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Chapter 65

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Gerard ends it with Lyn and Jmaia becomes and Iero

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‘Do you….’
‘Frank Iero’ Frank said glancing at the minister quickly, he didn’t want to take his eyes of Jamia. This was it, he couldn’t believ this was happening to him, he was getting married to Jamia, in a matter of minutes they would be husband and wife.
‘Jamia Nestor’ Jamia said with a grin
‘To be your lawfully wedded wife?’
‘I do’ Frank smiled squeezing Jamia’s hand as he said it.
‘And do you…’
‘Jamia Nestor’ Jamia repeated
‘Frank Iero’ frank said again
‘To be your lawfully wedded husband?’
‘I do’
‘The rings please’ the minister said and Frank fumbled in his pocket and produce to gold rings that he and Jamia had chosen and purchased earlier.
‘Now Frank repeat after me’ Frank listened carefully all the while smiling at Jamia, he nodded when the minister finished
‘Jamia with this ring, I thee wed, and with it, I bestow upon thee all the treasures of my mind, heart, and hands.’ He said taking Jamia’s left hand and sliding the ring on.
‘Now you Jamia’
‘Frank with this ring, I thee wed, and with it, I bestow upon thee all the treasures of my mind, heart, and hands.’ She repeated and as she slipped the ring on to his tattooed finger a tear slid from her eye.
‘By the power invested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride’
Frank leaned in and gently captured Jamia’s lips in his, it was their first kiss as husband and wife and it was the sweetest kiss they’d ever shared.

Including Frank and Jamia there were six people in the chapel and a round of applause erupted for the happy couple
‘Congratulations’ a blonde girl said hugging Frank tightly
‘Err thanks’ Frank said trying to hide the confused look on his face
‘Oh Frank this is Candy she was out witness.’ Jamia said as she cuddled up to him
‘Oh ok’ Frank said smiling at her ‘Thanks for being here’
‘No problem’ she said ‘I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid’
‘Thank you’ Jamia said hugging her tightly ‘I’m glad I chose you’
‘Me too’ Candy said ‘I hope when I get married someday I’m half as happy as you two.’
‘I’m sure you will be’ Frank said staring into Jamia’s eyes, he couldn’t believe her could officially call her his wife.
‘Well I gotta be going’ Candy announced she wasn’t stupid and knew they’d want to be alone’
‘Take care’ Frank said as they had a group hug
‘I will and you too, be happy together forever’ and with that she was gone.
‘Where to now…husband’ Jamia said and giggled at Frank’s new title
‘Any where as long as it’s with you’ Frank said brushing the hair from her face.
‘Let’s go to hotel’ Jamia said removing herself from his arms
‘And do what?’ Frank asked with a grin
‘Whatever we want, everything we do in the next few hours will be new to us. We’re husband and wife now.’
Frank laughed and pulled her into a hug ‘I love you Jamia Nestor’
‘You mean Iero’ Jamia said wiggling the fingers of her left hand in front of his face.
‘You’re right’ Frank laughed again ‘I love you Mrs Iero’


Gerard finished his cigarette and closed the boot. Despite the argument with Cheyenne he continued to work and after sorting and packing three more boxes he loaded the whole lot into the car. As he drove he looked at the shoe-box on the passenger seat, it held memories for him some happy some sad but they were still his. He sighed as he pondered what had to be done, not only was he losing the memories, he was losing Lyn as well. Gerard wasn’t a fool, he loved Cheyenne more then he’d loved any girl before and he knew that he would always be happy with her and in return he wanted to make her happy and to do so he knew he had to let go of Lyn. When he pulled up he was shocked to find her at the door waiting.
‘Hey stranger’ she called as he got out of the car with the shoe box in his hand
‘Hey’ he said once he approached her
‘Why’d you look so sad?’ she asked as she kissed his lips gently. She noted that he didn’t return the affection and moved to let him in. Gerard didn’t answer her question and made his way in to the warm living room; he heard the door close and her footsteps as she too entered
‘Wanna drink?’ she asked
‘Please’ Gerard said placing the box on the coffee table and sinking down into the lone arm chair.
‘Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back’ she said
‘I can’t stay long’ Gerard replied honestly ‘Cheyenne’s waiting for me.’
When Lyn returned she carried two cans of coke and two glasses, she placed them both on the table and took the lit cigarette that Gerard offered her.
‘So what brings you here?’ she asked exhaling a line of smoke
‘This is for you’ he said nudging the box in her direction
‘You bought me shoes’ Lyn said smiling excitedly
‘No I didn’t buy you shoes’ Gerard laughed quietly at her naivety
‘Oh what is it then?’ she said lifting the box
‘I kept a box of our time together’ he said watching her as she opened the box ‘I kept it because I didn’t have the heart to throw it away and because I liked remembering those times with you and the guys, but I have a new life now and new memories to make and there is no room for the old ones’ he said hoping that she’d get the gist of what he was saying.
‘Did Cheyenne see this?’ Lyn asked smiling at a cinema ticket for the first film they saw together
‘Yes and tha…’
‘That’s why you’re giving it to me. She doesn’t want you to have anything to do with me.’ Lyn said
‘No she never said that but I think that’s for the best’ Gerard replied taking another drag of the cigarette he had lit. Lyn’s head snapped up at his words and her eyes met his.
‘You want to end it’ she asked ‘But you said’
‘I know what I said Lyn and that is why I feel like shit right now, I wanted us to be friends I really did but when I saw Cheyenne unhappy earlier it hurt me and I don’t want to ever see her like that again and I know that if you and I are friends then there’s a chance that she could feel that way again and that’s the last thing I want. I know what I’m doing is unfair, I’m a bastard for doing it but I have to, that’s why I bought you the box so you could see what memories I have of you.’
‘The last two weeks…’
‘Have been amazing’ he said moving from his seat and settling next to her ‘I’ve got to see you as a different person and it’s been wonderful, you’ve been such a big help and I am so grateful for it.’
‘We slept together Gee’ she reminded him
‘I know and we shouldn’t have that was my mistake.’
‘Mistake! How can you say that?’
‘It was. I have a girlfriend and I betrayed her more then once and it was a mistake.’
‘You led me on’ Lyn whispered
‘I didn’t mean to, I thought we both knew that this wasn’t going anywhere. Shit we had a deal to end the friendship after the two weeks was up’
‘But that was before we had sex’
‘I didn’t think the sex would change anything, I thought it was just sex.’
‘Well it meant more to me’ Lyn retorted. This was the second time in under a year that he was breaking her heart.
‘Lyn I’m sorry’ he said embracing her ‘I’m so sorry, the last thing I would want to do is hurt you but I have to put Cheyenne first, I have to she’s…’
‘Everything’ Lyn finished for him
‘Yeah’ Gerard said he could feel her sadness as he held her. He felt like such an asshole, how could he do this to her?
‘Forgive me Lyn’ he said kissing her head gently.
Lyn said nothing as tears continued to from and fall from her eyes, she was hurting over this man all over again. She had lost, he genuinely didn’t want her, he wasn’t confused or in denial he just didn’t want her. She sobbed at the thought and felt Gerard’s arms tighten around her, she could hear him making sounds to soother her but they did nothing to ease her shaking shoulders.
‘I want you to leave’ she said
‘I don’t want to leave you like this’ Gerard said releasing her ‘let me get you some water’
‘You’ve done more then enough’ she snapped ‘please just go.’
‘I’m sorry’ he said standing up ‘Good bye Lyn’
‘What’s stopping me from telling her?’ Lyn said suddenly jumping up she wanted to get him, she wanted to make him fear and maybe she could make him be with her blackmail him like she did with Frank.
Gerard lips formed a quick sad smile ‘there’s nothing stopping you’ he said ‘but I know you’re not that person anymore and I know you’re better then that.’
‘I’m not’ she insisted
‘Yeah you are’ he said releasing her ‘you’re different from the person you was before and that’s why I wanted to spend time with you, I saw the difference in you.’
‘But it’s not enough for you’ she said
‘No’ he said quietly ‘it isn’t but for someone else it will be. I have to go. I’m sorry’
‘Goodbye Gerard’ she mumbled as his lips kissed hers for the last time.
‘Goodbye Lyn’ he said turning and heading for the door. As he closed the front door behind him he heard her sob and he felt for her, but deep down he knew it was for the best. If he was going to have a future with Cheyenne he had to leave Lyn behind.


‘Cheyenne’ Gerard called out as soon as he opened the door to the Bryar-Way residence. He stepped into their newly decorated home and closed the door behind him, after taking a peek into the living room he took the stairs two at a time until and walked until her got to the master bedroom.
‘Cheyenne can I come in?’ he asked as he rapped twice on the door
‘If you have to.’ She replied. Gerard sighed and walked in to find her organising her cosmetics on the vanity table, it was a good sign it meant she wasn’t having second thoughts about them.
‘Hey’ he said lamely not knowing what else to say
‘Hey’ she said not looking at him ‘Where have you been?’
‘With Lyn’ Gerard said honestly as he shed his coat, he saw her head shoot up out of the corner of his eye.
‘I didn’t know you would be so blatant about spending time with your ex Cheyenne retorted
‘Would you prefer if I lied?’ he asked. Cheyenne didn’t answer but refused to look at him and continued unpacking her belongings.
‘I was with Lyn, because I was telling her that I never wanted to speak to her again and that I wanted nothing to do with her.’
‘Is that right’ Cheyenne said she was pleased to hear it but she wasn’t going to make it easy for him. ‘And how much did you have to do with her when I was in Chicago?’
Gerard winced but since Cheyenne’s back was to him she thankfully didn’t see it ‘Not much he lied ‘I bumped into her here and there and we spoke but that’s all.’
‘Hmm’ Cheyenne said feeling her body becoming less tense.
‘I got rid of the box too’ he said walking over to stand behind her ‘it’s gone’
‘Should’ve done that months ago’ she said trying her best to ignore the presence of him.
‘C’mon sugar, don’t make this hard for me’ he said snaking his arms around her waist ‘I apologised and I meant it, I never meant to hurt you and I’m asking you to forgive me. Please.’
Cheyenne sighed and turned to face him, he did look sorry his beautiful eyes were filled with remorse ‘you’re forgiven’
‘Thank you’ he said kissing her forehead as that was all she was offering ‘But I meant what I said about arguments , we have to sort them out sooner rather then later we’re not like other couple we don’t have the time together that they do.’
‘I know’ Cheyenne said allowing her head to rest on his chest.
‘I want to be with you Chey, I want to make you happy’ he whispered into her hair.
‘I want that for you too’ she said melting into him.
‘Good’ he said ‘because I’ve never wanted anything like I want you’
‘Really’ she said with a hit of sarcasm
‘I promise you’ he said kissing her head and releasing her ‘Come on I’ll help you unpack’
‘I was thinking that maybe we’d get something to eat, you can take me on a date to make up for earlier’
Gerard laughed ‘honey we live together, people who live together don’t go on dates, they just go out.’
‘Well I believe it was you who just said we’re not like other couples so…’
‘Fine if it will make you happy’ he said grinning at her cheekiness
‘It would’ she said felling smug
‘Well then’ he said bowing ‘if it would make Queen Cheyenne happy then I’m happy to do it.’
‘You’re such goof sometimes’ she said pushing his chest
‘Only when it comes to you’ he said honestly ‘I love you’
‘I love you too’ she said as kissing his lips gently ‘but the question is do you deserve it?’
Gerard hoped she didn’t notice the affect her words had on him. Unknown to her there were times when he didn’t deserve her love and he hoped that she’d never find out about them. Lyn’s words echoed in his head and he forced them out. ‘I think I do’ he said offering her a smile.
I think you do too’ she said kissing his lips ‘you definitely do.’
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