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Chapter 60

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Operatation 'retrieve sex-tape' is underway

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‘I’m trying to concentrate’ Gerard ground out as Lyn licked and sucked on his man-hood.
‘Then concentrate’ she murmured
‘We could get arrested’ he reminded her as his body shivered in lust
‘Not if you pay attention on the road and don’t crash.’ She said her warm breath gently caressing him.
‘That feels so nice’ he signed unintentionally closing his eyes.
‘GERARD!’ Lyn screamed shooting upright as she felt the car swerve ‘you idiot are you trying to kill us?’
‘See I told you’ he said exhaling and shaking his head ‘I can’t concentrate when your tongue’s working my cock’
‘No more ‘till we get home’ she ordered
‘Shhh’ Gerard said
‘Don’t shhh me’ she snapped
‘No my phone is vibrating’ he said taking it out of his pocket ‘it’s Mikey’
‘Yo mikes’
‘Hey Gee I just wanted to see how you got on today?’
‘Everything is FINE’ Gerard said as Lyn’s hand clasped his exposed penis and started masturbating him.
‘Where are you?’
‘At Moms’ he lied ‘just chilling at Moms trying to relax before bed got a big…Ah! BIG day ahead of me’
‘Yeah I know the meeting right. Are you coming?’
‘Yes cuming, I will be cuming’ Gerard said as a familiar heat began building in his loins he could hear his brother talking but all he could register was the feel of Lyn’s hands.
Cool then I’ll see you tomorrow’ Mikey said
‘Yes tomorrow’ Gerard said hanging up the phone
‘You bitch!’ he exclaimed looking at Lyn ‘you wait ‘till we get home, you’re going to get it.’
‘Ooh! I hope so.’ Lyn said with a cheeky smile


‘I know I’m excited too’ Jamia said down the phone ‘Hold on one sec. FRANK! IS THAT YOU?’
‘Yeah it’s me’ he said closing the front door
‘You ok honey?’ she said
‘Yeah I’m just tired sorting the ho…’ he cut his sentence short as Jamia was waving her hands frantically at him.
‘Are you still there Chey?’ she said into the phone while her eyes met Frank’s ‘Good. I was just saying hi to Frank he’s just come home from Gee’s. You want a word?’
The last thing Frank wanted to do was speak to Cheyenne he just wanted to roll up and die. Reluctantly he walked over to his fiancé and took the phone.
‘Hello Chey’ he said
‘Frankie! How have you been?’
‘I’ve been great’ he lied ‘just waiting for you to come join us.’
‘I know I’m almost ready I’ve got some little bits left to do but other then that I’m practically packed.’
‘That’s good’ he said ‘that’s real good.’
‘So how are the boys, how’s my man are you keeping him out of trouble?’
‘Of course I am’ Frank said trying to ignore the tears stinging his eye
'Good coz I’m relying on you to keep an eye on him. I trust you, you’re my secret spy’ she laughed
‘I don’t sound convinced’ she joked ‘maybe I’ll give him a call…’
‘NO!’ Frank shouted he couldn't afford for them to be disturbed ‘he…he’s sick!’
‘He is?’
‘Yeah umm… I left early because he wasn’t feeling great Donna gave him some medicine and sent him to bed to rest. If you call him you’ll only disturb him.’
‘Oh! Ok never mind I’ll give him a ring tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up, you’re such a good friend.’
‘I’m only as good as the people I know’ he said truthfully ‘I’ll hand you back to Jamia’
‘Bye Frank’
‘Bye hun’
He gave Jamia the phone wordlessly and headed for the bathroom where he cried his heart out for the things that he had done, for the pain he could’ve caused and for the relief he felt that tomorrow the whole ordeal would be over.


‘Shhhh!! You’re making too much noise’ Amber hissed
‘Amber we’re still outside my house’ Mikey said ‘and since we’re not breaking in there I don’t see why we have to be quiet.’
‘We might as well get in character now’ She said starting the car engine ‘we should practice being quiet’
‘practice-being-quiet’ Mikey parroted ‘hmmm that’s going to be a tough one’
‘Mock me one more time Michael and I’ll run you over with my car’ she said pulling her seat belt across her
‘Your car! This isn’t your car, I’ve never seen this car in the entire length I’ve known you. Whose car is this?’
‘It doesn’t matter whose it is I’m borrowing it and I’m driving it so it’s my car’ she retorted ‘now lets get this show on the road.’
‘I’m beginning to think this is a mistake’ Mikey said ‘you’re crazy’
‘I am not, now here this is your balaclava’ she said handing him a bag ‘Oh and don’t forget your gloves we don’t want to leave any finger prints.’
‘Finger prints for Gods sake Amber we’re not robbing a bank we’re going to retrieve a sex tape from Lyn’s house for which you have a key to. It’s not a secret mission handed to us by US government.’
‘I know that but I don’t want to get chased and possibly caught.’
‘Chased by whom?’
‘The police of course, they’ll catch us and throw us in the clink’
‘The Clink! Amber you need to get a grip, we’ll be in and out of there in less then 10 minutes’ Mikey said
‘Huh! Is that what you think? A million things could go wrong Mikey and you and I will never see our families again.’
Mikey closed his eyes and sighed. What had he got himself into?


‘Amazing’ Lyn breathed as she collapsed next to Gerard. She had lost count of the times they had made love since they’d reached her house, they could barely contain themselves in the car.
‘I think my penis is broken’ Gerard said ‘it’s been over-used’
‘We had a lot of catching up to do’ Lyn said laying her head on his chest. ‘I still don’t think we’re up to where we should be.’
‘I’m wiped’ he said honestly ‘you’re like the fucking energiser bunny or something’
Lyn laughed loudly at his comment, she couldn’t believe that she was in this position she thought she’d never have Gerard intimately again let alone have him stay the night with her. This was bliss.
‘What are you thinking?’ She asked him
‘I don’t know’ he said ‘I don’t know what to think’
‘What do you mean?’ she asked, something wasn’t right and she could hear it in his voice.
‘Nothing’ he said gently nudging her off him so he could roll onto his side ‘I need some sleep.’
‘Oh ok’ Lyn replied disappointed that he was giving her the cold shoulder, wasn’t this supposed to be the start of their new life together, if so then why was he shunning her?
‘Come and cuddle me’ Gerard yawned ‘I like your cuddles’
Lyn smiled instantly feeling better she moulded herself into his back and placed her right arm over his body. ‘Night Gee’ she said sighing contentedly. This WAS the start of their new beginning and it was exactly as she had planned it.


‘Amber it’s nearly two in the morning can we please go in and get the tape now’ Mikey begged. They had been sitting outside Amber’s house for nearly three hours, if it wasn’t for the stake out snacks that she had bought Mikey might’ve gone insane.
‘Yes I think it’s safe now’ Amber replied ‘but let me just check’ reaching over she opened the glove compartment and pulled out a pair of binoculars.
‘What the fuck are those for?’ Mikey cried in disbelief
‘To see the house duh’ Amber snapped impatiently as she peered through the lenses
‘The house is there’ Mikey pointed to it ‘it’s across the street, we are directly opposite it.’
‘You know what? This is the last time I go on a mission with you Mikey, you’ve done nothing but complain’
‘That’s because you’ve done nothing but madness since you picked me up in this car, which, I might add is not yours’
‘There’s nothing wrong with being prepared’ Amber retorted
‘PREPARED FOR WHAT’ Mikey exploded ‘we are going into Lyn’s house to get a tape for the love of GOD! A FUCKING TAPE!’
‘That’s it Mikey you’re off this assignment’ Amber said ‘I’m going in alone, you’re a hot head and you’re only going to blow my cover.’
‘That’s’ it! I can’t take anymore of this I’m going in’ Mikey said throwing open the car door and striding off
‘Mikey wait’ Amber hissed as she grabbed her hand bag and hurried after him.


‘I can’t see anything’ Mikey said once they were inside.
‘Here’ Amber said handing him a flash light and switching on her own ‘Look there’s the TV and stuff.’
‘She wouldn’t keep it there its too obvious’ Mikey said rolling his eyes ‘I’m going to check the draws in that cabinet over there’ he told her shinning a beam over to the far end of the room.
‘Suit yourself’ Amber said shrugging her shoulders.
Ten minutes later they had given up the search, after checking all the draws in the cabinet, every single tape Lyn owned, behind the sofa, the cupboard under the stairs and under Mikey’s orders behind the curtains, they had found nothing.
‘I give up’ Mikey said
‘We can’t, it’s obviously in her bedroom’ Amber said ‘It’s probably under the bed.’
‘I’m not going in there’ Mikey exclaimed
‘Why not?’
‘Because I have no desire to see Lyn naked’ he said matter-of-factly
‘Me neither’ Amber said ‘but you have to remember we’re doing this for Frank’
‘You’re right’ Mikey sighed
‘Good Luck!’ they said in unison
‘I’m not going in!’ they continued ‘yes you are! No I’m not’
‘Stop copying me’ Amber said slapping Mikey’s shoulder
‘You HAVE to go in because I don’t know what her room looks like I could trip over something and ruin all our efforts’
‘You’re right’ Amber sighed wearily ‘but you have to come upstairs with me’


Ok don’t freak out, just be quiet don’t make any noise, you can do this. As Amber opened the door the sound of snoring caught her off guard. She’s not alone oh no then she must be naked please let them be covered up. OMG! It’s Gerard! No it’s not Mikey checked and Gerard’s at home. Thank god! Ha Lyn this is one battle you won’t be winning. As Amber inched into the room she carefully closed the door behind her, she had been in Lyn’s room hundreds of times and was confident she knew her way around. Walking quickly but quietly she walked over to the side of the bed closest to the door and knelt down, she lifted the quilt that was hanging over and pointed her flashlight under the bed. Empty. Oh crap! Where is it then?! Amber froze as there was movement above her. Oh fuck don’t panic! As quickly as it started it stopped. Whoever was moved had settled down and Amber breathed a sigh of relief. Standing up she decided that she had done enough for tonight, maybe they could come back tomorrow during the day and get a better look.

‘So did you get it?’ Mikey asked as Amber emerged from the bedroom.
‘There was nothing under there’ she said feeling deflated by their failure.
‘We have to keep looking’ Mikey persisted
‘I was thinking that we could possible come back tomorrow during the day and have another look’
‘We can’t I have a mee…’
‘Shh!’ Amber whispered shining her torch toward the door ‘what was that?’
‘It was noth…’ Mikey replied but the words froze in his throat as he saw the handle rattle.
‘Hide!’ Amber screeched, running for the linen cupboard she frantically reached for the handle and yanked it open, hurtling herself inside and closing the door.
‘Wait for me’ Mikey said following suit.
‘I don’t think so’ Amber said pushing his chest as he tried to gain entrance to her hide out ‘go hide somewhere else.’
‘You are not serious’ Mikey said trying to push his way inside.
‘Go away you’ll get us caught’ Amber said stamping on his foot and closing the door in his face. In pain and not knowing what to do Mikey turned around and ran as fast as he could. As he passed Lyn’s bedroom door he heard it click and slowly open. Fuck fuck fuck!!
Opening the first door he found he went inside and listened against the door for any movement. Inside the small room his breathing sounded like a fog horn announcing his position he tried to calm it down and listen to any movement outside all at the same time.
Oh shit! He heard the footsteps approaching and then suddenly stop outside the door. Shit shit shit! Mikey moved with the door as it opened until he concealed himself behind it. Please don’t turn on the light. Please don’t turn on the light. Oh No! Mikey knew what was happening even before it started, all guys give a small groan of relief before peeing and this person was no different, he was standing in Lyn’s bathroom listening to another man pee. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. What the fuck was that? Did he just fart? He did just fart, I can smell it Mikey quickly clamped his hand over his nose and was glad for once that his jacket sleeve smelt of stale cigarettes, anything was better then the smell that was wafting in the small bathroom and suffocating him. It seemed like an age before the person flushed and without washing their hands left.
‘I can’t believe that just happed’ he whispered in disbelief ‘I’m going to kill amber. I’m going to kill her’

Despite the smell it took Mikey a few minutes to summon up the courage to leave the bathroom. He cautiously walked back down the hallway where he was relieved to see the bedroom door was closed.
‘It’s me’ Mikey said knocking gently on the linen door ‘you can come out now they’re gone.
‘That was scary’ Amber stated.
‘I know we almost got caught’ Mikey said. And then it happened as if in slow motion, as Amber emerged from the cupboard her foot caught on the loose wire of the iron, she tripped and grabbed the nearest thing to her which was the ironing board, it was just as unsteady as she was under her weight and the whole thing came crashing down with Amber on top of it.
‘RUN!’ Mikey shouted running for the stairs the shaky beam of his flashlight leading the way, Amber too afraid to try and untangle her foot from the iron cord legged it after him the appliance trailing after her making a loud scraping sound along the floorboards.
‘Faster Mikey’ Amber cried as she over took him on the stairs, the iron making a loud bang every time it hit a step as it followed her.
‘What is that SOUUUND??’ Mikey half screamed as he slipped on the stairs and slid down them, his arse bumping each step as his back endured countless carpet burns.
‘Get up’ Amber said running for the door the light from her tool bouncing wildly in the dark room. Rubbing his back Mikey followed her, his flashlight steadier as he limped to the door. ‘Oh!’ he gasped loudly as his light fell upon the hallway bureau.


It was the tape! Sitting there on the bureau by the door was the tape with a little label with Franks name on it. By the door of all places!
‘MOTHER FUCKER!’ Mikey exclaimed as he lunged toward the table knocking off other items as he grabbed the tape and fled the house.

‘Hurry up!!’ Amber screamed, she had already started the car and was pulling out as Mikey jumped in. Amber drove two roads away from Lyn’s before stopping the car abruptly in the middle of the road, at first she shook with fear and shock and then she burst into laughter. Mikey shocked by her outburst at first suddenly threw his head back and joined in.
‘That was insane’ Mikey laughed
‘I know, I’m pretty sure I’ve wet myself a little’ Amber giggled
‘I’m sure I’ve done a little more then wet myself’ Mikey gasped through his laughter.
‘Shit what a fucking story to tell eh?’ Amber said
‘You wait ‘till you hear about what happened in the bathroom’ Mikey stated exhaling slowly so he could get his breath back
‘After all that we still came away empty handed’ Amber sighed sadly as the realisation of their failure suddenly hit her. ‘We didn’t get that tape’
‘Yeah we did’ Mikey said holding it up, a broad smile covering his face.
‘NO WAY!’ Where did you get it?’ Amber cried grabbing the tape from him as if seeing it wasn’t enough.
‘It was on the fucking bureau as you came through the door I saw it as we were leaving.’ He explained
‘I can’t believe it’ Amber screeched before collapsing into a new fit of giggles. ‘Jesus’ she said after she calmed down ‘what a night huh?’
‘Took the words right out of my mouth’ Mikey said letting his tired head hit the head rest.
‘Home?’ Amber said with a smile as she restarted the car.
‘Yeah’ Mikey agreed nodding ‘and tomorrow everything…everything will be different.’

A/N Hello all, I know its a few days late but at least it’s here. I hope you all liked it I was laughing a lot as I typed this, I hope you found it funny too. Or maybe I’m the only one who will because I’m weird! Thank you for all the reviews and rating thus far, I like reading what you all think. Have a nice weekend everyone xxx
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