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Chapter 57

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Lyn's depressed, Alicia's speculating, Gerard's organising and Frank is playing his part.

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Gerard quietly closed his car door and started the engine. He looked at the clock on the dash and mentally calculated the amount of sleep he’d get before he was due to wake in a few hours to go over to the Bryar- Way residence. Gerard wanted to leave hours before but had patiently waited for Lyn to fall asleep dutifully fulfilling all her requests from singing to her, to even stripping down to his boxes and spooning her which she insisted was the ultimate comfort to her. He wouldn’t lie to himself laying next to her bought back many memories from their past life together and the feel of her arse so close to his groin was arousing, but even though his body and mind wanted to experience Lyn again his heart didn’t and so he resisted the urge to cup her breasts and gyrate his cock into her arse, he resisted even when, not once but twice she offered herself to him fully. After what seemed like and eternity of teasing and lust Lyn fell asleep and Gerard pulled his clothes back on and left her asleep in her bed. Now back in the safety of his car he sped home where his bed was waiting for him. He had so much to do before the end of the week he’d been so busy thinking about the new house he had forgotten that his room needed to be sorted and packed before the week was out. He would definitely have to recruit the help of his friends to get everything sorted plus they had a meeting on Thursday. He slowed to stop at a set of lights and yawned wondering if leaving Lyn’s was a good idea because the more he drove the more tired he became. As the lights changed he thought about Lyn’s predicament, it was a shame that she was alone once again especially now she was such a nice person, he didn’t like Marcus the bastard but he had to admit they were well suited. Pulling up outside his home he locked the car and hurried inside he was desperate for sleep but the man in him was still aroused from earlier. Heading straight for the bathroom Gerard grabbed a wad of tissues and headed for the basement, Lyn would get that fuck she was so desperate for but she wouldn’t know it and no harm would come of it.


‘What are you doing?’ Jamia asked Frank as she walked into the living room where he was seated at the pc.
‘Just checking out the Skeleton Crew website, I’m just having a browse’ he said clicking off the page and swivelling the chair round to face her.
‘I gotta do some work on that later’ she admitted ‘with all the madness that’s been going on lately, it’s kind of taken a backseat.’ Frank knew the madness that she was referring to was his mood swings but he wasn’t going to take the bait he didn’t want to discuss anything that had happened over the last few days he just wanted to forget it all.
‘I got a message from Gee earlier’ Frank said ‘he needs some help packing up his things to move over to the new house I said I’d help him. Do you fancy coming over and organising the chaos that is sure to follow?’
‘No’ Jamia said shaking her head ‘like I said Skelton Crew and other things need my attention today.’
‘Ok’ Frank said rising from his seat, he walked over to her and placed a loving kiss on her forehead ‘I’m going to go get dressed and I’ll see you much later on.’


Lyn wasn’t sure what to feel when she woke in the morning to find Gerard gone. Her first instinct was to get angry at being left alone, but then before the full emotion could manifest itself a great sadness took over her. Was she so bad that he couldn’t bare to spend one night with her? She had no idea when he sneaked out or why? Dialling his number she felt annoyed when it went straight to answer phone, after leaving a message that she thought was satisfactory she hung up and crawled back beneath her covers and decided she wasn’t fit to face the day.’


It was 10:00am Gerard was in full flow. He’d called Melanie his head decorator and after getting a satisfying update of the state of the house he ordered the others over to help him sort his room. He was knee deep in all sorts of rubbish by the time Frank arrived.
‘Whoa what’s happened in here?’ Frank asked as he made his way through mountains of old clothes, books, comic books and other dark bric-a-brac to where Gerard was standing.
‘Thanks for coming’ Gerard sighed clearly overwhelmed by the mess in his room
‘No problem’ Frank said shedding himself of his jacket and tossing it on to the bed ‘where do we start?’
‘You tell me man’ Gerard replied ‘I did have it all planned out in my head but I kept finding all this cool stuff and before I knew it I had opened all the draws and both my cupboards and this mess was created.’
‘Hmm’ Frank said looking around in search of an inch of carpet ‘Ok let’s clear a path way to the stairs and when that’s done the room will be divided in two and we can start on whatever side we feel like.’
‘Yes! Some sort of order I knew it was a good idea calling you’ Gerard said happily
‘Well I am your right hand man’ Frank gloated ‘but don’t tell Mikey he tends to get very jealous’
‘He should’ Gerard scoffed. They worked together for the next thirty minutes both picking up bits and bobs and throwing things in the black bags that Gerard had provided. Whenever Frank came across something that looked like it could have some value he held it up in the air and waited for a grunt of approval from Gee before placing it in the ‘keep’ pile, if it was crap he tossed it in a black bags.
‘I need to tell you something’ Gerard said breaking the comfortable silence that they had been working in.’
‘I’m listening’ Frank said picking up and bravely sniffing an old t-shirt which thankfully didn’t smell that bad.
‘I slept with Lyn last night’ he confessed
‘WHAT!??’ Frank shouted way too loudly for his own liking. What the hell did this mean? Was it all over now? Was he free of his blackmail? What about Cheyenne?’
‘Not like that’ Gerard said seeing the unrecognisable expression on his band mate’s face.
‘Like what then?’ Frank asked secretly praying that his ordeal was over ‘did you fuck her? ‘please tell me you fucked her’
‘No I didn’t fuck her, but she threw herself at me last night, kissing me and telling me she wanted me, but I resisted and came home’
‘Oh’ Frank said not bothering to disguise his disappointment, which Gerard picked up on it.
‘You sound disappointed’ Gerard commented
‘No I…’ Frank was interrupted by his cell the number was withheld which he hated but he answered it anyway


‘You’re still in this Frank. I had him last night but I failed and when I fail you fail’

‘Who is this?’ Frank asked knowing fully well who it was.

‘Sway his mind Frank’

‘Who was that?’ Gerard asked when Frank hung up
‘Wrong number’ he answered ‘now where was we?’
‘Lyn wants me’
‘I’d take her’ Frank said hating himself, he hated this but he had to do it, he had to change Gerard’s mind.
‘You heard me, she’s pushing her pussy in your face and you’re saying no. I’d fucking have her.’
‘You’re not serious’ Gerard laughed
‘I am. Who’d actually know huh? Cheyenne’s in Chicago and Lyn won’t kiss and tell. I’m telling you if I had that opportunity I’d take it.’
‘Who are you?’ Gerard asked ‘I’ve never known you to be like this. You, Frank would never cheat on Jamia.’
‘Wouldn’t I?’ he said smiling slyly
‘You haven’t?’ Gerard gasped
‘I have but it was with a girl that I used to like when we were younger so it doesn’t count really coz it was bound to happen…’


‘What the fuck are you doing loitering on the stairs?’ Mikey asked his fiancé
‘What?’ she asked she was dumbstruck
‘What are you doing on the stairs?’ he said talking slowly so she could read his lips
‘I…I err…’
‘Ok you stay here and work out what you’re trying to say I’m going to help Frank and Gerard. The Golden Child is here’ Mikey announced as he walked down the stairs cutting Frank off mid-sentence. ‘And you’ve created a path way for me.’
Gerard looked up glad for the interruption he was finding secrets out but his friend that he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Frank was glad that he didn’t finish his sentence and he hoped that Mikey hadn’t heard what they were talking about.
‘Where’s Alicia?’ Gerard asked
‘She’s upstairs she’s suddenly gone dumb so I’ve left her upstairs until she’s normal again.’ Mikey explained


Alicia couldn’t talk. She could move all she could do was replay this words in her head over and over again. This was the second time in the last week that she’s accidently eavesdropped on a conversation and this was the second time that she had heard something that she didn’t like. How could Frank do this to Jamia? How could Cheyenne do this to Gee? How could they? I have but it was with a girl that I used to like when we were younger so it doesn’t count really coz it was bound to happen… she thought about those words Frank was literally confessing to Gerard what he done, what he was doing and Gerard had no idea it was Cheyenne who he was having an affair with. What was happening to the group? Alicia grew angrier as she pondered all that was going on this would have never occurred if Cheyenne hadn’t come here, it was all her fault with her curvy figure and cute innocence, she was temptation and Frank was just a stupid man who couldn’t resist. Was he right was there affair bound to happen they had grown up together after all? Was this fate? Alicia felt tars prickle at the corners of her eyes, she felt sad, sad for her friends and sad for herself. Everything that the band had worked for over the past years could all come crashing down all because of Cheyenne.


It was coming up to 1:00pm when Gerard allowed everyone to take a break, Ray and Bob had shown up just after 11.00am and the room was looking much better already. Everyone especially Gerard was having fun going through all his old belongings finding photos and other bits that sparked memories, making them all laugh in the process. Gerard had abandoned his phone earlier that morning to get down to work and as the others wolfed down the sandwiches that Alicia kindly made he grabbed his phone and checked his messages.

‘Hey Gerard, I just woke up to find you’re gone. Why did you leave me? I’m sorry I came on to you last night I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable I just needed a man’s touch. I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore I made a fool of myself, I won’t tell anyone what happened. Once again I’m sorry.

‘What’s up?’ Frank asked sneaking up on Gerard and making him jump
‘Don’t do that’ Gerard said holding his chest ‘you’re going to give me a fucking heart attack one day.’
‘Sorry, what’s the matter with you, you’re eyebrows are doing that thing they do when you’re confused or upset?’ Frank noticed
‘What thing?’ Gerard asked touching a hand to his left eyebrow
‘I don’t know it’s just this thing you do…’ Frank started then realised he was getting off topic ‘what wrong man?’
‘Nothing it’s just Lyn left a message on my answer phone.’
‘What’s the matter with her?’
‘She embarrassed that she came on to me last night…’
‘Advantage that you could’ve taken’ Frank interrupted
‘…and she thinks I don’t want to see her anymore.’ Gerard finished
‘And do you?’ Frank quizzed
‘Of course I do, it was just a mistake nothing happened’
‘But it could of’
‘Frank I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I’m not going to cheat on Cheyenne with Lyn, I would never do that.’ Gerard stated
‘Fine, whatever but if she’s offering and you’re not taking it she’ll offer it to someone else and that someone might not decline’ Frank retorted with a cheeky smile ‘now come on’ he said ignoring the look of horror on his best friends face ‘that room won’t clean itself.’
‘Frank what you said in the basement about having an affair was that true?’ Gerard inquired
‘Yes it was’ he lied, he’d never had an affair but he had fucked Lyn against his wishes.
‘Don’t you feel guilty?’ Gerard asked
‘I did at first but I’m a man Gee and I have certain urges and wants that Jamia can’t fulfil and it was so long ago it’s not even worth discussing.’ Frank said honestly ‘I love Jamia more then anything but sometimes temptation is just too great.’
‘But what if she found out?’ Gerard asked
‘Like I said it happened so long ago it isn’t worth talking about it and it wasn’t worth the risk but it was good while it lasted. Don’t judge me, I know better now but what I’m saying to you is if the opportunity is there and there’s no way you can get caught then I’d go for it.’
‘You would?’ Gerard question
‘Oh yeah especially for a woman as hot as Lyn’ Frank said ‘Cheyenne’s away, Lyn won’t tell. No one will no but me and I won’t tell. There’s little to no risk with everything to gain. It’s a no-brainer my friend. Take her, it’ll be our secret’

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