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Chapter 75

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Its the run up to midnight people and the party is in full swing

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Cheyenne was stressed. She was really stressed. She had been up early in the morning to prepare for the party and every time she took a step forward it felt like someone was dragging her back. It had started when the others had all woken up. Cheyenne had been up for at least three hours by then, she was cleaning. She was making sure everything that should glisten, glistened and everything that should shine, shined. She was working hard and hoped for some help from Gerard and her friends from Chicago but none was available as they argued who was going in the bathroom first, made mess as they prepared their breakfast and shouted across the house as they asking each other questions and throwing around playful insults. While all this was going on Cheyenne silently held herself together, she went round cleaning up after them, she picked up Gerard’s wet towel, washed the cereal bowls from breakfast and removed Jude’s bra from the bathroom. She even bit her tongue as they all played a round of cards while she prepared the food for the party, none of them even asking if she needed a hand. But as the day moved on she could feel her patience thinning and she knew it was only a matter of time before she snapped.

‘Oh my God Gerard what are you doing?’ Cheyenne screamed she had come into the kitchen to start making the punch both alcoholic and non-alcoholic only to find Gerard in the kitchen with a mass of flour around him.
‘This isn’t what it looks like’ he said surveying the mess, which was not only on the floor but up the legs of his trousers, the doors of the lower cupboards and the backs of two of the dinig chairs. ‘I was trying to do my hair and I accidently dropped the bag and flour went everywhere.’
‘Clean it up’ Cheyenne said taking a deep breath to calm herself ‘I don’t care how and I don’t care when but this kitchen better be clean by the time that clock strikes eight. Do you understand?’
‘Yes Chey’ Gerard said clutching the flour bag in his hand hoping in all his nervousness that he didn’t drop it again.
‘I’m going to do my hair’ she told him ‘please could you find out where Bob is and ask him to get his butt over here, you two are supposed to decorate the living room.’
‘No problem’ Gerard said smiling warily at her ‘I can do that for you.’

‘Cheyenne please you have to sit still’ Jude ordered as she attempted to curl Cheyenne’s hair. What would normally be a half an hour job was turning into an all day project.
‘Just let me run down and turn the skewers and I’ll be right back’ Cheyenne said fidgeting impatiently as Jude held her in place by holding a clump of her hair.
‘Farrah will you please go down and do whatever it is that Cheyenne just said’ Jude asked
‘Sure sure no problem, give me a few minutes’ Farrah teased. She knew her lack of urgency would drive Cheyenne crazy and she was right, the expression on her best friends face was horrific.
‘Farrah please’ Jude said as she tried to curl and pin Cheyenne down at the same time.
‘Ok I’ll go now’ Farrah said smiling triumphantly at the reaction she had caused she left the room closing the door behind her.
‘Just fifteen more minutes and we’ll be done’ Jude said in a soothing voice, she knew that Cheyenne took hosting very seriously so sitting in a chair having her hair done when there was so much more to do was probably killing her.
‘Do you think it’ll be good?’ Cheyenne asked nervously, she had put a lot of preparation into this party and she wanted it to be a success.
‘It’ll be great’ Jude said ‘just like all your parties are you’re worrying, as usual, over nothing. Just chill.’
‘Thanks for coming I’ve missed you and Farrah so much. I’m glad you’re here’ Cheyenne said smiling at her friend through the mirror.
‘No problem. I wanted to be here and so did Farrah it’s not the same back home without you and we’re glad you’re happy’
‘Thanks that means a lot. Are we done yet?’ Cheyenne asked eagerly
‘It’s only been three minutes, still twelve to go’
‘Ohh’ Cheyenne moaned her lack of patience was starting to get the best of her. She just wanted to finish cooking and get dressed people would be arriving in a little over two hours.
‘Chey sit still’ Jude pleaded ‘please you’re making this take twice as long as it should.’
‘Sorry’ Cheyenne apologised wincing under Jude’s annoyed glare ‘Do you really think it’ll be a good night.’
‘Of course’ Jude said her face softening ‘it’ll be a night to remember of that I’m sure.’


Gerard ducked as the packet of balloons flew at his head he laughed loudly and retaliated by aiming a party popper and popping it in Bob’s direction, covering his friend with the colourful paper. Bob laughed quickly grabbing the can of silly string off the arm chair and launching an attack of the plastic contents on Gerard who dove behind the sofa, giggling.
‘Take that breakfast monkey’ Bob laughed jumping in the chair and spraying the string over Gerard who was crouched behind it covering his face.

‘What the hell is going on?’ Cheyenne gasped, her hair was complete and she had raced down stairs to check on the food and make sure the living room was decorated to the way she would’ve liked it but upon seeing it she realised it was a waste of time as nothing had been done.
‘We were playing’ Bob said quickly stepping out of the chair, he caught Cheyenne’s expression and lowered his head in shame, he knew his cousin well enough to know that she was going to flip.
‘You were just playing’ Cheyenne said surveying the room she had tidied earlier in the day, it hadn’t taken them long to messed it up playing their stupid games. The chair cushions were scattered everywhere, coloured paper of several party poppers lay dead in the ground and the blue coloured silly string was everywhere.
‘Ok’ Gerard said holding up his hands as though she held a gun at him, he was kneeling on the floor behind the sofa his head and shoulders visible whilst the rest of him was hidden. ‘Calm down honey we were only having a little bit of fun.’ He explained. Bob sucked in his breath he knew that the worst thing in a situation like this was to tell Cheyenne to calm down. She hated that. He chuckled inwardly as he realised Gerard still had a lot to learn about his baby cousin.
‘Calm down’ Cheyenne repeated her eyebrows furrowed in confusion ‘you want me to calm down.’
‘Yes’ Gerard whispered
‘I have spent weeks planning this party. I was up at 7am this morning, cleaning this house from top to bottom so it would be presentable to our friends and family, I started cooking at 2pm so I could feed our guests good quality food instead of that nonsense freezer party food that other people buy, I have ironed your costume so it looks pristine, I’ve tidied up after you Farah and Jude all morning and all I asked you to do was put up a few banners and blow some balloons and you couldn’t even do that’ Cheyenne said shaking as each word left her mouth. Gerard was frozen to the spot unsure of what to do, he was pretty sure she was going to blow.
‘Cheyenne’ he began but she cut him off with a wave of her hand.
‘I have done so much to get ready for today and none of it is appreciated’ she said unclenching her fists ‘I give up. I’m going up stairs to my room. Do not disturb me.’ She warned turning her back on them.
‘What about the party?’ Gerard asked
Cheyenne shrugged ‘What about it? I was the only one who gave a shit about it and what for, none of you even care. I don’t give a fuck about the damn party.’


‘What’s that?’ Marcus asked pointing to a zipped up suit bag that Lyn had thrown carelessly on the bed where he lay.
‘Oh that, that’s nothing just a costume’ she said climbing onto the bed on his side. She straddled him placing her knees either side of his waist.
‘A costume for what?’ he asked smiling at her as she looked down on him.
‘A party’ she said her lips tracing his cheekbone down to his neck and back up again where it settled on his lips.
‘Who’s party?’ he asked as his hands instinctively travelled up her torso until they settled on her breasts.
‘A friends’ she said kissing his lips firmly ‘I did tell you about it’ she said moaning quietly as he squeezed her mounds in his hands. She had to get him to focus only on her body, she had to get out tonight without him suspecting a thing, if he knew where she was going and what she wanted to do he would put a stop to it and she couldn’t have that.
‘You did?’ he said trying to remember a conversation that included a party but he was having trouble recalling anything as Lyn removed her t-shirt exposing her bra clad breasts to him.
‘Yep, you have to work and I was going to the party remember and I’d meet you here straight after, you’ll be finished around twelve right?’
‘Right’ Marcus mumbled. With the aid of his hands, his mouth had found her hard succulent nipples and he had no interest in the conversation they were having, he got the gist of it, or so he thought.
‘Excellent’ Lyn breathed as he fondled her delicately making her wetter. ‘Its imperative that I make an appearance at this party.’
‘’s fine’ he said absently ‘now undo my jeans so I can make an appearance.’
‘Ooh yes sir’ Lyn said smiling, this was going to be an easy victory.


‘Ok what do we do?’ Gerard asked the three faces that stared at him around the dining table. It had been half an hour since Cheyenne escaped to her room and she refused to come out or speak to any of them.
‘The party is in an hour’ Jude noted ‘Do we cancel?’
‘No we can’t cancel’ Bob said ‘Its too late notice.’
‘Let’s look at this logically’ Farrah said sitting back in her seat ‘the food is nearly ready, the decorations have been bought and there’s a little bit of cleaning to do. So in theory there’s nothing stopping us from finishing what Chey started,’
‘We don’t know how to cook’ Gerard said
‘Speak for yourself’ the other three said in unison
‘I’ll finish the cooking’ Farah said suddenly putting herself in charge of this rescue mission ‘Jude you help me, I know you’re good with alcohol you can make Chey’s punch’ Gerard and Bob you have to decorate the living room as planned before and Gerard you’re on doggy duty.’
‘Doggy duty?’ he replied
‘Yeah they made little puppy messes in the garden, that needs to be sorted’ Jude said stifling a laugh. And it would probably be a good idea if you take them to your moms, the noise might scare them’
‘Oh’ Gerard groaned thinking about the mess and then the drive ‘stupid dogs.’
‘Ok we’ve got just over an hour and that includes getting into costume too’ Bob said
‘Lets go’ Farah said leaving her seat ‘we don’t have long.’


‘How do I look?’ Jamia asked as she twirled into the living room the skirt of her costume rising as air blew beneath it.
‘You look awesome’ Frank said laughing ‘it’s very you’
‘Isn’t it? Plus this bodice makes my boobs look awesome’ she said looking down at her ample cleavage that was pushed up and together under the bodice.
‘I couldn’t agree more’ Frank said crossing the room and burying his face in her chest, blowing raspberries against her skin. Jamia shrieked with laughter but didn’t push him away she liked it when they messed around like teenagers. Frank stopped and laughed as Jamia still giggled from his assault, he always loved to see her smile but even more when she laughed. Her face always lit up and he loved it.
‘What do you think of me?’ he said stepping back so she could get a better look ‘I’m a 1920’s gangster’ he said turning 360 degrees ‘and check out my braces’ he continued throwing his pinstriped suit jacket open so she could see the braces that rested on his shoulders holding up his trousers. ‘and…check this out’ he said searching behind the sofa ‘say hello to my little friend’ he mocked pulling out a plastic Tommy gun that he purchased only the day before. ‘What do you think?’
‘You look great’ Jamia said walking into his arms, Frank snaked one arm around her waist pulling her close to him, all the while holding the gun in the other. ‘Tonight is going to be fun.’
‘Definitely’ he said ‘oh that reminds me I have to get the camera, I would hate to not have any pictures of tonight. He disappeared into their bedroom and came back a few minutes later.
‘What are you doing?’ Jamie asked as she watched him fiddling with the digital camera
‘I’m setting it’ he answered ‘We can take a picture of us two now, you know, to go in the awesome book you made me for Christmas.’ Frank set the timer and placed the camera on the bookshelf making sure it was the right height, with ten second to go he grabbed his Fedora hat which completed his costume and raced to Jamia’s side wrapping his arm around her just in time for the camera to click and flash.
‘There’ Frank said once he retrieved the camera and showed her the picture ‘One for the album.’
‘Now lets go’ Jamia urged ‘I don’t want to be late.’
‘Me neither’ Frank said ‘I don’t want to miss a thing.’


By the time Alicia reached the party it was in full swing. Things between her and Mikey had been very strained for the last few days and he decided to leave for the party before she was ready to go. She didn’t argue with him, if he couldn’t be bothered to wait then she wasn’t going to force him. The music was loud and it flowed into the street as Alicia walked up the path. The front door was wide open, not a smart thing to do in a place such a Jersey but any gatecrashers wouldn’t be hard to spot, they wouldn’t be in costume. Walking through the hallway into the living room, she smiled and waved to a few faces making a note to talk to some of them when she got settled. She spotted Mikey immediately, he was in the corner of the room engrossed in a conversation with Violet Incredible, Alicia had never seen the girl beneath the costume before, her hair was long and dark and Mikey seemed to be very interested in what she was saying. Throwing them a dirty look that neither of them saw she made her way into the kitchen where she spotted Bob, Amber and Christa, she had seen Ray and Jamia on the way in both speaking to mutual friends.
‘Hey you guys’ she said cheerfully ‘wow! Look at these costumes’ she said admiring the looks her friends were sporting. She eyed Christa, dressed as Catwoman a costume that had been done to death but was still fun. Bob was dressed as Jason Voorhee’s complete with hockey mask and machete. Amber was less menacing she was a hero opting to be Rogue from the X-Men, she was tightly clad in a green and yellow spandex suit and her curvy figure made her look very appealing. . Her naturally red hair would have remained untouched save for the streak of white that was put in it to complete the look.
‘I know what you’re thinking’ Christa said interrupting Alicia’s thoughts ‘Catwoman right, but it was easy and I already had the costume.’
‘I’m not judging’ Alicia said ‘I’m a witch for crying out loud, doesn’t get any easier then that.’
‘True’ Amber added ‘you didn’t make much effort Ali’
‘Tough’ Alicia retorted poking her tongue out and winking. ‘Where’s Frank and Gee’ she asked purposely leaving Cheyenne out of the equation.
‘I’m here’ Gerard hollered walking into the kitchen he had spotted them immediately and excused himself through the mutual friends that filled the kitchen until he was by their sides. ‘Frank is upstairs talking to Cheyenne.’ He informed them.
Alicia bit back a hiss, what was with those two? They obviously couldn’t leave each other alone. She took a deep breath and forced a smile ‘Sweeny Todd huh?’ she said taking in Gerard’s costume for the first time. He had gone to a lot of effort, he had everything from the blood splattered apron and shirt, to the white streak in his hair. He laughed at her comment
‘I thought it was fitting’ he admitted
‘Oh it is’ she said with a smile ‘you might need that blade later’ she said out loud referring to his cheating girlfriend. ‘How did you get your hair white?’
‘Flour’ he said with a laugh ‘it really pissed Chey off earlier.’
‘Speaking of, is coming down now?’ Bob asked he felt bad about upsetting his cousin and the fact that she was now missing a party that she had worked so hard on.
‘Doesn’t look like it’ Robin hood said appearing at Bob’s side, he looked at Jude who appeared to be slurring her words already ‘but I’ll go checks if you want’
‘No it’s ok’ Alicia said not recognising the girl in the outfit ‘Ill go take a look I have to say Hi anyway.’


Cheyenne could feel herself giving in, with Frank persuading her to come and join them and the smell of food mixed with the sound of music she could feel herself folding.
‘Come on beautiful you know you want to’ Frank urged, he had heard her side of the story and he explained to her that others had worked hard to make up for it. He hated for her to miss it but he also desperately wanted to see her in her costume. He could see it hanging in its clear plastic cover and he didn’t want to only imagine it on, he wanted to see it. The dress in itself was beautiful. It was long and white, with a plunging neckline that would no doubt enhance Cheyenne’s already impressive chest. There were thigh length slits down the side where Cheyenne’s legs would peek through as she walked, it was sleeveless which would show off the gold arm band that Frank was fingering in his hand. He wanted to see it on.
‘Fine’ Cheyenne said giving in ‘but I’m still not happy.’
‘But you will be when you go down and see how awesome they’ve made everything look, they’ve tried really hard.’ He said ‘honest.’
‘I tried hard too’ she complained ‘No one cared.’
‘We do care, we all do I swear it’ he said ‘come on, get dressed and come and have a drink with me I’m on my fourth whiskey already. You have to catch up.’
‘I’m on my second’ she said showing him the bottle on the bedside table.
‘You sneaky devil’ he said shaking his head ‘come down Chey it’s not the same without you.’
‘Ok’ she said throwing him a smile, it was hard not to when he looked so cute and sexy all at the same time. His gangster costume was really doing it for her.
‘I’ll be downstairs.’
‘No wait!’ Cheyenne said pausing before she disappeared behind her dress screen. It was a housewarming gift from a Farrah and Jude and she loved it, Gerard had got a kick out of dressing behind it earlier. ‘I’ll need help with my dress.’
‘Oh okay’ Frank said slightly confused but taking a seat on the bed anyway. He smiled to himself as he realised he’d be able to see her in her dress first, he’d be able to focus on her without the distraction of anyone else and he wouldn’t be caught staring either.

Cheyenne blushed as she undressed behind the screen, sure, Frank couldn’t see her but with the way they had been behaving lately she wouldn’t mind if he did, she giggled to herself at the thought.
‘What’s so funny?’ Frank said he was laying on his back now waiting for her to ask for his help.
‘I was thinking of flashing you’ she laughed as she admitted it ‘I was going to jump out at you.’
‘What’s funny about that?’ Frank said grinning ‘You know I wouldn’t mind.’
‘Can you please pass my dress?’ she asked her holding her hand out and feeling a shock flow through her system at his words.
Frank obediently went to the wardrobe and lifted the dress from the door he carried it carefully making sure not to drag it across the floor as he walked it to the screen.
‘Thanks Cheyenne said when she heard his footsteps approaching she reached her hand out but felt nothing but air.
‘Right behind you’ Frank whispered
Cheyenne screamed and then quickly clamped her hand over her mouth ‘what are you doing?’ she hissed when she recovered although her heart continued to hammer against her chest.
‘Just thought I’d come and see what you were thinking of flashing me.’
‘You can’t do that.’ she cried snatching the plastic covered dress from him and holding it against her body covering her stomach that she hated and the womanly parts that were below the waist.
‘I just did’ Frank said shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly, he still hadn’t looked at her face, he was too occupied with the lace bra that covered her breasts to notice much else, but if he did, he would have seen her blush and her fury all at once.
‘Get out’ she said pushing his chest hard but not enough to make him move.
‘I thought you needed help with your dress’ he said dragging his eyes from her body until they reached hers.
‘I changed my mind I can handle it’ she snapped
‘Are you made at me?’ Frank asked his lips going from a cocky grin to a frown ‘I was only messing about.’
‘No I’m not mad’ Cheyenne said walking out from behind the screen ‘its just that I do have a crush on you Frank its out in the open now, we’ve kissed twice and it was so good but you’re making it so hard to resist temptation when you get that close to me and I don’t want to have anything happen that we may regret.’ She said honestly ‘so maybe you shouldn’t get so close.’
‘You’re right’ Frank sighed he too had stepped out from behind the screen ‘I was pushing the boundaries a little there and you’re right we don’t want anything regrettable to happen.’
‘Good now please wait five minutes and I’ll be ready’ Cheyenne said disappearing once again behind the screen.
‘I thought you said you could handle it’ he replied
‘I changed my mind’ she said ‘so just wait a minute’
‘I’d wait a lifetime for you sugar’ he said with a chuckle and then found himself surprised at how much he meant it.


When Cheyenne and Frank descended the stairs people’s heads did turn, including Alicia’s. She pretended she didn’t notice Frank’s arm wrapped around Cheyenne’s shoulders or how amazing she looked as a goddess, she ignored them both and continued talking to an old friend of Mikey’s who came dressed as a mummy. As soon as Gerard spotted Cheyenne he raced over to her and mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to her, she nodded her head and he kissed her lips all the while feeling Frank’s fingertips digging into her back.
‘Come on’ Gerard said taking her hand and winking at Frank ‘you have to come and say hello to a lot of people. Letting him lead her, Cheyenne followed behind him out of the hallway and into the living room where the party was raging. She giggled happily as she saw everyone was dressed in costume, some where dancing, others holding drinking competitions and the rest of them where conversing but it didn’t matter what they were doing they all seemed to be having a good time.
‘You did well’ Cheyenne shouted to Gerard ‘better then I expected.’ She eyed the decorations in the room, the banners were placed perfectly and the streamers hung from the ceiling giving the room a proper party atmosphere it was exactly as she wanted it. She would’ve have moved the DJ’s decks a little bit more to the right but that was just nitpicking,
‘Thanks’ Gerard shouted back before stopping short to introduce her to some friend he had made in college. Cheyenne spent the next hour drinking drinks that people shoved in her hands and greeting new and old friends of Gerard’s. She found her work friends and danced with them thanking them all for coming and making an effort to dress up. She laughed as they were all well and truly smashed but it was a party that was the point.

Out in the kitchen Mikey was pouring himself another coke when he spotted Cheyenne coming.
‘There you are where have you been?’ he asked enveloping her in a hug.
‘Mikey’ she laughed taking in his robes and the bible on the table ‘you’re a priest.’
‘Call me Father Way’ he laughed taking another plastic up off the tower and pouring some whiskey into it, he added coke and handed it to Cheyenne who raised her glass in appreciation.
‘Is Alicia here?’ Cheyenne asked she planed to swallow her pride and apologise for whatever it was that Alicia was blaming her for not caring what it was, in less then an hour a new year was beginning and she wanted it to begin right.
‘She’s here somewhere’ Mikey said ‘we didn’t come together.’
‘What?’ Cheyenne said ‘oh no! You haven’t broken up have you?’
‘No but it’s been really strained the last week or so I just wish she’s talk to me.’
‘I’m sorry Mikey’ Cheyenne said rubbing his arm soothingly ‘tomorrow is a New Year right, I’m sure you’ll sort it out as the clock strikes twelve.’
‘I hope so’ he said with a shudder.
‘What?’ Cheyenne asked confused by his body language.
‘The Grim Reaper is freaking me out’ he laughed at his confession ‘it’s way creepy.’
‘Grow up’ Cheyenne giggled into her cup ‘I’m off to find Gee’
‘Later’ he said. Mikey downed his coke and checked his watch they had an hour to go before tomorrow and he wanted to make things right with his fiancé.


Frank downed the shot of tequila and turned quickly, kissing Jamia who held the slice of lime between her lips that would ease the bitter taste of the drink.
‘Whooo’ he said spitting the lime he took from his wife onto the floor ‘beat that fuckers’ he screamed to no one in particular, he watched Cheyenne do the same thing to Gerard and fought the jealousy that gripped his chest, it should be his lips that she was kissing.
‘Easy Chey’ Gerard said moving his lips from hers but still holding her, he could feel her kiss becoming more insistent and although he always wanted her now was not the time or the place.
‘Sorry’ Cheyenne giggled against his chest ‘got carried away there’ she slurred
‘Never mind’ he whispered ‘you can get as carried away as you want later, I won’t stop you. In fact I may even take a picture.’ He grinned ‘Oh that reminds me’ he said suddenly the sexual tone from his voice gone ‘Mrs Lovett’s come and take a photo with me’ Gerard said grabbing Jamia’s hands ‘we’re a couple after all’
‘That we are.’ She hiccupped ‘you’re a butcher and I’m a baker’ she shouted laughing at her own joke as Gerard led her away smirking at her silliness.

‘Having a good time’ Chey asked Frank as she poured them both another shot each.
‘Fabulous and you?’ he asked raising his glass to his lips and spilling some of its contents.
‘Extremely pleasurable’ she said winking at him. She quickly downed the shot using neither salt nor lime to dull the flavour she didn’t need it, watching Frank was enough to erase the bitter taste in her mouth. Taking a step closer to him she looked into his eyes and saw what would definitely be reflected in hers. Lust. Pure, animal, raw lust and thanks to the alcohol the need was stronger then ever.
‘You look extremely sexy Mr Iero’ she whispered so know one else could hear, it was cautious but unnecessary since the loud music was enough of a cover.
‘And you look good enough to eat’ he said downing his shot, he was tempted to give her the lime to put between her lips but he knew better, it would be a little hard to explain that if any one saw. ‘I want to be the second man to embrace you when the clock strikes twelve’ he told her accepting another shot ‘that way we’ll stay close in the New Year.’
‘Why wait?’ she asked placing her empty glass on the table, she took another step closer to him, their bodies were touching now but their arms remained by their side, she lightly blew onto his lips, teasing him as the warm air played on his skin. Frank could smell the fruity scent of her lip gloss, mixed with the alcohol and it was enough to make him lower the guard he had been so cautiously using.
‘You don’t know what you’re saying’ he said fighting the urge to kiss her, here, now in full view of the dim lamp lit kitchen.
‘I do Frankie’ she said stroking the right side of his body as it was out of view ‘I want you, I’ve wanted you for a while, I think about you when I touch myself’ she admitted quietly and she felt a surge of pleasure as his eyes closed and she knew he was imaging the words as she said them. ‘We can do this’
‘Not here’ he said shaking his head his voice raw with want as he thought back his urges, he could feel himself straining against his trousers.
‘We could go in the garden right down the back’ she suggested ‘no one would even miss us’
‘They wouldn’t would they?’ he agreed his body swaying under the influence of the units he had consumed, he could imaging racing her out there, the cold hitting them but doing nothing to deter the sexual need between them, he could see himself dropping his pants, her lips on his head getting him ready.
‘There are plenty of trees out there Frank’ she whispered into his ear ‘imagine, you could lift me up, I’d gladly straddle your hips and you could hold me in your strong arms up against one of those trees and you could fuck me Frank’ she breathed feeling the dampness between her thighs ‘you could rip into me anyway you wanted and I would allow it. I want that so bad, I want you Frank’
Unable to stop himself Frank grabbed her face kissing her passionately; he forced his tongue into her mouth and moaned when she kissed him back. He felt her push away confused at first and then he remembered where he was.
‘Fuck’ Cheyenne breathed afraid to look up and see who might have witnessed their embrace, she waited for the aftermath, strained for the shouting but none came.
‘It’s okay’ Frank said laughing, it was laugh of sheer relief not of humour ‘no one’s in here. Look’
Sure enough when Cheyenne gathered the courage to raise her head and look around the kitchen was empty. They were the only two in it.
‘Lets’ go outside’ Frank said kissing her again, glad to see that the passion was not lost after his mistake ‘I want all those things you just described but I don’t want to hear it I want to feel it.’
Leading the way over to the patio doors Cheyenne hurried with Frank right behind her, she fumbled with the door and threw it open turning to smile at him, he still held the lust in his eyes and it was perfectly clear that there was no turning back.
‘Where do you two think you’re going?’ they both whipped their heads round to find Ray standing by the kitchen door.
For a split second Frank thought the jig was up, they had been caught and a whole heap of trouble was about to begin but then he recovered remembering that only they knew what they had been doing and what they were about to do ‘Going for a smoke’ he answered casually.
‘Its one minute to midnight’ he said ‘you’re going to miss the countdown if you go out there. Come on Gerard and Jamia are waiting for you.’
When Ray disappeared Cheyenne folded into Frank’s chest, they had been so close to finishing what they started and so close to ruining what they already had.
‘That was close huh?’ Frank said gently pushing her away as realisation set in.
‘Much too close’ Cheyenne whispered ‘we could’ve been cau…’
‘Don’t say it’ Frank said holding a finger to her lips ‘I can’t bear thinking about it.’

The music was off and the crowd in the living room grew louder as the countdown became more imminent, grabbing Frank’s hand Cheyenne led him onto the living room where their friends and family waited all focused on the TV in front of them showing the festivities in Time Square. The cheering in the living room was deafening and as Gerard wrapped her in his arms the countdown began. Every voice shouted the numbers from ten through one and as the last digit was screened both Cheyenne and Frank were stood with their rightful partners saying goodbye to the last year and welcoming the new one with a kiss.

Lyn watched the activities from the corner of the room, she watched as Sweeny Todd kissed the Goddess with a passion and yet the jealousy that normally would have enraged her was missing. She smiled as she stood up unplugging the DJ equipment as she went. It was January 1st and it was her day.

A/N – This is it people. The next chapter is what we’ve been all waiting for. Everything will be spilled and lives will be destroyed. Say goodbye to the couples as you know them for I have no idea who will survive the next chapter. Stay tuned my lovelies. Peace out xx
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