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Chapter 61

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Lyn realises the tape is missing and Frank thinks he's the only person keeping his end of the bargain.

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When Lyn woke up on Thursday morning and was informed that she had been robbed it wasn’t her expensive entertainment system that she worried about nor was it her diamond jewellery that she had got from past lovers nor was it her collection of DVD’s, it was a simple black out of date for the times video tape. It was the first thing she looked for when she ran down the stairs to see her house turned upside down and it was the one thing that couldn’t be accounted for.

‘So nothing was taken’ The Officer asked
‘It doesn’t look that way’ Lyn said surveying the mess and havoc which was once her living room. ‘I mean once it’s cleaned up I might notice a few things but for now it looks ok’
‘Here’s my card, give me call if you find anything missing it sounds to me like it was just plain vandalism those damn kids do this shit all the time especially around this time of year with Christmas coming up. I think you should get extra locks on your doors though the ones you have are pretty flimsy, although there seems to be no sign of forced entry…’ Lyn said nothing as she accepted the card from the officer, she was barely listening to what he was saying for once in her whole entire life she felt more concerned for someone else then she did for herself.
‘Are you insured Miss?’ The officer asked gaining her attention again
‘Yes I am’ she answered.
‘Well my guys will get cleaned up in here and we’ll leave you too it. I’m sorry for your troubles’ he said walking off and leaving Lyn alone.
'I’m so sorry Lyn' Gerard said his face masked with concern 'I would stay with you but I have a band meeting.'
'No it's okay' she said touching him arm gently 'you go, I'll find some way to sort this mess out.'


‘You look like shit’ Frank stated regarding Mikey’s tried demeanour.
‘Do I?’ Mikey said with a broad grin on his face ‘Thanks’
‘It wasn’t a compliment dumbass’ Frank said leaving his seat and heading for the coffee machine in the corner.
‘I know but it will be’ Mikey said
‘Oh look it’s the lead singer of the band’ Bob announced as Gerard came flying around the door.
‘Sorry I’m late’ he apologised ridding himself of his scarf and jacket ‘I got caught up’
‘No worries we haven’t started yet’ Bob replied pulling the seat out next to him for Gerard to sit down. ‘Brian isn’t here yet.’
'Why are you late?' Ray asked looking up from his two-way 'not that I'm surprised.’
'Yes Gerard' Frank piped up 'tell us who...I mean what made you late.'
Gerard didn't answer but threw Frank a dirty look. They both knew what Gerard had done, but what they didn’t know was that Gerard felt incredibly guilty the morning after and he felt doubly guilty for leaving Lyn in her time of need. Frank smirked into his cup and felt a surge of satisfaction flow through him. He was bitter this morning, despite the fact that his ordeal would soon be over he wanted an argument, an excuse to shout at someone and feel even more down on himself. He was about to take another shot at Gerard when his cell phone vibrated.


Clicking the options button he called Lyn and she picked up on the first ring.

‘Frank I have to tell you something but I don’t know how to say it’
‘Spit it out’ Frank said loudly then realised that all the guys were looking at him and no doubt listening to his call.
‘I’ve lost the tape’
‘I'm sorry I can't quite hear you the reception must be bad in here' he said vacating the room and heading down the hall. 'What the fuck did you just say?'
‘I said…’
‘I know what you said, how?’
‘I don’t know?’
‘What do you mean you don’t know? Did the tape suddenly grow legs and walk out of your house?’
‘No someone stole it’ she said ‘last night I was burgled and the tape was stolen.’
Frank snorted and then laughed a cold, malicious laugh, so unlike his usual light hearted giggle that it sent a shiver down Lyn’s spine. ‘Oh how fucking convenient’
'Frank I'm so sorry. I don’t know how it happened'
'Save it bitch, you're a fucking liar. You had no intention of ever handing that tape over.' He said.
'No, you're wrong I did Frank, I really did.’ She replied
‘You are a liar Lyn. I did everything you asked of me, I did it even if it was against every moral fibre of my being I did it for you all under the pretence that you would give me that tape at the end. How stupid am I to think you would’ve delivered?’
‘No Frank please listen you did help I know all of that and I promise you I had every intention of giving you that tape but someone took it.’
‘LIES! You’re a fucking liar and I hate you. I swear to you Lyn if that tape hits the net I will fucking kill you. I will come to your house and kill you. Do you understand?’
‘Please Frank you have to believe me you have to listen….’
‘I don’t have to do anything, you’ve done it all. Good bye Lyn’ Frank said hanging up on her for the last time.

For Frank the band meeting seemed like several hours of his life instead of just one and a half, he needed a drink, a stiff drink possibly two maybe even three. After everything he did, saying the things he said, doing the things he’d done it was all for nothing, He wasn’t going to get the pleasure of burning that tape, of feeling the relief pass through him as this whole chapter came to an end, if anything he’d have to confess to Jamia, he couldn’t risk her finding out on the internet or from someone else. It had to come from him.

'Here you are!' Mikey said ‘Everyone’s ready to leave. What are you doing hiding in here?’
'It's over' Frank said sliding down the wall of the men’s bathroom as the weight of the situation hit him.
'What's over?' Mikey said standing in front of him
'Jamia and I'
'Have you not been paying attention to the events that have been happening over the last two weeks' Frank exploded 'my life is over, Lyn's not giving me the tape, I went against everything that I morally believe in, I had to do things that I hated and it was all for nothing.'
'Jamia doesn’t have to know' Mikey said softly sliding down the wall beside his friend.
'She's going to find out' Frank said calming down a little ' Jamia will find out what I did, I have to tell her I can’t let anyone else tell her first.'
'Find out about what?' Mikey replied innocently
'Hmm, you mean this tape' Mikey said producing the tape from his pocket an offering it to Frank.
'What the hell is that?' Frank said staring apprehensive at the object that was being offered to him.
'It's your sex tape Paris, or Pam, whichever you prefer'
'But Lyn said it was stolen' Frank told him ‘I just spoke to her she said she was burgled and the tape was gone.’
Mikey nodded but said nothing as he pressed the tape into his band mates hand
'I can’t believe this' Frank said as realisation hit him ' You! I mean how did you...why did you?'
'I’ll tell you one day when you’re older' Mikey said patting his friend on the shoulder 'all that matters is that it's all over now.'
‘I don’t understand, I can’t belie…I’m speechless’ Frank said clutching the tape
‘Well I’m tired’ Mikey said ‘I want sleep and lots of it.’
Frank paused letting silence fall between them he’d never been so grateful for anything so much in his entire life and he had Mikey to thank for it.
‘You know what I said to you earlier about you looking like shit’ Frank said eventually ‘It was a compliment.’
‘I know’ Mikey said standing up ‘I told you it would be.’

That night Frank went home and made love to his fiancé and then slept more soundly then he ever had. He felt such a relief now that the tape was gone he stamped it to pieces and then set it on fire as soon as he got home. His entire being finally felt at peace again and he couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and see how different his world was.

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