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Chapter 74

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A chapter just about Frank and Cheyenne

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Cheyenne’s hands shook as she applied her eyeliner. She had told Gerard that she was meeting some of the girls from work for a pre- New Year drink as they were unable to meet up on the actual day. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought she’d done well with her appearance, after all she wasn’t actually going out and she hated the thought of being super dressed up only to sit in a coffee house with Frank but an effort was necessary to make her story plausible and deep down she wanted to go that little bit extra. Gerard was due to leave soon and as the hands on her clock moved sluggishly towards 8pm her nerves grew even more. Was this a good idea? Why couldn’t they just talk on the phone? She sighed in frustration but continued getting ready all the while becoming more anxious.


Alright honey I’m out of here’ Gerard said pulling Cheyenne into his arms.
‘Already, so soon’ Cheyenne replied glancing at the clock and noting the time. She would have to call Frank soon. Maybe if she was lucky he wouldn’t answer and she could cancel.
‘I’ll be home in a few hours, I think, but if it gets really late don’t wait up ok’ he said as he took in what she was wearing, she looked nice and he felt a surge of pride that she was his.
‘Ok but just so you know I don’t plan on staying out too late either, we have to pick Farrah and Jude up from the airport tomorrow and we’ll need a lot of energy for that.’
Gerard laughed as he remembered what Cheyenne’s friends from Chicago were like, he had met them once before when he went to visit and they were a handful then, however they were nice enough so it didn’t really matter.
‘No problem I’ll be more than ready for them’ he said confidently ‘I’m a guy remember I couldn’t be more thrilled at the idea of living in a house full of attractive women.’
‘As long as I’m the most attractive’ Cheyenne joked sticking out her bottom lip.
‘You’re a goddess’ Gerard told her ‘You can’t get more beautiful then that.’
Cheyenne laughed at his words and then gasped suddenly jumping up and down on the spot as though she was standing on hot coals.
‘What?’ Gerard demanded confused by her unexpected behaviour.
‘That’s my costume’ Cheyenne said excitedly ‘I’m going to our costume party as a goddess.’
‘Oh cool’ Gerard said ‘Ooh you’re going to look so sexy’ he said brushing his lips against her neck as he imagined what she’d look like in her outfit.
‘I’m excited’ she said finding his lips and kissing him gently, letting the kiss linger unnecessarily
‘I have to go’ he said pulling back and kissing her forehead, have fun with your friends ok.’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said smiling as much as she could. The dread that she felt had disappeared as Gerard kissed her but now he was gone it began to creep its way back in. Locating her phone she dialled Frank’s number.
‘He’s gone you can come and pick me up now’ she said trying to hide the dread in her voice
‘Cool I’ll be there in a few’ Frank said before hanging up


Frank dropped the cigarette butt to the floor and stamped it out he had been standing outside the Bryar-Way home for a few minutes and decided that a cigarette would help calm the nerves that pulsated through him. He reminded himself over and over that it was just Cheyenne but yet it did nothing to dull the emotions in him. As he rose his hand to ring the bell the door suddenly flew open startling him.
‘Sorry’ Cheyenne blushed and apologised ‘I didn’t mean to scare you.’
‘You didn’t’ Frank said hoping his face didn’t give him away ‘what are you doing?’
‘I thought I’d come out and meet you. I saw you standing out here.’
‘Yeah I was smoking’ he admitted ‘trying to keep calm.’
Cheyenne was shocked by his confession but said nothing as they silently walked o the car. This was most definitely awkward, since they’d known each other they’ve never had an awkward silence and the way things were going it seemed like they would have a whole evening of them.
‘So where do you want to go?’ Frank asked they were driving now into the town, restaurants and evening cafés were just starting to pass them by.
‘I don’t mind you can pick’ Cheyenne said
‘What do you fancy?’ Frank asked swiftly looking from her to the road he noted her posture she was sunk low in her seat with her head hanging down. He sighed.
‘I can’t do this its driving me insane’ Frank said as he abruptly pulled the car over, his lack of warning or signal to the drivers behind him caused a chorus of beeping and swerving. Frank unperturbed parked up and switched the engine off, calmly settling his hands in his lap.
‘What are you doing? We can’t park here, it’s illegal’ Cheyenne cried his suddenness caught her off guard she was hoping for a little more time before they had to get to the matter at hand.
‘I don’t know about you but all I’ve been able to think about is our kiss’ Frank said staring straight ahead ‘and I don’t know why I can’t get it out of my head, but I just can’t. You have to tell me why you kissed me?’
‘I don’t know’ she said and it wasn’t a lie, the events that led her to kiss him were real but why she chose to kiss him still remained a mystery to her. She wanted comfort, she needed warmth after the cold feelings that had engulfed her but a hug would’ve sufficed why had she kissed Frank? Why had she done something so intimate?
‘Look I need to understand’ he said turning to face her now ‘God I know this is awkward but I don’t want it to be like this forever I think if we clear the air we can go back to being normal. I don’t want to have to avoid looking in your eyes every time we’re in the same room and I don’t want you to blush either, like you’re doing now’ he said noticing the red colour of her cheeks ‘I just want us to be normal again.’
‘Frank if I tell you why…or why I think I kissed you, you won’t tell anyone, will you?’
‘Why would I tell? I’m a married man I’m not supposed to kiss other women and I’m not supposed to enjoy it either,’
‘You liked it’ Cheyenne asked smiling despite the situation ‘I thought it was good too…but that’s not the point’ she said quickly ‘I kissed you because I over heard Gerard talking about Lyn to someone and he said Lyn will always want him and that she couldn’t stay away from him’
‘And that’s why you kissed me?’ Frank said confused
‘No it’s more then that. Frank can I tell you something?’
‘What? More then you’re telling me now’ he joked
‘Will you be serious’ she said scowling at him, he nodded a silent yes and she continued. ‘Since I met Lyn I’ve had an uneasy feeling about her and Gerard. I don’t know what it is but I feel like I’m missing something like something could be going on between them and I know it’s stupid because Gerard doesn’t even like her anymore but I can’t shake it, its like its always there at the back of my mind.’ Cheyenne paused and looked up at Frank his eyes were still on the road but his jaw was set, the tension was clearly visible as his body was rigid but she dismissed it and continued. ‘Do you remember Thanksgiving?’
‘Of course it was good this year.’ Frank murmured
‘Well Gerard and I had a fight that night, he had spent one night while you guys were in London talking on the phone to Lyn he lied to me about it but Lyn told me about it as she left. I asked him if there was anything else that happened and he told me she came on to him earlier that evening. He told me he pushed her away and that he loved me and I believed him of course. Anyway I get home from Chicago and I find out that the three of you had been spending time together, which pissed me off because she was in my home. After all the arguments with Gee I thought I had made my feelings clear about her. However it made me feel a little bit better knowing you were there and I know nothing would happen with you around because you wouldn’t let it right?’
‘Right’ Frank said but it came out quieter then he intended, he could feel his heart hammering inside his chest, he felt sick, he was lying to her by saying he wouldn’t let it happen but he did let it happen, he pushed for it, he need it to happen .
‘But still the feelings are there I mean we’ve had arguments about it and he’s always denied everything but then, and you cannot tell anyone this ever, I went through his phone and I found message…’
‘What messages?’ Frank demanded.
‘Nothing messages really’ Cheyenne replied ‘nothing substantial it was just the fact that they were there. Anyway Gerard promised me he’d have nothing more to do with Lyn and then we get a Christmas card from her and then I over hear the phone call that he was having and it all just got too much. And he was right in what he said, Lyn would always want him, she’d always be there and I thought to myself what if Gerard couldn’t resist her? She’d just keep pushing and pushing until she got her way and I got overwhelmed and I kissed you.’
‘What as payback?’ Frank snorted.
‘No of course not’ Cheyenne cried her arm instinctively reaching out for him she let it rest on his and she could feel the tense muscles in his arms. ‘It wasn’t payback it was more like I wanted to feel secure. You’re so solid Frank, you love Jamia and she loves you and no one else crosses your mind and I don’t know I guess I wanted to be with a man who was like that, a man who was secure.’
‘You do realise that by kissing me you made me less solid, since you’ve crossed my mind quite a few times these past days.’
‘I know and I’m sorry that wasn’t my intention I just wanted to feel secure and wanted. I don’t know but I need it. I need you. Now I realise it was unfair and unnecessary.’
‘Unnecessary how so?’
‘I ran into Lyn earlier today. We had a chat…of sorts and she told me she was moving with Marcus to Arizona, they’re leaving for good. So you see if I had waited all this could have been avoided.’
‘Oh’ Frank said hiding his elation at the news Lyn was moving he felt a huge amount of relief that he no longer had to worry about her spilling their secret to anyone especially Jamia. ‘That’s good news.’
‘Isn’t it’ Cheyenne sighed letting her head fall back against the head rest. ‘I can’t tell you how much relief I felt when she said she was going. It felt like whatever I was waiting to happen between them couldn’t possibly happen now. It feels like I’ve been holding my breath this whole time and now I can finally exhale.’
‘Good’ Frank said fighting the burning in his eyes he could feel the tears slowly starting to surface. Now would be a good chance to tell her everything to get the secret he’d been carrying around off his chest, to protect her from the pain that Gerard could cause her in the future but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to be the one to hurt her and with Lyn leaving it seemed like the whole mess could be put behind them, plus although Geared deserved it Frank couldn’t hurt his friend either.
‘Are you going to tell Jamia about the kiss?’ Cheyenne asked quietly. She knew the bond between Frank and Jamia was strong and a relationship like that didn’t have many secrets.
‘No’ Frank said with a small chuckle ‘It’ll be our secret. There’s no point rocking the boat over something like this. Will you tell Gerard?’
‘No’ Cheyenne said shaking her head ‘It’s just between you and me’
‘Can I ask you something though?’ Frank said ‘Actually a few things.’
‘Sure, now or never right?’
‘Have you thought about it like I have?’ he asked blushing as he spoke each word.
‘If you mean constantly then yes’ Cheyenne whispered too embarrassed to speak any louder.
‘And if it had been Mikey or Ray in that kitchen instead of me, would you have kissed them?’
Cheyenne thought about it for a minute ‘No’ she said eventually ‘I would not have kissed them’
‘Why not?’ Frank asked
‘Because they’re not you and by that I mean I’m closer to you then I am to them and I guess…Ok don’t laugh when I say this but I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you I suppose.’
Frank laughed out loud, his body shaking the car as he roared with pleasure.
‘I said not to laugh’ Cheyenne cried hitting him on the head with her purse.
‘I’m sorry’ Frank said wiping his eyes ‘it’s just that it’s quite amusing. Fan girls usually have a crush on me not my friends.’
‘Well I’m glad I amuse you’ Cheyenne said folding her arms as a sour expression formed on her face.
‘Aww don’t be like that’ Frank said pulling her towards him and placing his arm round her shoulders ‘I like you too.’
‘In what way?’ she asked trying not to take any notice of the butterflies in her stomach.
‘The only way that matters when it comes to liking someone.’ Frank whispered
‘Really?’ Cheyenne said perking up and sitting up straighter in his arms.
‘Cool you have a crush on me’
‘Don’t get over excited there’s nothing we can do about it’ he said and Cheyenne thought she detected a small hint of regret in his words.
‘I know. Someone might catch us’ she joked
‘Or maybe it’s because I’m married and you’re spoken for.’
‘Oh yeah! That too but if we weren’t…’ she trailed off.
‘Then Gerard would’ve had some competition when you showed up in October’
‘You probably would’ve won.’ She admitted still unable to look at him, she didn’t want to see the expression on his face as she said those words.
‘And then it would be you and Gerard having this secret rendezvous and this conversation tonight’ he said trying to hide the bitterness in his words.
‘Not likely’ Cheyenne said finally managing to look into his eyes for the first time since he’d picked her up, she had detected the negativity in his voice and felt like she should let him know that if that was the case, if the roles were reversed that this scenario wouldn’t happen with Gerard. ‘Like I said Frank Iero you’re solid, as I explained I kissed you because I needed the security that only a man like you can offer ’
‘Hey! Get your car outta here before I give you a ticket’ a warden said rapping on the windshield of the car startling both of them out of their trance.
‘Alright’ Frank said rolling his eyes and removing his arm from her shoulders ‘Alright I’m going I’m going’ he sighed at the warden’s angry face. He quickly started the car, signalled and pulled out.
‘I’ll take you home now’ he said fastening his seatbelt as they stopped at a set of traffic lights. ‘I got my answers’
‘Satisfied?’ she asked offering him a smile.
‘Very and enlightened,’
‘We don’t have to go home yet’ She said ‘Gerard won’t be home so I’m still free, but if you want to go home to Jam…’
‘No its ok, maybe we can eat, I’m starving.’ He admitted.


As they drove home in a comfortable silence Frank thought back over the evening. As they ate at the low class restaurant they talked more openly, both of them dodging the subject of their feelings for one and other. It was out in the open now that they fancied each other, all their past flirting was obviously more then meaningless fun, but neither of them really wanted to take it any further. He had Jamia and Cheyenne had Gerard and life was fine like that, but Frank thought it was nice to know that even though he was spoken for he was still desired, men liked things like that it was good for their egos and no doubt Cheyenne had a similar feeling. He stole a glance at her she was dozing on the passenger’s side, looking beautiful as usual and Frank couldn’t help but wonder what his life would be like with Cheyenne by his side instead of Jamia. He smiled at the thought but his smile grew as he realised he’d be home soon where his wife was probably watching TV and waiting for him.
‘That’s a big smile’ Cheyenne said, Frank hadn’t realised that she was watching him.
‘I was just thinking about Jamia that was all.’
‘Does Gerard smile like that when he thinks of me?’ she asked insecurely
‘Always’ Frank said and it wasn’t a lie he had seen his friends face light up many a time and when asked Gerard always said he was thinking about Cheyenne.
‘So are we cool?’ he asked ‘no regrets, wouldn’t change anything about the evening’
‘I wouldn’t change a thing’ Cheyenne said as they pulled up outside her home ‘I think we’re probably closer now then ever before.’
‘It’s a nice feeling’ Frank said as he got out of the car, he raced round and opened the passenger door offering his hand to Cheyenne.
‘Thank you’ she said accepting and allowing him to help her out of the car ‘you’re such a gentleman Frankie.’
‘The ladies love it’ he laughed leading her to the door his hand still clasped around hers.

‘Safe and sound’ Cheyenne announced as they walked though the door into the hallway ‘Thank you for everything Frank.’
‘No worries’ he said closing the door before bending down to pat Halo and Tragic on their heads, they raced to the front door upon hearing the key in the lock.
‘I better get going’ he said trying not to look too sad at having the evening end, he was having a good time.
‘Wanna coffee?’ Cheyenne asked. Frank eyed her suspiciously as he heard the nervousness in her voice.
‘No I should really go’ he declined not sure what it was that was bothering her; he could see that she was tense all of a sudden.
‘Can I err, ask you one more favour’ she said clearing her throat ‘please.’
‘Shoot’ Frank said his curiosity getting the best of him
‘Will you kiss me one last time?’
‘WHAT?’ Frank exploded. After everything that happened already she wanted to do this.
‘It’s not what you think?’
‘Then please tell me I’m dying to know’ Frank said and for some reason he could feel himself getting angry it was hard enough resisting to take it further and now she was asking for it.
‘Its just the first time we kissed I was so nervous and unsure, it was so rushed and I’m just curious to know what it would be like it we were both more relaxed, you know expecting it….’ She trailed off blushing furiously.
‘Oh I see’ Frank said relaxing a little. It had crossed his mind also, what it would be like to have been more prepared for the kiss. He wasn’t sure it was such a good idea, what if they couldn’t stop?
‘This doesn’t change anything’ she told him quickly as she closed the gap between them ‘I still love Gerard, I still want him, I’m just curious.’
‘Same here’ he agreed carefully ‘Jamia is still my wife and I love her.’
‘So we’re clear.’ Cheyenne said she was standing in front of him now her body close to his, her heart hammering against her ribcage.
‘Crystal’ he said as he lowered his face to hers, their lips hovered inches from each other, the anticipation growing between them, each one waiting for the other to take the plunge. Cheyenne took the initiative not because she was desperate but it was her curiosity that led them this far. She raised her head slightly and gently kissed his mouth. As soon as their lips touched she could feel it was already better then the last time, she was more relaxed and she could savour the feel of his warm mouth. She jumped slightly as Frank’s arms encircled her and pulled her even closer to him she had time to notice now that his arms were firmer and more muscular then Gerard’s she felt securer in Franks grip, his stomach was firmer too where Gerard’s was soft and cuddly, it was a nice change but not necessarily better.

Although her lips were still gentle Frank felt Cheyenne’s kisses became more urgent, he felt the tip of her tongue weave its way into his mouth, he massaged it with his own and he felt himself melting into her. He couldn’t believe how close he could hold her to him, she was smaller then Jamia and he could cradle all of her at once, it was a nice feeling, he felt if he held her tight and close enough they could possibly become one person. It was getting close to becoming dangerous but thankfully common sense took over and although both wanted to continue they stopped. He held her still, their foreheads resting together as they caught their breath.
‘That was nice’ Cheyenne said still breathing deeply.
‘I know’ Frank said with a small laugh.
Cheyenne took a step back out of his arms which dropped casually to his side. ‘Now we know what it would be like.’
‘It was worth knowing’ Frank said putting his hands in his pockets so he wouldn’t grab her and kiss her again ‘Experiment over,’
Cheyenne laughed at his choice of words ‘you should get out of here’ she needed him to go before she lost all her restraint and ruined everything.
‘You’re right. So this is it huh? Goodnight Chey’ he said leaning in and kissing her cheek gently ‘I had fun’
‘I’m glad’ she said with a smile, she watched him walk around her to the front door opening it and stepping out into the night.
‘We should do this again sometime’ Frank joked knowing that this would probably never be repeated but it didn’t need to be, once was enough.
‘You’re such a clown’ she said laughing
‘Only for you’ he replied and with a wink he was gone.

Cheyenne stood and stared at the door for a long time after he left, she felt naughty but also satisfied by the events of the day. She felt a little guilty kissing her boyfriends best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend but it wasn’t deep enough to lose sleep over. Picking up a puppy in each arm Cheyenne retreated to her bedroom to wait up for her boyfriend to return home, she wanted him to be the last thing she saw before she fell asleep that night.

After making love to his wife Frank felt an overwhelming surge of satisfaction, it finally felt like everything was back to normal now. Lyn was leaving and she was taking away the anxiety that Frank felt from the day he made that deal with her. The minute she let New Jersey it would be all over. He felt a small twinge of guilt for his behaviour tonight with Cheyenne and for a brief moment or so he compared himself to Gerard and his behaviour with Lyn. Although it was similar, he knew he would never intentionally hurt Jamia the way Gerard could hurt Cheyenne he would never take it that far. The thought made him angry but it didn’t last long as he remembered the root of all their problems would be leaving in a few days. All they had to do was stick out the next couple of days and then the New Year would hit and it would bring with it a brand new start for all of them .

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