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ONE - Something I've Been Waiting For

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Harper manages to meet the person she's been looking for.

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It was probably the sheer fact of being in a car with an almost complete stranger, that was giving Harper the goosebumps that sat on her arms. As she tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder, and looked out the window, Harper finally spoke up since she had gotten in the car with Patrick.

“So, tell me again how I know your not going to take me to some insane asylum. It seems like we’re heading out to the middle of nowhere.” She said, still looking out the window. She didn’t want to look at Patrick’s face to see if this was true or not. Sure she was the stupid one, getting into a car with him, not knowing him or anything. But with the promise of actually getting to meet her Uncle, and the hope that coursed through her veins, she didn’t want to be let down.

“We live out here. Of course, its Pete’s choice, thanks to his recent… incident. But, you’ll find that out in due time.” Was all he said. Harper finally turned to look at him, since she got in the car. As she was about to open her mouth to ask what the incident was, Patrick stopped her, holding his hand up in front of her face. “You don’t need to ask me. You can, but I’ll just tell you to wait for Pete to tell you. Of course, he might not, but that’s a completely different story.” He dropped his hand, and Harper crossed her arms across her chest.

Turning to look out the window again, she watched as the buildings got a bit more scattered. It wasn’t till they got bigger, and slightly more scattered, and almost empty looking, did Harper turn to Patrick once more. “He lives out here? Why? Isn’t he some big ol’ mega bucks genius entrepreneur who lives in mansions, and drives nice cars?” Harper asked. Sure, she had done some research, because who wouldn’t want to see if they could find something on the only relative they had left? He was in a band and all, and had some mad money, but … that was about all she knew. She wasn’t going to learn about his entire life, that would be for him to tell her. And for her to learn from him. Not from a website claiming to not actually KNOW him, but… just have done research. That’s creepy.

Patrick sighed, and as he pulled into a large, almost warehouse seeming building’s driveway. “Yeah, we, as in Me, Pete, Andy and Joe all live here. Now, I suppose you too. But we live here because of current happenings. Pete might tell you, if not, you’ll have to learn to not approach the subject.” Was all he said as he turned off the car, and got out, shutting the door quietly.

Harper got out on the passenger side of the car, and stood, shutting the door behind her. With her backpack over her shoulder, and question in her eyes, she followed Patrick up to the door that lead into the building. Where the last member of her family resided. As Patrick stood in front of the door, she heard him sigh, and watched as the taller man bowed his head slightly, and bite his lip. Looking up, and turning to Harper, he spoke, almost quieter than before, “Come on.” Was all he said, as he opened the door.

As the older man entered the building, he couldn’t help but realize Pete might just have his head for this. Although, there was much to be said for the fact that he might be happy to see his niece. Instantly, the second Patrick walked into the building they called home, a tall, large-haired man came out of nowhere, with a singed shirt, and a panicked expression on his face. “PATRICKKKK! The stupid thing freaked out on me again as I tried to fix it, it just EXPLODED I don’t even…” as he peered to the side, he looked at the blonde girl behind his friend. “And you are? Jeez Trick, I didn’t know you were capable of getting a hold of such pretty girls.” he asked, a small smile on his face, as he held out his hand to the girl.

As Harper was about to grab his hand, Patrick stopped them, and turned to the large-haired man. “Pete’s niece.” Instantly, the man with the large hair dropped his hand. “Oh… well, I’ll go find him, but he might not be too excited. Or he will. Uh, either way…” he peered over Patrick’s shoulder, and smiled at the girl, “I’m Joe, so you know.” And with that, the guy who Harper knew now as Joe, ran off, his large hair bouncing as he moved.

Patrick turned to Harper again, and placed his hand on his hat covered head. “Yeah, that’s Joe, he’s pretty much the clueless one around here. Andy is around somewhere, but I have no idea where …” he was cut off by a loud bang coming from another room. “I’ll be right back. Just… stay here. Please.”

Harper stood awkwardly, and alone, in the front hall. Of course, her curiosity got the best of her, and she ended up dropping her bag, and wandering around the front room. Spotting a bookcase, and instantly being drawn to the prospect of maybe finding something out about her uncle, she headed over to the case, a hopeful expression on her face. But the moment she picked up the first book, a hand swatted it out of her palms. “What are you doing?” a voice asked her, as she looked down to the possible book that held some information on her uncle. “Looking at a book, or was. Why did you hit it out of my ha-“ she had looked up, and seen the eyes of someone who looked incredibly familiar. “Pete?” she asked, looking into the eyes of a family member. The last family member she had. “Who let you in here? Who are you for that matter?” he asked. Only to be given a response in the same tone. “Your niece.” With that small fact, Pete backed up a bit, and stared at the girl before him. “No your not. You don’t look like my brother at all, and I would have seen you at his funeral almost three years ago. You can’t be.” He said.

“Unless I was the daughter of your sister Jennifer who ran away when you were ten, and you tried to ignore her, because she left you and Uncle Tyler. Right, and I look almost nothing like her, except for the fact I’m the only one who looks like her. In most cases. I mean, my hair is a whole other matter, but, really? I’m the one person here who even looks remotely like her.” Harper said, crossing her arms across her chest. Staring at Pete with a finalized look on her face.

Thoughts were running through Pete’s head, and all of the possibilities of how she even found him, and what even happened to his sister for his niece to come out and find him? “Where is she? Jenny? What happened to her?” was all he asked. At that, Harper dropped her arms, and looked down, shuffling her Chuck Taylor Converse shoe. “She passed away almost a month ago, she was hit by a drunk driver when she was walking home from work. But cause I’m eighteen, I’m technically an adult. So I wasn’t told to find any other family members. But, cause Grandma, and Grandpa are gone, and Uncle Tyler was gone, and… you seemed to drop off the map, I needed to find you. You’re the only family I have left, and I have no where else to go.” Harper bit her lip, and looked up at Pete. “I hate dropping this bomb on you and everything, but ---“ and it was then that Harper was cut off.

“I FOUND HIM PATRI---, oh, hey Pete. So you’ve met her huh? You know, I still don’t know your name, but you seem mad chill, and if your related to Pete, you have got to be super awesome.” Joe said. Only to get a look from Pete. “Quit sucking up Joe. Now, Harper, I don’t know what to say, I mean, Jenny was amazing, and none of us ever heard back from her when she left, and I don’t know what to tell you, but I can’t let you stay here. The guys and I … uh, work at night. And…” Pete was then cut off by Joe, putting his hand on Pete’s mouth, and then realizing what he did, dropped it and put it in his pocket. “You can stay Harper. Theres the guest room upstairs that …uh, isn’t used, and you can have it. Oh, and, you have a super sick name. AND I love your eyes! So weird, and awesome. With one being blue, and one being green. Sweet.” With that, Joe walked off.

“Pete, I don’t want to force myself on you guys, because I can go get an apartment, I just, you know, don’t want to be on my own just yet. I just graduated, and… I mean, its up to you.” Harper said. Walking back towards the door to pick up her bag. Harper was stopped with a heavy hand on her shoulder. It hurt a little, but she turned around to look at Pete, who looked incredibly relaxed, and not seeming to injure her at all. “Sorry, I uh, don’t know my own strength. Uhm, you can stay Harper. I understand where your coming form. I had a room in My parent’s house till I was twenty one. Sure I was never there, but… I had it. You can stay. It’s my duty as you family to do that.” He said, as his hand now hung by his side. He was probably dragging this girl into more trouble than she needed, but something would have to help her feel connected to him, hopefully. “Thanks Pete!” Harper said, giving the older man a hug.

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