Review for Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

(#) Moonshyne 2009-05-23

I've been sitting here reading all the reviews as well as your original comment. So here's my opinion for what it's worth.

I agree with Smooshy in so many ways about borrowing the characters and let's face it unless you use Harry, Ron and Hermione not a lot of people will be reading these stories, not that they aren't good it's just easier to identify with. Fan fiction really reminds me of the "What If?" series from Marvel. For those who don't know it takes your favorite superheroes and puts them in a situation that is different because they chose a different track. I feel that is what fan fiction is doing taking your favorite band member as a character and putting them different situations. It's definitely a creative outlet and like canustakemyheart states using it to exorcize some demons you might have.

I love fan fiction because of the entire creativeness that goes on. Yes I do gravitate to MCR; yes I do gravitate to more Bob and Ray stories, or stories that involve the whole band because they seem more original. However that being said once I'm led into that author's writing, who the characters are doesn't matter to me as to what they're doing how they're reacting. There are several writers that I would read anything they write, be it MCR or the phone book because I know I'm in for a wild ride. I try to write myself, when I have the time. I write as therapy and to see some wild thoughts I might have becoming something I create good or bad.

But in the end we all have a difference of opinions, is the person that grew up next to the Ways a bigger fan than the one that lives two thousand miles away and has never seen a concert. I don’t think so. We all show our fan ship in different ways and not everyone agrees how it is shown. Remember how Mark David Chapman showed his, not to say any of us is like this. Though someone twittered Bob a while back after he responded and swore they would stalk him at a show and kill him if he didn’t respond to them, and then wrote I’m serious. I’m glad we have fan fiction to show our appreciation. Keep doing what you’re doing we all love reading it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s worthless because, I’m sure MCR hears it all the time. I remember reading in an interview Bob said something to the effect if you only make a difference in one person than it’s worth it.