Review for Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

(#) figilio_vampiri 2009-05-22

I only started writing fan fiction recently after a really long break. That was because of some personal issues and feeling as if my writing simply wasn't good enough. I'm happy to write it again. I know I get looked down on for writing about one of my favourite bands. But I've almost stopped caring. Because what we write is our personal choice. We don't claim our stories to be fact, they are an outlet for a lot of people. I know I would suffer a lot more without my writing. I'm proud to have found a way to help myself - through words.

I write about My Chemical Romance because they have had such a big effect on me. It might seem strange to "thank" the members of the band by making them characters in my stories, but that's not what it's about. I find it interesting, I find them worthy of my time and by no means do I consider myself stupid.

You are not stupid for writing this, I'm glad you have. Thank you for saying what a lot of fan fiction authors feel. Thank you for encouraging me still more with my own work and life.

Author's response

hell yes, buddy! i agree with everthing you said!!! by no means do i consider MYSELF stupid. i love MCR, and i love how the boys are changing some of the world. i hold them in the highest respect. you hold them in the highest respect. that's it, plain and simple. gerard, mikey, bob, ray, and frank are held in the highest honor. we love them. always will. since they don't put their personal lives outt here, it makes the boys THAT much more interesting! thank you for saying i'm not stupid for writing this. i know i'm not, but it helps to hear it from someone else. and you're welcome for the encouragement. i want us to ALL keep writing. especially you. ~mr gayestgoth.