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Chapter 73

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Cheyenne helps Lyn, Franks wants to rendezvous in secret and new years a costume party

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The next few days passed quickly for Cheyenne. After her kiss with Frank she dutifully endured the rest of Boxing Day and headed to bed with Gerard. Whilst he slept she pondered what she had done with Frank and as she thought about it certain memories made butterflies flap wildly in her stomach. Especially as she remembered the way his hands felt on her breasts, the sound of him breathing into her mouth and the feel of his lips, she had to force herself not to satisfy the aching between her legs right then and there, it would be wrong to do so with Gerard asleep by her side. When the morning came she tried to hide her blush every time Frank caught her eye, they needed to speak, she had to apologise for her behaviour but the moment never came up and everyone left to give Donna a break. Now three days later it still played on her mind but a lot less as she prepared for her New Years Eve party. She hadn’t forgotten what had caused her to react the way she did to Frank, she remembered the conversation that Gerard was having but it didn’t really seem to matter, his behaviour was perfect, he was sweet, attentive and affectionate and there was no evidence of any kind on his phone that would lead her to believe that anything untoward was happening. It was as if she had imagined it all, all accept the kiss with Frank

‘Oh!’ Cheyenne gasped ‘You made me jump’ she said hitting Gerard playfully on his shoulder
‘That was the plan’ he said entertaining his fingers with hers ‘I’ve been watching you trying to decide when to strike.’
‘You’re pathetic’ she laughed as she led him to the largest party store the mall had to offer. ‘You know I was thinking that we should’ve made our party a fancy dress party, would’ve been more fun.’ She told him ‘lots of characters in a room pretending to be something else’
‘It’s not too late’ Gerard said chuckling at her description.
‘It is the invitations have already gone out’ Cheyenne said as she fingered a packet of silver balloons.
‘No its not we can just text everyone’ Gerard said ‘it’s not a problem’
‘It’s a little too late to expect everyone to come in a costume Gerard’ Cheyenne told him as she picked up a packet of party poppers. ‘The party’s in three days’
‘Look whatever my baby wants she gets’ Gerard said kissing her head and taking out his phone, he typed in the desired message and sent it in one go to all who were due to come to the party. ‘There’ he said a few moments later ‘sorted’
‘Oh we should’ve had a theme’ Cheyenne gasped suddenly making a middle aged man jump beside her. She smiled at him and hoped he didn’t see her giggling into Gerard’s shoulder.
‘It’s definitely too late for that now’ Gerard laughed along picking up some streamers and wondered how he was going to put them up.
‘What happened to ‘whatever my baby wants she gets?’’ ‘Cheyenne mimicked
‘That’s all in the past’ Gerard chuckled
‘Typical’ Cheyenne said elbowing him in his ribs.


‘How awesome is this, a costume party’ Jamia said smiling at the text she received, she could hear Frank’s phone going off in the bedroom but they both ignored it, in fact Frank was so dazed that he didn’t even hear it or Jamia.
‘Hellooo’ she said hitting him with a cushion to get his attention although her voice shou;d;ve been enough.
‘What’ he said agitated at losing his train of thought he shifted his weight on the couch but didn’t turn towards her.
‘Talking to you, costume party New Year’s eve’ she said shaking the phone in his face.
‘Oh cool’ He said not looking at her ‘sounds good.’
Jamia huffed in annoyance and left the room. She wasn’t really put out by his distant mood she had lived with him long enough to be used to it by now, plus she had to think of a costume to buy and she didn’t have long to figure it out the party was in three days.
As soon as Jamia was out of the room Frank let his mind wonder back to Donna’s kitchen. His mind replayed for him every sense he used in those brief minutes in the kitchen. He could recall the scent of Cheyenne’s sweet but subtle perfume, the taste of dessert and wine on her breath, the feel of her firm full breasts against his palms and the heart stopping sounds that escaped her mouth as she moaned. He could still feel the exact shape of her full lips when they brushed against his as they both fought against the passion that consumed them, it was all he could think about and yet the encounter lasted less then a few minutes. He had to talk to her he didn’t know what the episode meant. He didn’t want anymore from it, he loved his wife and yet every time he thought about it, thought about her his stomach lurched. He had to see Cheyenne, they had to talk, the air had to be cleared so his mind could clear and God knew he couldn’t go on thinking like this. All he needed was to talk but in the back of his mind, the part that was not so consumed with replaying the events in the kitchen he was desperate to know if she thought about it like he did.


Lyn wondered through the mall in a daze. It hadn’t taken Marcus long to find a temporary home for them away from New Jersey, they were moving to Arizona on New Year’s day. A new year a new start he had said. Although she had put on a brave face Lyn was petrified, she’d never lived anywhere other than Jersey and she wasn’t very good at making friends, just looked at the mess she’d be leaving behind, she didn’t know how she was supposed to cope with new neighbours. She didn’t think Marcus would have everything figured out so quickly, he was so reliable; he took all the stress out of the move that Lyn barely knew it was happening. What was she supposed to do in Arizona? She’d have to get a job just to make the days go faster. She always had a problem with authority, how was she supposed to fit into a new company she hadn’t worked in years? She couldn’t do it, she just couldn’t. As the thoughts raced manically through her head she began to panic, she wouldn’t fit anywhere else she’s be like a square trying to fit into a circle it’ll never happen, she wouldn’t get used to the Arizona sunshine or the new street she’d live on or having to get up early to go to work, or having to think about Marcus’ dinner and iron and all other stuff that women were supposed to do for their men. She’d fail, she’s fail miserably and then Marcus would leave her because he knew how rubbish at everything she really was and then she’d be alone again and she hated being alone.
‘I can’t do this’ she cried loudly swinging around abruptly and smashing into the people walking behind her.
‘I’m so sorry’ she said to the middle aged women who she collided with, snedign the womans bags crashing to the floor.
‘Watch were you’re going’ the woman cried looking at the shopping by her feet. Lyn prayed there was nothing expensive in the nags but looking at the woman it wouldn’t appear there would be.
‘It was an accident’ Lyn said ‘I’m so sorry’
‘How about I accidently put my foot up your arse’
‘I really am sorry’ Lyn said again aware that she was apologising profusely to someone she wouldn’t normally give the time of day to but her heart rate was rapidly accelerating, and the room was beginning to sway, she could feel her lungs failing to fill with the required amount of oxygen her body needed and she began to get dizzy. Had the mall always been so small and enclosed?
‘Not as sorry as you’re going to be you stupid bitch’ the woman replied but Lyn couldn’t hear her through the sound of her pounding heart in her ears. It was as though she’d gone death.
‘Hey back off’ Cheyenne said coming to Lyn’s defence, she had seen the altercation and appeared as if out of nowhere, which took Lyn by complete surprise. ‘It was an accident and if you don’t beat it you’ll be sorry’
‘alright ladies break it up’ a security guard told them he was working in the bookshop they were standing in front of and noticed a small crowd had gathered ‘move it along people there’s nothing to see here’
‘Not that I care but are you ok?’ Cheyenne said to Lyn who to her surprise was pale and shaky.
‘I think I’m going to be sick’ Lyn said clamping her hand over her mouth. Grabbing her free hand Cheyenne raced through the crowds shouting ‘excuse me’ to all in front of her. They made it to the ladies room in recorded time but it wasn’t quick enough and Lyn was sick in the sink.
‘Eww that’s gross’ a little girl commented as she made her way out of the bathroom.
Lyn gave her the finger but the little girl was already gone.
‘I bet you’re loving this’ Lyn said after hurling into the sink again
‘A little bit’ Cheyenne said getting a paper towel and handing it to Lyn who snatched it up and wiped her mouth. ‘Perfect Cheyenne watching me puke my guts up all weak and vulnerable’
‘You can’t help it if you’re sick’ Cheyenne said noting that it didn’t take long for the old Lyn to rear her ugly head ‘and I’m not perfect.’
‘Could’ve fooled me’ Lyn said walking over to the nearest cubicle and slumping down on the toilet seat lid. ‘Why did you help me?’
‘You looked afraid’
‘Well I wasn’t’ Lyn said ‘not of her anyway’
‘Then what of’ Cheyenne said
‘None of your god damn business’ Lyn snapped. Cheyenne rolled her eyes and gathered her things to leave. Why did she even bother?
‘Bye Lyn’ she said heading for the door.
‘I’m…I’m moving’ Lyn said to the back of Cheyenne she didn’t want her to leave yet, she still didn’t feel well and the thought of being alone in a public toilet was both scary and gross. Despite whom she was speaking to it felt better to say the words out loud and Lyn was surprised to see that her outburst had intrigued the other woman.
‘To where?’ Cheyenne said her curiosity in Lyn suddenly grew about ten fold not to mention the relief that the woman who her ex used to love would be gone for good.
‘Arizona with Marcus, we’ve decided a fresh start would be good for us.’
‘So what are you scared of?’
‘I’ve never lived anywhere else before’ she said ‘and I’ve never really had to be a grown up and now I have to do both all at the same time.’
‘It’s not as hard as you image’ Cheyenne said walking in to the cubicle next to Lyn’s and taking a seat ‘and you might even like it, I know I do’
‘But I’m not like you’ Lyn whispered she could feel more tears coming to her eyes ‘I don’t know how to be unselfish, I don’t know how to love people in the right way all I know is how to manipulate people. I’m no good. I’ve even tried telling Marcus that but he’s convinced that I’m something I’m not.’
‘I can’t believe I’m going to say this’ Cheyenne said with a heavy sigh ‘But Lyn, I don’t think you’re really that much of a bad person, there are elements of you that are heinously bitchy but if Gerard fell in love with you and now Marcus is in love with you and is willing to start a new life with you then there must be some good points about you.’
‘Gerard was a drunk, he didn’t know if he was coming or going, he didn’t even know what fucking day it was so he doesn’t count.’
‘He wasn’t always that way’ Cheyenne reminded her
‘Only 70% of our relationship’
‘And what about Marcus? Is he a drunk?’
‘No! Nothing of the sort’ Lyn exclaimed
‘Then you can’t dispute whatever it is he sees in you’
‘Why are you telling me these things?’ Lyn said ‘why aren’t you kicking me when I’m down.’
‘It’s not in my nature and if this is the last time I ever see your face and by God I hope it is’ Cheyenne said honestly ‘Then I don’t see why I can’t be a little bit nice to you.’
Lyn laughed despite the negativity in Cheyenne’s words. What was it that made this girl so un-hateable? Inside her head she was screaming that Cheyenne was a bitch and that Gerard shouldn’t be with her and that he belonged solely to Lyn but her heart didn’t feel the same it didn’t even twinge with the jealousy that used to engulf it. Had she finally gotten over Gerard?
‘Here’ Cheyenne said handing Lyn mascara and eyeliner ‘yours has run a little.’
‘Stop being so god damn nice, what are you trying to do kill me with kindness?’
‘Maybe’ Cheyenne laughed returning to her own cubicle, she watched Lyn applying her makeup at the mirror her movements were graceful and professional and Cheyenne felt a twinge of jealousy, she could see why Gerard wanted this woman she was beautiful, the only difference between them was Lyn wasn’t as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside and Cheyenne wondered if Gerard had anything to do with that.
‘So when are you leaving?’ Cheyenne asked to fill the void in their conversation
‘January 1st’ Lyn said applying some of her own lipstick ‘we’re packing up and finalising things now.’
‘Wow that’s fast’ Cheyenne said
‘You’re one to talk’ Lyn smirked ‘you didn’t waste time moving in with Gerard.’
‘True’ Cheyenne said ‘I didn’t really want to wait. So what’s your place like, you know out in Arizona.’
‘It looks nice in the pictures but it’s only temporary once we’re out there we’ll get a bigger place. I don’t do small’ she said with a little laugh.
‘Well despite everything you seem happy, I mean I don’t know you well enough to know err your levels of happy…’ Cheyenne trailed off
‘I am happy’ Lyn said genuinely ‘Just a little bit afraid of all the new things coming my way.’
‘You’ll be fine’ Cheyenne said nodding her head ‘I err have to go, I need to get back to Gerard God knows what he could be doing he’s supposed to be picking out a costume but he could be doing anything’
‘A costume?’ Lyn said looking at Cheyenne’s reflection in the mirror
‘Costume party for New Years Eve’ Cheyenne explained and then wondered if her explanation warranted an invitation, it wasn’t like her and Lyn were suddenly best buddies because they had shared a ten minute conversation where no insults had been traded but then again was it rude to mention a party and not invite someone? Looking at Lyn Cheyenne noted that she didn’t look as though she expected an invite so she kept her mouth shut.
‘Goodbye Lyn and good luck’
‘See ya’ Lyn said ‘take care.’
‘I will and don’t let me see you around these parts again’ Cheyenne said with a wink and then she was gone.

Lyn looked a her newly repaired face in the mirror and smiled, the nausea that she felt earlier was long gone and was now replaced by a sense of calm that took hold of her entire body. What had just happened there? Did she just make peace with the woman who she was more then happy to destroy only days ago just so she could be with a man who she now deemed not even worthy of thinking about? Is this was inner peace felt like? Lyn thought back over the short conversation she had with Cheyenne, she didn’t seem bad at all, she really was un-hateable no wonder everyone liked her so much, she was a nice person. Too nice. Much to good for an arsehole like Gerard, yeah ok, he wasn’t a drunken waste of space anymore but he wasn’t all that much better, it took only a few attempts from her to get him to sleep with her and sure he turned her down but only after he got what he wanted more than once. Lyn muttered to herself as she threw all her belongings back in her purse, she had dug them all out whilst looking for her lipstick. How could it be that Gerard was allowed to get whatever he wanted despite the things that he did and the paths that he took? Where was his karma? Hers seemed to hit her on a daily basis. As Lyn left the confines of the bathroom the peaceful calm she felt was being replaced by anger so raw that it made her shake. It was time Gerard was got his comeuppance, she wouldn’t sit by and let him live the rest of his life without having to pay for some of the things he was due to. She was going to expose him for who he truly was and all his friends and family will see that he wasn’t the saint that they painted him to be but a sinner who deserves all the pain he got. And yes Cheyenne would suffer but not from Lyn but from the actions that were both hers and Gerard’s as far as Lyn was concerned she was protecting Cheyenne from a future of lies and pain.


Cheyenne felt her bag vibrate, she was on her way to the costume shop but she stopped to fish around in her bag. It didn’t take her long but the name that flashed on her screen gave her those unexpected butterflies again, she read the message and replied quickly.

Message from - x Frankie x ‘We need to talk. Can you take a call?’

Message from Chey Chey - ‘Not right now Frank I’m with Gerard’

Message from - x Frankie x - ‘When? It’s important’

Message from Chey Chey - ‘I don’t know maybe tomorrow’

Message from - x Frankie x - ‘Can’t it be sooner?’

Message from Chey Chey - ‘Possibly tonight, he’s supposed to meet Ray later. You could come over.’

Message from - x Frankie x - ‘No we’ll go out I don’t think it’s a good idea if we’re alone after…well you know?

Message from Chey Chey - ‘I’ll text you when he leaves maybe we can go for a coffee.’

Message from - x Frankie x - ‘Sounds good I’ll pick you up later.’

With sweaty hands Cheyenne deleted both the inbox and sent messages on her phone. It was obvious what he wanted to talk about. What had happened between them was her fault. Would he say he no longer wanted to be friends? Had her rebound actions caused them their friendship? Impossible or was it? She felt guilty for what she’d done and for what she was going to do she obviously wasn’t going to tell Gerard about seeing Frank. Would Frank tell Jamia where he was or would he lie to her? They were only meeting why would he have to hide that from Jamia? He wouldn’t unless he wanted to. Maybe he wanted it to be a secret, maybe only the two of them were supposed to know. She felt a familiar flap in her stomach as a flash back of Frank’s touch flew through her mind. She reminded herself continuously they were only meeting to clear the air and yet she couldn’t stop the nervous yet exciting feeling that erupted in her stomach every time she thought about being alone with Frank.

A/N – Hello my lovlies. I know a little too long a wait for an update, had a lot going on. Anyhoo what’s up with Frank and Chey? I predict tears and tantrums. The super duper big climax is either next chapter or the one after haven’t decided since there’s a lot more going on than I thought. Stay tuned sweeties till next time xx
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