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Chapter 56

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Cheyenne flies home, Mikey lies, Donna makes a descision and Gerard helps a friend

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‘Gee I have to get ready now’ Cheyenne giggled as Gerard pinned her down again
‘No stay here’ he said straddling her naked body
‘I can’t, I have a million loose ends to tie up at work this week’ she told him ‘and I have to pack up my flat in Chicago’
‘Gosh I forgot about all the things you’ve got going on back home’ he said rolling off her and laying down next to her.
‘Yep so much to do and now so little time’ she sighed
‘Maybe I should fly out mid-week to help you out’ he offered ‘I mean we’ve got a meeting on Thursday but it can be postponed’
‘No don’t go to all that trouble Farrah and Jude can help me out, no problem’ she said ‘the only thing is…I need…actually forget I said anything’
‘The only thing is what?’ Gerard asked sitting up
‘I need to have some of my things sent here and it’s going to cost money…’ she said trailing off.
‘Listen to me’ Gerard said ‘don’t ever be afraid to ask me for anything especially money, I’ve have enough of that.’
‘I know it’s just I don’t like asking people for money especially you, I don’t want people to think that I’m gold digging.’
Gerard laughed and kissed her forehead ‘How much do you need?’
‘I’m not sure, that’s why I wanted to see the house so I’d know how much space I’d have for my crap. We really should’ve talked about this a bit more.’ She said tracing her finger over the knuckles on his right hand.
‘Whatever you decide to leave behind we can always replace’ he stated.
‘I know that but I don’t want to be spending money unnecessarily’ she reasoned ‘if I’ve got something that’s in good condition why should we shell out cash for something new.’
‘Look just bring all your personal belongings with you, anything else that’s not dear to you can stay behind. I want all brand new stuff to go in our brand new home to start our brand new life’ he said.
‘I suppose’ she said ‘But I’m paying you back the money you lend me for all my stuff’
‘No you’re not’ he said shaking his head
‘Yes I am’ Cheyenne insisted
‘How are you going to pay me you don’t have a job?’ he said looking down on her small womanly frame.
‘I do too have a job. Didn’t I already tell you this?’ she asked.
‘No you didn’t’ he said moving as she shifted to get up.
‘Well I’ll tell you all about it on the way to the airport’ she replied.


‘Cheyenne will be getting on the plane now’ Jamia noted as she and Frank climbed into bed. ‘Do you think she had a good weekend?’
‘Yeah I’d say she did’ Frank agreed finding Jamia’s hand under the covers, he was secretly praying that she wouldn’t bring up last night incident he really didn’t want to talk about it.
‘It was really nice giving her that teddy’ Jamia commented
‘It was nothing, she’s a lovely girl she deserves nice things. Gerard’s very lucky I think’ he said
Jamia thought about all the things that had happened during the time that Cheyenne had been gone, she had yelled at Gerard and Lyn fallen out with Frank and all over some suspicion she had. Not only that but she had treated Lyn badly and it was Lyn who had bought her fiancé home that night and then called to see if he was ok. That wasn’t the Lyn that Jamia knew from the past it was a new Lyn and maybe Gerard was right to give her another chance. Frank was right Gerard was extremely lucky to have Cheyenne and she was sure he wouldn’t mess that up for a meaningless fling with Lyn.
‘Yeah he is lucky’ Jamia agreed ‘Just think in a week’s time they’ll be living together and they’ll be happy.’
‘Yeah’ Frank said pressing his body against her ‘and so will we.’


‘Hey you’ Lyn said greeting Gerard at the door ‘How’s it going?’
‘Ok’ Gerard said
‘You miss her already huh?’ Lyn stated
‘So badly’ he admitted ‘I really didn’t want her to leave again’
‘She’ll be back in what five or six days’ Lyn pointed out as she took a seat on her sofa ‘I’ll keep you company until then.’
‘Thanks’ Gerard said sinking into the arm chair where Frank had sat the night before. ‘So why did you want to see me?’
‘I didn’t’ Lyn said taken aback by the bluntness of the question
‘Yes you did, you said last night that you wanted to see me’ he reminded her.
‘Oh I was just lonely that was all’ she said
‘Where’s Marcus?’ Gerard asked
‘We’ve…We’ve broken up’ before bursting into tears
‘WHAT? Why?’ Gerard asked moving to sit next to Lyn on the sofa
‘We just wanted so much from me and I wasn’t ready’ she sobbed
‘Well what did he want?’ Gerard said putting his arm around her shoulder
‘He wanted marriage and kids, the whole shebang’ she explained ‘but I’m not ready for all that yet.’
‘Well why not?’ He asked kissing the top of her head
‘Are you taking his side?’ she cried pushing him away
‘No of course not’ Gerard said ‘I just wondered that was all’
‘I don’t know I guess that sort of life seems so final you know’
‘Final?’ Gerard repeated
‘Yeah marriage, kids the little white picket fence once you get there you can’t turn back again, you’ll be married and you’ll have responsibilities. Life will never be the same again.’ She told him
‘I never thought of it that way’ he said ‘but still I think it sounds great, what’s stopping you from taking the plunge, who knows you might even like married life?’
‘I doubt it’ Lyn snorted
‘Are you sure Marcus is the guy for you?’
‘I did but…’
‘But what?’ Gerard said holding his arms out again for her to take comfort in.
‘That day when I saw you at the supermarket for a split second I wondered if I was with the right person.’ She admitted looking into his eyes ‘Gerard I don’t think I’m over you.’
‘Lyn I…’ Gerard started but his sentence was smothered as Lyn’s lips covered his.


Donna was awake and lying in the dark on the double bed she once shared with her ex- husband. Where was her son? She knew where he was but tried to think of any place else he could be other then at Lyn’s. The clock on her bedside table glowed 13.15am it was as if the digital numbers were mocking her as each minute ticked by. Why didn’t he come home straight away? Why hadn’t she as a mother told him what she overheard and told him of the potential danger he faced getting involved with Lyn again. This was all wrong it wasn’t supposed to be this way? Cheyenne was then angel that was supposed to lead her son into a new life one filled with light and love, he wasn’t supposed to succumb and go back to the life that nearly destroyed him. Donna rolled onto her side, facing away from the mocking clock and closed her eyes willing sleep to come, she’d deal with Gerard in the morning and if she knew her son like she thought she did it was going to take a lot of energy.


‘What did Donna mean?’ Alicia muttered to herself as she made both her and Mikey a coffee. She was certain she had heard Donna say ‘if you make it that far’ or something along those lines. What did she mean? Did she know about Frank and Cheyenne? If so why hadn’t she said anything? This whole thing was so confusing and Alicia could feel a headache coming on. She picked up both cups and bought them into the master bedroom that they shared.
‘Thanks’ Mikey said as she handed him the hot drink ‘You okay?’
‘I’m fine’ she lied placing her cup down on the night stand ‘Been one hell of a day hasn’t it?’
‘It has but I enjoyed it, I think everyone else did to?’ he replied
‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ Mikey enquired as she slid into bed beside him ‘you seem withdrawn’
‘Just tired, busy day and all that?’ she answered before taking a sip of her coffee.
‘Can I ask you something?’
‘Sure’ Mikey said
‘Do you know what’s going on with Frank?’ she asked
‘No I don’t, not at all. Yesterday was the first time I’d seen him in a few days. Why’d you ask?’
‘No reason’ she said forcing a smile ‘I just thought you would know since you guys are close.’
‘He hasn’t said a word’ Mikey fibbed ‘I’m sure everything’s fine though.


‘Lyn stop’ Gerard said tearing his lips from hers ‘what are you doing?’
‘I was kissing you’ she replied trying to read the expression on his face
‘Why would you do that?’ he asked standing up and walking away fro her
‘I don’t know I just wanted to’ she admitted ‘didn’t you like it’
‘That’s irrelevant’ Gerard stated ‘Jesus Lyn you’re engaged.’
‘I was’ she reminded him ‘Marcus and I split I just told you that.’
‘I’m..I have a girlfriend’ he said ‘I’m in love with her, I told you this already.’
‘I know you did, but didn’t you feel what I just felt when we kissed’ she asked ‘I felt sparks Gee, didn’t you?’
‘Lyn I don’t think you know what you’re doing, you’ve just broken up with Marcus and I know you’re lonely but throwing yourself at me isn’t the answer.’
‘I want you Gerard’ she said walking over to him ‘Plain and simple I’ve always wanted you no one else will ever do.’
‘You just feel that way now’ Gerard tried to reason with her ‘I’m not the one for you Lyn, I’m the one for Cheyenne.’
‘Stop talking about her’ Lyn demanded ‘all I ever here from you is Cheyenne this and Cheyenne that. What about me Gerard? What about us?’
‘Lyn there is no us’ he said ‘I’m in love with Cheyenne and you love Marcus. You can’t just disregard that. You can’t pretend that you don’t have a fiancé’
‘I don’t have one!’ she insisted.
‘But the breakup is still fresh, you can work it out’ he said.
Lyn nearly screamed in frustration why wasn’t he listening to her. She needed to calm down or she was going to lose her cool and blow everything.
‘You’re right Gee’ she said sighing ‘I think the loneliness is getting the best of me.’
‘It’s ok’ he said lowering his guard ‘I just wish I could make you feel better.’
‘Then stay with me’ she said as fresh tears shimmered in her eyes ‘stay with tonight Gerard.’
‘Lyn I don’t thi..’
‘I promise to behave’ she said wrapping her arms around his waist ‘I need you tonight, please don’t leave me alone, I don’t know what I’ll do if you go.’
Gerard sighed, he didn’t want to stay his instincts were screaming out to him to leave but he couldn’t leave her alone, he couldn’t abandon her in her hour of need.
‘I’ll stay’ he said grudgingly hugging her back ‘I’ll stay with you tonight’
‘Thank you Gee you don’t know what this means to me.’ She said smiling through her tears

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