Review for To The King Of Pop.

To The King Of Pop.

(#) thegayestgoth 2009-06-26

wow. thanks for posting this. i can't believe he's gone. i really can't. how do you hae such an impact on the world? EVERYONE is in shock, even the Anons. they won't admit it, but who couldn't be shocked by this?

i...i...i can't believe Michael's gone.

in so many ways, i'm so glad, because good Michael couldn't tak it anymore. i'm not a huge michael fan either, but how can this not affect you?

not affect anyone?

michael's finally gone home. we must rejoice for his release home, not call him back. why would we want to bring him back? to this miserable place where everyone was suing him and he had to walk around outside covered up, people wanting a piece of him?

i will never call michael back.

stay, michael. stay. stay with god and jesus and farrah and ed.

i loved you while you were. thanks for writing this, luma. just because you're 14 doesn't mean anything. your emotions aren't 14 years old.

yesterday at this time, 11:28am PST (1:27pm CST, my time), Michael was in a coma. getting ready to go home. Home.

michael...we'll see you later. :)

RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon.


Author's response

Thank you so much bestie.

I agree, he is very happy now, and I wouldn't want to take that from him. He lived a good life and accomplished many great things. I will only dwell in the positive and everything he did, even when he was a child. Even then, he was a star. I will miss very much. All those bad memories will not equal the happiness I feel to know he's finally at peace. He is home. (:

There is no other Michael Jackson.
There will never be.

R.I.P Michael.