Review for Forbidden


(#) URAFever22 2009-06-04

Holy flannel shirt! Reign you did not dissapoint. I have to say I didn't think I would like this story in the beggining... I'm not even a my chemical romance fan... But I am a fan of good writing. I really can't stand your typical fan girl meets lead singer and they fall in love fic's. Truly annoying. But this was hilarious and had great drama. Not too overly dramatic which I appreaciated. I never liked Gerard and Chey together and I hope they never get back... honestly. Chey and Frank on the other hand I like. I know Jamia's a factor but feelings fade ya know, people move on. Oh! and lyn and marcus my favorites! I can see why Marcus is pissed but I hope these two work it out.

It's natural to want to hurt the people who have hurt you. I hope they can pull through. Anyway, great read. Can't wait for the next story where you answer all our queries. Don't make me wait too long ;)


Author's response

Oh thank you for your compliments I appreciate them. I always assume readers are fans, any particular reason why you're not? Don't worry won't judge you just curious. I'm not really into those fan meets and they fall in love stories, although mine's not far from that but I like the drama and uncertainty that I was able to throw in there to give it a nice little twist. I had a lot of surprises as far as the next installment goes so I hope you enjoy it as much as this one. I hope I deliver. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me, your comments have meant alot.

Reign x