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Chapter 58

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Tension mounts between Frank and Mikey and Amber makes Frank situation even dire.

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Mikey was distracted. He had absolutely no focus, so much so that people were often calling him three or four times before he even heard them. He had been racking his brains trying to think of a plan that could get Frank out of the mess he was in and so far he’d come up with nothing. Well, that wasn’t strictly true his plan to bring Cheyenne home worked and it had the desired effect but it wasn’t enough Frank still managed to suffer greatly for that. What could he do? The whole situation was so messed up and so complicated. Lyn had made it virtually impossible for anyone else to come out on top except for her. She had Frank by the balls and every now and then she was giving them a little squeeze and that didn’t sit well with Mikey especially since Frank came to him for help. He needed to try harder to think of a plan. He needed to try much harder.


Lyn decided that sitting alone and being depressed was both boring and unproductive, she decided that having a chilled out lunch with a friend would help speed the day along, but when you’re a callous bitch you tend to lose friends rather quickly, which usually poses a problem when you feel the need for a chat. Luckily for Lyn she still had Amber the one and only friend next to Marcus that she was still in contact, and on good terms with. Luckily for her Amber was free for the day and agreed to a visit so Lyn dressed and made her self presentable and patiently waited for her friend to arrive.
‘Hey you’ Amber said smiling as she crossed the threshold of Lyn’s open door into warm house. ‘How’ve you been?’
‘Hey yourself and not so good, Marcus and I have split up’ Lyn announced sadly leading the way into the living room.
‘Why?’ Amber asked taking her coat of and laying it over the arm of the chair that she planned to sit in.
‘He wants marriage and babies and all that and I don’t’ she lied.
‘I’m sorry Lynnie’ Amber said ‘it’s such a shame you seem so well suited I thought he might’ve been the one for you.’
‘Yeah me too’ Lyn laughed then added when she spotted the confused look on her friends face ‘Oh please Amber you and I both know there’s only one person for me.’
‘Who?’ Amber asked naively
‘Take a guess Red’ Lyn answered
‘Oh no! You’re not still going on about Gerard’ Amber groaned ‘Give it up Lyn for the love of God. He’s not going to get back with you he’s insanely in love with Cheyenne’
‘Oh yeah then why did he sleep with me last night?’ Lyn gloated leaning back in her chair.
‘What? I don’t believe you’ Amber said quickly
‘Believe it baby’ Lyn giggled ‘Gerard shared my bed last night and he left early this morning.’
‘You had sex with Gerard?’ Amber asked
‘Well no… we didn’t actually have sex’ Lyn said ‘he held me till I feel asleep it was all very romantic and sex is definitely next on the agenda.’
‘What is your deal Lyn?’ Amber sighed
‘I’ll tell you if you promise to keep a secret’ Lyn said with a smug grin.


‘Aww! look it’s the Breakfast Monkey’ Gerard said fondly as he riffled through a folder of his old art work.
‘Toss it’ Frank joked
‘How can you say that?’ Gerard gasped holding the folder close to his chest ‘This is precious to me’
‘Bin it’ Mikey laughed ‘its trash’
‘Your Mom’s trash’ Gerard shot back carrying the folder to the save pile on his bed.
‘It feels like we’ve been doing this forever’ Bob whined
‘You’ve only just got here’ Ray pointed out
‘I know and it feels like forever already’ Bob said picking up an old dirty sock that had seen better days.
‘Imagine how we feel’ Mikey yawned picking up a Stephen King novel
‘Look I’m really grateful for your help you guys’ Gerard said sincerely ‘I wouldn’t have been able to get so much done without your help. So thank you’
‘You’re welcome’ Bob said
‘Once again Bob, you only just got here’ Ray commented
‘So what, I’m here aren’t I?’ Bob said hurling the dirty sock at Ray who yelled when the old cloth hit his lips
‘Good shot’ Frank laughed
‘That’s disgusting’ Ray barked wiping his lips furiously ‘That’s Gerard’s sock who knows what’s growing on it?
‘How dare you?’ Gerard said feigning hurt
‘Can we take a break now?’ Mikey whined from the stairs ‘all this yelling is making me tired.’
‘Yeah you guys can take a break’ Gerard agreed ‘I’m going to work on though.’
As Mikey, Bob and Ray made their way up the stairs Frank lingered behind on the pretence of helping.
‘So we’ve done well today’ he said handing Gerard, Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire.
‘Yeah we have’ Gerard agreed placing the book in the box and sealing it ready to take over the new house.
‘Look I know I told you some of my secrets earlier and I hope you don’t think less of me’ Frank said sincerely
‘I don’t think less of you I just thought I knew you better then that.’
‘You do know me but everyone has secrets Gee’
‘Yeah but I thought I knew all yours and I didn’t think that an affair would be one of them.’
‘It’s not that big of a deal, trust me’ Frank assured him ‘Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it’
‘Everybody does’ Gerard said with a laugh
‘What does everybody know huh? I’m just saying you should think about Lyn and what you could have if you really wanted it.’
‘I have what I really want in Cheyenne’ Gerard replied
‘Then why did you wank off thinking about Lyn and why are you still friends with her?’
‘I’m friends with her because we both need to end this relationship on a good note, we need closure’ Gerard explained
‘Or maybe you can’t let go because deep down you know that there’s still something between you’ Frank said handing Gerard a marker pen and before disappearing up the stairs letting his last words linger in Gerard’s mind.

‘…because I want him, he’s mine’ Lyn retorted
‘He’s not a toy Lyn’ Amber exploded ‘You sound like a God damn child whose can’t have her own way. This is someone life, it’s not a game, what you’re doing is wrong Lyn, can’t you see that?’
‘I know this is someone’s life Amber I’m not stupid but you’re the one who’s wrong, this IS a game, it’s my game and I won’t stop until I win.’
‘He doesn’t want you Lyn he HAS a girlfriend who he’s happy with, why can’t you jut let him be’ Amber argued.
‘Because he’s mine and FYI he does want me, we’ve been together everyday since Cheyenne’s been in Chicago and we’ve come close to getting intimate more then once.’
‘So what’s stopped you?’ Amber asked ‘huh? What’s stopped you from going all the way? Could it be perhaps that Gerard doesn’t want you?’
‘He does want me’ Lyn shouted
‘No he doesn’t, he’s being manipulated by Frank who is being blackmailed by you. How can you sink so low? I cannot believe you’d put someone else’s personal life at risk for your own selfish gain.’
‘Don’t you dare judge me Amber’ Lyn yelled ‘You have no right’
‘No right? You’ve just sat here and told me you’ve slept with Frank and blackmailed him into helping you get Gerard. Face facts Lyn, you had your chance with Gerard and you blew it, you do NOT deserve another and Frank doesn’t deserve what you’re putting him through. I cannot believe what you’ve just sat and told me, it’s disgusting and disgraceful. I thought I knew you Lyn, I never thought you could do something so mean, so…so nasty!’ Amber ranted. ‘I just… I’m appalled and ashamed of you’
‘Are you done?’ Lyn said through clenched teeth ‘I honestly thought you of all people Amber would understand, you’ve always known how much I loved him, how much I’ve always wanted him. But now I know where you stand I think it’s best that you leave and not tell anyone about what happened here today as far as you’re concerned you know nothing.’
‘I can’t just forget what you’ve told me, Frank and Jamia are my friends and your actions are threatening to ruin their relationship’ Amber stated
‘If Frank does as he’s told nothing will be ruined, now get out of my house’ Lyn fumed.
‘No I won’t leave, what you’re doing is wrong Lyn and you know it, deep down inside you know what you’re doing is mean and unfair.’
‘You’ve got three seconds to leave my house or…’
‘…or what?’ Amber challenged ‘what could you possibly do that’s worse then what you’ve already done?’
‘You really want to know?’ Lyn retorted ‘Since you’re so keen to get involved in the situation you can be the one to tell old Frankie boy that I’ve decided that he now has until Thursday instead of Friday to help me secure Gerard or Jamia will get a copy of this tape and a bucket of popcorn sent to her house, special delivery, courtesy of yours truly’
‘You can’t do that’ Amber spat ‘that’s not fair’
‘I just did. Let me tell you what isn’t fair, Amber, expecting support from your friend and not getting it, that isn’t fair.’
‘We’re not friends’ Amber told her
‘That’s right we’re not, now get out of my house.’ Lyn demanded ‘Oh! And Red one last thing, you might want to help Frank sway Gerard’s mind in my direction, because after all you are the sole reason he now has one less day.’
‘You’re despicable’ Amber said as she opened the door to let herself out.
‘Maybe’ Lyn said ‘but I’m the winner and don’t you forget it’


‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ Mikey confronted Frank as soon as the younger man walked up the stairs
‘What are you on about?’ Frank asked clearly confused but his friend’s anger
‘I heard what you said to Gerard’ Mikey told him
‘So?’ Frank shrugged
‘Why are you putting things like that in his head’ Mikey asked
‘Because I’m supposed to, I’m doing my part.’
‘Your part is telling him it’s ok to cheat on his girlfriend?’ Mikey retorted
‘I have to do this’ Frank shot back ‘I don’t want to Mikey, but I don’t see another way out of this mess other then to let Lyn win but if you know another solution then please speak up because I’m dying to hear it’
‘There are other ways’ Mikey said
‘Then what are they because I don’t hear you suggesting them’ Frank replied
‘I’m trying but this isn’t my fault’ Mikey said
‘I never said it was but I came to you for help and so far I haven’t gotten any and the way I see it is I’m seriously running out of time and I’m the only person who stands to lose everything.’
‘What about Cheyenne huh? She could lose Gerard, her home, everything. Right now she’s packing up her whole entire life to come and be with him and you’re just going to help Lyn ruin it all, you’re going to help her break Cheyenne’s heart’
‘Better hers then mine’ Frank said ‘I know that sounds harsh but I cannot lose Jamia, I can’t. I just can’t and if someone has to walk away a loser then it has to be Cheyenne because it can’t be me.’
‘So you’re going to keep playing your part and helping Lyn to win is that it?’ Mikey fumed
‘Can’t you see it Mikey’ Frank said shaking his head ‘Lyn’s already won. She’s already the winner.’

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