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SIX - Can You Keep A Secret?

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my titles never have much to do with anything... they kinda are just songs i'm listening to... sometimes...

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Ah, I started this out on a receipt for Starbucks. I was sitting in the car, after going to breakfast, while the parents were looking at plants for the yard. Well, I was listening to music, and though, “Hm, I’ll write a chapter…”problem, I didn’t have my phone, nor my notebook… so I grabbed a receipt, and started jotting down ideas. Yay.

I also would like to say thanks to my constant Review-ers. You make this story worth writing. That being said, on with the story!


The girl with the bright hair lay on the bed with the mahogany covered bedspread. Her body twisted in the sheets, and her hair, which was wet when she was lain down, now dry, and covering her face, as well as sprawled out on the pillow her head lay on. She rolled over, and instantly, jolted awake, with a gasp coming from her lips. Blinking a bit, the girl sat up, and looked around, her bright eyes taking in their surroundings, and recognizing them as non-familiar. As she brushed a hand through her hair, to push it away from her face, she realized she wasn’t in the same clothes she wore when she was awake, either. “Where in the world AM I?” she asked herself, it was then, that the guy who stood in the corner looked up, and grimaced a bit as a smell that wafted under his nose.

“Your in my room. That’s where. My room, in the Dandie mansion.” He said.
The girl, looking slightly shocked, bit her lip, and glanced down at her hands, which were placed in her lap. Slowly fading scars covered them, a few covered her hands, and one covered her wrist. “What the hell happened to me?” she asked the guy, looking up, as she traced her fingers on the scars on her hands… they were fading, and fading away more and more every time she touched them.

“Harper, come on. Give it a rest, you know what happened to you. Ryan brought you here. He knocked you out, and lucky you, William decided to use that time as a prime point in sucking life out of you. Him, and the others, like Ryan and such.” Brendon said, rolling his eyes, and stopping his breathing once again.

“Right, like you too.” Harper grumbled. “How the fuck did I get placed in this position? WHY AM I BEING A SNACK?! WHY AM I HERE?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!” She yelled. Only to have Brendon glare at the door, and have William waltz in, a smile on his face.

Brendon had refused to go near Harper in the two days that she had been passed out in his room. Though he had watched her every day that she lay in his bed, and watched her chest slowly rise and fall with each breath, he couldn’t help but hate her. He hated her because she smelled SO good, and because William was planning on using her for a plot she dug herself into. He also hated her because William seemed to be using her for a plot, and wouldn’t let any of the other gentlemen in the group think of her in other … less, ‘polite’ ways. Lucky Brendon, his form of hate over the girl, blocked her from his view. Grimacing, he stood, and walked out of the room, a angered look on his face. Harper, who still sat in the mahogany colored sheet covered bed, watched the gentlemen have a conversation in body language.

“Why the hell am I here?!” she asked again, glaring at William as he closed the door after Brendon.

“You know, for hating you so much, Brendon never left this room while you were here. Ridiculous.” William said, as he made his way over to the bed that Harper sat on. “You my dearest Harper, are here to not only torment the hell out of Brendon, but to create a reason for Peter to come to me.” William said all of this with the biggest smirk possible. “You are also, if you haven’t noticed, here to help curve our appetite.” He said, taking one of her hands in his, and bringing it close to his nose. Only to take a wiff, and skillfully move Harper’s wrist down towards his mouth, to take a small bite, which made Harper try to pull her wrist back, and start to hit William with her other hand.

“THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” she shouted, smacking him, though it was doing nothing for her assistance in the matter, it did make William let go, and lick his lips.

He smiled at her, dropped her wrist, and stood up. “You will learn to appreciate everything that is being given to you, and learn to understand we want only so little back. I am having people make you dinner. Ten minutes from now, I expect to see you dressed, and in the dining area. There you will meet the others much like you.” And with those last words, William swept out of the room, and left Harper to sit, and look at her wrist, which was now scarring over, the two small holes in her wrist a light pink flesh color.


Ten minutes passed, and Harper was downstairs, in what she thought was the dining hall. Wearing a royal blue camisole top, with a white one underneath it, and a long white cardigan, the length of the long blue camisole, a pair of white leggings covered her long legs, and a pair of black flats covered her feet. When Harper had gotten up from the bed, she had found that she was wearing a set of pajamas that didn’t belong to her, but fit rather nicely. She wasn’t going to worry about the fact she was dressed in something different than what she had worn last she remembered, but instead, went to the closet across the room, or rather, suite, that she was in. Finding not only her clothes she had last been in, minus the hoodie, which she now realized was Pete’s, she had a full closet of clothing that would fit her. Most of them seemed to be solid colored things, and things not too tight fitting, but more dressy than she would have ever worn on a regular day. As she looked through the closet, and the drawers further in the closet, she found she had been given a complete assortment of clothes, shoes, and make up, as well as plenty of accessories. “For being a snack for the dick head, he sure does try to impress well.” She had said to herself as she got dressed in the closet.

Sitting down at the long dark wood table, Harper tied her hair back from her face. It was still tangled, for she hadn’t thought to look for hair accessories, nor a brush in the closet of everything. Sighing, she looked up as she heard a set of footsteps coming from the opposite way she had come. Waiting, Harper listened as the footsteps got closer, and looking in the direction they were coming spotted a girl… not too far from the age Harper was, but looking completely enthusiastic. It was weird, as if she was HAPPY to be here. Harper thought all of this as a prison… a prison with nice clothes, but, really?

The girl came more into view, and sat across from Harper. She had dark hair, and dark eyes. Her skin was perfect, and she had a smile on her rosy lips. “Hi, you must be Harper… I’m Carolyn… people here call me Caro though.” The girl said, stretching her hand across the table. Harper took her hand, and shook it lightly, and then pulled her hand back, once she noticed the scars on Caro’s hand as well… although Caro’s were cleaner than Harper’s. … And more faint.

Harper looked up at Caro, and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you here? I mean, granted some people are here by choice, I hope. Cause I’m not.” She leaned back in her chair, and crossed her arms. More people came down from other areas and sat at the table. Seemingly leaving a seat in between each other. Caro looked over at Harper’s sitting situation, and got up, wand walked around the table, saying hello to the others, and sat next to Harper. After settling in the seat, she looked down at her scarred hands, and arms.

“Some people have a choice in coming here. Like, me for example I’m here voluntarily. I was the girl that ran away from home, cause my brother disappeared, and my parents were all insane, and losing their minds. I came here, once being offered a home by Ryan… and I’ve been here since. Granted, there are things here we aren’t allowed to share… but it’s fine with me.” She glanced across the table. Gesturing to a girl with long dark brown hair, and stunning blue eyes, she turned back to Harper. “That’s Liz. She’s here, because she’s too knowledgeable. She knows way too much about things that go on here, because she used to be friends, like, childhood friends, with one of the vamps here, before he was turned, and killed for telling her everything, and using her for manipulation of humans. So, she’s here.”

“Yeah, okay, so Liz is wacked… that’s cool. But why are you here? Did you do anything like that? Cause if so, I should move away from you right now.” Harper said with a grin.
Caro smiled back. “No, I’m not crazy. I’m here because I …” and she was cut off by a bell going. “Dinner!” she said, with a smile on her face. As Harper looked off in the direction Caro did, a hand felt its way onto her shoulder, and Harper jumped a bit. Turning, she saw William, and frowned.

“What?” Harper said, rather rudely. In which, gained the attention of Caro, and a few others around the table. William raised an eyebrow at Harper’s tone, and frowned slightly. With a wave of his hand, everyone else looked away from William, and went back to their conversations, and such… but Harper knew it would be about her… she could feel it. “What do you want?” She asked, a icy chill in her voice towards him.

With a grin, Beckett lowered his mouth to her ear. “I want to speak to you, privately in my office.” Harper could feel his cold nose touching her temple, and decided she would be better off to listen to him, than make a bigger scene than she was already making by holding such an angry expression.

“Fine. But I’m starving, and I’d like to eat at some point.” She said, only to have a smirk replace Beckett’s face.

“All of that is already planned my dear…” He said, as he walked off, waiting for her to follow.

As she stood, Caro placed a hand on Harper’s arm. “Just listen to him… trust me on that.” Was all she said, before turning away, and back to the mousey brown haired boy across the table.


As Harper walked into the office behind William, she stood at the doorway as another person closed it from the outside. She stood as William walked behind the large cherry wood desk and sat in the large leather chair. When Harper looked around, she could only notice that the entire office looked like something from a bad movie. “What do you want William?” Harper asked as she stood by the doors. She was not going to sit down, as she wasn’t sure what would come out of the chair, and keep her there. Although, it could be a good thing to sit down, and not stand… but she wasn’t going to trust this. She had seen too many horror movies, and knew NOT to walk down the dark alley way… even though she had already done that. And managed to get kidnapped and taken to a mansion of vampires who were planning to use her as a fucking ‘Blood Tap’… as if she were a bar, all on her own… bar tender, and beer all in one. Fan-Fucking-Tastic.

William, who sat comfortably in the seat behind the desk, and had his dress shoe clad feet up on the desk, while he examined his fingernails, looked up at Harper. “Come love, sit down please. We have some serious matters to discuss. About why you’re here, and why you aren’t allowed to leave.”

At this, Harper scoffed. “Right, Why I’m here, why I’m playing bar tender, and why I’m not able to go home. All I’d really like right now William, is to go home. WHY can’t I go play with the nice vampire… Pete, my UNCLE?” she had a bit of remorse in her voice as she mentioned Pete. If she hadn’t been such a pain to him, she wouldn’t be in the situation right now… maybe that’s what her mother meant by her foolish temper when she was younger. It would make so much more sense.

“Harper, you are here, because your Uncle Peter has something I want… His entire being. You see, I made him… many years ago. I’d say before you were born, but the problem there would be something completely different, because I know when you were born. Not only is Peter your Uncle… I am as well.”


oooh. Cliffhanger. xD
CaroBEKETTYou make my chapters feel better about themselves. Haha, and I love Twilight, as much as the next person who also read it back in 2005 when it came out… -kicks twiliteenies in shin- bwahaha. … anyway, cough.
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