Review for And Then Theres You

And Then Theres You

(#) CaroBECKETT 2009-06-03

Fucking yes. Fucking yes. Fucking yes.

This was so great, two amazing chapters I knew nothing of.

Dude, us and our crazy vampire antics.


Okay, so here goes an insanely lengthy review.

One, you, dude, I can't fucking believe it you're one fourth vampire what the fuck is up with that? Dude, and Brendon is so smexy like dayum, id tap that ;)

I don't know, lettign ryan ross bite my wrist doesn't sound HALF bad. Dude, come on, he's sexy.

You should stick david blaise in here who should come rescue me (: (cause you know . . . Bills sucking YOUR blood -.- )

Anyways, the story is great, I can't wait til the next chappy but you most tell me when you post it.

Dude, this is wonderfuls.

love you, loved it


Ps. Oh em jizzles, dude, pete's gotta save her, tere must be a super vampire showdown shit going down.