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Chapter 67

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‘So what did you think?’ Cheyenne asked as she fell upon her king sized four poster bed, she rolled onto her back and watched Gerard unbutton his shirt and drop it to the floor. ‘Did you have a nice time Mr Way?’
Gerard smiled slightly he had had a nice time but Melanie…no actually he had spoiled it towards the end. ‘I had a wonderful time, you done a fantastic job.’
‘I did, didn’t I?’ Cheyenne said not meaning to sound bigheaded just proud. ‘I can’t believe Jamia and Frank are married’
‘I know that was a shock’ Gerard admitted as he sat on the edge of the bed to remove his socks.
‘Well I think it’s wonderful’ Cheyenne said crawling on the bed to reach him, she knelt up and wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands dangling on his chest.
‘Me too, they’re so lucky’ Gerard sighed ‘I wish them all the happiness in the word’
‘Well try not to sound too cheerful when you say it’ Cheyenne remarked sarcastically
‘Sorry I’m trying to, I’m just so exhausted I need sleep lots of sleep.’
‘Well then let’s get you into bed, I unfortunately have to get up for work tomorrow but you can lie in bed all day.’
‘Sounds good’ Gerard said, he removed her hands gently from around him and stood up.
‘No let me’ Cheyenne said removing his hands from his belt buckle ‘Let me undress you’
She swiftly undid his belt, button and zip and tugged his jeans down to the floor. ‘There much better’
‘Baby’ Gerard said cautiously ‘would you mind if we skipped the sex tonight, I’m so knackered.’
‘No problem’ Cheyenne said and it wasn’t a problem she was tired and so was he.
‘I do want you though’ He said quickly in case she thought he was rejecting her ‘I think you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen I…’
‘You don’t have to justify yourself its fine’ Cheyenne said standing up and unzipping her dress at the side, she shimmied of it and walked it over to her dresser where she carefully draped it over the chair. She took off her tights unpinned her hair that was held to the back of her head in a tight bun and took off her earrings, when she was completely naked she walked over to the bed, climbed in beside Gerard and switched off the table lamp plunging the room into darkness.
‘You know I love you, don’t you Chey?’ he asked insecurely. When Melanie had showed him that picture he thought his world would come crashing down, he hadn’t been that afraid in a long time.
‘Yes I know’ she yawned ‘I love you too’
‘Good because I want you to know that you’re the most important thing in the world to me’
‘Ditto’ Cheyenne said finding his lips in the dark and giving him a tender kiss.


‘What are you doing?’ Frank called up to Jamia, he had rolled out of bed, walked into the hallway and nearly collided with a ladder.
‘I’m getting the Christmas decorations’ Jamia said
‘Because it’s nearly Christmas’
‘No its not, Christmas is ages away’
‘No Frank Christmas is seven days away’
‘No its not’ he said rushing over to the calendar that was pinned to their fridge ‘Oh my god yes it is.’
‘I tried to tell you’ Jamia shouted back
‘How did this happen?’ he asked stalking back into the hallway ‘I’m not ready for Christmas I don’t have any presents, I haven’t written any Christmas cards, I…’
‘Chill out’ Jamia said as she lowered the Christmas tree box down to him ‘we’ve got plenty of time to sort everything out.’
‘No, we don’t’ he said carrying the box into the loving room ‘we’ve got to shop for gifts for your family and mine and the guys and the girls and now Cheyenne. There isn’t enough time.’
‘Frank, get a hold of yourself and this box please’ she said as she lowered the first box of decorations down to him.
‘I’ve already made the Christmas card list I have a few ideas of the gifts I want to get some of our nearest and dearest and we’ll put the decorations up tonight when we get back from shopping ok.’
‘Ok’ he said ‘I’m calm, we’re organised and everything will be fine’
‘You know what’ Jamia said grinning down on him from the attic ‘This will be out first Christmas as husband and wife’
Frank grinned back, his face full of love and admiration for the woman before him ‘this is going to be the best Christmas ever.’
‘I know’ Jamia said lowering down another box of decorations.
‘Except we still haven’t told our parents yet’ Frank reminded her, they had been putting it off because they were both afraid of their reactions.
‘I know but we will’ she said with certainty ‘We will.’


‘Hey lover’ Cheyenne called out as she carried a bag of groceries into the kitchen ‘Gerard?’
‘In here’ he hollered
Cheyenne followed the sound of his voice into the living room.
‘I hope you don’t mind but I started without you’ Gerard said as he delicately placed another bauble onto the Christmas tree.
‘Aww it’s beautiful’ Cheyenne said as she gazed upon the six foot green Christmas tree, half decorated with baubles and a golden glittery star already placed on the top branch
‘The stars meant to go last honey’ Cheyenne said picking up an ornament and placing it on the tree.
‘Yeah I know but I couldn’t wait’ Gerard said guiltily ‘I got excited’
‘What else have you done today?’ Cheyenne enquired
‘I…Got up, went shopping for all this stuff, by the way I got some awesome looking cards, then I came home made something to eat and started working on my masterpiece’ he said whilst making a grand gesture toward the tree.
‘A productive day then’ Cheyenne said with a grin, she could’ve done all of that in about two hours and here it had taken Gerard nearly all day
‘Pretty much’ he replied. They worked in a comfortable silence for a while, each of them picking up ornaments, baubles and tinsel and placing them where they saw fit.
‘Ok you finish up here’ Cheyenne said after a while ‘I’m going to take a shower, fix us some dinner and then I’ll sit down and write the Christmas card list.’
‘Cool, you know I was thinking that this weekend we should probably shop for gifts’ Gerard said
‘Sounds good and we’ll need to write a guest list for the New Year’s party’ Cheyenne informed him
‘A guest list, you said it was a gathering’
‘It is a gathering but I’d still like to know whose coming ’
‘Mikey, Alicia, Frank, Jam…’ He started
‘Still’ Cheyenne said ‘plus I was thinking that I might invite some people from work’
‘What? I do work there you know it would be good for me to bond with my co-workers’
‘So it IS a party them’
‘Yeah but just a small one. What now?’ she said when he rolled his eyes
‘Nothing’ he murmured
‘It was something or you wouldn’t be making that face’
‘It’s just I don’t want a load of people in our new house.’ He whined
‘But it would be okay if they were your friends right’ Cheyenne accused
‘Well yeah I guess’
‘So you can have all your friends but the few I invite are unwelcome.’
‘You can invite Farrah and Jude if you want’ he offered
‘I was going to anyway’ Cheyenne snapped ‘and I’m going to invite the few from work and the decorators whether you like it or not, this is our house and our party, which means that, both of our friends…’ she said pointing to Gerard and then herself ‘…are invited’
‘They’re not your friends though they’re people you work with’ Gerard said
‘They’re not my friends yet, but they could be’ Cheyenne retorted
‘You have enough friends already’
‘No Gerard I have enough of your friends already’ she said ‘I live here now I’m not just visiting I need to make friends of my own and that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be friends with the group it just means that I’d like to get to know more people on my own’
‘Fine whatever’ he said dismissively
‘Argh, you know what if you’re going to be such a jackass about this we won’t have a party at all.’ she retorted
‘Suits me’ Gerard said
‘Of course it does. Everything great if Gerard gets his own way right?’ and without another word Cheyenne left the room and headed for the stairs.


‘I want you to meet my parents’ Amber told Bob as she buttered another roll for him
‘You what?’ Bob spluttered sending bread crumbs spraying over the table
‘You heard me’ Amber said making a face at him
‘Why?’ he asked as he brushed the offending crumbs from his clothes
‘Because I go visit them over New Year and I want you to come with me.’
‘What do you mean why?’ Amber laughed ‘What’s the big deal?’
‘I don’t know meeting people’s parents is usually a big deal’
‘Well lucky for you my parents are pretty laid back so it won’t be a big deal.’
‘No I meant in a couples relationship, doesn’t that mean its getting serious’
‘And you don’t think we’re serious?’ Amber asked
‘No I do, I just don’t know if I’m ready to meet the parents, to take the next “step”
‘Right’ Amber said trying to make heads and tails of what he was saying. Bob silently studied her face hoping he hadn’t offended her.
‘Well let me put it this way’ Amber said ‘You meet a guy, you date, he meets your friends, he meets the parents, he moves in you get married blah blah blah.’
‘Ok’ Bob said unsure of where she was going ‘that sounds about right.’
‘Our relationship has been I met you, we dated, we met each others friends, you moved in. So technically we skipped a step so our next step in accordance to the normal dating time line would be…’
‘Marriage’ Bob whispered he didn’t mean for the word to sound so quiet but he was suddenly having a hard time getting air to his lungs.
‘Exactly so meeting my parents sounds like…’
‘A piece of cake’ he muttered
‘Exactly’ Amber said as she watched Bob chug down his entire glass of coke.
‘I’m ok’ Bob said when he was done
‘Oh Bobby’ Amber said laughing and resting her self on his knee, his arms instinctively circling her waist ‘You are so adorable’
‘I am?’
‘Yeah especially when you get all nervous and stuff’ she said placing light kisses on his face ‘look if its really going to mess you up then you don’t have to come and meet them over New Year, we can do it when you’re ready’
‘Thanks’ he said squeezing her gently ‘You’re the best’
‘But I do want you to meet them and I want to meet yours’ she said looking into his deep blue eyes.
He nodded silently ‘We’ll work something out’
‘Now…lets discuss Christmas’ Amber said as Bob sighed heavily and rested his head in his hands.


‘Hey look I’m sorry for acting like an ass a couple nights ago’ Gerard apologised ‘I was being a little selfish and you’re right you do have to make friends of your own’ They were standing in their beautiful new kitchen, Cheyenne was dressed for work and leaning against their Formica counter top whilst Gerard sat at their glass kitchen table.
‘You’re forgiven’ Cheyenne said and Gerard smiled ‘And the party?’
‘Back on’
‘Yes’ Cheyenne said launching herself at him, he stood up caught her in his arms and she squeezed him tightly ‘Thanks honey’
‘No problem’ Gerard said kissing the top of her head
‘And I promise the house will remain in tact’
‘Oh it better or you’ll be punished’ Gerard said grabbing her left butt cheek and squeezing it firmly
‘Oooh’ Cheyenne said pressing her body against his ‘I might just have to misbehave on purpose’
‘I was hoping you would’ he said grabbing her other cheek with his other hand and forcing himself against her
‘Mmm as much as I like the feel of this I have to say down boy’ Cheyenne told him ‘I got to go to work’
Gerard released her but kissed her gently ‘how’s work anyway, I’ve barely asked you about it?’ He said settling himself back at the table he was opening a bunch of Christmas cards that they had received over the last few days.
‘It’s ok, the atmosphere is way different to my old office up in Chicago but I’m sure it’ll improve.’
‘I agree just give it time’ Gerard said ‘Oh look your aunt sent us a card’
‘Oh let me see. To Cheyenne and Gerard Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. Great news about the new house would love to come for a visit. Love always’ Cheyenne read aloud
‘Cool we’ll have to arrange that’ Gerard said opening another card.
‘Yeah definitely’ Cheyenne said as she too took a card off the pile and began to open it
‘Shouldn’t you be going to work?’ Gerard asked as he scanned the card in his hands, through the glass table he could see Cheyenne’s tanned and tones legs, her skirt short but professional was riding up her thighs, he could imagine taking her on the table right now. He was so deep in his fantasy that it took him a moment to realise she hadn’t answered him.
‘To Gerard and Cheyenne.’ Cheyenne read aloud ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love from Lyn and Marcus.’
‘Oh’ Gerard said turning his attention back to the card he held in his hand, he was praying that this wouldn’t escalate.
‘Isn’t that nice’ Cheyenne said placing the card onto the table ‘I thought you told her you wanted nothing to do with her.’
‘I did’
‘So what’s this then?’ Cheyenne said sliding the card in front of him
‘I don’t know a good will gesture it’s the holidays for Christ sake’
‘And she got our address how?’ Cheyenne asked rising from her seat
‘What does it matter it’s just a card from her AND Marcus’ Gerard said throwing it into the pile of already opened cards. ‘What the big deal?’
‘Has she been here Gerard?’ Cheyenne asked
‘What does it matter?’ Gerard asked trying to defuse the situation by being flippant
‘Has she been here?’ Cheyenne repeated she could feel the anger and jealousy coursing rapidly through her veins.
‘When?’ she hissed.
‘While you were in Chicago she came over’
‘You were here with your ex in our house alone?’
‘No we weren’t alone the decorators were here and so was Frank, we were far from alone. Look’ Gerard said closing the gap between them ‘I already told you nothing happened between me and Lyn, we didn’t see each other while you were gone and we won’t see each other again ok. Please I don’t want to fight with you over a fucking Christmas card.’
Cheyenne sighed and felt herself give in he was right it was stupid to fight over a piece of card with a Christmas tree on it but it was something about Lyn that really got her going, she made Cheyenne jealous and insecure in a way no other person has ever done. But knowing Frank and others were here made it seem a little less offensive that that witch was in her house.
‘Come here’ Gerard said pulling her into a hug ‘there’s no need to be threatened by Lyn she’s got nothing on you’
Cheyenne laughed at that and kissed Gerard’s shoulder ‘you’re right she’s nothing’
‘That’s my girl’
‘But I can’t help but feel something is wrong Gee and if there’s something you’re not telling me…’
‘Nothing is wrong Cheyenne, you’re just paranoid and I have nothing to tell you I promise’
‘You’re right, its all me’ she sighed pulling back and looking into his beautiful eyes ‘what’s wrong with me? You’re wonderful, you love me, you comfort me and you’ve provided me with this beautiful home and I’m giving you shit over a Christmas card. I’m sorry.’
‘Don’t apologise its forgotten’ he said stroking her hair ‘it’s all water under the bridge now go finished getting ready I think I’ll drive into New York with you and see if I can find a suitable gift for my mother’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said smiling ruefully ‘and get rid of that, I don’t want to see it again’
‘Will do’ Gerard said picking up Lyn’s card and throwing it in the trash. When he was certain Cheyenne was out of earshot he grabbed his phone and dialled Lyn’s number.

‘Well hello Gerard’ Lyn answere nonchalantly
‘What the fuck are you playing at?’
‘What do you mean?’ Lyn asked innocently
‘You know what I mean, why did you send us a Christmas card?’
‘I was just trying to be friendly’ she said defensively ‘It is Christmas after all’
‘Cheyenne started asking if you’d been here she was upset and angry, I can’t keep lying to her Lyn’ he snapped. The line was quiet as Lyn didn’t reply and then Gerard sighed heavily after leaving Lyn in the lurch the last thing he wanted to do was argue with her over a Christmas card but he didn’t want to argue with Cheyenne either but he had to make Lyn understand.
‘Lyn please listen to me’ he started
‘I’m all alone right now Gee’ she said making her voice sound husky and lust filled.
‘I’m sorry for what happened between us’ he said making his voice as quiet as he could ‘ but I can’t…I don’t want anything more to do with you’
‘I’m wet right now thinking about you’ Lyn continued even though the words he spoke were cutting her deeply
‘I know what I said in the beginning but it can’t be that way we can’t be friends’ he said trying to keep his mind on the words he was saying and the not the ones Lyn were talking.
‘Do you remember what it feels like inside me, what my hard nipples feel like on your tongue, how good your cock feels when I wrap my lips around it?’
‘Yes’ Gerard said but it came out more like a moan, he could feel his manhood twitching at the thought of what she was saying.
‘Why don’t you come over honey?’ Lyn asked ‘I know Cheyenne has to go to work and so does Marcus we could be alone all day. I could pleasure you all day.’
‘Lyn please.’ Gerard said he was having a hard time focusing on what he was meant to be saying
‘Come on I know you want to.’
‘I can’t’
‘Just come over.’ She urged
‘NO!’ Gerard said as he slammed his cell phone down on the counter. He stood there for what seemed like a lifetime trying to catch his breath his adrenalin was pumping rapidly through him. What had just happened? He was so turned on by what she said the idea of just going there and fucking her while both their partners were at work was so exciting. Gerard looked down at his cock it was rock hard it couldn’t stay that way, leaving the phone on the side he legged it up the stairs and found Cheyenne putting her shoes on.
‘Hey you what’s….whoa Gerard.’ Cheyenne cried as Gerard spun her around so her back was against his chest he pushed against her from behind and grabbed her breasts.
‘I need you’ he said firmly as his hands kneaded her through her shirt
‘Gerard I have to get to work’ she said trying to push his hands away
‘Please Chey I’m desperate’ he said as his hands crawled under her skirt lifting it to sit on her hips. A moan escaped his lips when he saw the V of her thong just visible above the globes of her ass cheeks.
‘Be quick’ Cheyenne said as she pushed her underwear to the floor.
‘I will be. Bend over’ Gerard said undoing the tie on his shorts and letting them fall to the floor.
‘This is so inappropriate’ Cheyenne said as she leaned her upper body on her dressing table so her arse was in the air.
‘I’m sorry’ Gerard whispered ‘But I’m so fucking horny, I want you, I just have to have you’
Grabbing his dick he guided it to her entrance and gently pushed, he just wanted to fuck her so hard and fast.
‘I’m not wet Gee’ Cheyenne said attempting to stand up.
‘I’ll make you wet’ Gerard said pushing her back down and finding her opening with his finger, he pushed inside her gently then sped up, she was right she wasn’t really wet at all and he wanted her dripping. He pushed another finger inside her and then another and continued to finger fuck her until she started to moan, he could feel her juices flowing now, his cock was so hard it was starting to throb with impatience. Not wanting to wait any longer he guided himself inside her, her pussy just wet enough for him to slide in comfortably and then without hesitation he thrust inside her, again and again harder and faster loving the feel of Cheyenne’s twitching body beneath him and her loud cries as he gripped her hips and pounded inside her. He couldn’t fuck her hard enough, he could hear the conversation with Lyn in his head and the excitement of deception driving him to pump into Cheyenne, he watched the flesh of her arse vibrate with each thrust and he shuddered as his name rolled of her lips. Had she cum? He didn’t care he just wanted to fuck her until he was satisfied. He was close to cuming now and he wanted to get as deep inside her as possible, reluctantly he stopped. Lifting her left leg he held it up against the dresser and repositioned himself, he could hear Cheyenne’s laboured breathing and then she gasped as he entered her again. This was it, he’d cum quickly now, he started thrusting, straight into her, no hesitation he pumped inside her, crying out as each thrust bought him pleasure, he was so turned on and with one last pump he came hard. He could feel his cum squirting from his tip as he rocked his hips back and forth. When he was done he held her there, his breathing laboured and his legs wobbly from euphoria.
‘Satisfied’ Cheyenne asked once he had released her so she could walked to their on suite bathroom
‘I’m sorry if I hurt you’ he apologoised unable to meet her eye
‘You didn’t hurt me you were just a little rougher then normal’ she said kissing his head
‘I’m sorry’
‘It’s ok. What came over you?’ she asked as his arms draped over he shoulder.
‘Nothing’ he said accepting the tissue she offered him and wiping his semi-hard cock with it ‘I was looking at what you were wearing earlier, you looked so sexy and I wanted to have you but I knew you had to go to work, but then…’ he said enveloping her in his arms ‘…I started fantasising and before I knew it I was rock hard and ready.’
‘You need therapy’ Cheyenne joked ‘now get lost I have got to get to work.’

Once Cheyenne left the room Gerard walked over to the bed and fell onto it, the relief he felt was intense. Speaking to Lyn on the phone had done him no good he was so turned on by the naughtiness and excitement of what she was suggesting that he was afraid if didn’t take Cheyenne then and there he might of ended up and Lyn’s. Once again he felt embarrassed and ashamed by his behaviour and he wondered to himself if he’s ever be able to not feel the lust he felt for Lyn in order to have a normal relationship with Cheyenne

Cheyenne walked into the kitchen and composed herself. That was one hell of a session and wondered what fantasy Gerard had that would turn him on so much, she made a note of asking him later. Picking up her work bag off the counter she scanned the kitchen to make sure she had everything when her eyes fell on Gerard’s phone. She had never had any interest in it before but for some reason her instinct was telling her to take an interest now. She was about to pick it up and have a nose around when it rang. Quickly checking the callers Id she noted it was Mikey, placing it down as she found it she walked to the front door but called up the stairs to tell Gerard his phone was ringing.
As Cheyenne started her car, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Gerard’s phone held the answer to the uneasiness she felt and she made a mental note to take a quick look at it later that night when he was asleep.

A/N hey y’all had no intention of this chapter being this long but I kept getting ideas and so I kept writing. Hope you all liked it. Peace and Reignbows (you see what I did there)
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