really been the money for luxuries like that, really. It seemed they were always in the process of saving up for something, whether that was a better place to stay or a better car or just the damned bills. Even so, it was always nice to look at the guitars, fool around on them a little.

“Yeah, I bet that old place is still around. Alright, sounds like a destination. And maybe dinner after that? Or before, whatever we run into.”

Before Frank could answer a horn blew beside them, making both of them jump. “Hey! Didn’t I just drop you two off at a respectable hotel? What the hell are you doing out here, don’t you know this is Jersey?”

Ray was idling the car beside them, leaning as far over the passenger seat as he could and grinning at them.

Gerard smiled back at him, pulling Frank closer to him as he leaned on the car with one hand. “Hey, Ray. What are you doin’?”

“Just heading home for dinner. Hey, why don’t you come with me? You haven’t seen Christa and the kids in ages.” He looked happy at the thought, and Gerard looked back over his shoulder to check with Frank, even though they both already knew the answer.

Catching the confirmation in his eyes, Gerard turned back to Ray and nodded. “Sounds great!” He reached to open the door to the back and slid in first, tugging Frank along behind him hard enough to pull him all the way into his side and the middle of the seat when he set down.
Frank couldn’t help but laugh a little, tightening his grip on Gerard’s hand even as he pretended to shove at him. “Gee!” His whisper was mock indignant and Gerard smirked, flipping hair out of his eyes. God, that smirk never failed to make Frank melt.

“What?” Gerard’s voice was innocent, and his hazel eyes were a beautiful clear emerald green at that moment, mesmerizing him. He leaned in close, whispering in Frank’s ear. “I like keeping you close to me. Reflex. But I think that’s a good thing.”

It was, definitely, but the tone of his voice and his breath against Frank’s ear in the back of Ray’s car definitely wasn’t a good idea.

Ray laughed, and Frank could see him roll his eyes in the rearview mirror. “Alright, you too, keep it clean enough that I won’t need to bleach my eyes when I get home, please?”

Gerard laughed, letting go of Frank’s hand to drape his arm across his shoulders, pull him even closer. “Don’t worry, after everything I know you’ve seen I doubt we can destroy your ‘innocence’. Can’t take what’s not there.”

They all laughed at that and Ray conceded the point with a nod, gluing his eyes to the road in front of him. “Point taken. Get it out before we get to the house though, huh?”

“Sounds fair.” Gerard brought his lips to Frank’s ear again, his other hand coming to rest on Frank’s thigh. “Think I can keep my hands off you for a few hours? Sounds fucking hard to me.”

Frank could feel his whole body warm at the words, at the moment as much with happiness as with sensation. This was…so different from how everything had been lately. This was the old Gerard, the one had fallen in love all those years ago. Back then, Gerard had never been able to get enough of touching him, holding him, singing to him and talking with him. They had been each other’s world. The alcohol and pills had taken him from Frank first, after he lost both his mother and grandmother in a plane crash. Still, Gerard had been vulnerable then, had needed Frank more than ever at the times he was coherent enough to even know what he needed. It was three rough years but they had made it through, and for the better part of a year afterward had been back to their old selves. Until things had started really happening for Gerard at work. He went in early and stayed late, and when he came home more often than not he brought his work with him. He was there, physically, beside Frank on the couch but he was caught up editing comics and writing up summaries and recommendations for Brian. He was never snappy or angry just…distant. Far, far too distant, especially when there had never been any sort of space at all between them before.

But now…now, it felt like nothing had ever changed. Something was bothering him, Frank was sure of that, but other than that he was his old self and the change was startling. He wanted so badly to believe it was real, that everything would stay this way between them, now.
“Whatcha’ thinking, babe?” He didn’t realize how long he had been quiet until he heard Gerard’s soft whisper in his ear again, his hair falling to brush against Frank’s neck.
He smiled, turned his head to meet Gerard’s eyes and soak up the warmth in them. He never felt more loved than when he was looking at him like that. “Just thinking. About you.”

He could see a little worry in his eyes then, and Gerard’s thumb rubbed a smooth circle against his thigh. “What about me?”

He snuck a look up front to make sure Ray was watching the road before kissing him softly, quickly. “How lucky I am to have you. What a great idea this was.” His eyes dropped and he fidgeted, playing absently with his lip ring. “I’ve missed you. I mean, I know you’re busy and all but this…it’s really nice, you know? We haven’t done anything like this in a while.” He felt Gerard take in a sharp breath next to him, and he immediately opened his mouth to ramble on. “I mean, I understand and all it’s just-“

“Oh, babe.” Gerard’s voice was heavy with emotion, and when Frank whipped his head up to look he could have sworn he saw tears in his eyes just before he blinked and turned away, looking out the window. His arm tightened around Frank’s shoulders, rubbing his arm gently. “I’m sorry, Frankie. I’m so sorry. I-“ His body shuddered, slightly, and Frank knew him well enough to tell he was really struggling to keep himself under control.

He hated seeing him hurting; he always had. But if he was upset about how things had been with them, if that was what was bothering him…maybe everything really would be ok now. Better than ok. Frank squeezed Gerard’s hand tight, reassuring him. “It’s ok. If you want, we can talk about it later, ok?” Gerard nodded, though he still wouldn’t look at him. “I was just saying, I’m glad we’ve got a few days of just us.”

Gerard nodded again slightly, his head bowed. “Yeah. Yeah me too.”

They had kept it mostly quiet and to themselves, and Ray was good about minding his own business, but he didn’t want Gerard about this, now. He squeezed his hand again, relieved to feel Gerard squeeze back, hard. He leaned his head against Gerard’s shoulder, glad for the millionth time that at least being short had some benefits. “So, Ray, you told us everything going on with you earlier, but how about the rest of the family? How old’s Dylan now, 11?”
Ray glanced up in the rearview mirror, eyes lighting up as he talked about his son. “Almost. He’ll be 11 in February. And Grace is 7, though she likes to think she’s much older.”

Frank laughed, nodding. “Yeah, I bet. If I remember right I think I was pretty crazy little punk at 7.”

Ray grinned, nodding. “Oh yeah. You definitely were.”

“I thought you were cute.”

Ray rolled his eyes. “Gerard, stop being a suck up. I’d bet money you laughed at him too.”
Frank put on his best fake pout, turned to look at his husband. “True?”

Gerard smiled, leaned over to kiss his forehead. “If I did it was in a very loving way, I promise.”

They were stopped at a red light and Ray shifted in the seat to look at the better in the mirror, tapping his fingers on the wheel absently as he did. “So, what brings you two to Belleville? I thought I’d never get you back down here for a visit, and you just show up out of the blue!” His gaze drifted to the side, centering on Gerard. “You here to see your dad?”
Frank felt Gerard stiffen and he winced, his heart pounding in his throat.

“He was in Florida last I heard. I really don’t know.” His voice was never colder than when he was talking about his father and Frank hated the sound of it, hated it even more than he knew how the rest of this conversation was going to go.

Sure enough, Ray’s confused eyes flickered to him. “Don’t…don’t you know? He’s at that assisted living place, the one near your old house. I thought…”

His eyes were still on Frank, and without looking Frank could feel Gerard’s gaze on him now, too. He swallowed hard, pulled away from Gerard to sit up straight. “He…he sent me an e-mail, about a year ago. He just likes to hear about you every now and then, how you’re doing and everything.” His mouth felt bone dry and he swallowed hard again, desperately trying to find the right words. “I’m sorry, Gee, I just…he’s just lonely.”

“Yeah, well, life’s a bitch like that, isn’t it?” His words were hard as steel, and Frank couldn’t bear to look at him. He could feel the hurt and betrayal in the air between them clearly enough without seeing it in his eyes. “Goddammit, Frank…”

Frank winced, shut his eyes tight. “I’m sorry, Gerard. Really I am. I just thought…it’s been so long. I just thought it wouldn’t hurt anything, and I was never gonna try to push you into anything I-“

“Is this why you wanted to come here? You want me to see him?”

He shook his head hard, losing his voice for a moment. He hadn’t heard that much anger in Gerard’s voice in a long time, not since the alcohol. “No, I swear! I’m sorry, ok?”
“Look, I know your old man was a sorry excuse for a father, but he could have been worse, Gerard. And Frank didn’t mean anything by it.” Ray had stayed deathly quiet until now, and even then his voice was even and calm, stating the facts.

Gerard sighed heavily. “Of course he didn’t.” Frank felt Gerard’s arms around him then, hard and sudden, pulling him tight against Gerard’s chest. “God, what am I doing? I’m sorry, Frank. I’m sorry, it’s ok. I’m not mad. I just…you know I don’t want to ever talk to him again. It just startled me, that’s all.”

Frank could feel tension he hadn’t even realized he’d had ease when Gerard held him, and he turned into his embrace, head against his shoulder once more. “It’s fine. I’m the one who’s sorry. I shouldn’t have…not without asking you…”

“No, no, babe, you’re fine. You can talk to him all you want. I just…I just can’t, you understand don’t you?” His voice was strained, pained like it had been earlier and Frank wanted desperately to kiss him. Considering where they were, though, he settled for pressing his lips against Gerard’s shoulder, through the fabric of his thin t-shirt. It helped. He could feel the muscles in his shoulders relax, his arms resting more comfortably around Frank. His lips nuzzled closer to Frank’s ear again, whispering. “Thanks, baby. I’m sorry I overreacted like that.”

“S’ok, Gee. I-“

“We ok now?” Ray’s voice overrode him and the pulled apart a little, looking up front. “Sorry if I’m still interrupting something, but we’re here…if you still need to talk about this, that’s fine, you can stay out here for awhile.”

Frank shook his head, hand reaching over for Gerard’s and smiling when Gee met him halfway. “No, we’re fine. Thanks, though. So,” He grinned up at Ray, the guilt from the argument already starting to fade. “What’s for dinner? I’m sooo hungry…”


Wanted to get into Frankie's head some with this one, get a glimpse of what he's thinking about how Gerard's acting and such, and I hope it worked well. ^^

Even shorter than the last one, I think, but I had this whole scene written and even though I was intending this chapter to go a lot farther, I’m really really tired and need to sleep and figured since I had something semi-complete, I’d go ahead and post it. :)

Thanks again to everyone for all the awesome rates and reviews, they mean so much to me!!
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