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FIVE - Pretend That This Is Fiction

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I figured I’d do MAYBE a bit of POV. I’m not really a fan of it.. well, me writing it I’m not a fan of… but I figure, why not? A chapter… ha. I’m like that… I need to make up my mind… xD



I had pretty much been out here, walking for quite a while, I was figuring maybe about an hour or so… in the rain. My temper finally cooled down as I had been walking. It had gotten even darker out than before, and because I didn’t have my phone with me, I had NO idea as to what time it actually was. Being a Sunday though, I figured it was nearing closer to the evening, going on the fact that some of the stores were closed, or whatever, as I passed by them. Or abandoned. But I tried to not think on the latter.

The reason I left the house, was because I thought Pete was being a douche, and needed to chillax. Really, the guy needed some chick to smack him in the face, and be like “You sir, are a dick.” Although, I didn’t want to do it, I was rather close to it. And… I don’t like hitting people when I know I’m just angry at them for something that will be forgotten in a few hours.

As my journey of walking in the pouring rain continued, I heard a crack of thunder, and saw the sheer bliss of a lightning branch plummet from the sky. That was the only thing that bothered me about thunderstorms… the power that lightning has over trees, and buildings. Its got incredible force. And on that note, I got back to my thought process of Peter being a Vampire. Not really. He so couldn’t be. I mean, really? Anne Rice was just a crack head, who now writes her life tale in the biblical way, and completely killed her Vampire Chronicles stories. And Stephanie Meyer… really? A twinkling vampire? Psh. Gimme a break. My ass twinkles in the sun, cause I’m so pale. Maybe they just needed a good tanning salon or something… though I don’t condone tanning… fake baking is bad.

Turning the corner of the street, I sighed in defeat as I reached a fence, which seemed to go up for miles. “Fan-fucking-tastic.” I said, looking at it, as I walked further down the alley. Probably not a wise choice, but I can so handle myself in situations that call for me to go all karate kid. Placing my hands up against the fence, I placed my forehead on the fence as well, and sighed heavily. Closing my eyes for a brief moment, I heard a light ‘thump’ behind me. Instantly, I whipped around to see one of the guys from yesterday. Or what I thought was one of them. He was taller, and skinnier. And he was wearing a bowler hat like the guy named Brendon yesterday. But still, alley, chick alone… dark, Sunday evening, where people are at home, eating their TV dinners. Great.

“Uhm. Hi.” I said, looking up at him. He had deep brown eyes, which seemed to look HUGE in comparison to his face. It could just be the fact that it looked like he was wearing eyeliner, but they looked huge.

“Hello Harper. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you yesterday. I was… caught up in business. You know, with your Uncle. I’m sure William told you about it yesterday. I’m his friend, Ryan. Nice to meet you.” At that, he held out his hand. It looked almost skeleton in its shape. I shook it, but the look on my face probably didn’t look too convincing. “I’m supposed to take you to go see William, Harper love. But I’m not thinking you’ll want to come with me, after being told that we’re vampires.”

“The fact is, I still don’t believe you are a vampire. All I get, is that your hands are cold, and mine are too, cause its raining, and two, you need to tan… or eat something.” I said, staring at him. He had a different look about him, something that told me I was being stupid by sharing my opinion, but something else that told me to run. When I said my bit, he grinned, and walked over to me. Instinct told me to back up, but I wasn’t going to listen to it. That would be out of character.

“Oh? Hm. I don’t know how to prove it… William has a plan for you, but my dear, I don’t know if I can wait for his plan to take action.” He stepped closer to me, and it was then, that I listened to my instincts, and backed up, up as far as I could, being into the fence.

“Shit.” I said, as I hit the fence. Turning my head to the side, I tried not to freak out too much. Although, it was probably a bad idea to do that.

As I felt his cold nose hit my, now bare, neck, I knew it wasn’t just me thinking William was pretending. The cold feeling of Ryan’s nose on my neck, and the way it was running along my skin, following my jugular, I knew I wasn’t going insane. “He was right, Harper. William was incredibly right. You smell so absolutely appetizing. Like sweet oranges, strawberries and a hint of a lemon. Almost carrying a complete summer smell to you. I love your smell. You probably taste delicious too.” He ran his hands along my neck now, bringing my head up to meet his eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut, but the way he stared at me, it almost made me open them. “Here’s the deal, you either come willingly, or not… but either way, you’ll end up at the mansion.” He said, holding my head in his hands. He stood a few inches taller than me, what seemed like a foot almost, but I knew it wasn’t.

“I’m not going with you. I have to get back to my /family/.“ I said, bringing emphasis on the word. He didn’t seem too happy, but continued on his plight.

“Come with me, or I’ll make you come with me. Injuring you to make this happen is a possibility Harper.” He said. All that I responded with, was trying to push him off of me, and kicking him, although it didn’t do much good, in ballet flats. “Fine.” He said, “I’ll just make you come with me.” Instantly, his hands moved down to my collarbones, and he proceeded to press down, was felt light, but hurt, and instantly, I was shrouded in darkness.


As Ryan carried the limp girl into the mansion, he carried a smile on his face. The girl was slung over his shoulder, almost as if he were coming back from a long day of hunting, and the girl was considered a doe. Though of course, he looked way to skinny, and lank to carry a girl upon his shoulders. Notably so, if she was soaking wet in her clothes. As he closed the door behind him, instantly more eyes came out of doors, appeared near him, came out of rooms, and looked up to the staircase, waiting for William to make his entrance. Ryan was back, with William’s newest plot, and that could only mean one thing. A snack, or a tease.

“William,” Ryan said, as he maneuvered the girl, so she was in his arms, almost bridal style. Her head though, was laying against his chest, her eyes closed, and her dripping hair from the storm outside falling over his arm, and dripping to its own puddle on the floor. “I brought your friend back with me, as you asked, and she does smell delicious. You were right. Like a summertime treat, almost.” Ryan stated, bringing his nose down to the girl’s face again, nose to her cheek, he inhaled again, and instantly, you could hear other members of the mansion licking their lips.

“Calm yourselves friends. She is to be a guest here. This is Peter’s niece. She’ll be staying here, and bringing herself to be a nice light snack on occasion. Almost as Elizabeth was a few years ago, when we were enticing Gabriel over there, to join our family. And look, now he has a new chance not to kill a snack.” William said, with a light laugh. Gabriel, the man he had mentioned in his small speech, grimaced a bit, and turned away from the audience gathered around Ryan and the girl in the center of the large foyer. There was a story behind each member’s entrance to the Dandies, and Gabriel’s was one that was almost like Peter’s except for the sheer fact that Elizabeth was a stranger to him, but had a scent that drive him insane. That had brought him here, and made him a member of the Dandies. William turned to look at the crowd on the floor, from his spot that he stood at, on the balcony of the double sided staircase. “She is to stay in the suite on the third floor. She is to be treated with respect, as well as to be given courtesy. She is ONLY a treat for those in the greater levels, and is to be ONLY treated nicely, and not as a slave. Anyone who is known to break these rules, shall be placed under court of dismissal. We do not need Peter Wentz’s anger placed upon our gathering here. We need his acceptance into what he is, as well as to join our family. Not his anger, and sidings with any of the elders. Is this understood?” William looked down upon the few vampires that had taken it upon themselves to step closer to Ryan, and to breathe in the scent from the fresh human blood that coursed through her veins.

“Yes, Sir.” A few of them said as they all backed away, and returned to their original locations to continue whatever it was they were doing.

Ryan, on the other hand, stood where he was, and watched as William came down the stairs, and stood in front of Ryan, playing with the girl’s long hair, as it dripped to the floor. “Take her to the suite, and find Brendon. He’s having a problem with this situation. Noting the fact that it’s his room, and the fact that I’m placing her there. I don’t understand why though, there was never a problem last time. You should get that out of him. You two are best friends after all.” William said, as he took the girl in his arms, and turned to go up the stairs again. Only to be stopped with Brendon standing in front of him.

“I want nothing to do with your plot William.” Brendon said, his voice coming out lighter than usual. The vampire wasn’t sharing his usual human habit of breathing.

“See, Brendon, that’s where I don’t understand you. Usually, your all ‘gung-ho’ for this kind of thing, and now, you want nothing. I don’t get it. She seems to smell appetizing to the others, yet you aren’t breathing. Is she repulsive to you?” William asked, as he placed his nose on her neck again, looking at Brendon with a devilish smirk.

Brendon cringed as he watched William, but instead, turned and walked away, because, as it seemed, there was nothing he could do to William that William himself wouldn’t already know about.


CoffinChelsea: Bwahaha. I live for fangirly moments. xD its terrible.

CaroBECKETT: I missed youuuuuu. And your stories. Ha. Update one of them soon! Please.

ALSO, because its my killer authors note here… I plan to use both Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer, as well as other things for ‘traditional style’ vamps. Lawls. I’m that hardcore. Tee hee.

I figured I
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