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Sometimes dreams can be strange, but there are times you wake up to an even stranger reality.

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and as there is NO way she's writing a fanfic about her own books I'm obviously NOT her.
The Seventh Child
Chapter One: Dreaming

Molly Weasley couldn't stop crying as she held her baby girl's hand. She looked so pale as she lay on the hospital bed. Almost like she, Molly couldn't bring herself to even think about it. She was so relieved when Harry had shown up with her baby girl, but her happiness for her daughter's return had only lasted a few minutes.

Her little girl was dying.

“I yelled at her...” Said Arthur Weasley. He was sitting on the other side of the bed, his gaze locked on his daughter's pale face. “She was possessed by you-know-who all year, she almost died...and I yelled at her...” Sobbed Mr. Weasley. He couldn't believe what was happening. He almost lost his daughter, got her back for a few minutes and now he was closer to lose her than he had been when she was in the Chamber.

It had been so long already, since that horrible day, her birthday was almost there and still she would not wake up...

He couldn't get the image of his baby's horrified face just before she fainted, the blood when she fell, the screams as, his princess, his Ginny, convulsed on the floor, blood coming from her mouth and eyes.

Madam Pomfrey said her magic core had "grown too much too fast," and her body was trying to get used to it. They had no idea how such a thing could have happened, but Professor Dumbledore believed her encounter with you-know-who had, somehow, unlocked her magic. Ginny was, after all, the first female born into the Weasley family in seven generations, and the seventh child at that. That number held a great significance in their world.

It held power.

Arthur knew Ginny was powerful, she had, after all, being hexing her brothers for years, long before she even came to Hogwarts, when it was supposed to be at eleven that magical children had enough control over their magic to start learning spells. He had always been proud of his little Ginevra....but now her own power was killing her. She might never wake up again...and the last thing he did was yell at her.


She opened her eyes, only to close them again as the sunlight blinded her. The sound of birds and the smell of flowers overwhelmed her. It felt just like...


But her home was gone, wasn't?

Burnt by Fiendfyre. Images of destruction flashed in her mind, Death Eaters laughing, and her family screaming as the fire consumed them. She was trying so hard to get to them, but she couldn't move, she was trapped under the bodies...too weak to push them away...

She shook her head trying to get rid of the images and opened her eyes again. She didn't now what was worse. The memories of that horrible day...or this.

The Burrow...

But it wasn't a pile of ash. The house was there like none of the tragedy had happened. She had to be dreaming.

She could smell her mother's cooking and hear the twins laughter. And a little girl crying...wait what the?

She turned around and walked towards the sound, her legs barely keeping her up, but she continued walking.

Finally she found herself in a small flower field, hidden a bit far from the house. She used to play here, it was the only place where no one would find her. Ron couldn't take away her Harry-doll, she chuckled at that, the twins couldn't prank her, her mum couldn't yell at her for hexing them. Not, if they couldn't find her.

She came back to “reality” when she heard a sob. She turned around and saw her.

A little red haired girl. 'Oh yeah...I'm dreaming all right.'

“Why...sob....won't...sniff...they play...sob...with me!?” The girl sobbed. Her little body was shaking and tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Hey, there...why are you crying?” She asked, even though she knew exactly why the little girl was crying, she remembered after all.

The tiny girl looked up at her and her big brown eyes widened. “W-who.. are you?

“I'm Ginny...” She said smiling as she looked at the little version of herself. 'Well damn...I was really cute.'

“You can't bwe Ginny...I'm Ginny!” The girl said frowning. Aparently the idea of someone else with the same name was still too difficult for her.

“We're both Ginny.” She said gently. “I'm just older...

The little girl bit her lip. “Your ginny? But I'm ginny too?”

“Yup...when you get big, you'll be me.” She said but sighed when the little girl gave her a look as if to say. 'You are so not big.'

“You' not bwig...”

She closed her eyes and sighed... 'Damn Prewett height.' “ Um...yeah, we don't get too big...Ron does though....” She stopped and wondered about him. She had no idea what had happened to him. The last thing she remembered was them surrounded by Death Eaters...again...and then nothing.

No that wasn't true...there was something else. An image of her parents and Harry flashed in front of her. She thought she was going crazy, first that weird “encounter” and now this. She shook her head and looked at the little Ginny. “But yeah, I'm you...”

“No...You're not!!” A voice yelled and she turned around and suddenly found herself in a place she had hoped to never see again. The Chamber.... “You're not!! It's Tom he's doing this! You can't be me!!”

There she stood, her eleven year old self sobbing in the middle of The Chamber of secrets.

“I am you...I think...” She said and looked at the girl in the eyes.


“I-I don't know...but I am, Ginny, like I said just... older...” Ginny said. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was starting to think it wasn't a dream after all.

“How much older...?” The girl asked. It seemed to Ginny that the other her was starting to think the same thing.

“Six years...I'm seventeen.”

“How did you deal with this? Will he ever go away?” The crying girl asked. It was clear who He was. Tom bloody Riddle.

“No. Not really...but you eventually decide that there's no sodding way you're letting him win, no way in hell you are going to let him rule you, or control your life again...but it'll take a while, it's too recent for you.”

“Can you help me? Teach me how to beat him?”

“I don't know...” She said but stopped when the other her let out a sob.


“But, I can try.” She said. She could at least try, she hated to see herself like this...she hated to cry.

“Really?” Younger Ginny said. A little bit of hope showing in her eyes....

“Yes...really” Ginny said smiling and offering her hand to to the girl. She smiled and took the older girl's hand.

A flash of light was the last thing they saw.


Ginny opened her eyes, and found herself staring at the white ceiling of Hogwart's hospital wing. She couldn't move, her eyes closed once again even though she was still awake, she just didn't have the energy to open them again. She could hear voices on the other side of the room. She could barely hear them, but there was only one person with that voice... even if it didn't sound quite as she remembered it.

“I-is it okay if...I just...may I see her sir?”

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