Review for Forbidden


(#) TheWorldiSaVampire 2009-05-14

Hahahaaaa! Thanks Reign! I definitely want a happy ending... but not your typical one. In truth, Gerard doesn't deserve Chey, it would be a lesson learned for his next relationship. Frank and Chey would be sweet but he's obviously married so that would be too much. Lyn is a beautifully broken soul... I like her so much b/c I played someone like her in a play I did a few months back, so it was easy for me to connect with her.

I just feel that you reap what you sew and even in fiction the outcome should be a fair one. I really do love this story... It's actually funny! I mean I genuinely laughed in some parts and I gotta appreciate that. I'm in a state of elation waiting on the next chapter... Update soon please!