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Chapter 69

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As Cheyenne drove home she tried to rationalise her thoughts. Lyn had wound her up so tightly she was pretty sure she’d snap. She tried her hardest to focus on the positives of the day, like finding and purchasing Christmas gifts for her loved ones or the nice jeans she bought to wear to dinner at Donna’s but none of those positive thoughts were satisfactory enough to block out the negative that was Lyn. By the time she got home Cheyenne had replayed the conversation at least a million times and as she walked up her garden path to her front door, the thought of Lyn stepping over the threshold more then once made her blood boil and she was fuming.
‘GERARD WAY!!!’ She screamed from the hallway as she slammed the door and stomped her way into the kitchen
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked in alarm, he had never heard that tone of voice before
‘I bumped into your girlfriend earlier’ she said standing in front of him ‘hello boys’ she said to Frank and Ray who were both seated at the dining table each of them nursing a beer.
‘My what? Who?’
‘Lyn’ Cheyenne hissed
‘Oh no not this again’
‘Oh yeah, you lied to me’ Cheyenne said
‘About what?’ Gerard asked trying to play it cool
‘You said she’s only been here once, she says she’s been here loads of times
‘She’s been here twice I think… right Frank?’ Gerard asked widening his eyes as his friends head shot up in alarm and their eyes met
‘Yeah I err think that’s right’ Frank shrugged
‘Then why did you tell me it was once?’ she seethed
‘Because I didn’t remember ok’ Gerard said ‘what’s the big deal?’
‘I don’t want your skank of an ex girlfriend coming in my home and tainting it and I’m telling you now with Frank and Ray as my witnesses if she so much as looks at our house again I won’t be living here. Do you understand Gerard?’
‘Yeah’ he gulped ‘I get it’
‘Good’ Cheyenne said finally able to relax her tense body ‘It’s nice seeing you Ray and you too of course Frank. I’m going to bed. Goodnight gentlemen.’
‘Wow’ Ray said as soon as he was sure Cheyenne was out of earshot ‘she told you off big time.’
‘I know how scary that was’ Gerard said sitting down
‘I’ve never, ever seen that side of her. It was kind of unattractive’ Ray admitted
‘What?’ Frank said ‘That was awesome I’m totally turned on, she was all bossy. I liked it’

‘Finished’ Jamia said smiling broadly at the last present she had just wrapped.
‘Thank God’ Frank said tossing her the gift that he had just stuck a bow on ‘Now we don’t have to do that for another year. Come here’
Jamia obediently got up and walked over to Frank she settled herself in the seat beside him and he wrapped his arms around her.
‘I don’t want you to go on tour’ Jamia sighed rubbing her hand along his tattooed arms.
‘I know, but I’ve got to’ he said ‘I’m a super star.’
Jamia laughed and nodded, he was right in some ways he was a star she’d been with him when hordes of fans screamed his name and cried over him, begging for photo’s and autographs asking him to marry them etc etc. He was a star. He was her star.
‘What are you thinking about?’ Frank asked after they had been silent for some time.
‘Honestly?’ she asked
‘Always’ he replied kissing her head gently but not moving his face away so he was buried in her hair.
‘I was thinking about kids’ she replied waiting for his body to tense, when it didn’t she moved so she could she his face.
‘What?’ he asked at the sudden movement and her eyes curiously watching his face.
‘Nothing’ she said resuming her previous position
‘What were you thinking about kids?’ Frank asked quietly.
‘That I’d like some’
‘How many?’ Frank asked finding her hand and entwining her fingers with his.
‘Oh I don’t know two maybe three’ Jamia said allowing herself to smile at the progression of the conversation, they had discussed this before but he’d never asked her how many she wanted tit usually ended with her saying she wanted some and with Frank saying something about the future of the band.
‘I like the idea of three’ Frank said
‘Two boys and a girl’ Jamia said causally
‘A little girl would be cool’ Frank said smiling at the thought of a little girl in a cute little dress long raven pigtails and a fringe falling across her eyes. ‘She’d be adorable’
‘Hmm’ Jamia sighed imaging what Frank would look like holding their first born be it a girl or a boy, his strong tattooed arms holding a bundle of white blankets sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, the biggest smile on his face. She had no doubt it would be the best day of her life.
‘Jamia’ Frank whispered so he didn’t upset the comfortable silence between them
‘Yeah Frankie’
‘Do you wanna have a baby?’
‘WHAT?’ Jamia said jumping in his arms, Frank held her tight and kept her close to his chest as she tried to turn and face him.
‘Relax Jamia’ he said laughing ‘It’s just a question’
‘It’s a big question’ Jamia said ‘Do you want to have a baby?’
‘Yes’ Frank said ‘I been thinking about it’ and he had. Ever since the mess with Lyn and the things he had to do, he knew now more then ever that he’s never want to lose Jamia and he wanted to have all his blessings with her and children he was always told were the ultimate blessing.
‘I don’t know’ he sighed ‘obviously not right now but I think it’s something we should talk about when I come home after the tour is finished. What do you think? Do you wanna have a baby?’
‘Yes’ Jamia said ‘I want to have a baby’
‘Cool’ Frank said smiling broadly ‘When I get back we’ll talk about it, we’ll talk about having our own little Iero’


‘Alicia’ Mikey called out from the living room to the kitchen where Alica was preparing dinner.
‘Yeah hun’ she said walking into the living room, with Bunny at her feet.
‘What is Cheyenne’s present doing under the sofa?’ Mikey asked
Alicia had deliberately pushed the gift under the sofa hoping Mikey wouldn’t find it but he had, she didn’t want to give Cheyenne her present on Boxing Day she wanted to make her feel left out.
‘I have no idea’ Alicia gasped ‘Good thing you found it honey or she would’ve gone without. It would’ve been quite embarrassing actually.’
‘I know’ Mikey said ‘I’ll quickly wrap this up and put it with the others.’
‘What would I do without you?’ Alicia smiled as he walked past her, it didn’t even reach her eyes but Mikey didn’t seem to notice
‘I have no idea’ Mikey said kissing her cheek as he passed.


Christmas Eve dawned extremely cold and gloomy in Newark as it did in the Bryar- Way home. True to her word the night before when Cheyenne said goodnight she meant it and by the time Gerard crept into bed around mid night Cheyenne was already fast asleep. He moulded himself to her shape and fell into a dreamless sleep. When he awoke, he woke in the same position.
‘Get off me’ Cheyenne mumbled she could feel the weight of his arm around her.
‘What a nice way to greet your boyfriend?’ Gerard groaned doing as she demanded and removing his arm and turning over so his back was all she could see.
‘You’re a liar’ she said simply
‘I explained that’ he sighed and then yawned
‘I don’t believe you’ she said
‘Fine then don’t believe me I can’t believe this is how you’re choosing to kick start Christmas’ he replied, he was fully awake now but chose not to face her.
‘Me’ Cheyenne gasped ‘I didn’t choose to start it off this way I was forced to when you started sneaking around my back with Lyn’
‘We didn’t sneak’ Gerard said getting frustrated
‘I ask you before if you saw Lyn whilst I was in Chicago you said no, but you really did, twice according to yesterdays events but who knows how many more times.’
‘It was only twice’ Gerard said trying to ignore the horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach every time he lied
‘You could have told me’ Cheyenne said
‘I spoke to you countless times, you could’ve told me during anyone of those conversations…’
‘And then have you act this way when you’re miles away and I can’t fix it.’ Gerard interrupted
‘Act what way Gerard’ Cheyenne said leaning up on her elbows ‘how do you expect me to behave, you lied to me about spending time with your ex, you bought her to our new home when you already know how I feel about her and then you expect me to just shrug and say ‘ok’ and as for fixing it. You don’t seem to be doing a very good job’
‘Well I can’t try any harder Cheyenne’
‘Can’t or won’t’
Gerard sighed and rolled onto his back, this was not how he pictured Christmas Eve morning, it was meant to be all sweetness and light not arguments and aggravation.
‘Cheyenne can I just apologise for this Lyn mess once more and be done with it. I don’t want to spend the next two months, two years or two decades going over the same shit. I am sorry I lied to you about bringing Lyn to the house, I apologise, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings and I’m sorry if you feel betrayed by my actions, it wasn’t done intentionally to hurt you or make you feel any of the emotions you’re feeling now. I just- I just want to have a nice Christmas and New Year with you before I have to go and jet set around the world on tour. So can we please call a truce?’
‘Fine’ Cheyenne sighed feeling only a little bit of her anger disperse and lying back flat on the bed ‘we can call a true’
‘Good may I have a kiss?’ Gerard asked
‘If you make me some breakfast’ Cheyenne said cheekily turning her head and offering him a smile as an incentive.
‘What if I just steal one?’ he said rolling over so his body held hers in place.
‘You can try’ Cheyenne challenged and then burst into a fit of giggles as Gerard tried to kiss her as she thrashed about beneath him. The tense atmosphere that they had felt before begun to lift and as Gerard tried to feel Cheyenne’s lips against his he wondered how long it would be before their truce was broken.


The rest of Christmas Eve passed pleasantly and lazily for all the band members and their respective partners, no arguments were had and no cross words were uttered. It was a beautiful day for all and as they all fell asleep in each others arms each and every one of them counted their blessings for the things they had and for the people they knew and loved. Little did they know that whilst they slept a storm was brewing in the hearts of those who had been hurt by other’s actions and little did they know that by the New Year came all their lives would’ve changed.

A/N – We’ve arrived people! This story ends in the next few chapters, it could be three it could be five, who knows but we are reaching the climax, secrets will be spilled, lives will be ruined and nothing will ever be the same again. Xoxo Reign
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