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Based off of A little less Sixteen Candles...; Harper has been on the search for her Uncle Pete Wentz, who is her only family left. What kind of shenanigans can she get herself into without being k...

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“Fuck my life.” The blonde said as she plopped down into the booth at the back of the coffee shop. Sighing, she placed her head on the table and exhaled sharply. This was probably the fifth time she had been told she was a creepy stalker in the town. And sure, Chicago was a huge city, but come ON, why wasn’t he here? She was told he would be. And she didn’t want to just show up at one of his shows, and just be like “Oh, hi, you’re my uncle, and you’re the only family I have left. Mind if I you know, live with you for a bit?” yeah, cause that’s not creepy or anything. As she sighed again, she lifted her head, and noticed a guy sitting across from her, sipping on his coffee.

“Uhm. Hi, can I help you?” the blonde asked.

“Actually, you could help me. Why in the world are you carrying around a picture of my best friend?” The guy asked.

“I’m looking for him. I know it sounds weird and all, but he’s my uncle… and he’s the only family I have left… and I need to find him. To, you know, tell him that he’s my only family left.” The girl stated, matter of factly.

“Mmhm. Well, I’d love to help you, but… I don’t know if I could trust you. What happens to be his whole first name?” The male asked, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third.” The blonde replied, staring at the guy intently.

“Right, and you didn’t wiki that HOW?” The guy asked.

“Because my mom, his sister Jennifer, told me that. You know, the sister that ran away from home when he was ten? Yeah, her. She told me that.” The girl said softly.

“And you said your name was?” The guy asked.

“I didn’t. But its Harper. Harper Wentz, and I need to find him, he’s my only family left, and I’d like to meet him at some point.” Harper said, softly, as she played with the picture on the table.

“Alright, well, nice to meet you Harper. I’m Patrick, and I’m Pete’s best friend. Come with me, and you’ll soon be in the company of your uncle.” Patrick said, although he sounded some what unsure of his own words.

“And how the hell do I know your not going to take me to some insane asylum?” Harper asked, as Patrick helped her up from her chair.

“Because, I know who Jennifer was. The Wentz’s were my neighbors growing up as a kid.” Patrick said, picking up Harper’s backpack for her.

Taking the back from him, and looking at him with a cautious look on her face, she sighed, and looked down, brushing her hair out of her face.

“Alright, lets go. I appreciate your help by the way.” Harper said, looking back up at him, her bright eyes looking hopeful.

Alright, here you go. More of an introduction, but whateverrrr. Its finally up. My computer crapped out on me, and I had to re-write a paper on Sexuality in Advertisements for a class, and then, I had to find this again. Lucky me, it poof-ed. So, I had to re-write it. All. Not as good as the original, but… whatever.
Caro, you’ll show up, eventually. Ahahahahah. =]

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