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chapter 72

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Christmas continued. Everyone at the Ways argue, Marcus warns Gerard and Mikey recruits Jamia's for help

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The next day the atmosphere was tense to say the least. After Gerard returned with his sack of gifts the night before, they gave the presents to those allocated and did the usual ritual of watching each other open them. For the most part it was pleasant accept for the catty comments that both Alicia and Cheyenne threw at each other, although they were extremely subtle in their bitchiness it was picked up on. And try as he might Mikey couldn’t get a word out of Alicia and speaking to Cheyenne did no good as she had no idea why Alicia was mad at her.

‘Hey bro’ Gerard greeted Mikey as he walked into the kitchen, Mikey was in his night clothes that consisted of pyjama pants and a t-shirt nursing a cup of coffee.
‘You’re up early’ Mikey noted, he looked at his brothers dishevelled hair which was starting grow back he also noticed his brother wore only his boxers.
‘Had to get up and feed the puppies’ Gerard told him ‘where are they?’
‘They’re asleep under the tree I think, I fed them already I’ve been up for a while and I was afraid their yapping would wake everyone else.’
‘Well thanks’ Gerard said pulling a chair out next to his baby brother ‘so was it me or was there tension between the girls last night.’
‘It wasn’t you’ Mikey said lifting his cup to his mouth and taking a sip. ‘I’ve tried to get Alicia to talk to me about it but she refuses. Have you tried talking to Chey?’
‘No not yet, do you know anything?’
‘All I heard was Cheyenne saying ‘I wouldn’t give a flying fuck if you ever spoke to me again and that was all.’
‘Ohh that’s harsh I had no idea they were fighting. Maybe we can get Jamia to have a word with them I mean I don’t want today ruined over some petty argument.’
‘Well then imagine how I feel’ Cheyenne said walking into the kitchen in one of Gerard’s t-shirts.
‘What happened?’ Mikey asked getting up to pour her a cup of coffee
‘I have no idea’ Cheyenne said honestly taking a seat opposite Gerard’s ‘I’ve noticed that she’s been off with me since I got back from Chicago so yesterday when we were alone I asked her if she was going to continue ignoring me and she said yes.’
‘Did she tell you why she was ignoring you?’ Mikey asked placing the coffee in front of her he ignored the look on Gerard’s face, if he wanted a coffee he could pour his own.
‘No that’s the issue she kept saying that I should know what I was doing and that I should stop acting all innocence and that you guys were her friends.’
‘Is she jealous?’ Mikey asked
‘Of what?’ Cheyenne replied ‘There’s nothing I have that she hasn’t already got.’
‘That’s true’ Mikey noted
‘What did you do Chey?’ Gerard
‘Well you must have done something to upset her?’
‘Of course’ Cheyenne said not even bothering to hide her anger ‘Of course I’d have to have done something, it’s always me isn’t Gerard? It can’t be the fact that Alicia’s got the issue it has to be me right. I have to have done something to upset her. What about the fact that I’m upset?’
‘I know you are but I’m trying to find out what you did?’
‘I haven’t done a God Damn thing’ Cheyenne exploded ‘you are such an arsehole’
‘Hey wait as sec…Cheyenne…’ Gerard started but she had already left the kitchen and they could hear her running up the stairs.
‘What the fuck?’ Gerard asked his brother who was smirking at him.
‘Smooth man’ Mikey said ‘Way smooth.’


By the time Donna got up to prepare breakfast the atmosphere in the house was sour. Alicia wasn’t speaking to Mikey or Cheyenne and Cheyenne wasn’t speaking to Gerard or Alicia so breakfast despite Donna’s attempts at cheerfulness was a miserable affair that in her opinion couldn’t be over quick enough.

‘I’m sorry’ Gerard said as he watched Cheyenne get ready to take her shower after she excused herself she rushed upstairs to get away from the tension at the table.
‘I didn’t mean it like it sounded. You took it the wrong way’
‘Oh another thing that’s my fault then’ she said grabbing a towel from Donna’s room and heading to the bathroom.
‘No it’s not your fault’ Gerard said chasing her and nearly tripping over Tragic who had wondered upstairs.
‘Will you just talk to me’ Gerard asked but Cheyenne slammed and then locked the bathroom door leaving him outside with Tragic who was looking confused by all the noise.
‘Me too buddy’ Gerard said noting the dogs expression ‘me too.’


‘I just don’t see why you won’t go and apologise’
‘For what Mikey’ Alicia hissed ‘I haven’t done anything wrong.’
‘But I don’t know that because you refuse to tell me what the issue is’
‘It’s nothing’ she insisted.
‘You know what Alicia I’ve tried talking to you about this but it’s getting on my fucking nerves and you are ruining Christmas.’
‘Me! It’s her fault’ Alicia exploded
‘What is her fault?’ Mikey asked and waited for an answer that he knew he wouldn’t get. ‘Alicia I’ve had it up to here’ he sighed ‘either let me help you sort out whatever it is that’s going on between you and Chey or drop it, I refuse to spend the rest of the day like this, it’s Christmas for fuck sake.’
‘It’s not me who’s ruining it’ she said as Mikey headed for the door ‘it’s Cheyenne’ she cried as the door closed on her ‘And Frank’
Mikey wasn’t sure if heard the last bit correctly but he didn’t care he had heard enough all morning, all he wanted to do was savour the rest of boxing day because as of tomorrow Christmas was officially over.


As Cheyenne dried off her damp skin she began to relax a little more, the hot shower had calmed her down and made her feel better. She was still seething at Gerard though but she knew that staying mad at him would just ruin the day and she was looking forward to seeing the rest of the group. Locating her phone she thought she’d give the others a call and find out if any of them could come over earlier she didn’t want to spend anymore time alone with Gerard or Alicia.
‘Hey gorgeous’
‘You’re not Jamia?’
‘I know’ he laughed ‘She’s packing up out bits and saying goodbye to her family. It always takes forever to say goodbye.’Cheyenne laughed as she imaged it ‘So does that mean you’re coming here early?’
‘Nah we’re going to go home first chillax and then come over’
‘Oh’ Cheyenne said
‘Why Chey what’s up?’ he asked noting the disappointment in her voice.
‘Nothing really it’s just Alicia and I had an argument’ she told him as she sat on the edge of the bed ‘and now I’m not really speaking to Gerard either so the atmosphere here is awful. I figure fresh blood will change it.’
‘What happened with you and Alicia?’
‘I don’t know she’s not really speaking to me I mean Jamia noticed it too, I’m hoping she can help me sort it all out.’
‘I see well I’ll talk to her and see what she says, we had late night last night…’
‘I get that’ Cheyenne said understandingly ‘if you guys need a rest don’t sweat it, pretend I didn’t even call’
‘Now why would I want to pretend that I didn’t hear your sexy voice today?’
‘Frank you are such a flirt, if Jamia hears you talking like that she’ll give you a slap’
‘Will you give me one?
‘If you ask me nicely I will’ Cheyenne said playing along, it felt good to have a laugh and a joke after the events of last night and this morning.
‘Ohh you’re turning me on’ he joked laughing loudly.
‘What? I thought it would take more then a threat to get you going.’
‘Nah I’m pretty easy’ he laughed
‘Well I’m not!’
‘We’ll see about that’ he teased
‘I think I can handle it’ she said laughing heartily ‘Thanks Franks’
‘For what? Talking dirty I thought Gerard would be good at that, he turns me on’
‘No silly’ Cheyenne giggled ‘for cheering me up’
‘Anytime sugar you’re making it sound like its prison up there.’
‘It kind of feels that way everyone’s in separate rooms and there’s no one to talk to other then Donna but she’s busy.’
‘Where’s Mikey?’
‘I don’t know but he and Alicia aren’t speaking either so…’
‘We’ll be there as soon as we can sugar.’
‘Thanks Frank I need you here’ she admitted
‘Be there asap’
‘See ya later’

Outside the door Alicia shook her head and walked back to Mikey’s room. She had listened to Mikey’s words and was going to talk things out with Cheyenne maybe get her to see sense and then apologise but now after hearing that conversation they could forget it. She would let them have their precious Christmas and New Year but after that she was going to tell Jamia everything.


‘Come in’ Cheyenne said she was lying down in the spare room that used to be Gerard’s before he moved into the basement all those years ago. ‘Oh it’s you’
‘Who did you think it would be?’ Gerard asked placing Halo on the bed he thought the puppy might soften Cheyenne up.
‘I hoped it would be anyone else’ she said honestly
‘Still mad at me huh?’
‘No not anymore’ Cheyenne said laying on her back and looking up at the ceiling.
‘Then why don’t you come downstairs?’ he asked
‘I just figured it was safer in here’
‘Hmm from the evil Alicia’
‘She’s not evil’ Cheyenne said stroking Halo who had climbed onto her stomach ‘she’s deranged.’
‘I thought today would be better then this’ Gerard admitted ‘it’s not going how I imagined it would. I thought it would be a great day since things were so different. Christmas last year was awful and I thought today would be better but so far it isn’t.’
‘What was it like last year?’
‘I don’t really remember I was with Lyn then she drank too much and pretty much missed the day, I was completely miserable so I’m sure I messed it up for everyone. I just wanted this year to be better.’
‘It will be’ she assured him ‘Frank and the others will get here and the whole day will look up, you’ll see.’
‘Look I bought this’ Gerard said holding up plastic mistletoe that was at least three years old ‘I thought if I bought this in you’d have to give me a kiss.’
‘You don’t have to have mistletoe over you head to get me to kiss you’ Cheyenne said with a laugh ‘all you have to do is bring your lips to mine and I’ll oblige’
‘So all I have to do’ Gerard said stretching out beside her ‘is get close to you and pucker my super sexy lips and you’ll kiss me’
‘Pretty much’ Cheyenne said. By now Gerard’s lips were a mere centimetre away from hers but the anticipation of the kiss was a nice build up and as Gerard kissed her Cheyenne felt the familiar flutter of butterflies in her stomach and she was amazed that he still had that effect on her.
‘Come on’ Gerard said ‘come down stairs and make this a happy day for me’
‘Sure’ Cheyenne said feeling her spirits lift ‘Let me pull myself together and I’ll be right down.’


‘We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas…’
‘Shut it’ Mikey laughed as he opened the door to Frank and Jamia.
‘That’s not a nice way to speak to us carollers’ Jamia said even though she hadn’t been singing.
‘It’s the only way to speak to you carollers’ Mikey said pulling Jamia into a hug as Frank headed for the living room.
‘How was it at your moms?’ he asked as they followed Frank.
‘It was alright’ Jamia replied with a smile ‘no in actual fact it was really good’
‘Hey Jamia’ he said pulling her back just before they reached the living room ‘I need to speak to you.’
‘Sure’ she said as concern clouded her face. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘Last night Cheyenne and Alicia had a massive arguments but Gerard and I don’t know what its about and Alicia isn’t talking and I was wondering if you could ask her and maybe help the situation.’
‘Of course’ Jamia said shocked at what she was hearing ‘I mean I know Alicia has been off with Cheyenne but I didn’t know why. I’ll see what I can do’
‘Thank Mia’ Mikey said kissing her cheek ‘you’re the best.’


By six despite her efforts Jamia hadn’t been able to speak to Alicia alone, it was as though Alica knew she wanted a word and so she kept avoiding her. It was a lot easier now especially since Ray and Christa showed up and then Bob turned up with and Amber and his mother not long after. It was nice to see Cheyenne’s reaction, she hugged her Aunt close to her and had the biggest smile on her face it was clear to all of them that she was surprised and extremely happy. The day was finally starting to look up, Donna had someone her own age to converse with and it was fun watching Debbie grill Gerard about his relationship with Cheyenne she gave him the “what are your intentions” talk which had everyone howling with laugher even Alicia managed to crack a smile. Dinner was fabulous and Gerard finally felt the day had become how he imagined it, everyone was talking, laughing and having a good time, by the time they sat down to open their present his stomach was hurting.

‘Everyone please stay as you are’ Cheyenne said jumping up suddenly ‘I’m just going to get my camera and document this wonderful evening’
‘It’s in my room’ Mikey said
‘And Gerard’s not here’ Amber pointed out
‘No worries I’ll get him’ Cheyenne said ‘just stay put’
Sprinting up the stairs Cheyenne headed straight for Mikey’s room and located the camera on the bedside table, she snatched it up and headed back for the stairs as she passed Gerard’s old room she heard what she thought was a hushed voice. Pushing her ear against the door she listened she could hear Gerard’s voice but obviously only his side of the conversation and as she listened she tried to figure out who he was talking to.

‘…I don’t give a fuck what you say’ she heard Gerard say ‘I don’t take orders from anyone’
‘They’re not my orders they’re Lyn’s’ Marcus said ‘you hurt her really badly when you fucked her and then left her to go back to your perfect life.’
‘I didn’t mean to’ Gerard said ‘It wasn’t my intention’
‘Sure it wasn’t’ Marcus said sarcastically ‘you knew what you were doing and then you want to rub salt in her wounds by sending her a Christmas text from you and Cheyenne’
‘That was only because I received a card form you and her, I was just giving back what I got’
‘Well I didn’t know about the card’ Marcus said gettign angry that Gerard had one up on him.
‘Well then I guess you don’t her all that well then, communication is the key to a successful relationship you know.’ Gerard said getting a dig in wherever he could.
‘Fuck you I know her better then you do’ Marcus said rising to the bait.
‘I doubt that I know her very well inside and out’ Gerard said ‘Lyn and I have a history’
And we have a future, we’re leaving Jersey and we’re getting married’ Marcus told him smiling as he pictured Gerard’ face ‘time for a fresh start so you need to leave her the fuck alone.’
‘If you knew Lyn then you’d know that she would never leave Jersey and its her who can’t leave me alone’
‘Well she’s leaving this shit hole for me’ Marcus said ignoring Gerard’s last comment ‘you’ve said your goodbyes Gerard, you gave her up and now she’s mine, she doesn’t want you anymore.'
‘Lyn will always want me’ Gerard said chuckling as his ego portrayed itself to Marcus. Cheyenne gasped and left the door, she headed down stairs in a daze. Who was he talking to? Why was he talking about Lyn? She decided to catch her breath in the kitchen she didn’t want anyone seeing her like this it wasn’t right she was flustered and hot and tears were forming in her eyes. He had promised not to have anything to do with her. As she poured herself a glass of water to calm herself down as sudden realisation hit her, Gerard was right. No matter what happened Lyn would always want him.

Gerard didn’t know why, but Marcus really knew how to push his buttons. He didn’t want Lyn, he didn’t really care if she left, but this asshole bought out the worst in him and he wanted to hurt Marcus with whatever words would come out of his mouth even if they were not true.
‘That was in the past’ Marcus retorted ‘I’m the only man she wants.’
‘I could see Lyn tomorrow’ Gerard boasted ‘and she fucking beg for it’
‘That maybe but you’ll have to get past me first’ Marcus said ‘and that aint ever going to happen.’
‘We’ll see; Gerard said ‘I like a challenge’ and with that he hung up the phone reeling from the madness that just consumed him and to think it all started from a text message.


‘Hey Mrs. look what I found’ Frank said coming into the kitchen and brandishing the mistletoe. ‘Are you okay?’
‘Yes I’m fine’
‘You look all red’ Frank said concern clouding his face ‘Chey do you feel sick?’
‘No I’m okay honestly’ she said slapping a smile onto her face ‘what were you saying?’
‘I said kiss me I have mistletoe’ Frank said walking in front of her and holding the small plastic plant above his head ‘come on you know you want to’
Cheyenne smiled at his playfulness all the while feeling an unpleasant coldness wash over her as she replayed what she heard from Gerard, leaning forward she pressed her lips against Frank’s, the feel of his warm lips felt good against hers and she felt the unpleasantness from the minutes before washing away.
‘That was very nice’ Frank said as they pulled apart, he walked behind her and grabbed a coke from the fridge. ‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ to him it appeared as though Cheyenne was stuck she hadn’t move a muscle. ‘Hello anyone home?’
‘Frank’ she said turning around.
He was about to reply when he felt her lips on his again. It all happened so fast that he didn’t have time to react, he could feel her hands roaming his body and he felt the light thump as his back hit the fridge, he didn’t realise it at first but he was kissing her back. She was so insistent and her lips were warm and soft and her breath sweet. He grabbed her waist and pulled her body to his and she moaned. Frank could feel himself starting to get aroused her hands were everywhere, under his shirt now caressing his back, his chest, his nipples she was moaning against his mouth as his hands cupped her breasts and in return she snaked her hand down his front and stroked him through his jeans, he moaned at her touch it was firm yet teasing and he could feel himself straining against his jeans, it was such a good feeling but it was so wrong.
‘Chey stop’ he panted pushing her away.
‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne whispered shaking her head as her chest heaved ‘I’m sorry Frank. Oh God I’m so sorry I just wanted to feel warm. Forgive me’ she said rushing from the room nearly knocking Mikey over as she raced for the stairs.
‘What’s up with her?’ he asked Frank as he came into the kitchen.
‘Nothing…I don’t know’ Frank said he was flushed and he knew it, he just hoped he looked presentable. ‘She said she had to get the camera and then she ran off’
‘Oh’ Mikey said eyeing his friend suspiciously.
‘I’m going to go. I’ll see you in the living room’ Frank said.
Mikey looked around the kitchen, something wasn’t right but nothing seemed out of place. Knowing Frank he was probably setting up a practical joke and Cheyenne was in on it. As he headed back to the join the others Mikey suspicions dispersed but the only thing that still bothered him was the fact that Frank said Cheyenne had run off to get the camera but Mikey had clearly seen it in her hand. What was she really running for? Or Mikey thought what was she running from?

A/N Hello all. Soooo what do you think? Frank and Chey getting down and dirty in the kitchen tut tut. I wonder what’s going to happen next. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m off tomorrow three day weekend baby! Hope you guys have fun. Thanks for the reviews Reign xxx
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