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Chapter 71

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Christmas day

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‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la laaa’ Gerard sang when Alicia opened the door to the Way residence.
‘Merry Christmas Gee’ Alicia laughed as she moved from the door way allowing both him and Cheyenne to enter.
‘These are my babies’ Gerard said proudly taking Tragic from Cheyenne and passing him to Alicia along with Halo.
‘Aww they’re so cute’ she purred ‘hello doggies’
‘Great aren’t they?’ Gerard said hanging up his jacket and kissing Alicia on the cheek.
‘We’re all in the living room’ Alicia said leading the way into the family room completely ignoring Cheyenne’s presence, Gerard didn’t seem to notice Alicia’s snub he was too excited about the puppies. Sighing Cheyenne put down the bag she was carrying containing the things they needed for the puppies, shrugged off her coat and headed to the living room. She had a feeling with Alicia mad at he this would be a very long day.
‘There you are’ Donna said jumping up and enveloping Cheyenne in a hug ‘what took you so long to get in here?’
‘Was just hanging my jacket. So what do you all think?’ she said motioning to the playful puppies on the floor
‘They’re adorable’ Donna replied seating herself back in her chair ‘so cute.’
‘I think they’re great’ Mikey said picking Halo up and smiling as the pup wiggled in his hands ‘hey there puppy wuppy, you’re so awesome, yes you are. Why can’t we have a dog?’ he asked Alicia
‘Because we have cats’ she reminded him
‘Oh yeah stupid cats’
‘Mikey!’ Alicia screeched
‘What ?’ he asked putting Halo on the floor who immediately run and pounced on his brother.
‘Don’t talk about our cats like that’ she pouted.
‘So when’s dinner’ Gerard asked ‘I’m starving’
‘In about an hour’ Donna answered rubbing the belly of Tragic who was trying to nip at her fingers ‘if you’re hungry you can have a snack’
‘Nah I’ll wait’ he said rubbing his stomach ‘gotta have room’
‘You sound like Frank’ Cheyenne laughed playfully hitting Gerard in shoulder not noticing the death stare that Alicia was throwing her.
‘You alright?’ Mikey asked noticing the misplaced scowl on his fiancé’s face
‘Fine’ she said plastering an instant smile on her face ‘I was just listening that’s all.’


‘Amber would you please calm down’ Bob urged her dragging her away from the window. ‘She’ll get here when she gets here’
‘You’re right’ Amber said forcing her hands into her pockets so she would stop wringing her hands nervously. ‘You’re right. Do I look ok?’
‘Yes you look fine’
‘Just fine!’ Amber said worriedly ‘I thought I looked better then fine, I’m going to go and change again.’
‘No!’ Bob said ‘That’s enough now Amber for God’s sake calm down. It’s just my mother paying us a visit not the President. Please I just want you to relax and be yourself, that’s all I’m asking.’
‘I’m sorry’ Amber said placing her hands on his chest ‘it’s just that I’m so nervous, I’ve never met a boyfriends parents before and I want to make a good impression.’
‘And you will but if you keep flapping around and changing your clothes every five minutes you won’t.’ Bob told her honestly.
A knock on the door startled them both and Bob gave Amber a warning look ‘deep breaths’ he reminded her ‘you’re going to be fine.’
‘Kiss’ Amber said. Bob took her face in his hands and planted a gentle kiss on Ambers lips making her heart soar.
‘I’ll be right back’ he said leaving her standing in the middle of the living room. Amber listened to the door opening and the loud cheerfulness that followed she listened to their greeting the groan as Bob hugged his mother and the loud kiss that his Mom placed on his cheek.
‘Come into the living room’ Amber heard him say and then there they were. Bob and his Mother.
‘Mom I want you to meet someone very special to me. This is Amber.’
‘Hello Amber, I’m Deborah, but you can call me Debbie’ Bob’s Mom said enveloping Amber into a hug
‘It’s very nice to meet you’ Amber said politely smiling broadly. ‘Bob’s told me all about you.’
‘Likewise’ The older woman replied taking in Amber’s appearance ‘It’s nice to put the face to the name and what a pretty face it is.’
‘Thank you’ Amber said blushing, her cheeks clashing with her hair.
‘See that wasn’t so bad’ Bob whispered in her ear before leading his Mom into the kitchen.


‘Merry Christmas’ Ray sounded over the phone he was on loud speaker so they all could hear each other
‘You too’ they all cried in unison
‘How’s it going so far?’ Ray asked
‘Awesome’ Gerard said ‘I’ve got puppies’
‘Wow no way’ Ray replied ‘I got a giant novelty comb’
‘Is that all’ Alicia laughed ‘no girlfriend points there Christa’
‘Among other things’ Christa said and they all laughed as they heard the slap that Ray received
‘What about you Christa?’ Cheyenne asked ‘what did you get?’
‘I got a bracelet and it’s beautiful’ she cooed ‘I’m wearing it already’
‘You can’t ever take it off’ Ray reminded her
‘I won’t’ she said
‘So what are you up to later?’ Gerard asked standing Tragic on his hind legs and making him dance, to which Cheyenne disproved and shot him a look.
'We’re going over to Christa’s parents for dinner, my folks are coming too’
‘ooohhhh’ they all chorused
‘Sounds serious’ Mikey added with a laugh
‘But we’ll see you clowns tomorrow for dinner and presents right?’
‘Right you are Ray’ Donna said returning to the living room carrying a tray of light snacks for them to munch on.
‘Is that you Donna?’ Christa asked
‘Yes my darling it is?’
‘Do you need us to bring anything tomorrow?’ she asked
‘Just yourselves at five please’ she told them
‘No problem’ Ray said ‘looking forward to that spread’
‘That’s if we don’t eat it all’ Gerard threatened ‘we got two extra mouths to feed now’
‘Gerard way’ Donna said ‘If you think those two mutts are getting any of this Christmas food you are sadly mistaken.’
‘What? Ma, they’re my babies they need food’ he said clutching Halo to his chest.
‘What do you think dog food is for?’ Donna shot back.
‘Anyway’ Ray laughed ‘we gotta go. Merry Christmas to you all’
‘You too’ they all said and Cheyenne bent down and clicked the call off.
‘I can’t believe you said that ma’ Gerard said looking hurt
‘I meant it, if those dogs get any food from our table it’ll be from your plate.’
‘No way! Fuck that. Sorry doggies’ Gerard said putting Halo down ‘Daddy doesn’t share his food.’


‘Frank please hurry up we’re going to be late’ Jamia begged him
‘I’m coming’ he said as he appeared in the hallway wearing a black shirt, black pants and shoes. ‘How do I look?’
‘Very nice’ Jamia said ‘Like you’re going to a funeral’
‘Oh good’ he said pleased that he still manage to get a dark element across in his attire ‘Over dressed?’ he asked
‘For my parents Christmas Dinner?’ You can never be over dressed’ she said kissing his lips lightly
‘That is very true’ he said grabbing his jacket ‘oh I forgot something’
‘What’ Jamia said trying her hardest not to lose her patience as he scampered off, he always did this and it drove her insane.
‘This’ Frank said reappearing with the scrap book that Jamia presented him with earlier in the day. It was a collection of everything they had done as a couple, photos of them, movies they’d seen, emails they’d written each other when Frank was away on tour, funny things that they said to each other and never forgotten, it was all in that book and Frank thought it was the best present he’s ever received.
‘Oh no not the book’ Jamia cried ‘Frank that’s private’
‘No it’s not it should be shown off and I want to show it off’ he said handing checking his pockets for the house and car keys.
‘But why?’ Jamia whined
‘Because I love it’ he said ‘and I want everyone to see how great we are together. Our entire history is in this book and I want to share it with the people we love. Now come on let’s go’ urged nudging he rout of the house ‘This book isn’t going to show itself off.’


‘Delicious’ Cheyenne breathed as she pushed her chair back to gain more space.
‘I’m stuffed’ Mikey said wiping his mouth with his napkin ‘It hurts’
‘Serves you right fr eating so much’ Alicia chastised ‘you have no one to blame but yourself’
‘Don’t try and act liem you aint full Alcia’ Gerard said ‘I can see your stomach from here you look like your six months pregnant.’
‘I’ll admit that I am full, but unlike you retards I’ve left space for dessert.’ She said smirking.
‘Oh! I forgot about dessert’ Cheyene said slapping her hand to her forehead ‘oh this is tragic’
‘Or Halo’ Gerard joked making her laugh.
‘Well I’m glad you all enjoyed it’ Donna told them ‘how about we open gifts and then we have dessert? Give you lot some time to recover.’
‘Sounds good Ma’ Mikey agreed ‘I need time’
‘If Frank was here he’d be begging for it’ Cheyenne said
‘Oh God do you remember Thanksgiving’ Donna said with a laugh ‘I was sure he was going to burst.’
Alicia smiled along too as they continued to laugh and joke around the table. That was twice now that Cheyenne bought up Franks name and she wondered how many more times she would.
‘Baby’ Mikey said clicking his fingers in Alicia’s face
‘Yes’ she snapped annoyed at being drawn away from her thoughts.
‘Would you mind helping Cheyenne out with the dishes?’
‘Not at all’ Alicia said as Cheyenne returned to pick up some more dishes off the table and placed them in the kitchen. Alicia stood and picked up her and Mikey’s plate she took one in each hand and headed to the kitchen.
‘Mikey and I are going to sort the presents out.’ Gerard said
‘Ours are in the car’ Cheyenne reminded him ‘the keys are in my purse.’
‘Oh’ Gerard groaned ‘it’s freezing outside’
‘I told you to bring them in…’ Cheyenne said as she left the room ‘…But you wouldn’t listen’ she continued to nag from the kitchen ‘all you were concerned about were the puppies and now look what’s happened. Serves you right Mr.’


‘So is this how it’s going to be from no on?’ Cheyenne asked Alicia as she bought the last of the dinner dishes. ‘You’re just going to keep on ignoring me.’
‘Yeah pretty much’ Alicia replied shrugging her shoulders and placing a plate into the open dishwasher.
‘You could at least tell me why you’re not talking to me?’ Cheyenne said trying to control the anger that was begging to surface.
‘As if you don’t already know’ Alicia said grabbing a hand full of cutlery and placing them in the allocated tray.
‘I don’t know’ Cheyenne said emphasising the “don’t” trying to hide the sheer frustration from her voice.
‘Of course you don’t know’ Alicia replied ‘innocent Cheyenne from Chicago, never knows what anyone’s talking about, butter wouldn’t melt right? You may have them all fooled but I’m not.’
‘What ARE you talking about Alicia? Just cut the cryptic bullshit and tell me what your issue is?’
‘You’ Alicia said slamming the door of the dishwasher ‘you’re my problem, walking around here acting like you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. My friends are here’ she said ‘these are my friends and you better watch your step. You know what you’re doing and I’m telling you to stop right now’
‘You are out of your fucking mind’ Cheyenne shot back ‘I genuinely don’t have a clue what you’re on about and just so you know I don’t give a flying fuck if you never speak to me again’
‘Whoa what’s going on in here?’ Mikey asked he heard the commotion and came to investigate.
‘I have no idea’ Cheyenne spat throwing Alicia a dirty look before storming towards the door ‘ask your God damn fiancé’


Outside Gerard quickly headed to the boot of the car and pulled at the Santa sack full of gifts that he and Cheyenne had purchased for their loved ones. The air was crisp and cold against him and his breath hung in the air. Looking around he noted the Christmas lights that the neighbours had put up stretching to the end of the streets, some had gone to great lengths to impress while other had been more subtle with theirs, it didn’t matter how it looked to Gerard it was just the fact that he could see the Christmas spirit so boldly displayed. Closing the boot he rested against it just observing the twinkling lights that the houses showed. A few years back all this wouldn’t even have mattered to him, the lights, the spirit, the fact that he had his whole family around him, he was in such a dark place that he couldn’t see the joys and wonders that the world had to offer, but when he got better he could see them and now he had Cheyenne in his life it all shone so much more brightly. Placing the sack of gifts on the cold street floor, he took his phone out his jacket and sent Frankie and Jamia a Christmas text, they hadn’t heard from them and he really wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas. He was about to return the phone to his pocket when he remembered that Lyn and Marcus had sent him and Cheyenne a card for Christmas and although he said he’s leave the situation alone he didn’t think it was right not to wish them a happy Christmas. He quickly tapped in a brief but polite message and sent it. How much damage could a Christmas text really cause? Picking up the sack he slung it over his shoulder and ran back to the house to spend the rest of the evening with the people he loved.

A/N Hello me dears. Hope you're all cool. Slightly uneventful chapter however the next one has a little more kick to it, if you know what I mean. Stay tuned and thank you all ever so much for your ratings and reviews I really do super duper appreciate them. They keep me going mwah xx
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