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Chapter 64

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Marcus helps Lyn see the truth, Jamia and Frank jet off to get married and there's trouble in paradise for Gerard and Cheyenne

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‘What do you think?’ Cheyenne asked Gerard as they lay entwined in their new bed in their new home. When Cheyenne woke it took her a minute to realise where she was, it felt like the night before had been a dream but it wasn’t it was reality and she was so happy she could burst.
‘I like it, I wouldn’t recommend it but I like it’ Gerard told her
‘Why wouldn’t you recommend it?’ Cheyenne asked
‘Because our house is new and I don’t want it ruined by a wild party’
‘Who said anything about a wild party, I said a New Year’s gathering, not a party’ she replied
‘True, but what if it accidently turns into a party and someone pukes on our nice wood flooring’
‘Don’t be such a woman’ Cheyenne giggled ‘everything will be fine, there will be no puking and the flooring will remain beautiful
‘Ok’ Gerard said reluctantly ‘A New Year’s par…gathering sounds good.’
‘Ooh and you know what I think we should have a housewarming party and I think we should invite the decorators and we can get them something nice to let them know that we appreciate what they’ve done so far.’
‘You seem to want to do a lot of partying’ Gerard said ‘and who will be paying for all these parties I wonder.’
‘I will’ Cheyenne said proudly ‘As I start my new job on Wednesday so there.’
‘I don’t know why you feel the need to work’ he said putting his lips against the side of her head and kissing her gently ‘I can look after both of us.’
‘I know you can’ she agreed ‘but I don’t want to sit at home and do nothing while you’re out earning us a living off your beautiful voice.’
‘What do you mean do nothing? You’ll be raising the children’ he said
‘Children?’ Cheyenne said in surprise
‘Oh yeah and the dogs of course’ he said winking at her.
Cheyenne laughed and held him close, the conversation was in jest of course but she couldn’t help feel a surge of happiness as she thought about their future together.


‘Have you got your passport?’ Jamia asked Frank for the second time
‘Yes honey I have, please don’t ask me again’
‘What am I going to do about a dress; I can’t get married in jeans and a t-shirt?’
‘We’ll find suitable attire when we get there?’ Frank said
‘What about a witness? We need a witness maybe we can kidnap Alic…’
‘Mia calm down, there are hundreds of thousands of people in Vegas we’ll have no problem finding a witness.’ He said putting his hand up to silence her again as she was about to speak ‘Don’t worry about a hotel it’s already been booked, I’ve packed my toothbrush, I’ve asked Mrs Leman to keep an eye on our house and I’ve already checked all the windows and doors all that’s left is for us to leave.’
‘Ok’ Jamia said taking a deep breath ‘Lets’ go’
‘Jamia, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, God knows I want to but I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you into going to Vegas. I want you to do this only if you want to.’ He told her seriously
‘I want to’ she said looking in o his eyes ‘I want to be your wife.


Marcus said nothing as Lyn filled him in on the last two weeks of activity, he was surprised to see how far she’d gotten without his help so he erased all the guilt he felt when he suddenly upped and left her for his holiday.
‘So now you’re all up to date, what do I do?’ she asked raising her favourite coffee cup to her lips and taking a sip
‘Hmm’ Marcus said replaying parts of the conversation in his head, as much as he loved Lyn she could be quite stupid at times but he wasn’t about to insult her so he tried a different approach.
‘Did you keep a copy of the tape?’ he asked. He had. He’d copied it onto a disk in case something like this happened plus it was a very good tape to watch if you wanted to get off, but he wasn’t going to tell her that just yet.
‘No I didn’t’ she sighed heavily ‘I should of but I didn’t’
‘Silly bunny’ he said ‘so let me get this straight you make a sex-tape with Frank, you don’t copy it, and then you lose it.’
‘Yep’ Lyn said trying to hide the annoyance in her voice.
‘Tell me Lyn what else was taken?’ He asked taking a cigarette out of the communal box on the table.
‘I don’t know not much, just my iron’ She said ‘I mean seriously why anyone would steal an iron is beyond me.’
‘Hmm’ Marcus mumbled as he lit the end of the stick ‘so have you spoken to Amber since your little spat.’
‘No’ Lyn said sitting up straighter ‘I’ll never speak to her again, she doesn’t understand me.’
‘I see’ Marcus said inhaling and exhaling a thick line of smoke ‘Call me crazy but don’t you think it’s a bit of coincidence that you tell Amber what you did, you tell her about the super sexy sex tape and then you’re robbed.’ Lyn thought about the words he just spoke and shook her head.
‘I see where you’re going with this but Amber doesn’t have the guts and she has morals so no, it couldn’t have been her.’ Lyn replied
‘But she has a key though doesn’t she?’ Marcus asked nonchalantly
‘Well yes…’
‘And didn’t the officer say to you there was no forced entry’
‘Yes he did but..’
‘Come on Lynnie open your eyes for God’s sake’ Marcus said more angrily then he meant to ‘Amber has fucked you, she’s bent you over and fucked you’
‘She wouldn’t’ Lyn said her certainty wavering. Would her friend, ex-friend honestly do that to her?
‘Stop being so naïve, look at it this way she has new friends now and a boyfriend and she doesn’t want or need that being ruined by you, you tried to interfere with the new system and she took away the tape so you couldn’t, she took the tape and took your power Lyn so you couldn’t take away what she has now.’
‘I can’t believe she would do such a thing.’ Lyn said astonished as the puzzle pieces fell into place.
‘Well she did, it’s pretty fucking obvious’ Marcus said taking one last drag on his cigarette before extinguishing it in the ashtray.
‘What do I do now’ Lyn said for the millionth time since she decided to get back with Gerard.
‘You’re still in with a chance with Gerard aren’t you?’ he asked
‘I guess so’ she shrugged ‘but it isn’t the best shot ever’
‘But it’s still a shot isn’t it’ Marcus said ‘deal with that first and then we’ll sort out Amber.’
‘I’m not sure I can be bothered’ Lyn said honestly. In the past she would be seeing red right now and her sole purpose would be to destroy Amber but she didn’t want to. Yeah Amber screwed her over but it was only so she could keep her happiness and Lyn knew about screwing people over to keep herself happy so what could she do now, nothing really.
‘Oh Lyn you’ve gone soft’ Marcus chuckled
‘I have not, I just-I just can’t be bothered I just want to get Gerard on side and move on.’
‘Well if that’s what you want I’ll help in any way I can as long as you help me’ he said winking at her
‘I will but as soon as Gerard and I are together this has to stop’
‘We’ll see’ Marcus said pulling her up out of her seat ‘You’ll be a strong woman if you can resist my advances.
Lyn rolled her eyes and allowed herself to be dragged into the bedroom all the while thinking about Gerard.


‘Why have you still got so much stuff’ Cheyenne cried as she sealed up another box of Gerard’s stuff
‘I’ve don’t know’ he shrugged ‘I just get stuff’
‘I hope you’re throwing stuff away’ she said glancing over his shoulder as he riffled trough his desk draw.
‘I am some stuff’ he said honestly ‘but we do have a basement you know’
‘I don’t want our basement filled with your crap’ Cheyenne said carrying the box over to the stairs where three other boxes were pilled. ‘I want it filled with mine.’
Gerard laughed and closed the draw ‘I’m sure the house is big enough to accumulate both our crap.’ He walked over to her and pecked her on the lips snaking his arms around her waist.
‘Do you know how happy I am?’ Gerard asked her as he kissed her neck softly
‘I have a rough idea’ she said running her hands through his hair.
‘No I don’t think you do’ he said standing up straight so he could look deep into her eyes, there was something so comforting about the way she looked at him, it was secure and right and he felt loved and safe with her.
‘Well I have the rest of my life to find out don’t I’ she said
‘I love it when you talk like that’ he said letting his forehead fall against hers
‘Talk like what?’ she said quietly
‘When you say things like, ‘we have our whole lives’ or ‘in the future.’ It gives me hope and reassurance and those are two things that I need.’
They lapsed into a comfortable silence just holding each other in the room that was their unofficial first home neither of them knew how many minutes passed and neither of them cared.
Gerard’s phone rang and he groaned loudly before he even looked at who was calling, he was busy and didn’t want to stop what he was doing.
‘You want a drink?’ he asked Cheyenne as he looked at the screen of his phone
‘Yeah please a coke if you’ve got any’ she said ‘I’m going to tackle the wardrobe next I think, let’s see what treasures you’ve got in there.’
‘Be careful I don’t know what’s up there.’ He said honestly.

By the time Gerard got to the top of the stairs his phone had stopped ringing he sighed with relief he really didn’t want to speak to anyone right now, least of all Lyn. Walking to the fridge he grabbed Cheyenne a can of coke and a glass, as he headed back to the stairs of the basement his phone alerted him of a message, sighing heavily and balancing both the glass and coke in one hand he retrieved his phone and hit the right buttons to listen to the voice message

Gerard it’s me Lyn. I was just calling to see if you were free tonight I really miss you and was hoping that I could see you later. Give me a call when you can ok. By the way you should know that my body’s calling. I want you.

Gerard deleted the message and shook his head, he didn’t want to leave Cheyenne alone, but he’d have to see Lyn tonight. He needed to tell her it was over for good.


‘Are you nervous?’ the blonde haired girl asked Jamia as she waited.
‘A little bit’ Jamia said letting her lips form into a smile
‘Are you ready?’
‘OMG Is it time already’ Jamia panicked
‘No, no’ calm down the girl said ‘I meant are you actually ready to get married.’
‘Oh’ Jamia said feeling her rapid heart beat start to subside ‘yeah I am, I’ve know Frank forever and I can’t wait to be his wife, I’m just nervous, this isn’t how I pictured us getting married.’
‘Then why are you doing it this way, why not wait?’
‘We’ve waited so long already’ Jamia said honestly ‘and there really is no good time to do it, so why not now.’
‘I envy you’ the girl said with a sigh ‘I look at you and you radiate love and happiness and it’s wonderful to see. I hope I look like that someday.’
‘Oh don’t worry you will’ Jamia assured her ‘there’s someone out there for you and when you meet him you’ll radiate to’ she said making them both laugh.
‘Hey would you be our witness’ Jamia said not quite believing that she had just asked a complete and utter stranger to watch her marry the love of her life.
‘I would love to’ the girl squealed jumping out of her seat ‘I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid.
‘Cool’ Jamia said grinning ‘so what’s your name?’


‘Hey I was thin…’ the words died on Gerard’s lips as he spotted Cheyenne on the bed with his shoe-box full of Lyn, well not Lyn but his memory box of her. He’d forgotten it was up in his wardrobe, he had forgotten he had even had it.
‘It’s just a box Chey’ he said cautiously as he placed the coke and glass on the steps behind him.
‘Why do you have it?’ she asked quietly as she stared at the contents ‘why do you have a box of stuff from your life with your ex?’
‘I don’t know it’s just a box of memories that I accumulated over the years we were together.’ He said trying to downplay the situation so it didn’t escalate.
‘Why did you keep it?’ she asked tearing her eyes away from the photo of Gerard and Lyn smiling happily at the camera their arms wrapped tightly around each other.
‘I don’t know why’ he said honestly ‘I just-I guess I just didn’t have the heart to throw it.’
‘Do you still look at it?’ she asked looking at him
‘You heard me do you still look at it?’ she asked, she could feel herself growing more and more jealous and angry as the seconds ticked past them. She didn’t know why she was feeling this way but she couldn’t help it.
‘Sometimes’ he said honestly, he figured it was better then lying to her
‘I don’t know’ he said lamely
‘Why do you look at it, why do you go rifling through your past with Lyn? Is it to remind yourself of what you’re missing?’ she asked her voice getting louder.
‘No’ Gerard said walking over and sitting beside her. He was shocked at the level of insecurity that she was showing. ‘That’s not it at all.’
‘Then why do you look at it’ she said placing the photo back in the box
‘I don’t know’ he said shaking his head
‘When was the last time you looked at this box?’ she asked
‘I don’t know’ he said
‘Stop saying that’ Cheyenne said closing the shoe box lid roughly ‘why do you need a reminder of her?’
‘I don’t’ Gerard said ‘I don’t need a reminder of her, I don’t know why I’ve kept the box I just have. I don’t know why you’re going through my stuff anyway.’
‘I wasn’t going through your stuff’ Cheyenne cried upset by his accusation ‘I was packing and I happened to find your little box stashed up there for you to look at whenever you question if you’re with the right girl.’
‘Oh don’t be ridiculous’ Gerard said ‘you are the right girl Cheyenne so don’t say stupid bullshit things like that. I don’t look at it ok, I just have it. It doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.’
‘So throw it then’ Cheyenne tested
‘Throw it, if it doesn’t mean anything then get rid of it’ she said
Gerard stared at her, he could see the tears forming in her eyes and it hurt him to see her so upset, he willed his body to pick up the box and discard of it and yet his arm didn’t move.
‘That’s what I thought’ Cheyenne said ‘You can’t do it, you can’t let go of the past.’
‘Of course I can but I don’t see why you’re so threatened by a box of photos and some cinema tickets.’
‘Because it’s more then that and you know it Gerard’ Cheyenne said ‘She’s still a part of your life no matter how hard you try. You share late night phone calls in London, she was here at Thanksgiving she came onto you remember, she drops off a skirt at one AM the same night that you dropped me off at the airport and now I see that’ she said pointing at the offending converse box ‘I’m beginning to think that maybe it isn’t a one sided thing.’
‘How the fuck can you stand there and say that?’ Gerard snapped he could feel himself growing angrier and he couldn’t stop it ‘Yes I lied to you about the phone call when I was in London and I apologised for it, I didn’t mean to lie to you. And yes she was here on Thanksgiving but that wasn’t my doing, I didn’t ask her to come so don’t fucking throw that all back in my face now. We dealt with that and it was over. I don’t know anything about her being here the night I dropped you off this is the first I’m hearing of it and I’m telling you now there is nothing between me and Lyn it’s all in the past. You need to let go of your God damn jealousy and grow up.’
Cheyenne recoiled as though she’d been slapped; the last two words hit her like a blow to her stomach.
‘Cheyenne I didn’t mean that’ Gerard said his right hand massaging his forehead
‘Yes you did’ she whispered it was the first time he had made reference to their obvious age gap
‘No I promise you I didn’t’ he said ‘I would never say something so spiteful and mean it. I’m sorry. Where are you going?’ he asked as she walked past him.
‘I don’t know, away, I need to think’
‘Think? Think about what?’
‘Everything’ she said simply
‘No wait’ Gerard said grabbing her wrist ‘I’m sorry ok I didn’t mean what I said, don’t leave we can talk through it.’
‘No I want to be on my own’ she said trying to break his grip
‘Cheyenne listen there are going to be times when I won’t be home with you and I don’t want the little time when I am home to be time we spend apart, if we have an argument we have to sort it, we can’t afford to have time alone and I know it’s unfair but that’s just what come with the territory of what I do. Please stay so we can talk. I’m going away in a few days I don’t want this hanging between us.’ He loosened his grip and sighed with relief when she didn’t bolt up the stairs.
‘Thank you’ he said and then moaned loudly as his cell phone rang; he took it out of his pocked and checked the screen.
‘Who is it?’ Cheyenne asked, she never usually did but his expression changed and curiosity got the better of her.
‘It’s Lyn’ he said his voice barley audible over the loud ringing of his cell, he was so ready to tell her a lie but there was nothing stopping her from snatching the phone from his hand and checking herself.
‘Well then, don’t let me interrupt you’ she replied. Ignoring the lump in her throat and the urge to sob she ascended the stairs without a backward glance.

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