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Chapter 76

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The cheering continued as people flew across the room embracing each other in hugs and planting kisses on lips and cheeks as they all rang in the New Year. Bob grabbed his baby cousin in a vice like grip and shouted that she was the best cousin in the world, while Gerard embraced his younger brother and thanked him for all he had done since the day he was born. No one noticed that the music was not yet back on as the DJ struggled to find a fault in his system, and no one noticed the Grim Reaper standing in front of the DJ’s decks ready to change the cheers of happiness to cries of anger and heartbreak.

Lyn had always liked being the centre of attention, as a child her mother had put her forward for every kind of competition from dancing to acting, as she grew and her body developed her need to grab people’s attention through talent disappeared and her beauty and impressive figure took centre stage. Even though she had had years of practice at commanding the attention of a crowded room it didn’t stop the butterflies flapping about in her stomach and those butterflies wouldn’t stop her from saying what she came here to say. She cleared her throat and began.

‘Ladies and Gentleman can I please have your attention for a few minutes.’ She spoke loud and clear over the noise and slowly but surely the floor was hers. She noted the confused and for some guests the amused looks as they waited for her to continue.

‘Firstly I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year’ as she expected another cheer rang out from the crowd she smirked to herself as she waited for the noise to once again die down.

‘Who is that?’ Jamia asked Gerard ‘the voice is familiar’
‘I have no idea’ Gerard said waiting in anticipation for the person in the costume to get to the point. He wanted to get the party going again, the quicker it was over the quicker the New Year would begin for him and Cheyenne.

‘I won’t take up much of your time’ Lyn continued ‘I just want to tell you a very quick story and then I’ll be gone.
‘Now listen carefully it’s a good one. Once upon a time there was a girl who was a little messed up and she in turn met a messed up boy. Now some argue, depending on who’s telling the story that the girl messed up the boy but like I said it differs on the story teller. In this case the boy was already going off the rails so I like to think that he is as much to blame for their downward spiral as she is. Anyway like all relationships their tragic love affair came to an end.’ To her surprise the crowd before her “awwd” in drunken understanding and she laughed as she carried on ‘...and with the separation both the girl and the boy became reformed people, long gone where the days of drinking and drugs mixed with anti depressants and everyone was happy…except for the girl. Throughout their time together she had been branded the devil, the bad influence, the trouble maker and the boy merely a victim of her charm, a helpless soul too fucked up to fend for himself and too under her spell to be saved and the girl grew bitter at this misrepresentation of herself. She watched as the boy was hailed a hero for his recovery and was praised for turning his life around and she watched him lap it all up, but unlike the girl these worshippers and ego-strokers didn’t really know the boy like she did and she knew that under all that pretence was a sinner who had not yet pay for his sins.
‘So one day the girl stumbled across the boy in an unlikely place and she found that not only did the boy have a new girlfriend but that she was still in love with him after all that time and she vowed to get him back….’

‘What the hell has this got to do with New Year?’ Ray whispered to Mikey
‘I don’t know’ Mikey replied quietly ‘but I don’t have a good feeling about this, she’s creeping me out.’
‘Grow up’ Ray retorted shaking his head, he ignored the look Mikey threw him and turned his attention back to the Grim Reaper.

‘…After a few weeks of plotting and scheming several opportunities presented themselves and eventually the girl managed to get the boy back, they had their time together and let me tell you it was good…’ Lyn smiled as wolf whistles and cheers erupted ‘…but alas it was not for keeps for the boy was determined to go back to his girlfriend and once again he broke the heart of the girl. For days she vowed revenge and anger so raw ripped through her, but then she realised that it wasn’t revenge that she needed. She needed justice. She wanted everyone to know who the boy was for real, not the façade that he portrayed to them. Plus she realised that in her heart of hearts she wanted to protect the new girlfriend from a future of pain. And so Ladies and Gentleman that is what I’m doing here tonight’ Lyn said carefully taking off her mask ‘I’m here to tell you what Gerard Way is really like.’

Gerard watched the mask lift off of Lyn’s head in slow motion, he saw the ends of her blonde hair first followed by her chin, her small nose, her ear lobes and then her eyes, all the way until her full head was exposed and her body remained dressed in the black uniform of the reaper. He wished he could breathe but it was as if his brain had suddenly forgotten how. He tried to inhale but the air didn’t come and none left his now burning lungs as he tried to exhale instead. He could no longer hear anything but he could see her lips moving, the blood rushing in his ears was loud but it didn’t nothing to match the sound that his heart was making as it beat fast and heavy against his ribs. This was it! This was the nightmare that he had been waiting for that Lyn had threatened that he didn’t believe would happen. He watched her lips mouth the words ‘Gerard and I slept together’ but he closed his eyes hoping that if he didn’t see the rest of the sentence then it wouldn’t make it real. He missed Jamia hiss in anger and her cry of ‘I told you so’ to Frank before slapping her husbands shoulder, he missed his brother say to Ray that he knew there was a reason to be afraid of the reaper and he missed the look of bewilderment on Cheyenne’s face. When he opened his eyes a sudden breath escaped his mouth in a whoosh, he considered lying as every pair of eyes focused on his face but what was the worth, he was as white as a sheet and he was sweating as though he was performing on stage. Lying would do him no good for his body was already telling the truth.

‘Gerard’ Cheyenne said stepping into his line of view, he didn’t know when her hand slid out of his but it had and now she was facing him an expression of pure innocence and confusion on her face and as he looked into her familiar brown eyes he saw hope that he knew would no longer be there in a few minutes.
‘Yes’ He whispered it was meant to come out louder but the lump in his throat made it impossible.
‘Is she telling the truth?’ Cheyenne asked her heart beat accelerating in the anticipation of his answer.
‘What did she say?’ he asked he had heard nothing after Lyn had finished her biography of their relationship.
‘She said that you slept with her only a week or so ago and that you made love to her whilst I was in Chicago. Is this true?’ Cheyenne asked and Gerard could hear the mocking tone in her voice. She didn’t believe it and Gerard wished with all his heart and soul that he could lie. He desperately tried to speak, tried to explain but nothing was coming out, his mouth was so dry it was as if sand had suddenly filled it allowing nothing, not even air to fill it let alone words that could salvage this situation. After a while he hung his head and Cheyenne gasped as did others. ‘No’ she whispered shaking her head she reached for him lifting his bowed head in her hands, trying to look into his eyes unaware of the spectators that remained in the living room.
‘Look at me Gerard’ she said lifting his head to meet her eyes, she spoke only for him ‘tell me it isn’t true’ she begged ‘just say it isn’t and I’ll believe you’ she said searching his eyes for some kind of hope, some kind of answer to dispute Lyn’s claim but she found nothing just the dead stare of a man whose world was ending.
‘No’ she cried ‘its not true you wouldn’t do that. You love me don’t you’ she asked her hands shaking against his clammy skin.
‘I do’ he said still unable to lift his eyes to reach hers, he wouldn’t be able to bear the sadness in them. ‘More than anything you’ve been the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life.’
‘Then tell me you didn’t sleep with her please’ Cheyenne pleaded desperately
‘I can’t’ Gerard said ‘I-I’m so sorry Cheyenne.’

Cheyenne’s hands fell from Gerard’s face like dead weight. She struggled to understand, to process what was happening. This couldn’t be real, it wasn’t true. No one said a word. What could they say? It wasn’t every day that you got to witness the confession of an affair, the fall of someone you considered to be great or the heartbreak of an innocent girl. Cheyenne’s lead arms suddenly began to shake as she processed every conversation regarding Lyn, every paranoid thought she had that she now realised was not paranoia but in fact a valid worry, every lie that Gerard had told her and then it hit. The anger hit her like lightening, it surged through her body like a snake’s venom would if you were bitten, she didn’t even try and fight it she welcomed the feeling as it numbed the burning ache in her chest.
‘YOU FUCKING BITCH!’ she screamed turning away from Gerard and launching herself at Lyn. She ran at the older woman pushing aside guests who were dumfounded statues watching the show. She was inches from Lyn when Frank grabbed her, his arms expertly encircling her waist, his arm thumping into her stomach as he held her.
‘You bitter twisted snake! Get out of my house’ she shrieked struggling uselessly against Frank whose iron grip held her tight, she could feel the frustration build up in her at being so close to her target and not being able to hurt the object of her angry desire, she ahd to refrain herself from hitting Frank.
‘It’s the truth Cheyenne I didn’t come here to lie.’ Lyn said quietly feeling a sudden pain as she watched Cheyenne struggle under Frank’s hold tears of anger pouring down her face running her makeup.
‘Then what did you come here to do?’ Jude hissed she was with Cheyenne now her arms cradling her best friend as she sobbed against her all the while still being refrained by Frank.
‘Only to tell you the truth about him’ she said pointing to Gerard who hadn’t moved a muscle Mikey was by his side his hands clenched tightly into fists, his skin pulled tightly against his white knuckles.
‘Ho-how could you do this?’ Cheyenne spluttered
‘I’m protecting you’ Lyn said softly she didn’t want to hurt Cheyenne but it was necessary she was doing her a favour. ‘I know you don’t realise it now but I am’
‘I wasn’t talking to you’ Cheyenne snapped leaving the comfort of Jude’s arms, she shrugged off Frank’s now loose grip and stalked over to Gerard ‘I meant you’ she said, his lack of movement or speech was driving her to a fury she didn’t know she had. ‘Answer me’ she said stepping in front of him, he looked up at her tears streaked face his matching hers exactly, his pitying eyes silently begging for understanding where none would be found.
‘ANSWER ME!’ She screamed slapping his face, his head flying to the right she didn’t gove him time to recover as she slapped him again both hits hurt her hand but it was nothing compared to the internal hurt. She would’ve slapped him again if Alicia hadn’t pushed her away with a force that sent her falling into Ray who caught her.
‘Don’t you dare lay another finger on him’ Alicia shouted glaring at Cheyenne who regarded her with a look of confusion and anger.


Like many others Melanie had been watching the show and like the others she was completely absorbed into what was happening but this was not meant for their eyes, she whispered to Claire and Sophie and they all nodded in agreement. Between the three of them they would clear this room of all those who shouldn’t not be there. This was a private matter between the people, they shouldn’t be there.

‘RIGHT PEOPLE LET’S MOVE IT OUT’ Sophie shouted over the argument that continued behind her she grabbed random people had pushed them towards the hallway flanked by Melanie and Sophie they pushed against those who protested but they continued to usher them all out.
‘GET OUT OF HERE THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE HERE’ Claire screamed as she forced people out into the hallway.
Melanie grabbed several people pulling at their costumes dragging them to the hallway where she threw them into others that lingered ‘GET THE FUCK OUT’ she screamed she hadn’t realised she was crying until she caught a glance of herself in the hallway mirror, she cried for all the pain that Cheyenne would be experiencing and for not doing anything that night she saw Lyn and Gerard kiss. This could’ve all been different is she had spoken up.
It didn’t take as long as they expected to rid the house of the guests, some left without a fuss as the crowd moved like cattle towards the door others didn’t but eventually it cleared.
‘It’s all clear’ Sophie said touching her bosses shoulder and startling her out of her thoughts.
‘Good we’ll close the door on the way out and leave them to it’ Melanie said wiping her eyes.
As the three walked down the pathway to their car, they ignored the jeering from the shunned party guests who were eager to find out how the drama would conclude but they held their heads high and vowed not to look back as they got into their car and drove away.


Mikey watched proudly as his fiancé protected his brother. He never wanted his older sibling to feel pain like this but he knew it was self inflicted and what Cheyenne was feeling was rage that he couldn’t even comprehend.
‘How can you react this way when you know what you’ve been doing’ Alicia spat
‘Oh not this again Alicia just tell me what the fuck your talking about and then get out of my way or so help me God I’ll slap you too.’ Cheyenne threatened her hands automatically curling into fists.
‘I’d like to see you try’ Alicia said taking a step forward Mikey was between them in a flash his long arms holding them apart.
‘Don’t touch me Mikey’ Cheyenne hissed her eyes never leaving the face of his fiancé ‘So come on Alicia what have I done?’
‘I know about your affair with Frank’ she said smirking as the words left her black painted lips ‘you thought you were so stealth but you slipped up’
Two beats of Cheyenne’s rapid heart passed before she composed herself. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ she said more confidently then she felt, she didn’t dare look at Frank afraid that in doing so she’s give away what had happened between them.
‘You’re lying’ Alicia said ‘you’ve been creeping around with Frank for a while now haven’t you?’
‘You’re out of your mind’ Cheyenne said and if looks could kill Alicia would be sprawled out on the floor and Mikey would be weeping over her body.
‘Wow’ Lyn gasped ‘Frank you are quite the ladies man.’
‘Shut up’ Frank growled at her, his whole body was screaming that he was next, she would tell Jamia and then like Gerard he would become a broken man.
‘Alicia think about what you’re saying’ Jamia said she was by Mikey’s side now she had to look into her friends eyes.
‘Mia I would never lie to you’ Alicia replied with all the honesty in her heart ‘you haven’t seen what I’ve seen and you haven’t heard what I’ve heard.’
Jamia could see no lie in her friends eye ‘Frank?’
‘I don’t know what Alicia thinks she’s seen but its not what she says it is’ Frank said clearly his voice not giving away the shaking that his body was experiencing ‘I would never ever do that to you, you are my wife and I love you. No one even comes close’
Cheyenne looked away from them as the words cut her. She was so conflicted she felt pain and anger but also jealousy at Frank’s words.
‘Alicia…’ Jamia began her fingers entwined with Frank’s
‘Don’t!’ Alicia hissed in frustration ‘Don’t say it, if you believe him over me then fine but you’re the one who’ll get hurt in the long run, as long as she’s around Frank isn’t all yours.’
‘Shut up Alicia’ Frank retorted ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’
‘Hey!’ Mikey warned ‘don’t talk to her like that’ he didn’t want to start any more fights but he had to draw the line at some point.
‘See what you’ve done Alicia’ Lyn sighed as she examined her nail polish ‘now they’re arguing too I hope you’re happy.’
‘Go to hell’ Alicia spat back ‘no one wants you here you’ve done your damaged so get lost.’
‘Actually I haven’t quite finished’ she said winking at Frank and he had to swallow the bile that rose in his throat.
‘You’ve done enough.’ Amber piped up she had no idea what impact this would have on Bob or the rest of her friends or on them as a band, but one thing was certain it would never be the same again ‘please just leave.’
‘Really?’ Lyn retorted ‘but have you done enough Amber? Did you guys know that Amber knew about my little plan to get Gerard back? That’s right she knew all along and yet she said and did nothing to prevent it. Some friend huh?’

‘Is that true?’ Bob asked he had watched though unbelieving eyes as the arguments broke out around him, he wanted to do something but he remained immobile only able to listen to the voices around him
‘Yes…well…no’ she mumbled her face flushing a deep red as all eyes where on her and the embarrassment she felt at her inactiveness.
‘It’s a yes or no question’ he said already knowing the answer that she would give.
‘Its yes but it’s not what you think’ Amber pleaded ‘she did tell me but I didn’t believe her.’
‘You could have prevented this.’ Bob said as his eyes fell on the sobbing figure that was his cousin he hadn’t seen her cry like that since she was in her early teens ‘If you had spoken up at the time this could have all been stopped in its tracks.’
‘No! What was I supposed to have done? I thought she was lying’ Amber spluttered she couldn’t seem to get her words out quick enough, this wasn’t her fault she had to make them see that.
‘Regardless. You could have told me.’ Bob said looking at her face ‘we could’ve sorted something out but you did nothing.’
‘I-I-Bob it’s not what you think’ Amber said trying to get the right words out but nothing plausible escaped her lips only incoherent mumbles
‘Ooh big bad Bob’ Lyn giggled ‘don’t be too mad at her’ she said ‘Jamia knew too’
‘No I did not’ Jamia responded taking a step toward Lyn.
‘Oh but you did, you nearly caught us’ Lyn said twirling the scythe like a baton in her hand ‘you should’ve told somebody.’ She teased.
‘I DID’ Jamia growled ‘but no body believed me’ she said shooting a nasty look at Frank who had dismissed her claims ‘I tried to stop it Cheyenne’ she said turning to her friend who was now silent.

‘You could have said something to me’ Cheyenne said ‘why didn’t you?’
‘Because I was advised against it and I thought it was all in my head’ Jamia said ‘I wanted to but if it turned out not to be true then it would look like I was stirring I didn’t want to cause any trouble.’
‘Good job’ Lyn laughed ‘top marks for that one’
Farrah took two steps towards Lyn but Christa grabbed her arm holding her back. The whole time she had restrained herself but Lyn was starting to really piss her off and Cheyenne’s sob only magnified her need to hurt Lyn.

‘And then Lyn bought Frank home from a bar he was so wasted and I was grateful for her help that I let the subject drop, I thought she can’t be all that bad if she kept Frank safe’ Jamia finished, not knowing what else to say.
‘Oh yeah about that night’ Lyn began teasingly she had no intention of spilling the beans but it was fun to watch Frank sweat and boy was he sweating. ‘Frank was really…’ she was tempted to say good or something complimentary to get the cogs in Jamia’s mind turning but she didn’t instead she settled for ‘…heavy. He weighs a ton’
‘I’m so sorry Cheyenne’ Jamia said honestly ‘I didn’t mean for this to happen.’
‘Don’t apologise to her Jamia, she’s not as innocent as she come across’ Alicia snapped ‘she’s a fucking snake.’
‘Oh enough of your shit Alicia’ Cheyenne snapped ‘no one cares about your stupid theory in which you have no proof. I never cheated on Gerard and Frank never cheated on Jamia. Gerard cheated on me and yet he says nothing’ she retorted glaring at Gerard the lies spilling naturally from her lips.
‘What do you want me to say?’ he said shrugging his shoulders helplessly ‘I’m sorry.’
‘How could you do this to me after everything…’
‘I didn’t want to’ he suddenly sobbed ‘I didn’t want to hurt you Chey that was the last thing, its just that we were having so much fun together Lyn and I and then one thing led to another and I’m weak. I don’t want to be but I am. But I’ve tried so hard to make it up to you, I put a stop to it, I did everything you ask I stopped talking to her but I did sleep with her and I would take it back if I could but I can’t. Please you have to forgive me’
Cheyenne was crying now too harder then before ‘all those times I asked you and you lied to me every time, you looked me in the eye and lied. How could you do this to me Gerard? I’ve changed my life for you, I moved away from my friends, my family, I did everything for you and this is how you repay me.’
‘I-I I’m sorry’ he mumbled taking a step towards her and if though he wasn’t suffering enough a new blow hit his stomach as she stepped out of his reach.
‘Oh God this is so sad’ Lyn said feigned wiping her dry eyes ‘but at least you know how I felt when you dumped me for the second time.’
Gerard looked up at Lyn for the first time, her smug superior face smiling at him, her eyes satisfied with the pain that showed in his and all the self pity that he had felt minutes before turned into anger.
‘I hate you’ he spat ‘you’re a monster.’
‘You wasn’t saying that when you were between my legs’ she smirked ‘what was it you said I think it was something like your tits are massive how big are they, wait no that was what you said when we making out in your brand new bedroom.’
Gerard growled and launched himself at Lyn he was an inch away from her when Mikey grabbed him holding him back, he screamed profanities as he struggled against his brothers hold, eager to wipe the smug look off of Lyn’s face.
‘That’s it Gee get angry’ Lyn smirked ‘you know I like it rough.’

‘You were in my room’ Cheyenne asked not being quite able to comprehend what was happening now.
‘Of course I was in you room, who do you think chose your bed, and that sofa and those cushions and that rug, that beautiful crystal vase in the kitchen all me sweetheart.’
‘You’re lying’ Cheyenne retorted looking around at the things she had come to love so dearly.
‘Have I lied thus far? Why start now?’ Lyn said ‘your “boyfriend” and I spent a lot of time together, we shopped around for your home, we spent time on the phone, sometimes late at night, we had lunches and dinners, Frank even joined us on a few occasions. We had a good time.’

‘You knew about this’ Cheyenne and Jamia both said in unison
‘Sort of’ Frank said embarrassed at being found out. He felt like saying more, that he was forced to be involved but he wouldn’t bring up his night with Lyn under any circumstances he couldn’t lose Jamia now.
‘So all that time you made me feel like a paranoid idiot when I repeatedly told you of my concerns regarding Gerard and Lyn, you already knew.’ Jamia demanded.
‘Yes’ Frank swallowed.
‘Not only did you know but you joined in’ Cheyenne said ‘you watched them grow closer and closer and you did nothing to stop it.’
‘It wasn’t like that’ Frank said his eyes appealing for understanding from either of them.
‘So what was it like then?’ Cheyenne shrieked stamping over to him ‘tell me Frank I’m dying to know.’
‘Gerard said that he needed closure on the situation with Lyn, I didn’t try and stop him and yes its true I went to lunch with them but its not what you think I didn’t approve of what they were doing.’ He explained
‘Bullshit’ Gerard said ‘you told me on more then one occasion that it was a good idea.’
‘I bet you’re going to blame him for your affair too huh Gerard?’ Lyn stirred. Unlike Gerard she knew that Frank had to sway Gerard’s mind in her direction, it was part of their deal.
‘I’m not going to blame him for it but yeah he did urge me on.’ Gerard admitted not caring that Frank was shooting him a death look.
‘WHAT!’ Cheyenne screamed ‘you urged him on you encouraged him to sleep with Lyn.’
‘Yes’ Frank whispered his face crimson with embarrassment and shame. He dared not look at her. Cheyenne stood rooted to the spot at his confession she wanted to say more, to scream at him for not stopping them, for kissing her the way he did when he knew what was happening with Gerard.
‘But why’ Jamia asked her mind desperately trying to conjure up a situation in which what Frank was telling them was acceptable ‘why would you do something like that?’
‘It’s a long story’ Frank said unable to meet anyone’s eye
‘We’ve got time.’ Bob replied he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he was struggling with his own anger and if Frank’s explanation wasn’t to his liking Gerard wouldn’t be the only man facing his wrath.
‘I can’t explain’ Frank said shaking his head wildly, his eyes filling with tears of regret as he faced his friends accusing stares.

‘So let me get this straight’ Cheyenne laughed ‘I go off to Chicago to pack up my life there and in that time Lyn has an affair with Gerard, Jamia and Amber knew about it and Frank encouraged it. Did anyone else know?’
‘I knew’ Mikey said ‘not that they were having an affair but that they were friends and seeing each other behind your back.’
‘MIKEY!’ Gerard yelled hitting his brother in the arm
‘What Gee, we might as well all come clean’ Mikey said
‘You knew about this?’ Alicia questioned ‘how could you not tell me I’m you future wife?’
‘Don’t you agree that it’s too complicated already’ Mikey said to her ignoring the look she was giving him.

‘Wow so basically everyone but me knew and none of you thought to tell me? What a bunch of assholes.’ Cheyenne said folding her arms in an attempt to hold herself together, she felt as though she was falling apart from the inside out.
‘See you’re much too good for any of these losers Chey’ Lyn piped up
‘Shut the fuck up bitch’ Cheyenne said ‘this is all your fault.’
‘That it is but like I said I’m protecting you’
‘What by coming here in front of all my friends and telling them that you slept with my boyfriend that’s protecting me?’
‘Ok well the humiliation part was meant for Gerard really, people need to know he’s not this perfect being like you all make him out to be.’

Cheyenne couldn’t actually believe what she was hearing, she sudden felt like the walls were closing in on her, she needed to escape, she wanted to be alone but how was she supposed to leave. It was then, that is seemed fate wanted her to escape as a series of heated arguments suddenly broke out amongst the group, couples arguing brother’s shouting and friends bickering and using that as cover Cheyenne left the Bryar- Way home taking nothing with her but her purse.

‘….stop saying it’s a long story’ Jamie screamed at Frank ‘I want to know your reasons for telling Gerard it was ok to sleep with Lyn. What were you thinking? Do you think it’s ok to sleep around when you’re in a relationship?’
‘No of course not’ Frank said ‘but it’s complicated.’
‘Stop saying that’ Jamia growled ‘I’m not a fucking retard how complicated could it be.’
‘Its very I can’t tell you’ Frank said ‘I want to but I can’t’
‘I’m your wife’ Jamia shouting her face red with anger ‘you see this’ she said showing him her white gold band ‘this means we have no secrets. Now you better tell me what I want to know.’

‘…Please Bob. Ray make him listen to me’ Amber begged.
‘Bob man, hear her out, try and put yourself in her position.’ Ray reasoned he felt as though he was having an out of body experience. He had no idea that there were so many secrets in their group. He thought he knew his friend. Apparently he didn’t.
‘Stay out of this Toro it has nothing to do with you, put yourself in my position, one of my best friends cheated on my cousin, I’ve just found out my girlfriend knew all about the plan and said nothing and it turns out that most of the fucking group knew too and you want me to listen to explanations I don’t fucking think so, the time for listening has passed.’
‘Bob please if you just hear me out you’ll understand I didn’t know..’
‘Just stop’ Bob yanking his arm out of the grip, his hands flew to his head that was beginning to ache. The noise in the room was deafening as arguments continued out around him, Jamia and Frank, Lyn and Gerard, Alicia and Mikey with Christa trying to mediate. It was pure bedlam.

‘…No one makes me out to be that way, that’s how you chose to see me because you were in love me but let me tell you something now, leaving you was the best decision I ever made and sleeping with you was the biggest mistake I ever made.’ Gerard growled he clenched his fists tightly so he wouldn’t smack her in the face, you were not supposed to hit girls no matter how much they deserved it.
‘Well it’s done now and you can finally feel how I felt both times you left me.’ Lyn spat back
‘Can you blame me? Who in God’s name would want to stay with you, you’re a witch, you’re twisted and bitter not to mention damaged. I wish I never met you.’
‘Oh boo hoo Gerard you act like you didn’t deserve this.’
‘I DIDN’T’ he cried ‘Yes I made a huge mistake but I tried to make up for it, I wanted to be better, I love her so much and you’ve ruined it.
‘No Gerard you’ve ruined it.’ Lyn spat ‘you ruined the relationship you didn’t even try and stop yourself you were more then happy to jump on board so don’t you dare make me out to be the bad guy, you’re as much to blame as I am and don’t you ever forget that.’


Marcus raced to the address that Lyn had left for him. He was fuming he couldn’t believe what she was doing, this wasn’t supposed to happen, they were supposed to make a clean brake. Grabbing the note from his pocket he read it again, keeping one eye on the road

‘Marcus I know I promised you I wouldn’t so this but I have to. I couldn’t go away knowing that Gerard is living a happy life here when he doesn’t deserve one. I know we talked about this but I have to do this, I wouldn’t be able to live happily with you having all this revenge in my heart. I’m at their home the address is on the back of this note.

I’m sorry Lyn

Marcus gritted his teeth as he drove well over the speed limit in hopes of stopping Lyn. Was he too late? He had no idea as he turned on to their street he saw a girl running, it looked more like an angel her white dress blowing in the wind as she raced past each other, he recognised Cheyenne and he knew then he was too late. What had Lyn done? He parked in the middle of the road not bothering to mount the car on the pavement there was no time. He raced into the house the front door wide open as he ran into the living room he called Lyn’s name but he wasn’t to be heard over all the commotion, he was just in time to see Gerard fly back and hit the decks, a big guy with blonde hair was being held back by another big guy with wild curly hair and Frank, who he knew.

‘Lyn what have you done?’ he shouted over the noise as Lyn caught his eye across the room he watched her cross the room to him, her face smug with no remorse in her eyes. All eyes were on them now even Bob had calmed down enough to watch their exchange.
‘I told you Gerard deserves this’ Lyn said stroking Marcus stubbly cheek ‘they had to know.’
‘I can’t believe you.’ Marcus muttered slapping her hand away in disgust.
‘Me! You help me master mind this, I didn’t do it alone remember.’ She snapped. What was it with people and blaming her solely for everything?
‘I thought it was over, you promised me that this had ended.’ He yelled reminding her of the words she spoke that day he asked her to be his.
‘Well I lied, this is justice’ she said ‘this is why we started this’
‘You think this is justice’ Marcus said surveying the room of crying eyes and remorseful and angry faces ‘you think justice is telling Cheyenne that you slept with Gerard and telling Jamia that you slept with Frank.’
A gasp of shock swept around the room confusing Marcus, why where they acting shocked surely this is why Lyn came here? And then he inwardly groaned as revelation hit Lyn had only told them half the story and he had just told Jamia and everyone else about Lyn and Frank.
Marcus mentally chastised himself and shook his sorry head, how could he have been so stupid? He knew the real trouble was about to begin.
‘I’m so sorry’ Marcus mumbled as every remaining pair of eyes fell on Frank.

A/N Hello my pretties. Severe apologies for the delayed chapter, I got myself a laptop so I could do this faster and I've had nothing but trouble with T-MOBILE'S stupid, retarded broadband. Anyway as you've guessed this is only part one of the drama, there's so much more to tell and so much more heartbreak, but there are a few more surprises to come your way so stay tuned. Next chapter up tomorrow or Thursday. Peace out xxx
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