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FOUR - Drive Away

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Oh goodness.

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I know, I know, its been FOREVER. But… here you go. My muse was all not wanting to show up… but … I got it out. Here you go. Read and reviewww. Please.


Harper had gotten back to the house almost a half hour before the guys did. She had instantly gotten into the shower upon getting back to the house. It was almost two in the morning, so it was something different for her to be taking a shower at two am. As she stood under the water for a few minutes after she heard the door downstairs slam, she tried to concentrate on the warmth sweeping through her body. His hand was so cold, and he claimed he was a /vampire/. That’s not even possible! Vampires don’t exist. They can’t! This isn’t some weird reality universe that she lives in! This is fucking Chicago… or the outskirts of it… but either way! There is no such thing as vampires.

But Pete’s face… it had such, monster like qualities, when he yelled at her. It was frightening, and now… he couldn’t be a vampire, could he? That would change everything on why they were ‘working’ if … if they were fighting, it would change everything Harper knew. They had lied to her. They had come home, beaten and bruised, and not told her anything. She was fucking FAMILY. Communication in families was necessary, mostly when living together, but the point is, they lied to her. As Harper got out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around herself. Sitting down on the toilet cover, she thought more on the topic, till a banging on the door came.

“Harper! We’re home… now can you get the fuck out of the bathroom? I need to pee.” Came Joe’s voice from the other side of the door. Sighing, Harper wrapped her towel around her chest tighter, and opened the door, and walked away, her hair hanging down her back still dripping, towards her room.

After dressing into her pajamas, and drying her hair, Harper crawled into bed, and lay under her sheets, her head on her pillow, and thoughts running through her head, although they ran rampant, she managed to fall asleep a half hour after crawling into bed.


As Harper woke up the following morning, she glanced out the window to the pouring rain outside. No thunder, which would make it better, just rain. Glancing at her clock, she looked at the time, stating that it was about noon. Sighing, she let her head fall back on her pillow. Thinking about last night, she curled up into the fetal position, and turned to look at her window. The rain fell harder and harder, and just like she had hoped it started to thunder lightly. As she sighed again, she heard a knock on her door. With a glance up to the door, she spoke softly, with a “Come in.” She was still lying in the fetal position. With a light glance up at the door, she smiled at Joe. “Sup.” Was all she said.

“Hey, uh… can you come downstairs? Pete’s up… he wants to talk to you, I guess. So, you know, whenever… but sometime soon… ish.” Was all he said, before he left the room, closing the door behind him.

With a sigh, Harper got up, and walked to her closet, and tossed on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white long v-neck shirt, one with a little breast pocket. Sighing, she walked out of her room, to the bathroom, and brushed her teeth, and put on a little bit of make up before she went downstairs. Maybe this would be good, and not bad… and she could ask about what William said last night. Maybe the dude was just an escapee from a mental institute… him and his Brendon friend. And if that was the case, it would make Harper’s thoughts a bit more … logical.

As Harper walked down the stairs, she heard Pete talking, in a rather stern voice… and that could probably not be very good. The second she stepped on the last step, Pete’s voice stopped. The moment she stepped on the floor with both feet, she was beckoned over to the living area, with a “Harper, we need to talk.”

She knew she would be in trouble, but Pete wasn’t going to play the whole “I’m your guardian, and your grounded, cause I said so.” And if he did, Harper would probably laugh at him, and tease him about it. With a few more steps to the living area, Harper stopped when she reached the couch. Looking up, she spotted Pete by the window, a hoodie up over his head, and the shades drawn down… it was dark in the room, and the light was turned on. The sun wasn’t out, but there had to be some reason the shades were drawn.

“Yes?” Harper asked, a light tone to her voice, as she turned, and sat on the couch.

“Where did you go last night? Your car windows were down a little bit this morning when we got back. Didn’t I tell you not to go out at night, because it’s dangerous?” Pete asked her. The rest of the guys, who were sitting on either sides of the room, seemed to find it necessary to get up and leave at this point of the game.

“I was here… and then, I went and wanted to see what you guys do for work… I was being nosey, and… wanted to know.” Harper said, instantly getting a screaming from Pete… who proceeded to yell obscenities.

“What the FUCK were you thinking Harper? I tell you to stay inside because I need you too! I need you to listen to me, because I’m looking out for you! You can’t just go off, and galavant around JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. It doesn’t fucking work that way.” He shouted.

“I REALIZE YOUR LOOKING FOR MY BEST INTEREST! But I’m NOT five Pete. I’m OLD ENOUGH to take care of MYSELF! I like living here because you’re my only FAMILY LEFT and I…”


“Would you let me fucking FINISH?! Jesus! That’s your issue, you have so many problems with me doing things. Why the hell did you even let me stay here if you don’t fucking WANT me here?!” She screamed.

“Because I KNOW whats out there. I KNOW what can KILL YOU Harper.” Pete shouted back, a force in his voice she had never heard in anyone’s voice before.

“Nothing out there is going to kill me during the day… without being completely caught, and blatent about it. And at night, I’m not stupid enough to go off and hang out in a dark alley.”

“That’s the thing… you are stupid enough to not fucking listen.” Pete said. Instantly, Harper raised an eyebrow. She had a temper, and she did not know how to control it at times… it was a rare occasion when she would lose it, but when she did, she made a stupid decision.

“Your calling ME stupid Pete?! What the fuck is with you, calling the kettle black.. You’re the one who tells me not to do this, or this, and you go off and do it. Bull shit Peter. Your rules are fucked up.”

“Well, if you don’t like my fucking rules, leave then. See what happens, when I tell you not to do something, and you do it.”

“FINE.” And with the last shout, Harper walked to the door, grabbed a hoodie off the coat rack, and walked outside, her black ballet covered feet landing harshly in a puddle out on the front stoop. She instantly pulled the hoodie on, and slammed the door, and stomped off the stoop, into the rain that was pouring.


CaroBECKETT: ily. Lol. You needa update again… I’ve missed you. Lol
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