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chapter 70

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Merry Christmas

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‘Yes yes’ Gerard cried out as he spilled his seed inside Cheyenne as she rode him hard and fast on Christmas morning. It had started as an innocent pillow fight but ended with Cheyenne riding the cum right out of his cock.
‘What a way to start Christmas’ Cheyenne panted as she looked down at Gerard who had a look of euphoria on his face, his eyes were closed and his lips formed a lazy smile
‘I’ll say best start to the day I could ever think of’ he said running his hand up her back and squeezing her flesh, she moaned softly at the pressure his hand put on her skin, it was a nice feeling.
‘We have to get up soon’ she said rolling off his body to lay beside him, not worrying about the cum that was spilling from her woman hood, they had to change the sheets anyway.
‘Not too soon’ he said lifting his arm up so she could cuddle him.
‘I’m excited about today’ Cheyenne said honestly
‘Yeah, why’ Gerard asked
‘Because it’s out first Christmas together’
‘But not our last’ Gerard said turning to face her and kissing her on her lips, it lingered and Gerard felt his heart miss a beat.
‘Definitely not out last.’ Cheyenne agreed, she was going to say more when her cell rang.
‘Merry Christmas this is she, oh hi, yes’ she said looking at Gerard who was watching her with curious eyes, he mouthed ‘who is it’ but she ignored him ‘yes that’ll be fine, thank you’
‘Who was that?’ Gerard asked when she hung up
‘Just a work thing’ Cheyenne said not answering his question
‘On Christmas?’ Gerard asked
‘A PA’s work is never done’ Cheyenne said hoping to change the subject.
‘Where were we?’ Gerard asked nibbling the side of her breast before taking her nipple, it harden in his mouth and he could feel himself getting erect.
‘Stop’ Cheyenne moaned pushing him off.
‘Why?’ Gerard asked looking confused ‘I was just about to get my freak on’
Cheyenne laughed at his choice of words ‘later my love, we have things to do. Go get in the shower, I’ll lay the table for breakfast and come join you. How about that?’
‘Sounds good’ Gerard said giving her breast one last squeeze, the noise that escaped Cheyenne’s lips was heavenly and Gerard couldn’t wait to get her in the shower.
‘Hurry up’ he said literally pushing her out of their bed.


‘You’re going to be great’ Bob assured Amber for the millionth time since he announced his Mother was coming to visit for Christmas, he hadn’t told Cheyenne about the visit as it was a surprise.
‘What if she doesn’t like me?’ Amber replied
‘She will my mother doesn’t dislike anyone’ Bob answered ‘you need to stop worrying she will love you.’
‘How do you know?’
‘Because I love you and Cheyenne loves you and that’s all the approval you need trust me you’re in’ Bob said giving her a quick squeeze.
‘What if I say something wrong by mistake, I don’t want to look like an idiot.’
‘You won’t and even if you do, you’re not dating my mom, you’re dating me and I like everything about you.’
‘Everything’ Bob said kissing her forehead, now please stop worrying or you’ll ruin Christmas morning for me’
‘Ok I’ll stop’ Amber said kissing his cheek ‘I’ll be cool’
‘That’s right be cool’ Bob said with a laugh ‘Now when do we get to open our presents?’

Marcus was nervous he was in Lyn’s kitchen pacing back and forth waiting for her to wake up. He had made a decision, well he hadn’t made one but he’d been thinking about an option for a while and he liked it, he was going to make her a proposition and he hoped she’d accept.
‘What are you doing down here?’ Lyn said she was dressed in her peach see through strappy night gown and her hair was brushed, she looked beautiful, but then again she always looked beautiful and Marcus felt a lump rise up in his throat.
‘I was making breakfast’ he stammered
‘Doesn’t look like it to me’ Lyn said grabbing a cup from the top cupboard and pouring herself a fresh cup of coffee ‘what’s the matter with you, you look all nervous?’
‘I need to tell you something’ Marcus said ‘and I don’t know where to start.’
‘Oh God what’s wrong, are you sick’ She said putting the coffee cup down on the table and rushing to him.
‘No I’m not sick’ Marcus said feeling a rush of love at her concern.
‘its cancer isn’t it, all that smoking has killed you’ she cried
‘Stop checking my temperature’ he said taking her hand ‘ I’m not sick sit down and I’ll explain.’

Downstairs at the Bryar-Way home Cheyenne laid the table all the while keeping one eye on the clock, he said he’d be there at eleven and it five to, if she didn’t join Gerard in the shower soon he’d come down and that would be the worst thing he could do. Cheyenne barely heard the knock on the door but it was how she asked him to do it.

‘Just like me they long to be, close to you’ Gerard sang as he turned the shower on he wanted it to be nice and warm, there was nothing worse then getting in the shower and waiting for the water to adapt. Walking back into the bedroom he shed his clothes and grabbed his towel, as he walked past the window something caught his eye. Pushing the netting back he looked down only to see Cheyenne embracing a man in a long trench coat, his arms were wrapped around Cheyenne’s waist and her dressing gown was falling down around her shoulders.
‘What the fuck?’ Gerard whispered as he watched the man walk back to his car and drive away.
Wrapping the towel around his waist he raced downstairs to find a flustered Cheyenne in the kitchen
‘Oh you scared me’ she complained when she turned around to find Gerard in the kitchen.
‘I thought I heard the front door slam I came to investigate’ he said leaning against the door frame as he eyed her red face and nervosa disposition
‘The door didn’t slam, everything’s fine’ Cheyenne said her voice sounded off even to her
‘You ok?’ Gerard asked ‘you looked flushed’
‘No I’m- I’m not flushed everything’s ok’ Cheyenne assured him ‘I was just laying the table’
‘Hmm ok’ Gerard said stand up straight ‘so err who was that guy I just saw leaving?’
‘What guy?’ Cheyenne said shaking her head ‘There was no guy. I saw no guy.’
‘Uh huh’
‘Then I just imagined a guy in a trench coat hugging you on our door-step on Christmas morning. I imagined that did I?’
‘Oh Gerard’ Cheyenne sighed
‘Don’t oh Gerard me.’ he said ‘who the fuck was that guy and why did you have your hands all over him?’
‘It’s not what you think?’ Cheyenne said honestly shaking her head ‘you weren’t supposed to find out this way.’
‘Oh I’m sorry was I supposed to find you mid-fuck in our bed instead?’ Gerard exploded
‘Of course not. Don’t be stupid’ Cheyenne said ‘I just wanted to wait that was all’
‘Until when?’ Gerard cried
‘You were going to tell me about your affair tonight’
‘No not about my affair about…’
‘About what Cheyenne?’ Gerard said marching over to her, he rounded the counter and kicked a box which made a whimpering sound.
‘Did you just whimper?’ Gerard asked his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
‘No’ Cheyenne said sadly ‘It wasn’t me’
‘What the fuck?’ he said. Bending down he lifted the lid off the small box and gasped ‘No fucking way. Oh my God there’s puppies in here.’ He exclaimed.
‘I know’ Cheyenne said bending down and picking up one of the balls of fluff ‘They’re your Christmas presents’
‘No way’ Gerard said picking up the second puppy which licked his face enthusiastically ‘But I thought you didn’t want dogs’
‘I don’t but you do and I knew they’d make you happy so I…’
‘Oh they’re perfect what breed are they I’ve never seen anything so cute?’ he gushed
‘They’re Morkies’ Cheyenne explained ‘a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. The guy at work was selling them so I bought two’
‘This is unbelievable’ Gerard said ‘Thank you, I can’t believe you’ve done this’
‘It’s nothing’ Cheyenne said finally smiling at how happy he was she really wanted to wait until later to give him his surprise but she had no doubt the reaction would’ve been the same.
‘You are amazing’ Gerard said stepping over the box and placing a kiss on her lips ‘this is the best Christmas ever.’
‘I’m glad you like it’ she said handing him the second puppy ‘Stay here let me get the camera I’ll take a snap of you and your new babies’
After legging it up the stairs and locating the digital camera Cheyenne came back down to find Gerard on the phone.
‘Hey Mikey guess what?’ Gerard said after his brother answered his cell
‘Merry Christmas to you too and I don’t know’ Mikey said with a yawn as the call had woken him.
‘I got a puppy’ Gerard squealed
‘NO WAY!’ Mikey cried sitting bolt up right
‘Yes way, hey Mikey guess what?’ he asked again giggling to himself as Cheyenne watched on in amusement.
‘You got a puppy’ Mikey laughed at his brother’s excitement
‘Nuh uh I got two.’
‘TWO PUPPIES no way! Awesome, hey Alicia wake up Gee’s got two puppies’
‘Hey Mikey guess what?’
‘You got two puppies’ Mikey said laughing and shaking his head, there was no way he could have another puppy.
‘I have the best fucking girlfriend in the whole wide world.’


‘Present time’ Frank said with a mouthful of scrambled egg
‘I said after breakfast’ Jamia reminded him
‘It is after’ Frank mumbled ‘I’ve finished’
‘I haven’t’ she said taking another bite of her toast ‘please have some patience’
‘I’ve had patience for the last 11 months and however many days I want to know what I’ve got.’
‘I didn’t get you anything special so just pipe down and let me finish my food’
‘Here let me help you’ Frank said grabbing his fork and picking up as much of her breakfast it would allow before shoving I his mouth, dropping some of it down his pyjama t-shit
‘Oh Frank’ Jamia said trying to stifle a laugh ‘what is the matter with you?’
‘Can we go now?’ he begged.
‘Yes fine’ Jamia said shaking her head ‘let’s go open our presents.’
‘Whoo hooo’ Frank said pushing his chair back and legging it to the living room with Jamia not far behind.


‘Lyn I know we, you’ve had a lot, a lot of drama in the last couple of months and I know that what you’ve been through with Gerard has been turbulent and awful so I know you’re hurting but I been thinking about the last few weeks or so when it’s just been us, you and me and they’ve been great and I was thinking that maybe if we let go of the past that you and I could maybe, if you wanted to, we could make a go of it…together’
‘I’m sorry what?’ Lyn said in astonishment was Marcus asking her to be his girlfriend?
‘I said…’
‘I know what you said I’m not retarded’ she snapped ‘I just I don’t know what to say’
‘Think about it logically we spend near enough all our time together, we get on great, no one else understands you better the I do and vice versa, we are compatible in so many way, we like the same movies, food, books not to mention the sex…’
‘its mind blowing’ Lyn interrupted a smile forming on her face
‘I think we can be really happy together’ Marcus said laying a hand on hers ‘if we let ourselves be. I mean we aint getting any younger and I want something more meaningful then the flings I’m embarking on at the moment I just want to be with someone who gets everything about me and then I realised I was looking for something I already have
‘Oh Marcus I…’
‘Look I don’t expect you to answer now….’
‘Why do want something that’s so broken’ Lyn whispered, she couldn’t talk any louder as a lump had risen in her throat and she was holding back tears, she had waited or so long for someone to offer her that kind of life, she had waited for Gerard and he hadn’t delivered and now the person who saw all her ugliness was offering it to her, the last person she thought that could love her was willing to over look it all.
‘I don’t think you’re broken’ Marcus said kneeling down beside her chair ‘a little damaged but not broken’
‘I’m rotten’ she said turning away from him
‘I don’t buy that for a second’ Marcus said reaching up and turning her face to his ‘I know you Lyndsey and yes at times you’ve been misguided and hurt and so you’ve made the wrong decisions but nothing you’ve done so far is unforgivable.’
‘You’re wrong’ she sobbed ‘I’m a horrible person. I’ll never be able to change’
‘Yes you will’ Marcus said wrapping his arms around her ‘let me help you change we can have a life so different from what we’ve got now. Let me make you happy Lyn let me offer you what no other man has ever offered you before.’
‘But I still want revenge I want Gerard to hurt.’
‘No’ Marcus said firmly as he held her close ‘forget about Gerard let him live his life he’ll get his comeuppance either in this life or the next, but you and I have the chance for a fresh start, let’s take it.’
Lyn sniffed against him she had always found comfort and a sense of belonging in his arms and even as she spoke the words Marcus wanted to hear she knew she would go back on them. Revenge was still in her head.
‘Are you sure?’ He asked
‘Yes let’s do it, let’s have a proper life together’ she said and then he kissed her, their first kiss as a couple.


‘I don’t like those names’ Cheyenne pouted ‘they’re stupid’
‘They’re my dogs’ Gerard said rubbing the belly of the unnamed puppy on his lap.
‘yeah but I’ll have to look after them sometimes so I think I should have a say in their names’
‘Fine what names do you like?’ Gerard asked looking over at her, he smiled at how pretty she looked, her beauty was so natural and effortless and when she caught his eye his heart skipped a beat.
‘How about we name this one Buttons’ she said
‘Oh fuck that I’m not having a dog called Button’
‘Why not it a cute name for a cute dog’
‘No uh not happening, what is mommy tryna do to you?’ Gerard asked the puppy he had just scooped up.
‘Ok how about Halo’ Cheyenne said
‘Yeah as in Head first for Halo’s’
‘I like it’ Gerard said nodding ‘Halo’
‘Cool so this one’s Halo. Hey there Halo’ she said to the dog who barked, a small squeaky bark making her giggle
‘And this one…#Gerard said ‘is…’
‘Jersey’ Cheyenne said suddenly ‘we should call him Jersey’
‘Nah I already no a dog called Jersey. Oh this is tragic’ Gerard said holding the puppy up to his face. ‘This is tragic, you don’t have a name. Oh the shame. You poor little doggy.’
‘Why don’t you just call him Tragic’ Cheyenne said stroking Halo, she had already decided that Halo was her favourite.
‘Halo and Tragic’ Gerard said looking at the puppies ‘Tragic Halo’ Gerard laughed ‘I like it sounds like a rock band.’

‘Here’ Gerard said handing Cheyenne the newly named pup ‘I’ll be right back’
‘Where are you going?’ she asked as Tragic wiggled out her grip and scampered behind Gerard.
‘To get your present.’
When he returned Cheyenne noted that he had only the dog in his hands. ‘Ok now I don’t know what you’re going to say but I saw it and I thought it was beautiful and when I give it to you I’ll share my reasons behind it. Merry Christmas’
Cheyenne with a smile held out her hands and received a small heart shaped box, her breath caught in her throat as she accepted it.
‘Open it’ Gerard said eagerly scooting over to sit beside her. Warning bells were going off in Cheyenne’s head as she lifted the lid off the small box. She’s was pretty sure it was an engagement ring, the significance of the day, a small box and the big after speech. Dread filled her, she didn’t want to get married yet, she didn’t want to be a fiancé, they’d just moved in together they hadn’t even been together a six months this was all too fast. God knows she loved him but marriage what the hell? Cheyenne gasped as her eyes fell upon the small white gold ring in the box. No big diamond? Just a thin band with several tiny flat diamonds in it.
‘Do you like it?’ Gerard asked watching her face he noted that she wasn’t smiling.
‘It’s beautiful but…’
‘It’s not what you think’ Gerard said with a laugh noting the relief that flooded her face ‘I’m not proposing’ he assured her ‘This ring is a promise’
‘A promise ring?’ she said smiling ‘A promise of what marriage?’ she asked as alarm returned to her voice.
‘No’ Gerard laughed again taking the ring from the box and taking her left hand.
‘This ring is a promise that I’ll always be here for you, it’s symbolises my love for you and that I will always do my best to be the man that you need. It symbolises what you mean to me and that I’ll do anything and everything to make you happy.’ He told her slipping the ring on to her wedding finger.
‘Oh Gerard’ Cheyenne said throwing her arms around him ‘I love it’
‘Good and I want you to know how truly sorry I am for everything unpleasant that happened over the last few weeks with Lyn and everything and this ring is to let you know that you’re the only woman for me.’
‘It’s perfect’ she said admiring the ring ‘You’re perfect’ she added kissing him full on the lips, Gerard’s hands found her face and he held her in place as he deepened the kiss.
‘Merry Christmas Chey’ he whispered and as he looked into her smiling eyes all he saw was his future and his happiness.
‘Merry Christmas Gerard’ Cheyenne replied ‘I think we’re going to be very happy together.’
‘Me too Sugar’ he said kissing her again ‘Me too.’

A/N – not if I have anything to do with it mwahahaha. Hello my lovelies. Next chapter up real soon. Hope you’re enjoying it remember this is only Christmas morning so next chapter will cover the rest of the day and don’t forget New Years coming up it’s all going to end with a BANG! and I’m not just talking about the countdown. Ciao for now xxx
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