Review for The Seventh Child

The Seventh Child

(#) Cateagle 2009-06-04

Hmm, I'd say Ginny is going to have walk a fine line intergrating her older personality and her younger one; hopefully the experiences of the older one will help her here. Given all that the older one experienced, I hope she remembers sufficient to favorably alter the course of coming events and save those she cares for.

Author's response

I agree. Ginny is going to walk a fine line intergrating both personalities. OGinny is so young and she's just been traumatized by the whole CoS situation. AUGinny, while I don't believe she ever completely got over that, knows how to fight back and get on with her life without letting the memory of that year hurt her, but feeling stronger because of it. However, she went through a whole new trauma with the dead of her family, friends and boyfriend.

They both need to heal before the can truly become ONE person, and even then they or well SHE would be a new and more complete person...or a really messed up girl depending on the author's mood when that happens ^_^