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Chapter 68

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Cheyenne does some snooping, Alica confuses Mikey and Lyn wins another round

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The next two days past quickly, with Cheyenne at work Gerard found himself prepping the house and stocking the cupboards for Christmas and New Year. He imagined this would be his life if he was a house husband except the only difference was the two or three children he imagined would be there.
‘Morning’ Cheyenne mumbled sleepily as Gerard stretched ready to start another day of preparation.
‘What are you doing here?’ he asked surprised, he was used to waking up alone since she started her new job a couple days ago.
‘I have the day off if that’s ok with you, it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and I have things to do’
‘I’ve nearly done everything’ Gerard said proudly
‘Good then that leaves less for me but I still have to get a few gifts and things’ she said shifting positions so her head was on his shoulder. ‘Are you excited about Christmas?’
‘A little bit’ he replied as he stroked her hair ‘but I know after the holidays we’ll be touring and I won’t see you so much. I don’t like thinking about that.’
‘I know me neither but I’ll come out and join you I promise, I’ll take some time off and come and see you do what you do best.’
‘I won’t be having sex with people you know’ he joked ‘everyone knows that’s what I do best’
‘Says who?’ Cheyenne laughed
‘Says everyone’ Gerard said feigning outrage
‘I don’t know I’ll have to speak to this everyone and make them see sense, they’re obviously deluded.’ She giggled
‘I love this’ Gerard sighed
‘Love what?’ Cheyenne asked kissing his shoulder
‘This’ He said pulling her closer ‘just laying here with you, talking, laughing, it’s so simple and refreshing. I don’t know I just love it.’
‘Hmm me too’ Cheyenne agreed ‘It’s the safest place in the world.’
‘Yeah that’s what it is’ Gerard said ‘It’s safe and warm and no one can get us here.’ As if on cue Cheyenne cell rang disturbing their peaceful euphoria
‘Hello’ she said smiling at Gerard who was trying his best to look cross
‘Miss Nestor to what do I owe this pleasure….uh huh…sure why not….let’s say in an hour….cool, see ya then….bye.’
‘Let me guess shopping with Jamia’ Gerard said
‘Got it on one’ Cheyenne said snuggling closer to him.
‘Well I’m gonna get up’ He said yawning and sitting ‘I have things to see and people to do’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said ‘I’m gonna snooze, wake me up when you’re out of the shower’
‘Will do’
Cheyenne snuggled deeper under the covers she was warm, cosy and everything was all right so she let her mind absently drift though the events of the last few weeks and events that were to come. She heard the shower go and then Gerard’s singing and she laughed to herself and rolled onto her back, where she spotted Gerard’s phone on the bedside table. She’d never searched through someone else phone before, she never felt the need to but as she reached for it she remembered how she felt two days ago and the intuition she felt telling her to check his phone. Her heart beat increased rapidly as she picked it up and flipped it open, she smiled as a picture of herself came onto the screen. It was one that was taken when she and Gerard were still sneaking about. Hitting the menu button she located his inbox and begun scrolling down she wasn’t sure what she was looking for but she knew she should keep looking. Fortunately his phone displayed the first line of a message so she didn’t have to go in and read them all.

Mikey: Gee call me back…
Ray: The album has now sold…
Becca Publicist: Guys just to let you know…
Miss Bryar: on my way home xx
Frank: Did you hear the one about the prostitute….
Miss Bryar: I love you
Mom: Gerard call me when you get…

Cheyenne continued to scroll down his multitude of message and was so far satisfied by what she found until she came across a message from Lyn that made her heart started to beat.

Lyn: Is everything ok I’m worried about you

What was she worried about? And what did Gerard reply back? She continued to scroll down and as she did so more messages from Lyn appeared. She was so engrossed by her deceit that she didn’t hear Gerard come out of the shower and into the bedroom.

‘What are you doing with my phone?’ he said startling her, she just managed to see the beginning of another message before she closed his in box.

‘Hey Gerard, I just woke up to find you’re…

‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne mumbled trying to think fast ‘I was just sending Jamia a message. I didn’t think you would mind’ she said placing the phone on his pillow.
‘What’s wrong with your phone?’ he asked eying her suspiciously whilst trying to think if there was anything incriminating on his phone.
‘I’m low on battery’ she said with a small smile ‘I didn’t think you’d mind.’
‘I don’t’ he told her shrugging and turning away from her.
‘I’m going to get in the shower’ she said ‘and could you?’
‘Could I what?’ he asked
‘Send Jamia a message to tell her I may need thirty minutes more. I deleted it when you came in, you startled me’
‘I didn’t mean to baby and yes I’ll send her the message’ Gerard said
‘Thanks’ Cheyenne said trying to put some real feeling behind her smile but all she could think about was all the messages from Lyn she’d seen and the cold feeling it left her with.

‘Alicia what’s the problem?’ Jamia asked for the third time as she tried to pack her handbag with everything she needed for the day.
‘Mia I don’t have a problem’ Alicia insisted.
‘Then why won’t you come with us’
‘Because! I have a lot of stuff to do here’ she said stroking Bunny absentmindedly
‘Bullshit!’ Jamia retorted ‘You were willing to come until I said Chey was coming and then you went all cold. What did she do that pissed you off so much?’
‘Nothing Jamia Pease drop it I don’t have a problem with Cheyenne, I really don’t I’m just super busy at home. I gotta go I’ll call you later.’
‘Whatever bye’ Jamia said hanging up not waiting to hear Alicia’s farewell.

‘What was that about?’ Mikey asked he entered the room carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and Pumpkin in the other
‘Jamia wanted me to go shopping but I don’t feel like it’ she answered
‘What are you talking about? You said you had to go this morning.’ Mikey said dropping the cat on the carpet it paws making a soft thump as it hit the floor
‘I know and I do, I just don’t feel like going right now’ she said smiling up at him, it was a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes, Mikey noticed but decided not say anything.
‘I’m really looking forward to Christmas Day’ Mikey said before taking a sip of his drink and changing the subject ‘I can’t wait for my presents’
Alicia laughed and slapped his arm playfully ‘It’s not a about the presents Michael’ she reminded him ‘it’s about food!’
‘Don’t you mean it’s about our loved ones and spending time together?’ he said with a grin
‘No it’s definitely about the food’ she said laughing again.
‘What’s really up honey?’ Mikey asked her, she hadn’t really been herself for a few days
‘Can I ask you something?’ she asked abruptly turning to face him
‘Anything’ Mikey said sitting back so he was comfortable.
‘If you knew something that could upset the balance, but you’re not sure if it’s true but you’re pretty sure its true would you tell someone?’ Alicia asked all the while having Frank and Cheyenne in her mind, she could see their flirting and the sly way they touched each other and she felt that cold feeling wash over her.
‘I’m sorry say that again’ Mikey said trying to piece together what she just said. Did she know about Frank and Lyn? Or was she talking about Gerard and Lyn?
‘I said…nothing’ Alicia said with a sigh ‘It’s nothing, just something I saw on the TV and I wanted t know what your view was. It doesn’t matter’
‘No problem’ Mikey said turning his face so he could kiss her on the cheek, all the while thinking that it was something and it did matter.


‘Men are so hard to buy for’ Jamia moaned as they all walked casually through the mall trying to pick out gifts for their loved ones.
‘How come Alicia didn’t come?’ Amber asked she found it weird that they were all out and one of the girls was missing.
‘She was busy’ Jamia replied nonchalantly
‘She has a problem with me’ Cheyenne answered honestly
‘Why what did you do?’ Christa asked as she rummaged through her multitude of bags to make sure she had everything.
‘I have no idea, all of sudden she just went all cold on me’ Cheyenne pouted unhappily ‘I’ve obviously offended her but she won’t tell me what I did so I can’t fix it?’
‘Maybe it’s your face’ a voice said from behind them, they all swung around to find the face behind the voice was none other then Lyn.
‘What the hell are you doing here?’ Amber asked
‘It’s a public mall, what do you think I’m doing here?’ Lyn said rolling her eyes
‘I didn’t know you were allowed to prostitute yourself in a public place’ Cheyenne shot back
‘Ah! Cheyenne so glad to have you back how’s Gerard? In fact wait, don’t tell me I already know’ Lyn said smiling ‘did you get my Christmas card?’
‘Yes we did, Gerard binned it’ Cheyenne smirked ‘he said something about tacky and desperate’
‘Funny! No worries I’ll just send him a private text message, you know for his eyes only, it might put a bit of Christmas cheer on his face.’
‘He’s got enough cheer thanks’ Amber said eying her former friend with pure loathing
‘We’ll see’ Well I’d love to stay and chat but I have to go. Bye girls and btw Cheyenne I love your house, it’s gorgeous.’
‘Well I hope you remember it because you won’t be invited in again, once was enough’ Cheyenne said with a smile.
‘Once! Oh honey I’ve been there more then once’ Lyn said flashing a smile at the instant anger that suddenly overshadowed Cheyenne’s face ‘And your bed is to die for it’s so soft don’t you think?’
‘LYN’ Marcus called out from a few feet behind her ‘HONEY LET’S GO’
‘I got to run ciao girls’ and with that she turned and walked to Marcus her heels clicking loudly on the marble floors.
‘Are you ok Cheyenne?’ Christa asked cautiously
‘I’m fine’ Cheyenne snapped but then softened ‘I’m ok’
‘She’s just a stupid bitch’ Jamia chimed in eventually as they continued to walk ‘Don’t let her get you Chey’
‘Too late’ Cheyenne said to herself, she already has.

A/N Hey my lovlies. I hope all is well. Short and sweet eh! Is this satisfactory? I have no idea but I’m sure you’ll tell me. I’ll update in a few days time. Take care Reign xxx
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