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TWO - Run, Don't Walk

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A few weeks later, Harper managed to get most of her clothes out of storage and her car, and into the warehouse she lived in with the guys. Sure, she was probably the only sane one in the house, but whatever. It was still cool to be around friends and family, again. The only thing that threw her off was the weird hours they all worked. And how they needed her to stay in the house when they were gone. Cause she just had SO much to do in this house. Although, she did go on a cleaning rampage… which is not her, but the fact that there was probably a three-year layer of dust on half of the bookshelves was a nightmare. And the kitchen needed a scrub down too. Pete had these weird ass morning smoothies, which were more at night, cause he slept all day… but either way. And then, the bathroom needed to be cleaned. She was not happy with the fact that the guys that decided to shave, never rinsed out the sink… ew. Now, sure, Harper wasn’t the cleanest person in the world, but COME ON, she needed some sort of clean appearance to the place she was living. The guys ended up coming back from work one night to find her passed out on the couch, and a mop on the floor, with a clean house. It was weird to see, because they didn’t even own a mop…

On the other hand, the guys liked having her around, because she made things a lot more fun. Take the fact that she played video games, so it was fun for Joe to have someone new who’s ass he could kick, although he had yet to beat her at any game so far. And then she also liked a lot of the same movies they did, so there was never any arguments on that… not to mention she hated chick flicks to begin with. And, she was relatively simple on getting ready. True, she never really went out at night, but when the guys were awake, the guys being Trick, Joe and Andy, were alive, and around the house, they would go out and see a movie or something. Just because they limited Harper on her hours out of the house. Which she didn’t understand, but Pete just put it as “there’s things in this neighborhood I don’t like… and I don’t want you to get caught up in. You’re technically my responsibility… and I need you to follow that rule.” Which managed to get Harper all feisty, and telling him she wanted to get a job, which she managed to do.

The guys knew that they were family because of the way they acted. Harper acted so much like Pete it was almost ridiculous. They acted like five year olds in most fun situations, but the second something turned serious things changed, and made everything serious, and stern. Although Harper carried more sarcasm, they were very much the same in their mind set. It was probably the first week into her living there that they realized this, and it was set in a standard they were related.

After living there, and telling Pete she was going to get a job, Harper went out and managed to score a job at the nearest Starbucks. Something she had done where she used to live, back home, before her mother died. But, it was in a new location, and she was able to walk there from the house… it was the one day that Harper was off of work that our story leads us.
After stepping into the house, and dropping her black and white checkered backpack on the ground, as well as kicking off her black ballet flats, Harper looked around, and made a run for the couch. Literally breaking out into a run, she ran over, and hopped on the couch, her entire five foot five figure plopping down on the couch, with a loud squeak coming from the cushions. Placing her head on the pillow, she snuggled into the couch, and yawned. Closing her eyes, she thought about sleep for a bit, but with a thought like that, and a bed upstairs, she opened her eyes instantly, something was off…

Getting up off the couch, with a large sigh, Harper walked from the living room to the kitchen area. Looking at the stove, to see what time it was, Harper made a face at realizing it was only seven pm. Usually the guys were still here, and right now, it was way too quiet for them to be home right now. Usually they didn’t leave until at least eight or nine. And they said they didn’t work very far either, so there wasn’t any long ass commute they needed to do… so where were they? Turning, and spotting a note on the fridge, written rather scratchy, Harper realized it was Andy’s writing.

“Harper, we had to leave early. Don’t wait up for us… even though you don’t have work tomorrow… -A”

And that was it. The plan was that the days Harper didn’t have work at all, she would stay up all night and then by the time the guys got back, they would all go out for breakfast or something. Depending on the moods of everyone. Usually Pete didn’t go… just because he got really moody, and went and locked himself in his room. Although, that’s how he always was when they came back anyway.

With another sigh, Harper opened the fridge, and searched for something to eat, finally settling on the vegetarian lasagna in the fridge, she made herself some dinner, and went over to the living room again, once it was ready.

After finishing her dinner, Harper went upstairs, changed into her pyjamas, which consisted of lovely green PINK by Victoria’s Secret lounge pants, a black cami, and a pair of slippers. Turning on the television, she made herself comfortable as ‘Airplane 1975’ aired itself on AMC. Only falling asleep shortly into the movie as the pilot of the plane gut sucked out of the huge hole in the front of the plane.


Being awoken by a sharp banging at the door, Harper sat up, and turned around in the couch, to see the guys all coming in the house, with solemn expressions, and various cuts, scrapes, forming bruises, and other assortment of issues. All except for Pete, who wasn’t there at all. “What the fuck happened to you guys? Get mugged by a bunch of fans or something?” she asked, as she brushed her hair out of her face.

“I, no. Harper, what the hell are you still doing up? Weren’t you supposed to not wait up?” Patrick asked, giving a glare to Andy.

“I well, I was asleep, till you guys came in making such a banging and ridiculous amount of noise, and causing a commotion at … three in the morning.” She said, as she got up, and walked over to the guys, Joe first, who was holding a swollen hand in front of his face. “What happened guys?” She asked as she grabbed Joe’s hand, and looked at his middle and ring finger, which looked broken.

“Nothing out of the ordinary…” Andy mumbled.

“Working Harper. Working. You should go to bed… Pete will be pissed if he comes home and your still up… or rather, you being down here, watching us.” Patrick said.

“Patrick, he can deal. He’ll live… Joe, come on, I’ll help you get your fingers wr…” she stopped as she looked towards the door, where Pete entered looking very very pissed off. And bloody. “wrapped.” She continued, dropping his hand, and looking over towards Pete. “Are you alright Pete?”

“What the fuck is she doing down here guys?” Pete asked, a very stern tone in his voice.

“I’m up because I waqs sleeping down here, and I was going to help Joe wrap his—“ She started.

“I don’t fucking care. Could you just leave here, and go to your room?” Pete almost yelled. Never in the few weeks had she been here had he yelled at her. Not meaning it anyway.

“Not until you-“ Harper started again.

“Go. To. Your. Fucking. Room.” Pete said. His head down, looking at his worn down Converse, which were covered in a mess of mud, and debris.

“Pete, I want to know what happened.” Harper said, her voice not breaking, and her tone defiant. The others just stood, watching, Patrick inching away from Pete, as the tension in the room began to build.

“Go. To. Your FUCKING ROOM HARPER.” He yelled, looking up at her, with a glare, and a look on his face Harper had never seen before. He actually scared her. Frightened more like, he looked very different, and not as… Pete like… almost something different…

As he finished, Andy grabbed Harper, and pulled her over to the stairs, and pushed her up the first one. “Just go to your room. Just, go, please?” Andy said pleading with her.
Nodding silently, Harper took one last glance at her uncle, who was breathing heavily, and then knocked over the coat rack by the door, and it flew across the room. She turned back up, and finished going up the stairs. Hoping things would be okay.

So I know, its kinda… bleh. But deal. Live with it. Ghahah. I do. Its not my favorite, but it will be essential for the story later. Trust me…
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