Review for Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

(#) xxASUKAxx 2009-05-22

Oh my gosh how ignorant is that >__<

Seriously that just undermines mcr fans in like everyway...mcr fans generally tend to be the most creative so I seriously don’t know where he/she got that from o__O

I’m certainly not stupid and I write frerard fics...and how can we be stupid when we are all excellent writers and are clever enough to come up with inspirational story lines....or lyrics...or poetry or like you said fan art

mcr and their fans saved my life when i was depressed about my dad telling me I was stupid and lazy (that’s in the past though)..I’m not afraid to say that because mcr fans are wonderful and thoughtful and I’m sure you know what it’s like to feel alone!....I don’t need someone who I don’t know trying to put me down too

mcr fans are some of the best people i know they stick up for what they believe in...What is more beautiful than that??

But it doesn’t matter anyway because underestimating and undermining mcr fans is the last thing you should do...I mean we are a gang... we stick up for our heroes as well as each other we are a family I don’t know any other band who have a fan base like us!! don’t try to tell us what a real fan is because when we look in the mirror we know for ourselves... especially if you claim to be one of them...I mean jeez whoever said it needs to pull their head out of their ass and take a real hard look at themselves in the mirror

and no fucking way did she/he live next to the guys....and she/he still dictates our love for them....ridiculous completely ridiculous...she obviously doesn’t know them that well...I mean mcr are all about being yourself...and Gerard Way told us to not take any ones shit whoever said it can go and royally fuck themselves because you cannot and will not EVER take us least not without a fight! And believe me we will be fighting tooth and nail all the way!

And thank you for making that video and this page :]

Glad I could have my little rant ha-ha

xoxo Lottie oxox