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SEVEN - In Another Life

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Harper finds out interesting information... weird.

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“Harper, you are here, because your Uncle Peter has something I want… His entire being. You see, I made him… many years ago. I’d say before you were born, but the problem there would be something completely different, because I know when you were born. Not only is Peter your Uncle… I am as well.”

Harper’s POV

I think it’s a rather strange thing to hear that coming from the guy who managed to attack your wrist with his teeth… and who also managed to kidnap you… from your other Uncle.

“WHAT?!” was my only reaction, verbally I was being incredibly irrational, while my head was trying to make things more rational, and it wasn’t balancing out… as I sat in his office, the mahogany leather seat beneath me, I began to think about my life, and how William could be my uncle… granted, there was the sheer fact of relation, but more than that had to be on the story.

There is a time that all girls absolutely love their fathers, and there is a time where they absolutely hate them. I on the other hand, have never had a feeling towards, or for my father, because I didn’t know him. I have never known him. My mother was the one person in the world that tried to tell me about my father, but she could never wrap her thoughts around it. Every time she did, she stopped talking, and managed to change the subject. I got used to the fact that I wasn’t ever going to hear about him. And I had always looked like my mother too. I hadn’t ever been told other than that. The only significant change, was that my mother had her darker skin, and I had my pale, porcelain. I never questioned it. I never questioned the fact that I had never known him. And the one other thing that changed, was my hair. My skin and my hair looked nothing like my mother’s. My eyes did, on some occasions. But the fact that I looked like my mother was nothing new… just hearing that William was my uncle changed everything.

“How the hell are you my uncle?” I asked, curious now, because of the sheer fact that I now deemed myself worthy of knowing. After not caring for so long, I needed to know. “I mean, granted, you have to have been related to my father, but how?” I knew these questions from me to him were going to be ludicrous. “Your ancient… you can’t be my uncle. There is no possible way.” I stated this fact from my, well, my knowing that vampires obviously can’t die…I’ve read Dracula. I know these things… Or, I like to think I do.

“Harper,” he started, “You father, my brother, was younger than me… younger by minutes. He was my twin. And, as you might, or might not know, there are some vampires that can be born the way they are… as vampires. I was born a complete vampire, your father, Andrew, was born only half vampire. When he met your mother, he tried to not be who he was… he tried to deny everything that was our family… he and your mother had you, but, the problem here Harper, is the sheer fact that you were born a fourth of the vampire that he was…. And this is shown in the complete fact that you are currently the only part vampire who hasn’t ever had any sort of bloodlust makes things much more convincing that I needed to know more about you. And the fact that I only entrusted the higher members of the clan to well, ‘snack’ on you, its because your blood is so… potent. You carry much history in your blood. The history of my family, actually. You carry your father’s memories, and your mothers, as well as some memories that I am in as well. That some of the younger clan members cannot see.” He stated. I stared.

“I.. So.. WHAT?!” I screamed. This was ridiculous. I was part vampire?! No way. Mom would have TOLD me that. I mean, really… there had to be some other explanation. “Your kidding. My mother would have told me. She would have HAD to. I mean, how the hell do you hide the fact that your daughter’s father is a fucking vampire?!” I screamed, William, who just looked at me in curiosity watched as I sat back in my seat from my screaming rampage.

He grinned when I finally sat down. “Your mother was never told of your father’s heritage. See, he was only part vampire, because when vampires have children, as rare as it’s been, there has never been a case of twins. Until my brother and I were born. He managed to be born only half vampire, and was actually only alive till he went behind the family’s back, and was killed. Your mother had most of his memory wiped from her mind, and therefore, couldn’t tell you of anything about him. He went behind the back of his own family, because YOU came into the picture. You changed everything Harper, just like you are now.” I stared at him as he gave me that menacing look like the day I first met him. He knew everything about me, and I knew nothing about what he knew.

“Why doesn’t Pete know?” I asked, curious to the fact of WHY Pete didn’t know I was apparently a quarter vampire.

“He does. He just doesn’t want to admit it to himself. See Peter, he didn’t want to be a vampire, but things were changed, and taa daa! There’s Peter, being a vampire. The Dandies are a powerful family Harper. You will learn that, in time to come.” He said, as he stood.
I stared at him in complete disbelief. “I’m not staying here William. I’m going home. I’m going back with Pete, and Joe, and Patrick, Andy… they have to be wondering where I am… they have to know.” I said, standing, and glaring at him.

“The stubbornness you got more from your father than your mother, but it completely works with Peter’s intense personality. You are related. You my dear, are the incredibly stuck treasure chest of knowledge. Hm. Wonder how Peter’s going to get you back.” He said, walking out the door, leaving me there staring after his lanky figure.


On the other side of town…

“FUCKING DAMNIT.” Pete screamed from his room. He had been like this since Harper had gone missing, screaming and shouting, and not telling the guys why… it wasn’t till Pete finally relaxed just enough for Patrick to ask him, why he was so angry… Granted, she was going to come back, she was just having a moment to herself… there was no actual need for them to get all worked up, she’d probably be back soon… Least, that’s Patrick, being his highly optimistic self.

“Pete, come on, we can go out looking for her, tonight, alright?” Joe said, knowing it would be hard to find her…

“NO you guys. YOU DON’T FUCKING GET IT.” Pete said, screaming again. “WILLIAM HAS HER. AND SHE WAS OUR ONLY CHANCE OF KILLING THEM.” He screamed.

“WHAT?!” Andy shouted, from his room where he was ignoring everything going on.

“YES. Listen, she, Harper, is a fourth vampire.” Pete said, calming down, as he shared the story with his friends, and bandmates. “She’s the one connection I had to William, but I was just waiting to figure out how the fuck I was going to tell her.” He sighed, “Her father was William’s twin brother… Harper is a fourth vampire, and her blood has memories of William’s brother’s childhood… she is the key to destroying US and THEM. That’s why I had no issue with her staying with us… I just didn’t want you guys to know, because I didn’t know if SHE knew.” He sighed, sitting down on the floor, feeling absolutely defeated.


Back at the Mansion…

Harper walked back into her room after the conversation, slammed her door and plopped back on her bed. It was a different room, but it was still technically hers for right now. But, as she plopped down on the bed, and looked up at the ceiling, Brendon’s face was looking down at hers. “So, William told you. Right?” With a glare, Harper looked up at him.

“Yes, yes he did. And why would you care? I thought you were all hater on me, and didn’t give two shits on what I did. Or what happened to me.” She said, still holding a glare.
“Well fine. I suppose you don’t want to know more about your father then.” Brendon said, a sly smirk placing itself upon his face, and with a taunting undertone in is voice to follow. He turned from Harper, to the door, and proceeded to turn the knob gently. “I mean, unless you do, but you might just have to get it out of me.” He stated, only to have a black ballet flat just miss his head. “A shoe, really?”

Harper had tossed her shoe to try and get him to stay and tell her everything he knew about her father. Never knowing anything about him made her curious to see where she came from, and how the fuck she managed to become a fourth vampire. “I need to know Brendon. And I know you hate me and whatever, but this is a serious situation. If I’m the key to killing either side of this ridiculous war you fuckers are all carrying on with, I need to know why I’m the key to knowing everything. William just said I held memories from my mother, and father in my blood, but I don’t get why.” The girl said, watching as Brendon proceeded to let go of the door knob, and sit in the chair next to the door.

“Every person that has vampire blood in their veins, is capable of a gift that comes with the form of being immortal. Granted, you aren’t immortal, but because you are part vampire, you get a power anyway, I suppose. Which, would be holding of memories… basically, if you zoned enough, you could read my memories… but, you’d have to be capable of those possibilities. And honestly, you’re kind of fragile, I’m not thinking you can do such things.” He said, staring down at his feet. He wasn’t breathing, and at some point, he was probably going to attack her and suck her blood dry, but then he’d be killed, and so on and so forth… she just smelled so delicious… but, the others that had fed off of her, or snacked, for that matter, seemed to go insane with the knowledge that she possessed in her skin, all but William. William was immune to it, because he knew what was there… centuries of knowledge, centuries of plots by his brother he already knew of, centuries of knowledge that Harper didn’t know existed in her skin. “You know everything Harper, you just don’t KNOW you know everything.” And with that, Brendon got up, and walked out of the room… he couldn’t be there anymore… she put out too much of a purfumated aroma that came from her skin… and she was completely oblivious to the other reasons why she was there… why she was there, for William to taunt everyone.

“I… Brendon?” Harper asked, as she peered out of the door down the hall, but he had disappeared. “So, I know everything, and nothing at the same time… that’s fucked up.” She said, laying back on her bed again… a soft sigh escaping her lips.

I’m not a fan of the cliché parts of the story, but they happen to be in here anyway… ugh, kill me now… anyway, heres the long awaited update, and now I’m off to crash, because I took benadryl, and it fucks my head up… ugggghhh… and makes me SO tired. Curse you allergies!
Lyrical_lies: Homg, thanks. xD
ViciousHouse: thanks. I’m glad you liked it.
CoffinChelsea: DRAMA OWNS! xD and thanks for pushing me to update, you and Caro anyway, xD

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