Review for Preview: Mean Guyz

Preview: Mean Guyz

(#) yaoi415 2009-05-17

Definetly worth it! LOL And you even added Amy Lee! Thats awesome! I really love the way you connect things. I should take writing 101 with you hun!

Thanks for the awesomeness!

I love u!

Author's response

aw, thanks cookiecake! writing 101 with ME? SERIOUSLY? no way. you're just saying that because you're my best friend.

am i really that good? 'cause i always feel like i can be better.

cookiecake, i'm so glad you're enjoying my writing. and of COURSE i added Amy Lee. for you, duh! that, and i really love her. i still have yet to see Evanescence fanfics.

cookicake, stay tuned! i know you're not into MCr, but you're going to LOVE this story!!!

i love you and i cant' WAIT to get back home to san francisco to be with you!!!

smoochies for my cookiecake,
~mr gayestgoth