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Ginevra Weasley always knew that whole seven thing surrounding her birth was going to get her in trouble one day. She just never thought it was going to happen like this... now she's face to face w...

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and as there is NO way she's writing a fanfic about her own books I'm obviously NOT her.

The Seventh Child

Ginevra Weasley never considered herself to be special in any way or form. She was short, too short in her opinion, had horrible red hair and freckles. She couldn't understand why others thought different. Why Harry did.

He thought she was beautiful.

At first she had thought he'd just say it for her, but she just couldn't deny the light in his eyes and the honesty in his voice every time he called her “Beautiful”
Her family she understood. They loved her. Of course they thought that way about her. But Harry? She knew he cared about her, but the idea of him loving her, was just too good to be truth.

He had been right when he'd said it was like living someone else's life. It just couldn't be real, not when it was so perfect...and life had never been like that for them. It was unfair and harsh and painful. And when she finally got her little bit of perfect, life took it all away.

Only then, did she realised that if even for a little while, she had had her perfect life. And she had been in denial all along.

Two years ago,today, she had been sitting in the Gryffindor common room with Hermione, Ron and Harry talking and laughing about Hungarian Horntail tattoos. She had a boyfriend, good grades, friends, even a “Rival” who was sickly obsessed with her boyfriend and, whom she had hexed a couple of times because of said obsession. Ginny had been the definition of a regular witch, who happened to be dating the Boy-who-lived but that hadn't mattered to her. She had felt normal for once.

Not the only girl of seven, not the first girl in seven generations, or the daughter of a seventh daughter, which she was sure would get get in trouble one day, but for once, no one was expecting her to be the perfect daughter, or the perfect witch, or to have a Dumbledore-ish level of power, though she couldn't deny her hexes were quite powerful, she was just Ginny. And for a little while she had been happy.

The end of her fifth year, however, brought the beginning of a series of events that would completely destroy any possibility of happiness for her. In a year she lost almost everyone she cared about. Her family was gone, her parents and most of her brothers had died in the Death Eater attack at the Burrow during Bill's wedding.

She had barely managed to escape.

It had taken almost a month to find the trio, and when she found them there was a nasty exchange of hexes, when they thought her to be a Death Eater as they had been told no one survived the attack on the Burrow.

Tears took them over once they realised she was real. Ron specially wouldn't stop touching her, trying to make sure she wouldn't disappear. Things however didn't stay calm...but really, do they ever?

One year ago today she had been on the run with the trio. They had stopped for the night and spent what would be their last night of peace, laughing and remembering their time at the Burrow. Two weeks later Hermione died when a stray curse hit her while trying to escape from a group of Death Eaters.

Six months ago, while trying to steal Hufflepuff's Cup they found themselves face to face with Voldemort.

Harry didn't come out of that house alive.

For the next three and a half months, Ginny and Ron managed to stay out of Riddle's grasp, but without Harry and Hermione they found themselves just wanting to give up. The only thing keeping them alive was the fear of losing the each other, their determination to not let Voldemort win, and the overwhelming need to avenge their family and friends.

The next couple of months however, were filled with fear and confusion.
One night while trying to find a place to sleep, they were attacked. More than twenty Death Eaters surrounding the them. The siblings stood their ground for a few minutes, but after a while they were subdued by the Dark Lord's forces.

Bellatrix took great pleasure in torturing “Potty's slut” but after an twenty minutes using the Cruciatus curse on Ginny, Bellatrix suddenly found herself thrown against a tree, her head snapping with a crack.
Ron couldn't believe his eyes. His sister was glowing and a burst of magic coming out of her body. None of the Death Eaters survived the onslaught of power radiating from the girl. He ran towards her and carried his little sister away from the massacre.

For several days, they went from place to place, trying to avoid Voldemort's forces and people in general as Ginny's control over magic slipped away from her. Bursts of magic would come and go. Sometimes small things, like accidental transfiguration, other times not so small things, like fire. Ron had several burns to prove the seriousness of the situation and had no way of contacting a healer as they were being hunted down by Voldemort.
Not only were his arms burned all over, but his sister's health was declining quickly. She would be okay for a while and suddenly have a hard time breathing, or feel great pain whenever she moved.

Ginny, although in pain, wanted to continue the mission. And, with a lot of effort, learned to ignore the pain.

It wasn't until a few days ago that they finally found a healer. She was a muggle-born healer at St. Mungo's, who had escaped a Death Eater raid at the hospital. They rescued her from a Death Eater, who was trying to rape her. And for a couple of days, she travelled with them and tended to their wounds.

They helped her find some of her relatives, and she offered taking them with her out of the country. They politely rejected her offer. After all they still had a mission to destroy Voldemort.

Now, three days later, Ginny thought it would had been better if they had accepted the woman's offer, as running away was much better than this...

It had to be some kind of trick.

Someone was certanly trying to drive her crazy, because there was no way, no sodding way, that she was now standing in a castle that was supposed to be in ruins, in front of a group of redheads and one black haired boy, who were supposed to be dead, and an old man she knew for sure was dead.

And, if the black leather bound diary on the desk was what she thought it was...

“No...Merlin...please, you can't do this to me...” She said, as her knees gave out and she collapsed, her head crashing into the floor, with a resounding crack.
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