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Chapter 55

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Gerard apologises and Alicia has it sussed.

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‘We’re here’ Frank said nudging Mikey who was fast asleep
‘Already?’ Mikey yawned
‘Yep’ Frank replied climbing out of Alicia passenger door.
Cheyenne folded the map back correctly and placed it in her purse, she hadn’t spoken to Gerard for the entire journey and she wasn’t about to start now.
‘Thanks Frankie’ she said as he opened her door for her, he felt bad about feeling glad that Gerard had shouted at her earlier and he could see that Cheyenne looked quite upset.
‘No problem gorgeous’ he said with a wink ‘now since you and I are the young whippersnappers here, I think it’ll be best if we thrill seek together don’t you?’
‘I agree wholeheartedly Mr Iero’ she said closing the car door. ‘Just let me find Bob first and then we’ll conquer this mere place.’
Gerard frowned slightly, he knew he’d hurt her feelings but this was their last day and he wanted them to spend it together.
‘Chey I thought we were gonna spend the day together?’ he said walking around the car, Cheyenne heard him but ignored him and walked off in search of Bob.
‘What did you do?’ Frank asked as both men watched her walk away
‘The same thing I always do’ Gerard sighed falling against the passenger door.


Three hours into their day and it appeared as if no one was having fun. Jamia had been on one ride and was sick, Mikey was moody from lack of sleep, Frank and Cheyenne’s fun stopped when Jamia vomited resulting in Cheyenne hanging out with Bob not knowing that she was intruding on his and Amber’s day. Gerard spent the three hours looking for Cheyenne, Ray and Christa argued about what to do and what order to do it, so they hadn’t actually done anything and Alicia was still trying to work out what was going on with the boys.

‘What happened to us? Ray asked as they all sat down to eat
‘Whatdoyoumean?’ Bob asked through a mouthful of burger
‘We used to be fun?’ Ray said ‘and I’m looking around this table now and no one is having fun’
‘I am’ Cheyenne said smiling as she pulled another clump of cotton candy of her stick
‘That’s because you’re simple’ Jamia said sipping water through a straw and winking as Cheyenne threw her a dirty look.
‘What should we do then, should we go home?’ Amber asked
‘No I wanted to have fun day and I’m not leaving without one’ Gerard said
‘Well off you go then’ Cheyenne told him ‘no one’s stopping you’
‘Maybe we should all go around as a group instead of two and three’s maybe we’re not having fun with the people we’re separated with’ Bob said logically
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Amber cried
‘Oh I didn’t mean you honey’ Bob replied
‘Sure you didn’t’ Amber said

‘Please forgive me Chey’ Gerard whispered in her ear they were seated together but Cheyenne had her back to him ‘I didn’t mean to upset you earlier.’
‘You’re a meanie’ she replied childishly
‘I know.’ He sighed ‘But this is our last day together for another week, I’m dropping you off at the airport in six hours and I really want us to enjoy the rest of our time together. Please forgive me.’
‘Fine you’re forgiven’ she said ‘but only because I’m leaving if we were already living together you’d be in the dog house for at least a day.’
‘Duly noted’ he replied ‘now give me a kiss woman’

The next two hours the group ploughed their energy into having fun, rides were ridden games were played, photo’s were taken and teddies were won. Everyone was having a good time even Frank until right near the end of the day he received a message from Lyn reminding him of everything that was wrong with his world.
‘Where’s Frank I wanna ride the rollercoaster one more time?’ Cheyenne asked Ray excitedly
‘He wasn’t feeling well so he went back to the car.’ Ray explained
‘Bull. I’m not having that.’ She said marching off to find him.

When Cheyenne found Frank he was leaning against the passenger door smoking a cigarette.
‘Hey I’ve been looking for you’ Cheyenne said coming around the car and standing next to him.
‘You’ve found me’ he muttered not looking up.
‘We’re gonna leave soon and I wanted to know if you wanted to ride the rollercoaster with me once more.’ She said
‘No I don’t want to’ He said taking a drag of his cigarette
‘Frank what’s wrong?’ Cheyenne asked
‘Nothing’ he replied not meeting her eye
‘You’ve been acting so differently lately, is everything ok with you and Jamia?’ she asked moving to stand in front of him
‘We’re fine I promise you’ he said reaching forward and plucking some dried candy floss from her hair. ‘I wish everyone would stop being so damn nosey though’
‘I wasn’t being nosey, I’m just worried about you that’s all’ she answered ‘I love my Frankie’
‘What’s to love?’ he snorted
‘Are you kidding me? You’re gorgeous for a start, your smart, funny, talented, mischievous not to mention famous’ she said ‘you’re a catch Iero’
‘I’m an asshole’ he said as he exhaled
‘You weren’t the last time I looked’ she said brushing his dark hair from his eyes
‘If I were you I’d go ride that rollercoaster before it’s too late’ he said dismissing her.
‘Fine’ Cheyenne said turning and walking a few steps. He watched her walk away, wishing he could tell her what was going on
‘Wait’ Frank said suddenly, he stumped out his cigarette and walked up to her. When he was at arms length he grabbed her waist and pulled her close. Cheyenne was surprised but wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. She could tell it was something he needed.
‘All better?’ she asked when he eventually pulled away
‘Much, come on’ he said putting his arm around her ‘let’s go ride that rollercoaster’
‘That’s my boy’ she said
‘And Chey…’ he said
‘I promise I won’t tell anyone’ she finished for him


‘Did you all have fun?’ Donna asked as the group trudged the tired legs into the living room.
‘I did’ Cheyenne announced ‘I got a big teddy’
‘The teddy is mine Chey’ Amber reminded her
‘Nu huh Bob won him for me’ Cheyenne said possessively holding tightly to the oversized bear.
‘No he won it for me and you took him’ Amber told her
‘I don’t think so, Bob always wins a teddy for me’ Cheyenne said ‘all mine’
‘Bob please tell her that bear is for me’ Amber said turning to face him.
‘Cheyenne for the love of God give her the frigging teddy’ Bob said
‘No it’s mine’
‘Now please’
‘Fine there you go Amber’ Cheyenne said pushing the teddy into Amber’s arms before falling heavily into the chair beside Mikey and pouting.
‘I’ll be right back’ Frank announced
‘Don’t be upset’ Ray said ‘I’ll win you an even bigger teddy next time how about that?’
‘Thanks Ray’
‘So Chey when are you leaving?’ Donna asked
‘Soon’ Cheyenne said snapping out of little girl mode and looking at the mantle piece clock ‘But I’ll be back’
‘I’m looking forward to it’ Mikey said he was sure his tiredness was a side affect of all the mental bullshit that was going on.
‘As am I’ Gerard said winking at Cheyenne ‘I’m looking forward to a few weeks of domestic bliss before the tour.
‘Are you guys having a house warming?’ Christa asked ‘I think you should’
‘Are we?’ Cheyenne asked looking at Gerard
‘Of course we are we have to show off our perfect house’ Gerard confirmed ‘and maybe we’ll have Christmas at ours too’
‘If you make it that far’ Donna muttered to herself thinking that she couldn’t be heard.
‘I didn’t even get to see the house?’ Cheyenne remembered
‘No worries you’ll be living in it so…’ Christa started
‘TA DAH!!’ Frank said bounding into the room brandishing a huge teddy ‘for you my lady’
‘Wow’ Cheyenne said jumping up ‘thanks Frankie’
‘Anytime hun’ he said hugging her ‘it’s a thank you for earlier’ he whispered
‘I appreciate it’ she said pulling back and smiling as Frank gave her a knowing wink.


Alicia sat silently in the passenger seat of Mikey’s car as they drove home trying to rationalise her thoughts. She tried hard to make sense of it all but she just couldn’t get the image of what she saw earlier out of her head. What was going through her mind had to be wrong. What she was thinking couldn’t be true, it couldn’t possibly but seeing Frank and Cheyenne together was proof enough wasn’t it? She had saw them by Ray’s car talking, she saw Frank run his fingers through Cheyenne hair and in turn she saw Cheyenne stroke Frank’s cheek and then when she thought it could just be a misreading of body language she saw them hug, a tight, loving embrace which lasted much too long to be friendly before they walked off in each others arms. She went back to the group telling herself that it was a mistake and by the time she reached Donna’s she had convinced herself that she had got the wrong idea until she saw the spectacle in the living room. She watched like everyone else as Frank surprised her with the teddy, the look of happiness on both their face’s, the ‘innocent hug’ they shared and the wink! She saw it all but unlike everyone else she saw it for what it truly was and she was damned if she was going to let them get away with it.

A/N Ok my darlings. I have just read the chapter back but not properly as I am now late to meet boyfriend whoops!! I hope it’s ok, I don’t think I missed any bits but who knows. Hope everyone is well. Thank you for your kind yet amusing reviews. Take care xxxx
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