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chapter 63

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Cheyenne's home, Frank and Jamia make a decision and Lyn regains a friend.

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Gerard checked his watch and cursed himself. He was late. He hated being late and he was always late but this was one thing he wanted to be on time for and he wasn’t. He couldn’t see Cheyenne and he hoped that she was late and not waiting for him. He hated making her wait.
'You wouldn't be looking for me would you?' Cheyenne asked coming up behind Gerard as he stood looking out for her in the crowded airport.
'Oh God' he said turning quickly 'I'm so sorry I'm late honey, how long have you been waiting?'
'Not long' Cheyenne said nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders.
'I'm so sorry I got held up, I tried to get here as soon as I could but...'
'....please don't be mad, I know you dislike it when I'm late...'
'Gerard I...'
'....I promise from now on I'll never be late to pick you up, I'll be super early for everything.'
'GERARD! Stop.' Cheyenne said giggling 'I haven't seen you in a week, I've missed you terribly your lack of time keeping is the last thing on my mind. Now give me a hug or I'll be on the first plane back to Chicago'
Gerard laughed and enveloped Cheyenne in his arms, it was without a doubt the best feeling in the world.
‘I’ve missed you Chey’
‘Good because I’ve missed you too, but I’m here now, for good.’
‘You have no idea how those words make me feel.’ Gerard said kissing her lips gently ‘I love you’
‘I love you too now take me home I’m starving.’

‘It’s about time you Iero’s got here’ Cheyenne shouted from the living room of the Way home as soon as she heard the front door open and close again. She knew it was them as they were the last people to arrive.
‘Sorry we’re late’ Frank said entering the living room first, we err had car trouble’ he explained.
‘Yeah the car broke down’ Jamia parroted coming in second
‘So the car breaking down gave you sex hair’ Alicia asked pointing to Jamia’s ruffled hair
‘Oh’ Jamia said quickly patting down her hair making them all laugh. ‘So Cheyenne I drive all the way here and all I get is a lame hello’ Jamia asked
‘Well I would hug you but I’m afraid of what you and Frank might’ve done on the way over here’ Cheyenne laughed
‘You better give me a hug’ Jamia said making her way over to Cheyenne and pulling her into a tight embrace. In the hallway Frank was doing the same to Amber, he had eventually gotten Mikey to tell him the entire story and Frank was now aware of the pivotal part that Amber played and he told her how grateful he was for her help.

Dinner was great for everyone that night, it was happy atmosphere that no one wanted to break, but after the food was done, Gerard was eager to take Cheyenne home to their new house.
‘Are you sure you’re going to be ok?’ Bob asked Cheyenne, he knew she was a grown woman, after all he had watched her grow but that didn’t stop him worrying about her.
‘I’ll be fine, you don’t have to worry about me anymore Bob, that’s Gerard’s job’, she said with a laugh ‘I’m his problem now.’
‘You were never a problem’ Bob said placing his hand on his cousins ‘well…only sometimes’
‘Aww I think we’re having a moment people’ Frank said his voice raising a few octaves as he said ‘I think I’m going to cry.’
‘Why do you always have to ruin things?’ Ray said throwing Frank one of his looks
‘I don’t know I’m just not comfortable with PDA’s’ he said kissing Jamia on the face several times.
‘Then what the hell do you call that?’ Gerard asked ‘you just kissed Jamia on the face.’
‘Yeah but that wasn’t really a PDA’ Frank explained ‘it was a prelude to sex, so it’s a PDUP.’
‘A PDUP’ Mikey asked
‘Yeah a public display of upcoming porn’ he laughed
‘Seriously Jamia how?’ Christa asked
‘I don’t know’ Jamia said shaking her head ‘I put up with it but I don’t know why.’
‘It’s because I have a really big…’ Frank whispered the last word in her ear making everyone laugh and Jamia cringe.
‘I think we’ll leave on that note’ Gerard said
‘Leave? Where are we going?’ Cheyenne asked
‘I thought you might want to come and see the house with me’ Gerard said
‘Oh I would love that’ she said clapping happily ‘I’ve been dying to see it.’
‘Well let’s go then.’ Gerard said taking her hand and leading her into the hallway.


‘So what have you been up to the last week, you didn’t call much’ Cheyenne said making conversation as the drove to their new address.
‘Yeah I know I was busy with the band and stuff’ Gerard said feeling his heart rate quicken at the lies he was telling.
‘Hmm I thought it was that, anything interesting happening other then the two shows you’ve got next week.’
‘It’s all interesting Chey Chey but I don’t want to talk about it now.’ He told her as he pulled into the drive.
‘Oh God look at it’ Cheyenne said pressing her face against the passenger window ‘it’s so beautiful, it’s wonderful isn’t it?’
‘Yeah it’s great’ Gerard said ‘let’s go in’
Cheyenne quickly undid her seatbelt and waited for Gerard to open her door and they walked down the path hand in hand both experiencing a happiness that they didn’t know they could feel.
‘After you Miss Bryar’ Gerard said opening the front door for her
‘Why you’re too kind Mr Way’ Cheyenne said adopting a southern accent ‘You know I think it would be kinky to use that accent in the bedroom.
‘Sounds kinky to me so it must be a good idea’ he said finding the light switch and filling the room with light.
‘OH MY GOD GERARD!’ Cheyenne screamed upon seeing the fully furnished living room ‘OH MY GOD!’ She squealed ‘LOOK!’
‘Do you like it?’ Gerard asked smiling as he searched for a sign of pleasure.
‘Oh my’ Cheyenne gasped spinning full circle trying to take it all in.
‘Chey, do you like it?’ Gerard asked again growing nervous at her lack of facial expression and vocabulary
‘Oh my gosh’ she said shaking her head.
‘Say something; Gerard urged ‘anything’
‘I…I…Oh Gerard’ she said as a tear escaped her eye ‘It’s perfect’
Gerard didn’t realise he was holding his breath until he exhaled so hard that his chest hurt.
‘So you like it’ he said collapsing onto the new sofa.
‘Like it! I fucking love it’ Cheyenne said falling by his side ‘it’s perfect, it’s absolutely amazing. You are amazing’
Gerard blushed at her words ‘I did it all for you, I wanted our start to be fresh and new.’
‘I can’t believe you did all of this and in two weeks, I’m astounded’
‘There’s more’ he said breathing in the fresh scent of her hair.
‘There is’ Cheyenne asked her smile running wide from cheek to cheek
‘Yep you want to see’ Gerard said
‘Yeah but first I want to kiss you’ Cheyenne said pressing her lips against his, it was a soft, loving, appreciative kiss that lingered a little longer then she had intended.
‘What was that for?’ Gerard asked when they pulled away; he could feel his pulses racing under his skin.
‘Because you’re the most wonderful human being I’ve ever met’
Gerard smiled but felt guilt flow through him as Cheyenne hugged him close to her, she was so innocent and wonderful and he hadn’t been so in the last few days, he had betrayed her but he wasn’t the first person to cheat on his girlfriend and he wouldn’t be the last, but it didn’t matter he told himself, that was all over now all that mattered was the band and his life with Cheyenne.

‘I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it’ Jamia purred as she nestled into Frank neck after another night of love making.
‘Can’t a man make love to his fiancé without something having to get into him?’
‘Of course he can and you’re right’ Jamia said circling her finger around his right nipple.
‘But something that Cheyenne said got me thinking’ Frank admitted
‘And what was that?’ Jamia asked yawning quietly
‘Earlier this evening when we first got to Donna’s she called us the Ieros’
‘Hmm so’ Jamia said
‘And I was wondering how come we aren’t the Ieros’ yet.’
‘We agree to wait’ Jamia said rolling onto her back ‘Until we had time to do it properly’
‘I don’t want to wait anymore Mia’ Frank said propping himself up on his elbow ‘I want us to get married.’
‘And we will Frank’ Jamia said touching his face. ‘Eventually’
‘I don’t want to wait that long. Marry me Jamia’ he said looking into her eyes ‘I don’t want to have to wait another year to be able to call you my wife, I want to be able to call you my wife tomorrow.’
‘Frank are you serious?’
‘Yes as serious as I’ll ever be’
‘You want to get married tomorrow, what about our friends and family?’
‘Forget them Jamia, we’ll get married tomorrow just the two of us and then we’ll come back and have a big white wedding, ceremony, whatever and everyone will be there, but I don’t want to wait any longer to be married to you. What do you say? Will you marry me tomorrow?’
‘Yes of course I’ll marry you tomorrow’ Jamia said laughing as he embraced her ‘I’ll marry you’
‘I love you Mrs Iero’
‘I love you too. Oh my God we’re eloping, I’m so excited.’ She squealed
‘So am I and look’ Frank said lifting the covers ‘little Iero is also excited’
Jamia laughed at his exposure ‘we better settle him down then’ she giggled.
‘I was just thinking the same thing’ Frank said kissing her deeply.


Lyn lay in bed that night pondering when she would see Gerard again. She didn’t have the feeling of loss she experienced that last time they broke up so she was certain she still had some kind of hold on him. Her bed was cold and empty without his presence and she was beginning to wonder how she had slept in her bed so long without him. As thoughts of Gerard and their time together swam through her mind she began to drift off to sleep, she lay still on her side and dreamt that Gerard’s arms encircled her and pulled her close to his body, she could feel his breath on her neck and his heart beat on her back. She sighed contentedly as she snuggled closer into him.
‘You’ve missed me haven’t you?’ He said in the darkness.
‘Marcus?’ Lyn said not moving from her position but slightly startled as she thought she’d been dreaming
‘In the flesh’ he mumbled into her hair
‘What are you doing back?’
‘I didn’t go into exile you know I only went on holiday.’
‘It seems that you’ve been gone forever’ Lyn said trying to hide the lump that had risen in her throat.
‘Well I’m back now, I’m here’
‘It’s all gone wrong’ she said succumbing to the urge and sobbing loudly in his arms.
‘Shh! I’ve got you’ Marcus quietly, tightening his muscular arms around her ‘I’m here, go to sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow.’
‘I need your help’ she said shaking under the weight of her emotions
‘And you’ll get it’ he said squeezing her gently ‘I’m here now and we’ll fix all the wrongs and make them rights’

A/N Three chapters in one day, I’m on a roll people. See what I can do when I have the time. We are close-ish to the end!!! I’m excited. I won’t post anymore chapters today but I’ll continue writing them and post them eventually, hopefully Monday as I’m going away for the weekend with my BF.
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