Review for And Then Theres You

And Then Theres You

(#) CoffinChelsea 2009-06-03


i...cant....HOLY @%$^$&^%^u%(^%^&%$%#%$@#@%%***!!!!!!!!!

woah. that is INTENSE. Yay for sad Pete. then he be emo.....THEN I GET TO HUG HIM!!! tehehe.

Just...forget that...I dont know what happened. =]

HOMG. as my only friend on here i get to tell you my exciting news. At this moment, i'm sitting in a ticketmaster at ten at night and im sleeping over at the ticketmaster. SO I CAN TICKETS TOMORROW AT TEN IN THE MORNING FOR MY FIRST TIME SEEING FALL OUT BOY IN CONCERT!!!!!! EEEEEEK@!!!! kaay

THIS IS FANTASTIC. PLEASE KEEP GOING!!!! (i'll keep pushing because you're an amazing writer!)