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Chapter 62

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Cheyenne's coming home, the house is complete and someone else finds out about Gerard and Lyn

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The next two days passed by quickly for Gerard in a blur of sex and last minute touches to his new home. When Friday dawned an excitement flowed through him that he hadn’t felt for sometime, it was similar to the feeling he felt when he performed for the very first time, except then he was drunk and now he was sober and could fully appreciate the feeling for what it was. As he woke his first thought was of Cheyenne and how he couldn't wait to see her face when she first saw the house and what he had done for her.
'Where are you going?' Lyn mumbled, she felt him stir and then the lift of the mattress as he got out of bed.
'I need to get going, Cheyenne's coming home today' Gerard said smiling broadly at the thought
'Oh I forgot. I’ll make you some breakfast then.’
‘I don’t have time for breakfast’ he said honestly
‘Ok since you can’t have breakfast should we get together for lunch?'
'I can’t' Gerard said pulling his boxers on
'Well tomorrow then' Lyn said sitting up to get a better view of her semi-naked lover.
'Lyn I don't know if I'll be able to. I've got a lot to do today and Cheyenne’s due home this evening.'
'So when am I going to see you next?' Lyn asked pouting slightly
'I-I don't know, I thought we agreed that we wouldn’t see each other anymore' Gerard said as he pulled on his t-shirt
'WHAT!?' Lyn screeched 'what are you talking about?'
'We made a deal' Gerard said 'I thought once Cheyenne was home we'd not see each other anymore'
'Yes initially we did but things have changed haven't they?'
'What’s changed?' Gerard asked 'I mean yeah we've slept together a few time over the last couple of days but…'
'You been practically living here’ Lyn stated more harshly then she intended 'and it's been amazing. We've had so much fun and the sex has been fantastic I thought we were heading back to the way we were.'
'How can you think that when you know I have Cheyenne?' Gerard said sitting on the end of the bed 'The last two weeks especially the last two days have been great but I have Cheyenne and I love her.'
'What about me? What have the last two days been to you, a fling?' She asked trying to hide her devastation at what he was saying.
'Yes-I mean no, I don't know, I just thought we were having a little bit of fun.'
'We are but I don't want it to end.' Lyn said 'I thought you said you would talk Cheyenne around into us being friends.'
Gerard sighed but didn't say anything he did say that but it wasn’t something he wanted to deal with now, he finished dressing then turned to speak to her again ‘Lyn I don’t know what to say. I thought you understood the situation I thought you wanted the same thing I did. I’m sorry I can’t talk about this now, I want to but I have to go’ He kissed her on her forehead and left without a backwards glance.


‘Hey, are you nearly ready?’ Jude asked Cheyenne, as she taped up another box of her belongings that would need to be shipped over to New Jersey.
‘Yeah I’m done’ Cheyenne said with a little less enthusiasm
‘What’s wrong, you’re not getting cold feet are you?’ her friend asked concern clouding her whole face.
‘No it’s not that it’s just I guess I’m sad about leaving. I worked so hard to achieve all of this’ Cheyenne said motioning to her beautiful but small apartment ‘and now I’m giving it all up.’
‘Yeah but its for something that you want and for someone you want to be with’ Jude said ‘I was the same when I moved in with Jack although I wasn’t moving to New Jersey, I still had that whole ‘I’m giving everything up’ vibe but I got over it and so will you.’
‘Yeah I guess, I’m just worried you know, what if something goes wrong and I have to leave where would I go, I’ve given up my life here, my home, I’d be stranded.’ Cheyenne explained
‘You wouldn’t be stranded silly, you have new friends in Jersey and old friends here and family, you will always be welcome here you know that. Don’t be afraid to make this journey Chey you deserve happiness and you’ll get it with Gerard. Plus it’s too late to turn back now I’ve got to give your keys back by 5.00pm tonight.’
Cheyenne laughed ‘you’re right it’s too late and I’ve been so excited over the last two weeks and I do want this so much.’
‘Good because there’s nothing stopping you but yourself.’ Jude said


‘Mum I’m sure whatever you cook will be fine, please stop calling me I’m up to my ass in furniture and ornaments, the last thing I want to be thinking about is dinner.’ he said trying to hide the frustration in his voice ‘I have to go.’ Hanging up the phone for the fifth time Gerard sighed heavily, he had been barking out orders all morning and people had been following but there was still a bit to be done, last minute touches to each room had to implemented, photographs and lampshades had to be placed but yet it was all worth it. He had arranged and rearranged the living room several times to get it perfect, he changed his mind about where he wanted the rug to go in the master bedroom, he insisted that someone go out and purchase some fresh flowers and no one minded because everyone had the same goal and that was to make the house perfect for when Cheyenne arrived. It had been a gruelling day and some arguments and disagreements had taken place, but by 5.00pm the house was finished and after a lot of thanks from Gerard and a lot of congratulations on a job well done everyone was allowed to go home.
‘I’ve just got time to take a shower and get to the airport’ Gerard told Melanie as he checked his watch, they had been the first to arrive that day and the last to leave.
‘Thank you so much for everything, you and your team have been amazing.’
‘It’s our job’ Melanie said pulling out her digital camera from its case.
‘I’m sorry if I got a little bossy in there, I was just trying to get everything sorted I wanted it to be…’
‘Perfect’ Melanie said for him ’I know, it’s all you’ve been saying since we met.’
Gerard laughed ’Sorry it’s just that she means everything to me and I want her to be happy, she made a big sacrifice moving here, she’s given up her job and her apartment and I just want her to know that I appreciate it all.’
‘I’m sure she will’ Melanie said ‘You better get going you don’t want to be late. I’ll only be a few minutes taking these photos for our portfolio, I’ll drop the key off at your mothers’
‘Thanks’ Gerard called after her as she jogged back up towards the house, as he watched her he made a mental note to get her and her team something special for Christmas.
‘Gerard!’ Turning around Gerard saw Lyn walking toward him.
‘Lyn what are you doing here?’ he cried in surprise.
‘Why won’t you take my calls?’ Lyn asked she had been calling him all day and Gerard, too busy to deal with her had been letting her calls go straight to answer phone.
‘Lyn I’ve had a hectically busy day, I don’t need this right now.’ He said
‘I need to see you’ she said her voice taking on a whiny undertone.
‘Lyn please can we do this another time I have to go, I’m going to be late.’ He pleaded.
‘What to pick up Cheyenne, she’s all that matters isn’t she?’
Gerard didn’t answer he wasn’t in the mood to deal with an insecure woman ‘Lyn get in the car, I’ll take you home.’
‘No I’m not going anywhere until we talk.’
‘I’m begging you I really have to go, I will call you tomorrow and we can talk then I promise.,’
‘Seal it with a kiss’ She said taking a step closer to him.
Gerard shook his head but adhered to her wish and kissed her full on the mouth, he went to pull away but her arms encircled his neck and she deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth.
‘Mmm that was delicious’ she said releasing him from her hold ‘too good to give up wouldn’t you say.’
‘Lyn I have to go, you can come or you can stay but either way I’m leaving now’ Gerard said getting into the driving seat.
‘My cars parked over there, I’ll drive myself home’
‘Fine then I’ll see you later’ Gerard said starting the ignition and speeding off into the night.

Melanie didn’t know how long she was standing at the master bedroom window with her mouth open but it must have been a few minutes because both cars had driven off by the time she came to. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen with her own eyes. Gerard was standing outside his new home, kissing that woman, when only minutes before he was banging on about how in love with his girlfriend he was and how he appreciated what she was doing for him. Melanie was still in shock of what she saw, the longer she stood at the window with Gerard’s words about his girlfriend swimming in her head the more she doubted what she’d seen. Had she really seen a kiss or was it just a loving embrace? Gerard’s words were obviously contradictory to his actions but when he spoke them, he spoke them so convincing that Melanie wouldn’t quite of believed what she’d seen if she hadn’t captured it on film.

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