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Ginny and Harry talk.

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and as there is NO way she's writing a fanfic about her own books I'm obviously NOT her.

The Seventh Child
Chapter Two: Confusion

Ginny could hear him getting closer to her bed. She wanted to open her eyes and get a good look at him, but her body had other ideas. She was in pain but she really wanted to see him...she had to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

“I'm sorry, Ginny...I-I shouldn't have ignored you, I should have tried to be your friend, but I was too caught up with the whole heir of Slytherin thing...then again if I hadn't ignored you, you wouldn't have written in the diary, and none of that would have happened, and you wouldn't be dying.”

Dying? She didn't really feel like she was dying, then again, her mind was too busy with other thoughts to process the dying part of his rant. Merlin...he's blaming himself again...wait...again?

She wasn't sure what was happening. She remembered a fight...against Voldemort? Yes... she had another one of her attacks or whatever they were, and then she was at Hogwarts?, Harry had just saved her from Tom, and they found Ron and Lockhart and went to McGonagall's office? Or Dumbledore's? Well it was an office... I was telling mum and dad about the diary...Yes, she remembered that. Her father was mad at her and she was trying...she was trying to tell him something. But then her head started to hurt really bad...she was sure that didn't happen the first time.

First time?

But, wait, how ...she had two memories of that, but they were different...not like they were complete. But yes, she remembered two different things happening. But, what did that mean? that had been a long time ago...when she was eleven, 'But, I am eleven right now!' No, that wasn't right. She was seventeen years old and she had been fighting Voldemort with Ron... but how could that be? How, when she remembered Harry rescuing her from the chamber just about half an hour before going to the professors... had all the years of the second war been a dream? Or was this the dream?

'Am I in the past...or did I have a vision?'
Either that or she was mental... Mental...oh! Ron! What happened to Ron? He was next to her when she had the attack...or in the office if it was a vision. 'If I'm not crazy already, I'm going to be very soon.'

Okay, one thing at a time. Right now the past version of my boyfriend, or normal version of my future boyfriend, is still rambling about how everything...

“It's my fault...”

Good thing I can't move or you'd be screaming like a girl,or a Malfoy, and running away from your own bogeys.

“I made a lot of mistakes, and now you're...I don't think I can look at your mum in the eyes again...or Ron.”

'Okay...that's it!'
She was not going to let him enjoy his pity party. She had to be careful though. She couldn't tell him about the vision, or future. She was going to stop him from blaming himself, even if she had to hex him. 'That of course, as soon as I can bloody move.'

“I'm so sorry, Ginny. I just didn't know how to deal with you liking me. Not like there's anything wrong with you, you're actually kind of cute and you seem to be a nice person, it's just no one has ever liked me that way before and I just...”

“I-It's...o-okay.” 'Yes! I can talk...bloody stutter, though. At least I'm not blushing, that's always a good thing.'

“No it's not oka- Ginny!?


“You're awake!?”

“Erm...No, not really, I'm just talking in my sleep, my eyes are open just for effect...” 'Oh good, I'm still sarcastic. And not a bit of red on my face.'

“erm...” For some reason he seemed like he was about to believe it...'Okay, I miss the Harry who's used to my sarcastic ways.'

“I am also being sarcastic...” She didn't know if she should laugh or cry. He was there in front of her, with his “I'm confused” face, and his eyes were as green as she remembered and he wasn't dead. 'I don't think it was a vision after all.'

“Oh!...R-Right...I'm sorry I-

“Harry, if you apologise to me again, I'm going to get angry...and you really don't want that, I'm very scary when I'm angry...ask Ron.” Ginny said smiling weakly. “It wasn't your fault Harry...I-I didn't really help with the situation...I mean, I don't think my, very embarrassing, squeaks every time you were around were sending the right message.”

“But, If I had-

“I'd probably written in the diary anyway, for different reasons. There's nothing anyone can do to change what happened Harry. We shouldn't waste our time drowning in our little pool of regrets, it's not worth why are you looking at me like that?” And he was looking at her with his confused face again, though he didn't seem all guilty any more.

“ not about...I mean for er...seem different somehow...

“I do? Please tell me it's not more freckles...” She said panicking. Weather she was eleven or Seventeen, she hated her freckles. 'Wow...guess I don't really change that much in the future.'

“No! Not more look er...older? Not just...and you're not...” Harry had a puzzled look on his face. He seemed to be trying to figure her out.

“Blushing and squeaking?”

“Well yeah...” He said. His hand scratching the back of his neck, and he had a little smile on his face

“Good. That's always a good thing...”

“Yeah, I guess it-

A scream suddenly interrupted him.


And a flash of red later, Ginny found herself being crushed to death by her mother. Tears, were pouring from her eyes as she tried to return the hug. Tried being the key word. Her whole body hurt and the hug wasn't really helping, but here was her mother, and she was alive! Ginny couldn’t help but wonder.

'How am I going to be able to see everyone without breaking down, when I have clear memories of them dying?.'
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