Review for Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

(#) Smooshy 2009-05-22

The problem with people who think people who write fanfiction are stupid is that they obviously miss the point of fanfiction in the first place. I know for me I never intended to write about MCR, even though they are my favorite band. I simply had a ton of stories that no one was ever going to read and I needed an outlet so people would read them.

We're NOT writing about MCR. We're writing about characters we have created and borrowed the physical likeness of certain real people. I in no way think that any members of MCR were ever vampires or psycho killers so obviously I am not writing about them.

This is an outlet pure and simple. My writing fanfiction has absolutely nothing to do with my love for the music MCR creates. I don't care about their personal lives or anything that isn't my business to know. I've met them all and they are really stand up guys and their music and message mean something to me. It doesn't translate to my writing at all.

Tell people who bash people for expressing themselves that THEY are the stupid ones for honestly thinking that fanFICTION is detremental to the real life people these characters are sometimes based off of. It's called fiction for a reason. It's not hurting anyone and its giving really talented people a chance to get their work read. If I had posted one of my stories on some random board a lot of people would have never taken the time to read them. Not only do people read my stuff but they have given me the self confidence to take writing a step further and make it my career. So tell those haters to fuck off.

Jesus, that was a rant wasn't it? Well I feel better about it anyway.

Author's response

AMEN, SISTER!!! ~mr gayestgoth.