Review for Forbidden


(#) MCArmyWife 2009-06-04

Okay first off I have loved this story from the beginning. Wow, what a long and exciting ride it's been. I'm glad the truth came out about Gee and Lynn. But..and this is just my opinion what Chey has done with Frank makes her just as bad as Gee. Hell, she was messing with Frank before she found out Gee slept with Lynn so she can't even use that as an excuse for her actions. Bad Frank for cheating on your wife. What a tangled web this is. Maybe Chey and Gee deserve each other at this point. I used to think she deserved someone better but not anymore. I can't wait for the new story. Hurry up, woman. I have to know what happenes to everyone.

Author's response

Your opinion is very valid as always. And yes I agree with you, Cheyenne is just a bad a Gee but in her defence she did try to stop herself with Frank where Gerard didn't really try and stop with Lyn. Still not excuseable and maybe they do deserve each other.

New story on the way sooner then you think

Reign xx