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THREE - Automatic Eyes

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New People. New Meetings.

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It was only a few days after the incident that Harper sat in her room, still trying to figure out what Pete reminded her of while he yelled. He looked different, a monstrous sort of different. And she couldn’t place the face in her head to what it was that changed in him. It had bothered her that he had been that loud. Really? She was just there, why did it matter? And what the hell did they do for work anyway?

At the moment she was thinking that, her door had a knock on it, and a hat-covered head peered in. “Harper?” it asked, looking at her with a curious expression on his face.

“Yes Patrick?” Harper responded, with just a bit of a bitchiness to her voice. She was still mad at the guys for not telling her what they did for work. Why couldn’t she know? Why was it so secretive to know where they worked, and what they did?

“We’re leaving for work. Well in fifteen minutes or so, once Pete’s had something to eat.” Patrick said, and Harper could hear the blending of his ‘breakfast’ going in the background.

“Fine.” Was all she said, and at that, Patrick closed her door. Instantly, Harper launched up from her bed, and to her closet. Shuffling though the clothes, she settled on a pair of her black skinnies, her black converse high tops, a deep blue camisole top, and a black hoodie. And then, attacking her make up bag, which was sprawled out along her vanity, she put on a light layer of mascara, and a light layer of black shadow on her upper lid, only at the creases of her eyelash. Pulling her hair back, she pulled the hood of her hoodie up as she glanced out the window of hers.

“Perfect.” She said to herself, as she watched the guy’s car leave the drive way. Instantly, she ran down the stairs, and grabbed her keys, and ran to her car, starting it up, and following the greenish colored car that her uncle was in. It was probably a stupid idea, but granted, she wanted to know what they did. She needed to know. No one came home from a day at work bruised and bleeding like that, not even bartenders. And she dated a bartender once. He didn’t come back like that. Which, declared something different for Harper to think of their jobs as.


About fifteen minutes later, Harper parked her car in a lot almost five minutes from where she saw the car her Uncle was in stop. Getting out of her car, she pulled her hood back up over her head, and walked over behind the buildings around where she was. Looking out for her uncle. Finally spotting him, as she peered out from behind a corner of what seemed like an abandoned building, she stopped. She had noticed another group of people heading towards her uncle, a group that looked rather dressed up. Weird, Harper thought to herself. Turning back to face the wall, she inhaled, and exhaled lightly, and returned her head, to continue watching the scene. Was Pete in debt to some sort of mafia or something? As the groups got closer to each other, one of the members of the fancy dressed group dropped what looked to be a flag, or hankie or something, but either way, it was white, and all of a sudden, he disappeared. Instantly, he was gone. Harper dropped her jaw in shock, as soon as the groups launched themselves at each other. It was a massive fight going on, Pete throwing people around, and the guys using huge ass guns and shit. “What the fuck is going on?!” Harper asked herself, as much as she wanted to go out there, and help, she didn’t want Pete to kill her with his anger. As she thought about it, she turned back into the building, her eyes closed. As she opened them up again, there was a face right in front of hers, which made her let out a small yelp. Only to cover her mouth with her hands. Her eyes wide with fear.

“Oh hello, how are you this evening my dear?” the person asked. He had this dark brown hair, which was long, but not too long. He had this incredibly elegant stature, and was dressed elegantly, almost in a suit. He smiled at her, as she dropped her hands from her face.

“I… uh. I’m erm, good?” Harper responded, backing herself into the wall as the gentleman in the suit got closer.

“That’s splendid. Now, if you don’t mind Harper, what exactly are you doing out here?” the gentleman asked.

“I… how do you know my name?” Harper asked, her hands down at her waist. She was a tiny size in comparison the gentleman that stood in front of her. Small, being height because they both seemed to have the same sort of thin figure. Breathing slightly ragged, Harper wished she had thought of grabbing some sort of weapon before leaving the house. Although, it wasn’t really on her list of things to do.

“I know who you are Miss Fitch. You’re Peter Wentz’s Niece. You have your birth father’s last name, and your mother is dead, thanks to a drunk driver. Your middle name is Alexis, and you have an incredible fondness for piano, and guitar. As well as photography.” The tall man said, as he paced back and forth in front of her.

“How the hell do you know that?” Harper asked, standing tall now, an angered expression on her face.

“The same way I know that your thinking about punching me right now.” The gentleman said as he moved, and sat on what seemed an abandoned car, that really wasn’t there before. Harper rose her hands to her face, and covered her mouth again. Her eyes huge saucers that held curiosity, only to be answered by the skinny man again, “I know, Harper, you have no idea how I’m in your head right now, its impossible. Its incredibly impossible for any human to have that ability. See, here is where you’re wrong.” The tall man stood up, and walked towards her again, holding out his hand, which he held out for Harper to take. And although she seemed hesitant, she grimaced, and took it anyway. His hand was ice cold to the touch, and she instantly recoiled. “Ah, I understand then, see Harper,” he placed his arm across her shoulders and led her over to where she could see the fight being played out, but the fight couldn’t see her observing. “Your uncle there, is a dear old friend of mine. And no, I’m not a part of a mafia that he owns money to. I’m a friend of his. Matter of fact, I’m his…. Creator, in a way.” The man said, grinning evilly.

“I don’t understand, uhm, Sir.” Harper said, inching away from the close proximity the man was holding her at.

“Ah, I forgot, my name is William. And, as you see Harper, there are things in this world that aren’t what you thought. You see, me, and my counterpart here, Brendon are not human.” He said this with an air of confidence, as another man dressed almost in the same fashion as the tall lanky guy besides her. Although, he had shorter, almost black hair, and deep brown eyes. He turned, and bowed to Harper, lingering lightly as he looked up at her face, and shocked eyes. “We are vampires love. Vampires, who aren’t necessarily out to kill everyone, but to … help the world, we’ll say. We help people in the need of things. Although, with this, it comes eternal life, and such. All of the wonderful things that come with being a vampire. Although, in comparison to your uncle there,” Harper cut him off.

“Uncle? You mean Pete? No, he’s not a vampire, he’d never kill a person… and besides… he would have told me… although… I… no, he’s not a vampire.” She said, thinking of ways this could be described. And instantly, the thought of the other night when he yelled at her flashed though her eyes. That was it. The face. The fangs. Her chin quivered a bit at the thought.

“Yes, Harper love, your loving uncle there is a vampire. I made him myself. Pain in the ass he was. So angry, and still is.” William spoke. Harper, at this backed up, and left William standing there, and Brendon staring at her, his eyes locked on hers.

“Your crazy. You are absolutely insane.” Harper said, as her hood fell down, her long blonde hair whipping around her face thanks to the wind, and the light rain coming from the light storm that was making its way towards the town. “No. Its not true.” She said, turning and running towards her car.

“Fine, don’t believe me, but you’ll see soon enough, beautiful.” William’s voice said, seeming right beside her, as she closed her eyes, and waved her hands in front of her face as she ran to her car. As soon as she got to her car, she got in, and turned it on, and sped back to the house. Her music blaring, and trying to drown out the thought of what William had just tried to tell her.

On the other hand, William had stood next to Brendon, now on the building’s roof, over looking the fight below. “Brendon, I want you to create a team to get her out here again. I want her. She will be the bait that beings Peter to us again. Of course, we’ll try to make her come to our side, but either way, she will be our bait.” William said, sipping on a cup of tea that he conjured.

“Yes sir.” Brendon said, keeping a picture of Harper in his head. Something was different about her. Something was very, very different.


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