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Chapter 66

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Frank makes an announcement, Gerard gets caught out and Cheyenne gets the cold shoulder.

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The next few days passed quickly for Cheyenne. The guys jetted off to do two shows over two days and she had just completed her first day at her new job. Life was finally started to come together. Over the two days that the guys were gone Cheyenne and the rest of the girls fell back into their pattern of hanging out, discussing the guys and just being together as a group. Cheyenne loved the closeness that she shared with the girls, yes it was true to say that she had friends up in Chicago who she loved but this was different, all their guys were in a band it was a lifestyle that they had in common. It was a life they shared.

‘Incoming’ Jamia called out as she stumbled into the kitchen her arms laden with bags. Alicia opened her mouth to say something but a grunt escaped her lips instead as she passed Jamia and placed her bags into the counter.
‘Why didn’t you guys just make two trips?’ She asked relieving Jamia of some of her bags
‘Puh, two trips is for losers’ Jamia said ‘I’m not a loser’
‘But now you’re exhausted’ Cheyenne said shaking her head. ‘Where are Christa and Amber?’
‘They’re brining in the other bits’ Jamia said with a dismissive wave of her hand.
‘Thank you guys for doing this’ Cheyenne said smiling at them both ‘I’m just trying to get this house in some sort of order before the party, I want everything to be perfect for our guests and for Gerard.’
‘And for Gerard’ Jamia mimicked
‘And for Frankie too’ Cheyenne added with a wink
Jamia laughed as she pictured Franks face, they hadn’t announced their marriage to anyone yet and decided that today was a good time as any to spill the news.
‘Right I got to go pick up Donna’ Jamia said
‘No I’ll go’ Alicia said quickly, she hadn’t said a word since she came through the door.
‘You sure?’ Jamia asked her studying her friend’s features ‘I don’t mind’
‘It’s not a problem’ Alicia said snatching the keys off the counter ‘See ya later’
When she was certain she heard the door close Cheyenne turned and said ‘see I told you.’
‘Told me what?’ Jamia asked
‘She doesn’t like me’ Cheyenne replied, she tuned to the nearest bag and began unpacking its contents
‘Don’t be silly’ Jamia cried shaking off her jacket
‘I’m telling you Mia, she’s off with me, she’s barely spoken two words to me since I’ve been home.’
‘You’re paranoid’ Jamia told her as she too began unpacking the closet bag to her.
‘I’m not. You watch her. Watch her tonight I bet she doesn’t even talk to me.’ Cheyenne retorted
‘Ok I will and then you’ll see that it’s all in your big head’ Jamia said with a laugh


Melanie read the email through again and sighed she was undecided. She had received an email a few days ago inviting her to the Gerard and Cheyenne’s housewarming dinner party. Unfortunately for her she wasn’t as excited as she should be or as excited as the other girls were so she hadn’t yet RSVP’d . The whole team had been asked to go and although they were all excited most of them couldn’t make it. Only she and Claire were able to attend. Melanie did not want to go. After hearing Gerard banging on about how great his girlfriend was and how everything he did was for her and then seeing him kiss Lyn, the thought of going to the house party made her stomach turn. She sighed again as she logged off her hotmail account, walking away from her computer she located her mobile phone and scrolled through her contacts until she found Gerard’s number. She wasn’t going and she was about to tell him now, she just hoped Claire wouldn’t be too mad about it.

‘Gerard Way’
‘Gerard .It’s me Melanie…your decorator’
‘Oh hey Mel how’s it going?’
‘Fine. Look you’re probably busy so I’ll make this quick’
‘It’s about tonight…’
‘Yeah I’ll see you there Claire called a couple days ago and said you were both coming’
‘She did?’
‘Right’ of course she did Melanie thought. ‘Err in that case I was just wondering if we needed to bring anything, a bottle of wine, a dessert?’
‘Just yourselves will do nicely’ he told her ‘Cheyenne’s got everything under control.’
‘Ok great then I’ll see you at 7’
‘See you tonight’

Melanie hung up and cursed, that damned Claire RSVPing for her, who did she thing she is? And now she had to go to the stupid dinner party and watch Gerard be a hypocrite. Throwing her phone into the sofa, Melanie headed for her bedroom. She needed to lie down.


It was just after four when Gerard reached home, he was tired but in good spirits.
‘Wow look at all of this.’ He commented as he came into the dinning room where Cheyenne was laying the table.
‘You like it?’ she asked smiling up at him, he looked tired but his eyes were smiling
‘It’s beautiful, just like you’ he said as she walked into his arms
‘How were the shows?’ she asked dutifully
‘Great, I’m glad to be home though’ he said kissing her hair
‘It’s good to have you home’ She said rubbing hid back gently ‘You look tired I think you should take a quick nap before the guests get here.’
‘Good plan’ he said yawning ‘come with me’
‘I can’t’ Cheyenne giggled as he took her wrist and headed for the stairs ‘Gerard I’m busy’
‘Yeah and I want to get busy’ he said turning and scooping her up, he threw her over his shoulder and ignored her protests as he carried her up the stairs.
‘Just a quick one’ Cheyenne said sternly as Gerard kissed her neck ‘I have food to prepare’
‘You should be preparing my cock’ he mumbled against her skin. Cheyenne moaned at his words as her fingers found his jeans and began to unzip them, she gasped as his hands found her nipples protruding under her bra.
‘Oh I’ve missed these’ he said walking her back to the bed ‘I’m gonna take my time with these’
‘Gee’ Cheyenne said breathlessly as he freed her breasts from the restraints of her bra ‘we can’t I have to cook’
‘But I want sex’ He whined his tongue dancing around her areola
‘We can have sex but not how you want to. Let me be in control, I’ll make it real good for you. Sit on the bed’ Cheyenne ordered as she undressed herself, she could feel Gerard’s eyes roam her body, she could feel herself getting aroused as he looked at her with lustful eyes. It had only been two days since they last made love but it felt longer. Kneeling in front of him Cheyenne helped him pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, his man hood stood rock hard in front of her and Cheyenne didn’t hesitate to take it in her mouth. She could hear his vocal approval as her tongue worked his cock, her wet mouth opening to let more of his length in.
‘Slowly’ Gerard groaned
‘Time is not on our side today baby’ she mumbles against him
‘I want it to last’ he complained and then groaned as she cupped his balls and began to gently massage them.
‘I promise you tonight you can have me anyway you want, for however long you want’ she said trailing her fingers down her stomach to her own woman hood. Gerard heard the squelching sound of Cheyenne’s fingers entering herself, he could hear the wetness as she pushed her fingers inside herself and drew them slowly out.
‘Are you finger fucking yourself?’ he asked as her mouth continued to prepare his cock
‘huh huh’ Cheyenne said letting the heat of her breath brush against him ‘I’m getting myself ready for you.’
‘Fuck, I’m fucking ready for you’ he said falling back onto the bed and shifting his weight so his legs we’re no longer hanging off the bed. Cheyenne stood up and looked down at her man, his dick standing to attention and she smiled at her handy work, she could feel her own wetness between her thighs and knew that this session wouldn’t take long. Crawling onto the bed she continued over his body until her lips found his; she kissed him deeply and moaned as his hands found the curves of her arse.
‘You are so sexy’ he told her as she straddled his hips
‘You aint seen nothing yet’ Cheyenne said as she took his length and guided it into her ready pussy, they both moaned as he slipped inside and Cheyenne adjusted herself. She was going to ride the cum right out of his cock.


‘Frank Iero get out of it’ Cheyenne laughed as Frank tried to steal a fresh strawberry off the top of her dessert gateau
‘Just give me one’ he said trying to reach round her
‘Absolutely not’ Cheyenne said grabbing one of his hands in each of hers and wrestling him off.
‘Come on Chey’ Frank said closing the gap between them, their bodies inches from each other ‘just one.’
‘No Frankie, stop it’ she giggled not noticing Alicia enter the kitchen. The older girls eyes narrowed and a look of distaste formed on her face.
‘Why don’t you two get a room?’ She said her voice failing to add the hint of jokiness that sentence required.
‘I don’t want a room I want a strawberry’ Frank huffed ‘Fine I give up’
‘Thank you’ Cheyenne said eyeing him cautiously she waited for him to leave the room before turning her back to carry on with her dessert.
‘So Alicia how are you?’ Cheyenne asked as she delicately sliced a plump strawberry in two
‘Fine’ Alicia said not an ounce of warmth in her voice.
‘I feel I haven’t seen you properly since I got back’ she said turning to face the other woman and smile. Her smile was not returned
‘I’m sure you’ve been very busy’ Alicia replied grabbing a glass from the cupboard
‘Yeah a little I have had a lot to organise for this evening and I started my new job today so…’ Cheyenne waited for Alicia to say something, some kind of congratulations about her job, some acknowledgement about the house but the room fell silent.
‘Look, why don’t the two of us go out for lunch tomorrow?’ Cheyenne asked
‘No thanks’ Alicia said placing her empty glass on the counter and walking out the room. In her moment of shock Cheyenne thought she heard Alicia mutter ‘not if you was the last person on earth’


‘This looks great sweetheart’ Gerard said leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek
‘Thank you’ Cheyenne beamed hoping her smile reached all the way to her eyes. Melanie tried not to get angry at his open affection, after all it was normal behaviour between a loving committed couple, but oh wait Gerard wasn’t committed she thought.
‘A toast’ Gerard said standing quickly and raising his glass ‘To Cheyenne a wonderful friend, an amazing cook and the best girlfriend a man can ask for’ he said winking at her
‘TO CHEYENNE’ they all chorused, that is everyone except Alicia and Cheyenne noticed, she wondered if anyone else had.
‘I-I can’t take all the credit’ she said snapping back into the happy atmosphere around her ‘All the girls helped me and Donna.’
‘Yeah but the idea was yours and from what Jamia tells me you did the majority’ Frank mumbled as his mouth was full of food.
‘Don’t talk with your mouth full’ Jamia chastised
‘Sorry wife’ he whispered to her making her grin
‘It was nothing’ Cheyenne said ‘I love entertaining for my friends’
‘Your family’ Donna corrected
‘You’re so modest’ Claire said with a smile ‘I wish I could do half the stuff you’ve done, I can even boil an egg.’
Cheyenne laughed ‘Well if you like when you’ve got some free time I’ll give you a couple of lessons.’
‘Really’ Claire replied her face lighting up ‘my boyfriend would rather eat meat out of a tin then touch my food’ everyone erupted into laughter.
‘Take my number before you go’ Cheyenne said still laughing ‘we’ll arrange something’
‘You’re so nice’ Melanie said throwing Cheyenne a smile
‘Isn’t she just’ Alicia piped in ‘Saint Cheyenne who does no wrong.’
‘That she is’ Ray said smiling across the table at her. It seemed that only Cheyenne heard the bitterness behind the words.
‘So Mel, how did you get into interior design?’ Cheyenne asked taking the focus off of her, she was fascinated at Melanie and the other girls work.
‘Well I sort of just fell into it’ Mel said honestly ‘it wasn’t something I wanted to do but now I love it and can’t imagine not doing it.’
‘I bet your house is lovely’ Cheyenne sighed
‘It’s alright’ Melanie said modestly
‘It’s better then alright, Claire piped in ‘it’s beautiful’
‘I would love to see it sometime’ Cheyenne said ‘if that’s ok with you.’
‘I’d love to show you’ Mel said with a nod of her head.
‘Ladies and Gentlemen I have an announcement’ Frank said pushing his chair back. He picked up his dessert spoon and rapped his wine glass that was bought only hours before.
‘Frank you don’t need to rap the glass you have our attention’ Mikey grinned at his friend’s idiocy.
‘I know but I want your full attention’ he said as he continued to tap the glass
‘Frank’ Jamia said sternly
‘Ok, ok. As you all know, well except Claire and Melanie because you’ve just joined us, but as the rest of you know Jamia and I have been together for a very very long time and it fills my heart with joy to tell you that Jamia and I…’
‘Oh my God you’re getting married’ Christa cried clapping her hands excitedly.
‘No thunder stealer’ Frank said with a laugh ‘Jamia and I are…’
‘Oh my God you’re pregnant’ Bob shouted
‘You are! Congratulations’ Amber and Ray said in unison
‘No!’ Frank said his brow creasing in annoyance ‘would you all stop interrupting’
‘What is it?’ Cheyenne said she was on the edge if her seat, literally
‘We got married ‘Jamia said smiling broadly up at Frank. A chorus of ‘no ways, oh my God’s and congratulations filled the room and then the crushing hugs began.
‘This calls for a real celebration’ Donna announced and left the room, when she returned she carried a bottle of champagne ‘This was for Gerard and Cheyenne but I’m sure they won’t mind if we open it to mark your occasion’ she told Frank as she pored champagne into the glasses placed around the tables.
‘To Mr and Mrs Frank Iero’ Mikey said as he raised his glass ‘may they have a long and happy marriage.’
‘To the Ieros’ they all said ‘may they have a long and happy marriage.’


‘Here why don’t you let me do that?’ Gerard offered taking the tablecloth from Cheyenne’s hands. ‘You go in the living room and relax with the others I can finish up in here.
‘You sure?’ Cheyenne said running her hands through his hair.
‘Of course I’m sure you’ve done more then enough’ he smiled at her.
‘Ok’ she said sighing ‘I am beat’
‘Remember what you promised me earlier’ Gerard said as she walked from the room, he heard her giggle and he knew she did.
Taking over from what Cheyenne was doing Gerard removed the crisp white table cloth that was now dirty with bits of food, dessert and wine he rolled it up into a ball and lobbed it onto the seat of one of their new high back dinner chairs. Grabbing the surface spray and a cloth he began to clean the wooden table, it was weird but he was actually enjoying the task, he could hear the chatter and laughter in the living room but was not anxious to join them, he was just happy being alone and contemplating their perfect night. He was abruptly bought back from his dreamland when Melanie walked into the room.
‘Hey’ he said as his eyes fell on her ‘are you having a good time?’
‘Yes thank you’ Melanie said sincerely ‘I’ve really enjoyed myself.’
‘I’m glad, we aim to please’
‘What, yourself?’ Melanie asked
‘What?’ Gerard asked confused
‘Do you aim to please yourself Gerard?’
‘I don’t understand’ he said beginning to feel uneasy about her presence, he could feel hostility radiating off her.
‘I know what’s going on’ Melanie said lowering her voice as she thrust a brown envelope into his hand
‘What’s this?’ he said his right eyebrow rose in curiosity
‘Open it’ she demanded. Gerard did as he was told he gently broke the seal and peered into the envelope. It wasn’t until he removed it completely from the envelope that he saw what it truly was
‘Where did you get this?’ he gasped his eyes shooting up to meet hers
‘I saw you do it’ she said
‘So you took a picture of it, what do you want money in exchange for your silence?’
‘How dare you’ Melanie hissed ‘what kind of person do you think I am. It was shock that made me take that picture and I’m not here for your God damn money. I want you to know that I know. How can you do that to Cheyenne?’
‘I didn’t mean to’ he said sinking into one of the dining chairs ‘it got out of hand.’
‘I can’t let you do this to her’ Melanie said
‘It’s none of your business’ Gerard said growing angry at the threat that Melanie posed
‘It is my business, she’s a wonderful sweet woman and she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way and you don’t deserve her.’
‘I know I don’t but I’m going to spend the rest of my life making this right’ he said waving the photo ‘and maybe one day I will deserve her.’
‘I despise men like you’ she spat ‘you think you can take whatever you want…’
‘I don’t think that’ Gerard said defending himself ‘I know what I did was wrong and it’ll never happen again, I’ve told Lyn that it’s over. Cheyenne is the most wonderful woman in the world she is my world and I wouldn’t be able to live without her. Yes I made a mistake I had a moment of weakness but it won’t happen again because I don’t need or want anyone except her. Please she can’t find out about this’
‘There you are’ Claire said from the dinning room archway ‘I’ve been looking for you’
‘Here I am’ Melanie said plastering a smile on her face’ Ready to go?’
‘Yep was just wondering if you were. I’ll go get my coat’
‘Meet you at the door’ Melanie said as the younger girl walked off, they could hear the tapping of her shoes getting further away ‘I suggest you get rid of that.’
‘You’re not going to say anything are you?’ Gerard asked his eyes pleading
‘No I’m not’ Melanie said crossing her arms ‘But I’m telling you now, if I even dream that you’re still carrying on with Lyn I will call Cheyenne so fast it’ll make your head spin. You got it?’
‘Got it’ Gerard said swallowing the thick lump that h ad formed in his throat and was blocking his airways
‘Goodnight’ Melanie said as she walked out of the room ‘Thank you for having us.’

A/N finally an update, took me ages to write that mostly because I’ve been spending my time organising The Untold Story… sighs never mind I hope you’ll all find that satisfactory. Will try and get the next one to you before 2010.

Reign xxx
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