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Chapter 59

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Frank continues to play his part. Mikey and Amber come up with a plan and Gerard gives in.

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‘Lyn it’s me Gerard. You have nothing to worry about in regards to last night. I’m not offended and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. I hope you still want to hang out until the week is up because I want to, I really do. Call me back if you want. Bye’
Lyn press the key to end the voice call and smiled to herself. She still had a shot and she was sure going to take it.


‘Frank please say something’ Amber begged, she had driven at top speed to deliver the news to Frank and as expected he wasn’t too pleased. ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to make things worse for you’
‘You had a deal’ Mikey said ‘She can’t suddenly change the conditions’
‘She can do what she likes’ Frankie sighed ‘so now I only have until Thursday.’
‘Maybe if I apologise to her she’ll give you till Friday again’ Amber said hopefully
‘You’ve done enough thank you’ Frank retorted
‘Don’t take it out on her she was only trying to help’ Mikey said
‘You’re right’ Frank said turning to Amber ‘thank you Amber for your contribution to the cause, you’ve been a tremendous help and a marvellous asset.’
‘Stop it Frank’ Mikey warned ‘Now I know you’re pissed and you’re right you are the only one who has something to lose but you can’t take it out on the people who are trying to help you.’
‘Well I don’t need your help’ Frank snapped ‘You’re both fucking useless, you Mikey have failed to come up with one decent idea to get me out of this shit and you Amber stumbled across this mess and then preceded to make it worse by not shutting your mouth even when Lyn warned you. What Bob sees in you is beyond me?’
‘I’m so sorry Frank I really am’ Amber said once again but Frank was already out the door.
‘Hey don’t cry’ Mikey said embracing Amber who had silent tears pouring down her face ‘it’s not your fault’
‘I just don’t understand what’s happening, how can all of this be going on and yet no one has any idea of it?’ Amber sniffed
‘Fucked up isn’t it’ Mikey replied ‘Tell me honestly do you think if Lyn doesn’t get her way she’ll show Jamia the tape.’
‘Till about and hour ago I would say, no she’d give up but now I’m not so sure.’
‘That tape can jeopardise this band’ Mikey stated stepping away from Amber
‘How?’ Amber asked
‘The way I see it is if Jamia sees it, she’ll break up with Frank, Gerard will find out that Frank slept with Lyn and then no doubt about it there will be unbearable tension between the two of them, which will make tension between us all and it’s just a matter of time before some says they don’t want to do it anymore.’
‘We have to get that tape back’ Amber said suddenly thinking of Bob and the well-being of the band.
‘How?’ Mikey asked
‘I don’t know but failure just isn’t an option.’ Amber replied


Wednesday morning dawned cold and windy in New Jersey but Gerard wasn’t one to notice. He had spent the last two days moving out of his basement room and into his brand new and nearly decorated home. He couldn’t believe how good he felt, he was on an all natural high and it was all coming from the sense of completion and fulfilment he felt every time he crossed the threshold into his new abode. Despite the genuine euphoria he felt Gerard knew that something within his close group of friends was wrong. The balance was so off you could practically see it and yet if anyone else had noticed it no one said a word. They had been together both Monday and Tuesday and to be fair not everyone had been present on both days, the group had come to help in dribs and drabs, when they could spare the time but it was apparent that not all was well between the members of the group and their respective partners. He had first noticed in to Monday afternoon when Frank suddenly disappeared and no one could give him, a valid reason for his absence, it wasn’t as though they had to report everything to him, but Gerard was just curious as to why one of his best friends had suddenly left him in the lurch and then not even bothered to show the next day either. Then he thought about Mikey, his moods had been yo-yoing up and down recently and he spent a lot of time of the past two days texting on his phone which wouldn’t be weird accept he usually text Alicia the most and she was in the room with him and she wasn’t firing on all cylinders either she was so spaced out at one point Gerard was tempted to check her purse for drugs. What was going on with everyone?

‘Wow you’re here bright and early’ Melanie’s voice cut through his thoughts.
‘Aren’t I always?’ he responded
‘This is the second day in a row I’ve caught you out here staring’ she said dropping the overstuffed duffle bag to the floor beside Gerard.
‘I can’t help it I’m in awe’ he answered finally turning to look at her.
‘You know inside there’s furniture and stuff, why don’t you stare at that stuff instead of the outside?’ she said
‘Oh I will but like I said I’m in awe. A few years ago I didn’t even know if I would be alive, I was so messed up I didn’t know what was good for me, wouldn’t listen to anyone who was trying to help me, guide me but now, here I am, healthy and happy, in love and I’m buying my own house, I’m starting my own family, I’m starting my future.’
‘And you deserve it’ Melanie said ‘for all your hard work and good behaviour you deserve to be happy.’
‘I agree’ Gerard said ‘Shall we?’ he said picking up the duffle bag and motioning to the house
‘Yes we shall’ Melanie laughed leading the way.


‘You are not serious’ Mikey said staring at Amber
‘I bloody well am’ Amber said in a hushed voice as they stood in the hallway of the Way residence.
‘You want to break in to Lyn’s house and steal the tape?’ Mikey repeated
‘Not break-in, I have a key so technically we’re just letting ourselves in.’
‘We can’t do that’
‘Yes we can’ Amber said
‘No we can’t’
‘Do you have a better idea?’ She asked looking down the hall to make sure no one was there
‘Well…no…but’ Mikey stammered
‘But my arse, we’re doing it and that’s final. Tonight it’s me and you Way I’ll pick you up about 1.00am’ Amber interjected.
‘1.00am but that’s when I like to sleep’ he moaned
‘I hear that time’s good for a lot of people’ she retorted sarcastically ‘look if you don’t want to help I can do this myself’
‘Should we tell Frank?’ Mikey asked.
‘Umm nah we’ll just give it to him tomorrow’ Amber said ‘It’ll be better that way. Ooh it’ll be like a surprise that no one wants.’
‘A – Surprise – that – no – one - wants’ Mikey said slowly ‘why didn’t I think of that?’
‘Shut up and don’t mock me’ Amber said heading back to the basement where the others were.
‘I’m not mocking you Amber’ Mikey said following her ‘I was just trying to comprehend what you said. A surprise that no one wants is a genius idea.’


‘Oh look it’s the return of the Disappearing Frank’ Gerard said as he saw Frank drive up to the front of the Bryar- Way home.
‘It’s the Amazing Frank actually’ Frank said jumping out of his car
‘What brings you… and Lyn here?’ Gerard said as he spotted her coming out of the passenger seat.
‘Well since I’ve been missing for the last two days I thought I’d lend a hand and I’ve bought reinforcements’ he said pointing at Lyn who strutted up to Gerard and placed a kiss on his check
‘I should be calling you stranger’ she said to him as she pulled away ‘You did a disappearing act of your own Sunday night.’
‘Yeah I’m sorry’ Gerard said blushing ‘I err had an early start in the morning di…’
‘Forget about it’ Lyn said with a dismissive wave of her hand ‘no problem. Now where are my overalls?’
Gerard watched her walk away, he hadn’t heard from her since he’d left that voicemail on her cell two days ago, he figured she was mad at him.
‘How come you’re with Lyn?’ Gerard asked tearing his eyes away from Lyn and turning to Frank.
‘We’re fucking’ Frank said.
‘What!’ Gerard shouted
‘Well you said she was putting it out there and I told you if didn’t snatch it up someone else would. I’m that someone’
‘You are not serious’ Gerard said trying to read the truth in his friends eyes
‘Of course I’m not’ Frank laughed intentionally hitting Gerard hard in the chest ‘I just love winding you up’
‘Oh’ Gerard said feeling his body deflated with relief, the jealous he’d just felt was overwhelming.
‘I would if I could though’ Frank said regarding his friend ‘she is one fine piece of arse. I still don’t know why you aint fucking that.’
‘I told you’ Gerard said feeling a mix of frustration and jealously rising inside him ‘I have Cheyenne’
‘And I told you that no one will know’ Frank said ‘I mean seriously Gee I know she’s a head case…
‘Was’ Gerard interjected
‘Was whatever’ Frank shrugged ‘but my God she’s definitely fuck material.’
‘That’s enough now’ Gerard said all the while taking in every word that Frank was saying and picturing all the things he could do to Lyn.
‘When’s Chey coming home again?’ Frank asked
‘She’ll be here Saturday night’ Gerard answered not really paying much attention to what his friend was saying.
‘By my calculations that gives you two days of naughtiness with Lyn before Chey gets home, or three if you count today’ Frank said ‘If you don’t do her Gee I might just have to’ Frank laughed walking away from the house and leaving a fuming Gerard behind.


The rest of the day past by in a blur for Gerard, between signing delivery notes and watching Frank and Lyn flirt he wasn’t sure where his head was at. Everyone else seemed oblivious to their discreet touching and the looks they were sharing but Gerard saw it, he saw it all.
‘Boy look at the time’ Frank said joining Gerard in the master bedroom, he was wearing white overalls as he sauntered into the bedroom.
‘What time is it?’ Gerard asked he didn’t bother looking at his friend, he didn’t feel like looking at him, plus he was admiring the mahogany four-poster bed that he had purchased for Cheyenne.
‘It’s coming up to five’ Frank replied ‘I like your bed, did the delivery men assemble it’
‘Yeah’ Gerard said. An uncomfortable silence fell between them, Frank hated that Gerard was angry at him, he could feel the negative vibes oozing from his friend’s aura and he hated it, they had always been so close and Frank could see their friendship ebbing away before his eyes.
‘I think Cheyenne will like it’ Frank said eventually ‘it’s like a princess’s bed, well will be when it’s got sheets and stuff on it.’
A silence would’ve fallen between them if Lyn hadn’t walked in.
‘What are you two gays doing in here?’ she asked
‘Nothing’ Gerard said ‘just admiring the bed.’
‘Why admirer it when you can sample it’ she said then quickly ran and threw herself onto Frank who fell backward on the bed.
‘I know you like it rough Iero’ she giggled ‘don’t try and fight it.’
‘Please you couldn’t handle me’ he stated playing along knowing fully well what she was trying to do. Gerard stared through envious eye, unable to move, unable to talk as jealous flowed through his body, he watched them laughing and rolling over the bed falling on each other, their bodies rubbing and touching, he wanted to be where Frank was, he wanted to mess around with her. Lyn spotted the look on Gerard’s face and felt a surge of pleasure pulsate through her, she had him.
‘When we leave later on offer to take me home, nod if you understand’ she whispered in Frank’s ear.
‘Iero you beast’ she said out loud with a laugh ‘you are too much for me’
‘I told you’ Frank said with a nod.
‘And where do you think you’re going?’ Lyn asked as Gerard headed for the door
‘I have work to do’ he admitted not wanting to watch their lustful display any longer.
‘I don’t think so’ Lyn said grabbing his arm and swinging him around till his legs hit the bed, he steadied himself but it was short lived as Lyn threw herself full force at him and they too landed on the bed.
‘Im outta here’ Frank announced climbing off the bed
‘Now I know for a fact that you hate to be tickled’ Lyn teased ‘but I think a little session would put a smile on your frowny face’
‘I want a session, but not that kind’ Gerard said as he grabbed her, pulling her lips to his.
‘What are you doing?’ Lyn said genuinely taken aback by his forcefulness.
‘Shut up’ he said catching her off guard and kissing her again ‘I want to fuck you’ he confessed between kisses
‘Gerard I…’
‘I said shut up’ he repeated grabbing her lips again, he snaked his hand under her t-shirt and grabbed her right breast, squeezing it and making her moan..
‘You like that don’t you’ he said working his fingers into cup of her bra so he could feel her nipple.
‘I’m going to fuck you right here’ he said, he couldn’t believe how horny he felt, his dick was rock solid. Turning her over so he was on top, Gerard opened her legs and lay between them kissing her breasts through her shirt, while working the belt of his jeans.
‘Gerard we can’t’ Lyn said breathlessly
‘We can and we are’ he said kissing her again while working her t-shirt over her head.
‘Look at your fucking tits’ he said burying his head between her soft flesh ‘remind me what size are these?’ he mumbled into her breastbone
‘38DD’ she whispered
‘Ah fuck yeah I want thses’ he said kneeling up to finish loosening his belt
‘Gerard we can’t do this here’ she told him
‘Why not?’ he said
‘Gerard there are at least 12 people downstairs someone could see us…’
‘You’re right’ he said his hands pausing on his jeans button ‘we could get caught. Fuck. We’re finishing this later.’
‘Sounds like a plan’ she said pulling her t-shirt back so it fit properly. ‘Come on we don’t want to be missed.’
She waited patiently while Gerard fixed his clothes, as they headed for the door he suddenly pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately.
‘I’m not sure I can wait till later’ he whispered against her lips
‘Well you’ll have to’ she giggled as butterflies fluttered in her belly ‘I want this as much as you do, but it’s not worth the risk of being caught now.’
‘Damn you and your logic’ he said kissing her again
‘Let’s go and finish up’ she said walking out the door only to feel his hand around her wrist.
‘And no more flirting with Frank’ he said
‘I promise’ she said winking at him ‘I’m all yours’

Three hours later the entire team decided to call it a night
‘Thank you guys for all your help’ Lyn said smiling kindly at the decorating team
‘Yeah you guys are amazing’ Frank said honestly. ‘Aren’t they Gerard?...Gerard?
‘Hmm’ Gerard said snapping back to reality
‘I was saying how amazing these girls are’ Frank told him
‘You’re right they are’ he said getting back up to speed ‘They’ve been great we all might as well head home.’
Twenty minutes later the team had left and Gerard was locking up the house.
‘Lyn can I offer you a ride home?’ Frank asked as planned
‘No that’s ok’ Gerard said quickly jamming the house keys in his pocket ‘I can take her home’
‘You sure coz it’s on my way’ Frank offered
‘Nah its ok Frank Gee can take me’ Lyn said enveloping Frank in a hug ‘and you can pick up your tape tomorrow morning’ she whispered.
As they pulled apart Frank said nothing but nodded in recognition, not knowing what to think or feel
‘Come on Lyn’ Gerard demanded a little more intensely then he intended. ‘Later Frank’ he said getting into the car
‘See ya Iero, thanks for all your help’ Lyn said with a wink ‘you’ve been a real star.’

A/N Hello all, I know I haven't proof-read so sue me for my mistakes. But OMG! WTF?? I hope you like it hehehe I loved writing it. I’m so naughty and so is Gerard!! I can’t wait to write the next one which hopefully, fingers crossed will be up tomorrow coz I’m getting seriously excited now. Take care my lovelies and thank you for the reviews of the last chapter much appreciated xxx
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